July 13 2009

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Veterinary Notes
Rev. Mehitabel

Advice from the RSPCA http://www.rspca.org.uk/servlet/Satellite?pagename=RSPCA/RSPCARedirect&pg=wildlifea dvice&marker=1&articleId=1024473693863

Foxes are generally fearful of people and will try to avoid both adults and children. Occasionally, foxes are a little bolder and will enter gardens in broad daylight when people are about. They may be in search of a quiet place to rest, foraging for food scraps, or are simply being inquisitive. Their boldness is not a sign of aggression - a healthy fox would only attack a person if provoked.

Many people derive tremendous pleasure from watching foxes in their garden. But it is important to remember that foxes are wild animals, which may carry disease, and that you should not try to touch or tame them.

If you choose to feed foxes, you can put out cheese, boiled potatoes, cooked or raw meat, bread, fat scraps and cooked vegetables at dusk. Provide only enough food for one meal otherwise leftovers may go off and cause sickness or attract unwanted visitors. The RSPCA has produced a fox fact sheet - Living with foxes.


Rev. Leona
This week we move away from the planets and into the third element that makes up astrology. This week we will begin to examine the different houses of the astrology chart. Each house represents a certain part of our life. This week we will look at the first house. The First House deals with you personally. There is a variety of lessons that can be learned by working together with your First House. In this house you will see your physical self as well as your own self-image. Here are the workings of your mind and body. In the First House you will find all of your own likes and dislikes. This house makes up the self and is where you will be able to find out who and what you are. Through the personal you will learn how to react in constructive manners. You will learn the key to interacting with yourself as well as others whom you will encounter upon this journey. The First House will function as the stage upon which you will build the whole performance of your life. This House holds all of the elements that will define your path upon which you will walk. There is nothing within the First House that you cannot overcome. The First House brings into the focus the first elements with which you will associate and will function as your introduction to the world. Here you will have to look honestly at yourself. When you look at your life you will be faced with very difficult questions which you must answer openly and honestly if you are to grow and develop during this lifetime. You will be able to see how the different events and lessons that you have faced have made you the person you grew to be. Some of the questions posed by the First House are: Are you living your life the way you have been meant to live? Are you fulfilling all of your dreams and developing all of your own talents? The qualities of the First House will help you to determine the type of person you will eventually grow to be. When working harmoniously with the First House you will develop the ability to move back through time and space to a place where you will see how and when your own character was developed. For this reason a great deal of emphasis is placed upon your formative years. During this period of your life you will have laid the foundations for your own characteristics as well as your beliefs and attitudes. Your childhood is the time when you spend your energies on growing and developing into a healthy and whole person. Should your path have detoured or deviated during this time, your work with the First House will then able to identify the key events which led you to become the person you are today. The First House will provide you with the tools necessary to develop your personality and character traits that will follow you throughout life. A key element to remember when working with the First House is that even if you have negative personality or character traits you will always have the chance and freedom to change these. The most important lesson of the First House is to learn to accept yourself. For this reason you will spend time coming to know your own body. You need to spend a great deal of time with yourself in order to feel comfortable inside your own skin. Many people will never feel comfortable and happy with their own physicality. This is why there are so many people with low self-esteem. When you have a healthy relationship with yourself then you will not be fooled by the images of society and you will be happy and content inside your skin. The First House will show you different activities that you can do to help you learn how to love and accept yourself. This house reminds you that you are always looking at yourself through many different lenses. These different lenses can have the effect of distorting your own personal views. The First House will show you how you can remove the lenses and restore your own views to normal. Here you will learn how to look through your own eyes free of the biases and the structures of society. The power of the First House will follow you throughout all of your life. There are some qualities that are bestowed upon you by the First House that you can never change while others are always in flux and can never remain the same. How tall you are, how many fingers you have on your hands, your freckles and complexion are all things that are decided upon in the First House. These are the characteristics you cannot change. There are those who will look at their physical characteristics and alter them until they feel that they have reached perfection. The evolution of cosmetic surgery comes


For this reason you will be willing to notice all of the strengths and talents in other people but often fail to take notice of these same traits in yourself. When the First House comes into play there is something that has come out of balance in your personal life. This is the time when you will be your best friend and you will need time alone to meditate upon what it is that truly makes you unique. Leona Dineen-Hass 4 . There may be a stronger message hidden there than you never thought possible. The First House asks you: Who is in control of your life? Who is the one who makes you feel bad/good about who you are? Who are you trying to prove things to? Working with the First House is the only way to answer these questions. Accepting the diversity will allow you to grow in your own personal development. This house has the ability to show you talents that you did not even recognize before. This will be the time when you should look at the hobbies and the interests that have followed you throughout your life. This diversity is what makes the world a wonderful place. The First House prides itself on being able to teach you how to be balanced and fair. There is nothing wrong with a person who has a healthy self-image. When you are working with the First House you will be able to see and appreciate that not everyone is the same. Along with your personal characteristics the First House will highlight your talents and skills. This means that you have to take the time to commune with your higher self.from the deep human need to be perfect. Does it matter that you may not have blonde hair? Does it matter if you have green eyes? Does it matter if you do not have a rounded nose? Does it matter that you may be a little rounder this year than you were last year? When was the last time you looked at all of your physical characteristics and gave yourself credit for your own beauty? The First House is the key to learning how to love yourself and how to use this love to make your life better and happier. When you have mastered the skills of the First House you will look around at the world free of lenses of criticism and will be able to see yourself for the truly wonderful being you are. You are the one who must make the choices in your life. The First House calls you to look upon the trends in different societies and asks you just how far are you willing to go to fit in? Whose standards do you live by? When you are working with the First House you must always remember that people are always harder when judging themselves. With these tests you will discover ways to move beyond your limitations and in the process improve your life for the better. You need to stop and see what has fallen out of balance in your personal life. You are the only one who can listen. same characteristics and same strengths. When you refuse to listen or when you allow the self to be ignored you are creating blockages that will seep into all other areas of your life. When you are working with the First House you will be taking time to know yourself. Rev. Without these lenses the questions of the First House are easily answered. Working with the First House you will meet many challenges that will force you to test out these talents and skills in an attempt to define your own limits. Take time to look at yourself. No one else can make these choices for you. There have always been those who have tried to alter their own appearances to make themselves look and feel better about themselves and their role in society. Not everyone will have the same features.

