FLAGG.. This part. FLAGG. and it Aconsists in a device composed of two pieces. iY »_ JAMES n. which latter are sharpened and bent slightly in a. which will'enable others skilled. as will be presently described. in such manner as to provide a device. DAWLEY. . VERMONT. is-substantially such as and for the purpose herein shown and'described. The device is used by placing the st'uds‘on th'e. The convenience of sucha device to a painter when employed painting clap~boafrd houses must be apparent. in combination with each other. is designed for holding a. @eine . and starting all the points into the wood sufficiently-to prevent any of them slipping. Similarl letters of reference indicate like parts.002. which may be pivoted to the lever _for sustaining it. enables the brace to be raised or lowered in the eye as desired.Pqtent No.a clap-board. the weight of the paint in the pail which is hung upon the other end of the lever A will keep the device in proper position. . 'MA designates the lever . reference being had to the accompanying drawings forming part of this specification. in whichf Figure 1 is a side elevation of my invention. C. this carries upon ope end studs. is 'made through this lever. or PERKINSVI'LLE. An eye.of the paintr pail. d d. andthe other is notched. Holes e are made through' the rod B. c. through the sides of the >eye in the Ilever A. 61. ' The lever A. as shown at b. so that by inserting a pin. one being a lever and having studs upon one end. at or near its centre. 'a a.v _ v ' What I claim as new. V.. in the art to make and use the same. TO ALL WHOM IT‘MÀY CONCERN: Beit known that I. through which is to be placed the other part of the device. and the other a forked brace. 1866. the two parts will be coupled together. have invented a new and improved Device for Hanging Paint Pots to Sides of Buildings ..faire> -steut ffi‘fg. to the` better hold the bail. JAMES H. 1867. forward direction. My invention. `showing its application to use. The series of holes. FLAGG. and desire to secure by Letters Patent. Figure 2 is a plan view of the lever. e’. and State'of Vermont. which I term a forked brace.Witnessesz ' L. is merely a rod terminating in forked ends. and I do hereby declare that the following is a full. of Perkinsville. and exact description thereof. in 'the county of Windsor. clear. paint pot upon the side of a clap-board building Whilst paintinglthe same. and corresponding holes. and placing the two forked ends of the brace against-the side of the boards below. HEMENWAY. > @te ârlgshule mimi: tu in tigen 3mm what mit making part nf tte' time. . IMPBOVED DEVICE FOR HANGING PAINT POTS T0 SIDES OIE BUILDÍNGS.end of the lever A. up against the overlapping edge of‘. It will be noticed that the paintpail can be hung in just theposition desired. Letters . which is designated by the letter B. through both parts. JAMES n. v Figure 3 is a’ plan view of the forked brace. e. dated January 8. and that its position can be changed as often as required. antedated December 22. and forked brace B.