My Miracle

Chapter 5
Bella’s POV WHAT?!!!! “WHAT?” I was staring at the eight pair of eyes I absolutely hated right now. They can’t make me move in with them I am eighteen. I can make my own dissensions. I chose to keep this baby and I will choose what happens later. This must just be a sick joke. Then the Cullen’s will leave again. Yeah just keep telling yourself that Bella. “Bella you need to calm down?” Charlie said. He was standing up now approaching me but I backed away. I have to get out of here now. I ran towards the door as fast as I could. But because I am pregnant and the slowest here Emmett was blocking the door before I got there. “Emmett, move now.” I demanded. “No Bella I am not going to move.” Emmett replied calmly. So I ran towards the kitchen but someone grabbed me from behind causing my sweat shirt to come of. I looked down to see the scars I had on my wrists exposed. I quickly turned around keeping my arm behind to make sure no one sees. Alice was the one who took my sweat shirt. “Alice give me my sweat shirt.” I said sticking my other arm out to grab it. “Why Bella?” She asked. “Because I said so.” I was talking through my teeth out. “Bella what are you hiding behind your back?” Esme asked. “Nothing.” I screamed. I turned around but a cool hand grabbed my scarred arm. Alice gasped when she saw the cut on my arm. Everyone was just staring at me not saying a thing. The silence was adding tension. “Bella why?” Edward asked with a pained expression on his face. “Because you left now I am going to go pack and move far far away from here.” Alice had let go of my arm already but this time Jasper grabbed me. What is with these people today? “Isabella Marie Swan you are no going anywhere. We are going to sit down and talk about this.” Charlie yelled. Against my own will Jasper sat me down between him and Alice.

“Bella first you throw a fit about moving in with the Cullen’s but now we find out you cut. Was has happened to you?” Charlie said. I did not reply. I refuse to reply to anyone. “Bella are you just going to sit there or are you going to talk?” Charlie asked. I still didn’t reply. “Fine then this is the story you will move in with the Cullen’s, have this baby, raise it, stop cutting yourself, and cooperate.” Charlie screamed. “No.” I said. “What?” Charlie asked. “No, I am eighteen years old I can make my own dissension so stop telling me what to do.” I screamed. Trying to get out of my seat but was being restrained by Alice and Jasper. “Bella I am sorry but this is for your own good. There are more people there to take care of you and make sure you will stop cutting yourself.” Charlie said looking depressed. The Cullen’s were letting us talk before saying anything. “Alice will you please help Bella pack while we finish talking with Charlie?” Carlisle said. “Come on Bella.” Alice said grabbing my arm and practically dragging me up the stairs. I will not go with them what ever it takes. Alice sat me on the bed and started packing my stuff at vampire speed. I lay back on the bed and started snapping the rubber band against my wrist. But when Alice was finished she grabbed the rubber bad and snapped it in half. “Bella come on it’s time to go.” Alice said sadly. “I am not going.” I said “Fine then.” She said. “EMMETT.” “What.” Emmett asked, a few seconds later from my bed room door. “Bella refuses to get up so can you carry her? I would but I don’t want Charlie to be suspicious.” Alice said. Emmett made his way over to the bed then picked me up bridal style. Before I knew it we were at the bottom of the stairs and I was struggling to get out of Emmett’s grip. Charlie came over to us and kissed my forehead. “Please try to get better.” He begged but I just stared over his head at the kitchen. Emmett started carrying me out the door followed by Jasper, Alice, and Rosalie holding my bags. He placed me in the back of the Volvo. A few seconds later Edward, Carlisle, and Esme came out of the house and walked towards the car. Carlisle and Esme sat in the front and strangely

Edward Came to sit by me instead of driving. I automatically scooted as far away from him as I could and trie3d to open the door. It would not open no matter how hard I pulled or pushed. “We child blocked your door Bella” Carlisle stated. Stupid vampires are ruining my life. I closed my eyes and drifted of to sleep not wanting to deal with any of this. Next Day/ Still Bella’s POV I woke up to find my self in Edward room on a huge king sized bed with a golden comforter. I looked around until my eyes landed on Edward across the room. I took the covers of me to find my self in pajamas, weird. Probably courtesy of Alice, because they are a dark blue color. Edward favorite on me, great. I jumped out of bed out of his room down the stairs towards the front door. But as usual Emmett appeared blocking my way. “Emmett we’ve been over this so move.” I demanded. “Bella we’ve been over this I am not going to move. He replied. I looked around the room to try to find something to hurt him with. There was my heaven next to the table. It was a huge wooden bat. I grabbed then went up to Emmett again and held the bat up. “Are you going to move now?” I asked. “No Bella.” He said. So I swung the bat as hard as I could and it hit him in the side of the head. “Ow that hurt a little Bella.” He whined holding the side of his head. Well if that hurt a little the next swing will hurt even more. Again I swung the bat this time towards his crouch and when it hit Emmett’s eyes practically bulged out of his head then he toppled over. I took that chance and ran past him towards the door but someone grabbed me from behind picking me up and bringing me towards the couch. I turned to find Edward staring at me. He sat me on his lap. So I squirmed trying to get off but it was no use so I crossed my arms and glared at him. When Emmett finally recovered all the cousins came to sit with us. Just great. “Bella there is no use in trying to escape we will just catch you.” Alice said waving her finger. “Also hitting people in the crouch with a bat is so not cool.” Emmett said flinching. “Okay so I won’t hit people in the crouch with a bat.” I said.