Psychic Vampires or Energy Vampires Nita Hickok (c)2008 I always think of the psychic vampires as the beautiful self-centered people. I had joined a group of people that had more narcissists than any other social group in the world. They had such dramatic roles and things they could do. They typecast people and spend a great deal of time and interest learning about the psychological make up of their victims. I grew up promising myself that I would never do that to others. They are also being the leaders who are full of ego and get everyone hurt by their actions. They could be tragic and the victims of a curse where nothing could cure it. They call themselves the wolves and everyone else is the sheep meant to be the victims and slaughtered. They did good things too as they did not drain their victims where they would die. Vampires are narcissists and they do everything for themselves and the particular image they want to portray to the world. Psychic vampires are also known as energy vampires. They are manipulative and try to have a group of friends that they can use to control and force you back into your role. I had 5 . They always have high drama in their lives and ignore anyone else’s suffering. I cannot stress enough how important reading a book about narcissists is to anyone who is learning any spiritual discipline where a person is considered special or psychic. group leaders that had the lesser ranks wait upon them hand and foot proclaiming how great. It was as if they could cloud people’s minds and convince them to do what they wanted them to do. and special they were to everyone. and could actually remove depression and upset. I stated my opinion of psychic vampires upon one internet group and the person instantly said in another group how cruel people were about vampires on that first list. They are those people that are good friends and then all of a sudden you find yourself playing a role in their soap opera of life. They would make obvious mistakes in front of witnesses yet everyone would lie about it. I read that on one of the vampire houses websites and felt horrified. They use set phrases to remove all blame from themselves and then move on as if nothing ever happened. They are a hazard of this world when joining any group of people. They could be self-proclaimed gurus. It does not need to be a bad role but the moment you deviate they show vicious and instant actions to push you back into your role. They would believe it and move on in their lives happy they were perfect. They and about four other people who have said the same thing show that it is possible for vampires to act differently. I started to study spiritual practices and realized that narcissists love magic and spirituality. I had one person say they were born a psychic vampire and made a life choice not to do vampirism on others. They would state everything necessary to fit into their roles to show the self-image they wanted others to believe. They are a definite hazard of the spiritual world. I have loved and cared for the narcissists in my life and observed how they have behaved. They are the ones who set the emotional standards and ethics of the world by what is convenient too them and benefits them. It gives them a chance to feel special and evolved. They form vampire houses and learn magic to be the superior ones not their victims. They are a particular danger of the spiritual world. The set phrases were always “I do not do things like that” or “I am not a person that acts that way”. Yet if they did not remember those actions or changed them by a set phrase why would they feel badly? The rules always changed to suit them and make everyone else take the blame. They could judge others on how evolved they were and be sure they were special and more evolved than anyone else was. They would blame others for things they did not do yet never remembered it. Yet their actions always gave them away. I grew up in a family with three narcissists of varying degrees. Narcissists are people who know they are special. They do not take responsibility unless it is part of their role now. My first experience with psychic vampires was during my childhood. They also had such high energy and victims they could suck dry to look special. They give everyone a bad name and cause countless health problems for their victims. Yet the set comments on the internet are that the vampire can do nothing about it. as not only are they sucking the life out of others.

The reason for this is that they are smart. The final straw was when the group leader offered up the souls of his students for his mistakes. 6 . physically.horrible health problems at home. Yet the group leader always was such a nice person. The energy system takes years to heal and by then it has harmed the victim to the point of illness. Everyone can be unsuccessful. special and perfect they are and is called a mask or glamour. Psychic vampires will feed off other psychic vampires. Any person with immune system illnesses should check to be sure they are shielded and not allowing others to harm them. You can feel what they are trapped in a human form. manipulative and love being the center of attention. and I instantly became healthy when I left home except for the illnesses that had already taken root so to speak. Psychic vampires have glamour or glow about them. The next thing to notice is whether they actually admit to their mistakes or rationalize it. The things to watch for are as follows. Psychic vampires always have the images of spiders or snake like creatures with in them. A certain amount of blame happens to both parties in this way. I will talk about them in order and try to give examples. Not the healthy aura glow of a person who has worked upon himself or herself. tried to commit suicide. I can state that any time I have spent around psychic vampires has drained me mentally. You will notice nothing goes right for anyone but them in a group. I can go on with examples but this should give you an idea of what I am talking about in spiritual life. They were group leaders of a magical group. Psychic vampires are not benign even when they are not sure of what they are doing. Healers have to be especially careful. He was not a person who did things like that. The set phrase they had was to do what I said not what I do. I have noticed many hidden masters and spirits that are here to help mankind in people that would never be thought to be evolved or special. The psychic vampire is normally the leader of a group. Always take the time to check out everyone. The other students who did not cooperate with them were driven crazy. I know when I was unavailable for their feeding I discovered that the others involved developed illnesses of an autoimmune nature. They are the patient who goes to the doctor because they are ill and then does not follow instructions or take the remedies. The glow seems to show them in a glorified light and as stylized in a way. I was so used to being manipulated that I had never developed energetic boundaries or barriers. It could be hereditary weaknesses aggravated by the energy loss but it happened. I had more energy and actually had people tell me how smart and nice I was as a person. Every person has to do the actions necessary and follow instructions. I plan to show some ways to spot and avoid them and their actions. The image of what they try to portray that shows how beautiful. The aura cleansing ritual and the self-banishing ritual on this website should help to remove the energy vampires connections. and energetically. The first thing that happened was set to throw me into the lives of the next group of vampires I met. I had years of problems but it had been the only life I had known. I always look at any guru or teacher and see what type of aura they show. Yet it has two sides. A healthy energy for a guru is a golden ring around the aura and they do not need to glamorize it. They always use a set phrase to make themselves feel better and to insult the people involved in the problems. It is what psychic vampires affect by their energies along with cancer. People who can do horrible things and then claim what good people they are in life are psychic vampires and narcissists. The only time they are not the leader is when they are a person who can play and manipulate everyone else. Yet they blame the doctor when they do not get better and tell them it is their fault. Yet a narcissist will try to have you accept all of the blame while stating that what you asked them to do was not important. Yet the students and people who follow the guru or teacher will also show you what they are about by their actions and interactions. A toxic group can be more than a problem as it can cause so much more traumas and taking on others choices where you are the person suffering. I have past cases where people who were psychic vampires claimed to be victims of incurable curses so they could suck the healers dry while they abused them for curing them. Psychic vampires can form an illusion or glamour that hides these symbols. Yet we also have to deal with them in everyday life.

It is blamed on many things such as the environment. Clearing the chakra exercises and aura strengthening exercises can be found on the internet so you can stay healthy. Narcissists always have big egos even when trying to act like a victim. Filters are for not allowing certain energies inside of you and not accepting others energies. They are normally exaggerate and are liars that want to accuse everyone else of what the narcissist is doing to them. They always delegate it to someone who is of a lesser rank in a group or blame not getting results upon them. Psychic vampires may be able to drain most shields but a filter will not allow them to take out or remove energies in a way that will help them. You are able to draw down a healthy body or good things in life yet it does not remove the experiences the soul is to go through in life. They claim how great they are and never are able to get the results that they claim. One of the major illnesses of this time is chronic fatigue. many books state as above so below. Shields are just as they sound they protect and shield people from influences. A few more phrases “I am a good person” . Protective symbols and stones will help with this so the vampire cannot feed. The next thing to look for is everyone ill or drained of energy.They never do anything wrong or admit something they did was wrong. and other denials and comments that lessen the other person to get them to feel guilt. and other illnesses. Yet it can also mean they are a role-playing narcissist that will bale out or hurt everyone if they ever do get results. allergies. What can we do about this so we are not the people becoming ill? The first thing to do is to learn how to shield and filter your energies. “you are not evolved enough to understand”. The next thing is ego. It does not change the challenges you picked in this life such as clearing family karma by taking on the family illnesses. Rhodonite is good for closing down the psychic centers of others who are trying to feed off you. 7 . Once guilt is felt then the energy vampire has its next victim. Yet it has been statistically proven that a third of our population has narcissistic tendencies or is full-blown narcissists. No one is perfect or would not be on this plane going through the experiences of life. Either way they will stop feeding quickly or it will make them ill. Either that or it will let them only get energies that they do not like such as illness or death energies. The leader of one of the groups I knew made a big deal of how everyone was to be physically perfect. In hermetic magic. They become surprisingly vicious when they have someone else prove they are better at getting results. Yet that is the spiritual above and spiritual below. You have a choice in being vampirized. They are both easy to find and not very expensive. It can mean they are incompetent. If you are in a group with leaders that cannot produce results do not stay in it. chemical sensitivities. Petrified wood can be used to hook them up to petrifaction and the earth element.

Quote & Thought of the Date Rev. Buddha Source: www. Nehal Quote of the Day: An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea. those efforts will surely bring the desired results. Instead of disappointment. unique dreams. you can know fulfillment. you can experience joy.Ralph Marston Source: http://greatday. and to think you want what they want. Why do you seek what you seek? Why do you desire to reach the goals you have set? There is a purpose within you that will push you to overcome every obstacle. The way to find enough motivation. But remember that you have your very own. It all comes from truly knowing why. It's easy to imitate the dreams and aspirations of those around you. and those are the dreams to follow.html Compiled by: Rev. commitment and strength is to know why. and whatever you can imagine will be yours to create. Nehal 8 . When you truly feel that your efforts are connected to that purpose. Allow yourself to understand why. inspiration.com Thought of the day: The way to know how is to know why.com/motivate/index. Instead of frustration. -.ascensiongateway.