“That includes vampires Bella.” Carlisle said guessing my double meaning. “No promises there.” I replied. “Now if you idiots won’t let me leave I will go up stairs and take a shower.” Edward let me out of his lap and Alice started to follow me. “Alice what do you think you are doing?” I asked her annoyed. “Bella we can’t take a risk of you harming yourself so come on.” Alice said waving her arms towards the stairs. “Never mind then.” I said sitting down in the empty chair. “So you’re never going to take a shower?” Alice asked. “Nope as long as someone has to watch me I am on strike and also you guys are the only ones that will suffer plus I will get sick which would cause the baby to get sick which would cause him to die. Now do you really want that?” I said. Before I knew it Alice was gone and back with a bag full of something. “Okay Bella I removed everything sharp from the bathroom so you can go in alone.” Alice said. I rolled my eyes then went up to Edward’s Bathroom and locked the door. Great now I am like a baby that they have to baby proof the house for. I looked at myself in the mirror. Wait mirror? Before I knew it my fist hit the mirror causing it to smash everywhere and my knuckles to bleed. I quickly took the sharpest piece I could find it and cut into my arm deep but not deep enough that it is life threatening. A second later the door was broken down and two pairs of cold arms were picking me up from the cold bathroom floor. Edward lay me down on his bed then Carlisle examined my cuts on my wrists and knuckles. I was smiling to myself happy that I found a way to cut myself. Carlisle finished bandaging my cuts then Alice said “Bella you defiantly need someone to keep an eye on you.” I turned to lie on my side and closed my eyes. As I drifted of to sleep I heard Edward and Alice whispering to fast for me to make out. Alice’s POV “What are we going to do?” I asked Edward. He was just staring at me with a nervous expression. That’s not a good sign. “I am thinking of what to do Alice. Also of course I am nervous, the love of my life is pregnant, a cutter, and practically hates me. Do you see my

problem?” He said reading my thoughts. We both were whispering so not disturb Bella. “How about we come up with a plan about what to do about the cutting and the baby. Then we will worry about the issue of her hating you, which she doesn’t. Okay?” I asked. “Okay but let’s discuss with the whole family.” He said. We both looked at Bella to see that she was sound a sleep. We locked the door behind us and headed down stairs to the dinning room. I called everyone’s names in a regular voice because they could hear me anyway. One by one they made there way downstairs and took there seats around the table. “Okay we want to come up with a plan about the baby and the cutting. Any suggestions?” Edward asked. “Well you guy’s are going to keep the baby right?” Rosalie asked. She wanted more than anything to be a mother but she knew that could never happen so she was okay with being an aunt. “Yes, of course. But Bella probably won’t want to stay with us after she has the baby. She is dead set against staying here now.” Edward replied. “Dude don’t you have rights or something?” Emmett asked. “Yes” Edward began, “But I only want to use that as an excuse if it becomes crucial. We could always force her to stay here.” “So you are just willing to keep her here against her own will?” Esme asked. Edward sighed, “Isn’t that what we are doing right now?” “True.” Esme replied. “Okay so we have that settled for now. What about the cutting?” I asked. “Don’t let her do it?” Emmett asked. “Emmett it is not that simple she will find a way and we could never just let a hospital take care of it.” I said as we heard foot steps upstairs. At that second my eyes glazed over. I was having a vision. It’s Bella she is in Edward’s bedroom. She is wearing the same clothes she has now. She is searching the whole bedroom for something sharp. She look’s at his CD shelf. A smile spreads across her face not reaching her eyes. She grabs a CD case of the shelf and opens it. She takes the CD out and Raises it in the air, about to raise it into the air about to throw it to the ground. But she wouldn’t do it. She put the CD back in the case and on the shelf. When I came out of my vision I whispered even though I knew they all could hear me. “Edward I told you she loved you.”

“Well as you all know Bella just got up but don’t worry we locked the door and took everything sharp out. I had a vision of her which is happening right now. She was searching the room for something sharp but couldn’t find anything. She looked towards the CD shelf then took a CD about to throw it on the floor but couldn’t. Bella knows how special those CDs are to him so it proves she still loves him. So there is a chance for her to stop cutting. Oh and for Edward to win her back.” I said. They were all smiling even though the circumstances. We all headed upstairs to check on Bella, just so happy she is here. When Edward opened the door to his bedroom Bella was no where in sight. But the window was wide open.

Oh a cliff hanger. Don’t worry nothing really bad will happen to Bella. Please Review.

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