traverse the plain. when they saw him with his little bundle on a stick. there lived a cow-herd. and his eyes as blue as a morsel of the sky. but people had given him the name of Gura Casca (open mouth) because when he led his cows to pasture." On the following day he had the same dream. appeared to him. that is to say Johnnie. that if that fairy appears again to me.Rumanian Fairy Tale THE SLIPPERS OF THE TWELVE PRINCESSES. and in the morning he left. became thoughtful. Though only a cow-herd. in the good old times. their large hands red and cracked. neither more nor less. plants. In those days. he dreamed. and got up at mid-day. slung across his shoulder. He had heard tell. that he laughed himself at the ridicule of which he was the object. his face was fair. fresh as a rose. and in the evening they heard him in the village singing: "I quit the cows and calves. One noon-day in the middle of August. pink cheeks. 9 . and he knew quite well the difference between beauty and ugliness. down there. appeared again to him. and flowers grow in other places. "Hé! Hé! Jonica. a fairy. but it is decided! I am going away!" He began to make his preparations. where are you going with your open mouth"? "What does that matter to you"? he would reply tranquilly. and repeated: "There is a country where precious stones grow. go to the Court of the Emperor who reigns there. Jonica recounted his dream to several of his friends. The people of the village held their sides with laughing. descend the hill. and then slowly disappear. he bellowed at every thing which he met on the way. that they had throats as white as alabaster. but all as proud as they were beautiful. were not at all to his mind. "You may do. he was sufficiently proud of his good looks. in the dim distance. The next day. that they only went to sleep at sunrise. their small feet covered by satin slippers. He had a charming dream! a Zina. with hair curling." said Jonica. He was called Jonica. and the same place. So that. He had the same dream. seeing that his flock was lying peaceably about. our cow-herd came to take his siesta. more radiant than ever. beautiful as the day. It was said that the Emperor of these parts had twelve daughters--twelve Princesses. and pass on his way. that he should marry a Princess. and you will marry a Princess. a long way off. delicate and soft hands. She said to him-"There is a country where precious stones grow. and think as you like. as grass. who overheard him. and as yellow as the rays of the Sun." Jonica again repeated his dream. and clad in a robe sparkling with diamonds. Jonica sat down under the shadow of an oak to eat his mammaliga (thick Indian meal porridge) and a morsel of sheep's milk cheese. It was said also. But the words of the Zina had such an influence on him. he stretched himself at fall length. The young girls of the village teased him sadly. and it was again turned into ridicule. go to the Court of the Emperor who reigns there and you will marry a Princess. that. who freely laughed at him. "What does it matter to me. and the same fairy. people did say that there was really a country where precious stones grew. in the towns." In the evening. when he took his cows back to the stable. and were called Princesses. but Jonica said to him. and was soon asleep. so the young peasant girls with their faces and throats tanned by the sun. while his comrades only sought to please some rustic villager. Otherwise he was really a very pretty boy. ONCE on a time. their feet shod in "opinci" (a rough sort of sandal) or other common leather. I'll follow her advice. who had neither father nor mother. for I am going to marry the daughter of an Emperor. he got up joyfully. when the sun was so scorching that even the flies did not know where to put themselves." His master. the young girls were quite different. "if they laugh! I know one thing. the one prettier than the other. at the same hour. that in short they were clad in robes of silk and gold.

and the other like a rose. a look as soft as velvet. was each morning to present a bouquet to the daughters of the Emperor. who) had been obliged to send away one of his best helps. When they were questioned. While these thoughts were passing through his brain. "Beautiful laurels. "Ah! my sisters. She gave all these to Jonica. Gura Casca. turn over the earth with this spade. with a golden spade I have dug you. no one ever heard any more of them. and said: "Beautiful cherry laurel. When they have grown three feet high. the gift of becoming invisible whenever I desire. His new master did not find him very intelligent. and it was published throughout all the country. At this news. and the eldest remarked to Lina. were literally worn out each morning. each of the Princesses opened a wardrobe. to penetrate this mystery. and at once became invisible." When Jonica awoke he found the two laurels and the other objects on the table.They lived altogether in one large room of the Palace. The shrubs grew rapidly. He at once began to carry out her instructions. They hid themselves behind a great curtain in the chamber of the Princesses. Jonica dreamed again of the fairy with the sparkling robe. the Princesses went up to their bedroom. he presented her with a bouquet. water them with this watering-can. "Plant these two laurels in large boxes. Our Jonica. who arrived just then at the Court of the Emperor. be angry. his wife. would make him acceptable to the Princesses. with a silken veil I have wiped you. and with a silken veil I have wiped you. wore out their slippers in a single night. then. They found the flowers very beautiful. he went to the cherry laurel. and yet each night something very extraordinary took place. and it entered into his head to try and discover the mystery of the slippers. placed it in his button-hole. and wipe them with this silken veil. He did not mention it to any one though. She held in her right hand two small laurel branches. for he was afraid that the Emperor might hear of it. who remained there more than ever. Nevertheless. but disdained to cast a look or smile on poor Jonica. say to each separately. not the least noise had ever been heard in the chamber of the Princesses. and Kings' sons. notwithstanding the greatest watchfulness. one was as red as a cherry. Thus his daily duty. and they never re-appeared. that it was unbecoming a Princess to lower her eyes to a valet. and hid himself underneath one of the twelve beds." "This said. and Jonica. glided up behind them. at any price. He gathered it. for. Then. and slept in beds of gold. and determined. with a golden watering-can I have watered you. encrusted with flowers of diamonds and emeralds. their father. the nine doors of their apartment were locked outside with nine padlocks. When the Princesses retired in the evening. and when they had attained the necessary height. "how good looking our young gardener is!" They burst into mocking laughter. and could understand nothing about it." cried she. after they had retired to rest. was most perplexed. the Princesses. a beautiful white flower. and a silken veil. with a golden can I have watered you. The satin slippers of the twelve Princesses. heard talk of all these matters. When night arrived. a watering can of the same metal. Jonica posted himself at their door. One might have thought that the daughters of the Emperor had danced all night. presented themselves to explore this adventure. open-mouthed. at the hour of their awakening. alone. saying. Lina. No one could explain this strange fact. grant me in exchange. and the prettiest of the Princesses. and succeeded in being taken into the service of one of the Imperial Gardeners. so as to make no noise. The Emperor. He had a trumpet sounded. and it will be accorded you. with a golden spade I have dug you. that if any one succeeded in finding out. bare-footed." Immediately he saw grow out from the laurel. the youngest. and took out their 10 . you can ask anything you wish. instead of preparing themselves to go to bed. as a punishment for his audacity. the most graceful. in her left hand was a little golden spade. Jonica intoxicated by the looks and the beauty of Lina. and fell on his knees to thank the good fairy. but he was convinced that his curling light hair and good looks. and as each came forth. It was impossible for them to get out. they declared that they knew nothing. thought of the promise of the Emperor. he might choose from amongst them. But once there. let fall by hazard on him. by what means his daughters. a great number of Emperors' sons. and have him driven away from Court.

and the Princesses disappeared. When able to look at. Never. They placed themselves one behind the other. who. where the leaves of the trees were in silver. and the eldest who was at the head. and descended until they arrived at an underground passage. thee most intoxicating. and heard harmonious sounds of violins. and it was evident that dancing was her great delight. every remembrance. and after them came Jonica into a saloon lighted by ten lustres. Poor Jonica was literally dazed and petrified by the sight of so much splendour. the laughing and talking ceased. oar in hand. the most beautiful. The Emperors' sons each having a Princess on his arm entered the palace. On this lake were twelve boats. and admire the Princesses in the midst of this dazzling light. even in his dreams. it was Lina. my sisters." The eldest turned round quickly. Lina turned as light as a spindle. an enchanted beverage. and descended. where the leaves were of emeralds and rubies and diamonds. he lost his wits completely." she cried. They wore quite new satin slippers. had the poor boy seen such enchanteresses. And with what fire she danced! leaning on the shoulder of her cavalier. but seeing no one. leaving them only the ardent pleasure of the dance. "some one trod on my dress. These latter had enticed them to a midnight expedition. on a certain part of the wall. arrived soon on the borders of a large lake. some were brown. and then a third bower. what can be the matter?" "I do not understand it either. our dancers are dying of impatience. The eldest. so that he also might have had the right to be cavalier to such beautiful young creatures. A door quite invisible opened. which had frozen their blood. and in each boat one of the lost sons of an Emperor. and so was always behind." said the Emperor's son. descended. and above all." On the other side of the lake the little gardener perceived a beautiful palace. but by accident he placed his foot on the train of the Princess Lina. But amongst them all. Her face was flushed. exclaimed. were Emperors' sons who had tried to discover the secret of the Princesses. Some were fair.richest dresses and finest jewels. with her dark eyes and long-hair--the shade of a raven's wing. The boat. who seemed to him the most graceful. and their rays were so bright that one might have thought it was full daylight. Jonica followed them noiselessly. still on. her eyes shone like two stars. and saw that the Princesses were dressed like fairies. at the end of which was an iron door with a strong bolt. and then they found themselves in an enchanted bower. and nearly all of them had let fall their beautiful hair down their pretty white shoulders. struck three blows in a peculiar manner. All these dancers. "for I row with all my force. in the bosom of this splendid palace. "how foolish you are Lina. and dance with joy." The twelve daughters of the Emperor. trumpets and cymbals. The princesses continued their walk. and here the trees had golden leaves. and kept exclaiming: "Be quick. Jonica could see nothing from his hiding place. and (Jonica still following). Each assisting the other. and heartily regretted not to be on the same footing. "why we do not go so quickly as at other times. they dressed en grande toilette. become henceforth their eternal habitation. killed in them every sentiment of love. illuminated a giorno. hurried them. The eldest opened this. "I do not know. Jonica carefully put out his head. but he heard them laugh. Jonica took his place in the boat of the Princess Lina. On a centre table a massive golden vase contained an enormous bouquet of flowers which gave forth an exquisite perfume. and looked so ardently with his eyes. to the number of fifty. that one would have thought that he wished to taste them also with his mouth. you must have caught it against a nail. being more heavily laden." At the end of an hour. and had given them to drink at table. in gold frames set with precious stones. or worldly desire. "There is some one behind me. and sparkled in the moonlight. each waited for a Princess. They walked on until they came to a second bower." said Lina to her cavalier. Poor Jonica let fall envious looks on the Emperors' sons. and held in their hands the bouquets which he had offered to them in the morning. who seemed to have great authority over them. 11 . The walls were immense mirrors. could not float so quickly as the others.

Without saying anything to her sisters. with a haughtiness which astonished the Princess. and Jonica who followed them step by step. and take this purse as the price of thy silence. she asked." "We did not see thee. She had for the moment. Jonica followed them. "No doubt it is the heat which you feel." and she throw to the poor boy. and began his daily work. but the fourth night. it is the rustling amongst the branches of some bird. There.The Princesses danced until their white satin slippers were in holes. "Probably. hadst thou these leaves?" "Your Highness knows quite well. When evening arrived. Jonica broke off a branch of the tree with the beautiful leaves." "I was invisible. a great mind to speak to him. Lina neither saw nor heard anything particular. thought it better to wait a little. but this time. and betray it?" "I do not wish. Then the music ceased. he hid the branch of Silver Leaves in the bouquet destined for Lina. caused Lina to turn round. and the rarest and most exquisite wines. who had to content himself with feasting his eyes alone. she found the gardener." "So thou hast followed us?" "Yes. The noise which he made. the Princess Lina found. our father. without being paid for it. and showing the golden branch to Jonica. and there. offers for the discovery of our secret?" "I know it. I see that thou hast penetrated the mystery. hidden in her bouquet. and calling him to her. and mounted rapidly to their chamber. leaving the purse on the ground. and glided silently along the trellis which covered the wall. and so passed on her way. Highness. "I do not sell my silence." And he walked away. the Princesses again returned to the Ball. to prove to himself. the Princesses re-entered their boat. during their nocturnal excursions." said Jonica. how it was possible that the branch could have come there. While preparing the flowers for the Princesses. All passed as on the previous evening." Jonica then got in advance of the Princesses. and ate and drank at his ease. there was a distinct rustling in the wood of Diamond Leaves. Again the Emperor's son complained of the labour required in rowing. Highness. and the next morning she found a Diamond Branch. excepting our poor Gusa Casca. Remaining a little behind her sisters. Each one took his place. she asked: "Dost thou know the price." replied Lina." "And how didst thou manage that?" "It is a secret. Jonica broke off a branch of the Golden Leaves. concealed in hers." "Then why dost thou not go to him. that has its nest in one of the towers of the Palace. a purse of gold. that what he had seen was no dream." 12 . until the cock had crowed three times. Great was the astonishment of the young girl. Highness. Then she was fully convinced that the young gardener knew all their escapades. the golden branch. opened the window. who asked herself. black slaves arranged a princely table." "At any rate. "I know how to hold my tongue. in vain. When the repast was over. arrived with them in the wood with the silver leaves. and to prove also to others." said the eldest." "Art thou afraid?" "No. "What can that be?" said she to her sisters. which was instantaneously filled with the most succulent meats. she went down into the garden. on returning. Speak of it to no one. "From whence. When the daily bouquets were distributed. and a second time entered Lina's boat. The three succeeding days. but on reflection. which the Emperor. under the shade of a large chestnut tree.

So they called the young gardener to them." she said. and when she came back they still went on with their ridicule. and thrown into a cave. a toque to match. that they were all enchanted. I have watered you with a golden watering can. "this stupid boy has learned our secret." "By what means?" "Have him stabbed. He was so changed that the Emperor did not recognize him. After their usual excursion. and facing Lina. and the eldest sister asked him by what means he had discovered their secret? but he would give them no answer. with an agraffe of diamonds. without waiting for her answer. and with so much dignity and grace. I may be as richly dressed as an Emperor's son. at once. but he was neither intoxicated by their wines. and yet she felt he was present with her all day long. I have dug you with a golden spade. saying that the poor boy had committed no fault. Jonica was waiting for them behind the door. Then they informed him of the decision which they had come to respecting him. it was decided to get Jonica to go again to the Ball. half frightened. He was served with the most delicate meats. and to be able to make as handsome presents as the Emperors' sons." "Never fear. "you shall not be a gardener's wife. and a flower in his buttonhole. "Being treated like an Emperor's son. why wilt thou not speak?" Jonica looked up at her. Even his common. for he was always most respectful. He replied. but did not reply. and any one might have thought him really an Emperor's son." This was the usual way by which troublesome people were disposed of. When he again presented her with flowers. so as to become the Cavalier of her whom he loved. vulgar manner changed completely. At length. On the day fixed. compliments and praises were showered on him. "Thou canst marry him. thou must be in blissful happiness. When it was Lina's turn. the black slaves prepared the table as usual. While conducting her to her place. When the Princesses went back to their bedroom. wishing to have as fine clothes. he was in raptures. and said "my beautiful laurel. But Lina would not hear of this. Thus metamorphosed. From being tanned and brown. He never dared to look her full in the face. absolutely get rid of him. he was at once clad in velvet as dark and soft as Lina's eyes." To tranquilise Lina. she took them with supreme indifference. that he accepted it. "there is nothing to prevent. she came to the resolution to confide to her sisters all that she knew. jokingly. 13 . nor by their flatteries. While Lina was talking with the youth. and to make him drink the enchanted beverage." Immediately he saw a beautiful flower expand. Jonica went to the rose laurel. grant that. I have wiped you with a silken veil. and that he would drink willingly the enchanted beverage. and afterwards danced with each of the sisters successively. and thou canst offer us our daily nosegays. The poor fellow could not understand it. "What!" cried they. and thou wilt live in the cottage at the bottom of the garden." Lina became still more angry. and thou hast kept it from us! We must." Lina looked at him. his complexion became fair and fresh as an infant's and his beauty was marvellous. his eyes full of expression. but he walked away. "If you touch a hair of his head. the choicest wines. When the Princesses had once more danced until their slippers were in holes. to ask his authority to try in his turn. and the weight of her anger fell on poor Jonica." said her sisters. until she became quite red with anger."Then. thou wilt be the gardener's wife. the music ceased. the Princess said to him. her sisters were laughing at her. and gathering it. and Jonica was placed at the right hand of the eldest Princess. Princess. Jonica gave his arm to the eldest Princess. to unravel the secret of the Princesses. he presented himself before the Emperor. in one moment. 'Thou canst help thy husband to draw the water from the fountain. which would put him in the same state as the other Cavaliers. but he did not address a single word to her." replied he. and treated him with the greatest disdain. "I will go and confess all to our father the Emperor.

raised the cup to his lips. and one of the slaves came forward bearing a massive golden cup. Lina enquired of him. Lina. passed through the cellar. so she tore the laurels up by their roots and flung them into the fire. 14 . Jonica threw the enchanted beverage over his shoulder. and the young people lived very happily together. I would rather be a gardener's wife. "This enchanted Palace has no longer any secrets for thee. It was followed by festivities which lasted three days and three nights." said the Emperor. Jonica showed her the two laurels. to a good old age.Presently the eldest Princess made a sign. young man." she cried impetuously. "Let us drink to your triumph!" The young man casting tender glance at Lina. if he enjoyed the power which was given to him by possessing these shrubs. "Do not drink it. who choosing them for their husbands." and she began to weep. thought that Jonica would have too great an advantage over her. explained to him the mystery of the worn-out slippers. and fell on his knees at the feet of the Princess Lina. cleared the table." "My choice has been made for a long time. A short time afterwards. "God give thee life. The Princess Lina did not become a gardener's wife. Before their marriage took place. how he had discovered their secret. Jonica. and arrived at the Emperor's chamber. who blushed and could not look up. held out their hands and raised them from the ground. like an intelligent woman." cried the Princess to Jonica. the marriage took place with imperial splendour. with the golden cup in his hand. taking by the hand the Princess Lina." said he. All the other Emperors' sons fell each at the feet of their respective Princesses. for Jonica became a Prince. "do not drink it. The charm was broken! The twelve couples crossed the lake in boats. "take thy choice from amongst my daughters. traversed the forests.

15 . © Sajamoonstone Jan 2009 All poetry provided here is the copyright of its author. Ever watchful as we sleep. We pass into the Summerlands. Embrace the morning. sprinkle the sleep sand of the ever rest into our eyes. protected. restful and all knowing. We travel in peace and in love to join in the spiral dance of time. A lullaby sung by night birds fills the air and it carries to all corners. Spring showers raining down upon your fresh young face. Crone Laughing ageless child. You cradle us within your earthy arms.Poets Retreat Poetry supplied by members of the Order of Bards Maiden. Gentle caressing hand sweeping across the stars. butterflies and hyacinths. Silently turning the wheel of time. Teacher of all things. heart lifted by the sweet smell of life reborn. New loves and all things undiscovered. Mother. Guided by your wrinkled hand. if you wish to use any of the poems supplied by the Order of Bards please ask permission first.

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uk or phone: +44 7528 092692 Shrine of Serenity http://www.co.com Animal Shrine of Sothistar Animal Healing Rituals Rituals are held on the first quarter of the moon.silvermoonblossom@hotmail.bravehost. Find the ritual chat room through the website above. at 9pm UK time.com For more information about the Shrine of Sothistar and online rituals please contact Rev. Silver. Mehitabel coatimundi@btinternet.bravehost.com Healing Shrine Yahoo group: http://groups.shrineofserenity. Requests for animal healing and/or to join the Shrine and group may be sent to me at coatimundi@btinternet.html Full Moon Rituals on the Date.bravehost.co. Healing Rituals held every 2nd Thursday of the month at 8PM EST.uk Monthly rituals dedicated to Isis.Isis Temple http://isistemple.Moonblossom: rev.com Hall of the Ancestors Formal Healing Shrine http://halloftheancestors.uk For inclusion in the Healing Rituals please contact Rev.com/group/HOA_healing/ 22 .yahoo. Contact Rev.shrineofserenity.html U Healing Rituals Date: last Thursday of the month Time: 9pmK (BST) Place: http://www.com A monthly Healing Ritual will be held in the webpage chatroom. For more information please email: information@isistemple.co.shrineofserenity. Lee for any questions or to add names to the monthly healing list: correllianpriest@yahoo.com/index.com/chat.html For more information please contact the Shrine: shrineofserenity@hotmail. Another benefit is assisting with healing Mother Earth. This ritual benefits all whom request healing energies for friends and families.com/chat.bravehost. Time: 7PM GMT Place: http://www.

South Africa) On-going correspondence and real-time basic Wicca and Correllian Degree courses Priesthood Training All rites of passage Legal Handfastings (Civil Unions) Inner and Outer Court Applications Clergy Initiations Correllian patches and stoles available locally New members welcome Visit our Website: http://www. Rituals. Arizona (928) 208-4161 (Leave Message) Classes.co. and to Distance Membership.including Northeastern Texas. Texas .uk 9pm UK and 9pm EST 23 . defined as residing any where on planet Earth… Our Lady of the Sylvan Wood Temple offers Clergy Initiations and Ordinations within the Correllian Nativist Tradition. Isarma: ladyisarma@gmail.templeofthe moon. Northwestern Louisiana. Southwestern Arkansas. Socials.co.uk Online Sabbat rituals and Sabbat information Online Sabbat Rituals in the Ritual Room: www.co.za Temple of Our Lady of the Sacred Earth Temple of Our Lady of the Sacred Earth (no web page at current) Golden Valley. Clan of Kheper Temple (Cape Town .clanofkhepertemple.com Temple of the 8 Festivals http:// templeofthesabbats.com/ Accepting new memberships for both Local Membership. if you live any where within 150 miles of New Boston.co.bravehost. Shrines.uk Full & New Moon online rituals and moon information Esbat Rituals in the Ritual Room: www. and Southeastern Oklahoma.uk 9pm UK and 9pm EST Temple of the Moon http:// templeofthemoon. Rites of Passage For more details and Information contact Rev.Services Provided by Temples.templeofthesabbats. Orders & Correllian Study Groups Temple Services Our Lady of the Sylvan Wood Temple http://olswtemple.co.

groups.co. Two forms of ID one with a photo for 1st Degree only 4.uk or phone: +44 7528 092692 Monthly Memorial Rituals:  Last Sunday in the month 9pm EST  Last Monday in the month 9pm UK [BST/GMT] Place: Living Stones Memorial Temple.50 1st Degree Correllian Wicca and associated courses: £10 2nd Degree of Correllian Wicca and associated courses: £10 3rd Degree of Correllian Wicca and associated courses: £10  Free Online Classes: Runes.co.com web site. Clergy Fee £27  Degree patches and manuals available  Temple courses: Online Ritual workshop: Free Goddess Sedna: Free Goddess Isis: Free Rites of Passage online course: fee £7. For more information please go to www.uk For information on anything provided by Sedna Temple please email: information@sednatemple.living-stones-memorial.uk or phone: +44 7528 092692 Living Stones Memorial Temple & War Memorial www. Mentor Recommendation 2. 24 .co. Eating disorders support.uk 1st 2nd and 3rd Degree Clergy Applications Please go to www.uk for all applications or alternatively apply on the correllian.Temple of Sedna Suffolk UK www.uk Or email: information@sednatemple. automatic writing. Bio 3.yahoo. Celtic & Egyptian Divination.co.sednatemple.uk Forum: http://uk.living-stones-memorial.co.co.co. Requirements for application: 1.co.uk      Permanent online Memorial Stones for your Loved Ones beyond the veil Light a permanent candle for ‘Remembrance’ Book of Remembrance Monthly Online memorial rituals To request a memorial ritual contact the Temple: memorial-request@living-stones-memorial.sednatemple. Ritual Room: www.sednatemple. past life exploration.com/group/LSMemorial/ All Living Stones services are free to the Correllian Membership . empathy support and disability and illness support. Free Support Groups: Psychic support.

co. 9pm EST. Time: 7PM GMT Place: http://www.healing-temple.healing-temple.Moonblossom: rev. If you would like to help with Distance Healing please join the Healing Group. pollution etc.silvermoonblossom@hotmail.com/group/DistanceHealingNetwork/ Gaia Healing Temple www.Rainbow Bridge Temple. Gaia. and the state of the Earth Healing for Gaia Rituals:  Every 3rd Tuesday in the Month  9pm UK  9pm EST Healing Gaia Temple Ritual room: www. Earth.shrineofserenity. Pets.co. Animals.uk For inclusion in the Healing Rituals please contact Rev.uk Incorporating the Distance Healing Network Weekly Healing Rituals   Day: Friday Times: 1.gaiahealing. 9pm UK 2.com 25 .com/chat.groups. Spiritual.co. Please go to the web site www.html Full Moon Rituals on the Date.com/index.Healing@googlemail.html For more information please contact the Shrine: shrineofserenity@hotmail. all types of healers are needed: http://health.uk Proto Temple Services Shrine of Serenity Proto Temple http://www.bravehost.uk For all your pet memorial needs:  Permanent Memorials  Candles  Inclusions in Rituals for Pets  Special Ritual requests Healing Temple www.shrineofserenity.bravehost.co. Silver.shrineofserenity.co.uk Information on all aspects of conservation. Countries. Australian East Coast 7pm. Prayer.co.yahoo. 3.com Healing for: All your loved ones and friends family.bravehost.html Healing Rituals Date: last Thursday of the month Time: 9pmK (BST) Place: http://www. Pet Memorial: http://therainbowbridge.co.uk to request:  Healing  Candles Distance Healing Network through the Healing Temple Provides healers on a permanent basis to send all types of healing on request: send your healing requests to 1st.com/chat.gaiahealing. Reiki.uk Request a healing for Gaia and her flora a fauna: requests@gaiahealing.

Wicca 101. 06340 USA 1-860-449-1207 Ext 0 for General Information Ext 3 for Public Relations Check out our Yahoo! Group . Questions? Please email us as info@spirallight.com/group/Spiral_Light/ We host public rituals for all 8 Sabbats. and public information sessions.org PO Box 405.bravehost. August 2.Hall of the Ancestors Proto-Temple http://halloftheancestors. Distance memberships are available to the entire World. Contact Rev. Local membership: available to individuals living within 40 miles of Glen Burnie. monthly group get-togethers.com Accepting memberships for Outer Court. Watch our online outlets for classes that will be launched in the coming year! July Events Saturday. Classes held include Meditation Made Simple. have a cup of coffee and find a good book with members of Spiral Light Proto-Temple.spirallight. 2009 Open Arts & Crafts Session Groton.com Proto-Temple Yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.http://groups.org 26 . We provide online and offline rituals for all of the Sabbats. sit. Ritual to start at 1pm Come and celebrate the First Harvest with us! Please rsvp at info@spirallight.org Sunday. Groton. day trips. at 9pm UK time. CT 12 noon to gather. Connecticut. July 18. and the Correllian Nativist First Degree. Usui Reiki. MD.com For more information about the Shrine of Sothistar and online rituals please contact Rev. CT 2-4pm Come. Requests for animal healing and/or to join the Shrine and group may be sent to me at coatimundi@btinternet.org Sunday.com/group/toancestors Animal Shrine of Sothistar Proto Temple Animal Healing Rituals Rituals are held on the first quarter of the moon. 2009 Coffee Break at Borders Books Waterford. CT 2-4pm Come and be crafty! Please rsvp at ACinfo@spirallight. please check the main webpage for future dates.com Spiral Light Proto-Temple www. Lee for more details: correllianpriest@yahoo. 2009 Public Lammas Ritual Shelton. July 19.yahoo. We also provide live study groups and online support for members joining the Outer Court and studying for their First Degree. Mehitabel coatimundi@btinternet. Wisdom within Words.

Lee for more information: correllianpriest@yahoo. and possible mentoring of inmates. This is a dedicated group that will not judge others' past. I am looking for people to assist with correspondence. please sign up at the following group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CNT_Prison_Ministry/ Contact Rev. E-group: Sedna_Reiki-Healing@yahoogroups. You are required to be a registered member of the Correllian Nativist Tradition and at least 21 years of age.Formal Shrines Services Shrine of Reiki http://sednareikishrine.com Come and learn Usui Reiki.com 27 . please consider joining. Become a reiki Master and teach through your own group for the Order of Reiki. If interested.com Prison Ministry Formal Shrine The Prison Ministry Formal Shrine is to function as a bridge to breach the gap between inmates that are still called by Deity and who want to learn and/or correspond with members of the Correllian Tradition. If you are interested in or already assisting with any type of Prison Ministry.bravehost. but help them pave a way into their future growth.

Pet memorials in the Online Rainbow Bridge Memorial.com I KNEW YOU WHEN This is a closed group.bastis.com Order of Spiritual Advisors http://spiritualadvisors. or who have been addicted who are in recovery or thinking about going into recovery.reikiorder. Ritual and instructions are in the file section of each group Order of Self Empowerment: http://groups. Love and Prosperity.Order Services The World Wide Crystal Web Monthly Ritual The World Wide Crystal Web Club monthly ritual on the 11th of each month (Time you do the Ritual is up to you as long as it is done on the 11th.yahoo.reikiorder. We are open to both male and female members. information on where to find help and a place to discuss your predicament with those who have suffered the same.co.co.com or Lady Anna: anna@correlliantemplesuk. The energy sent out through the Web is for anyone to use through out the world if they so desire. partners of love ones who are addicted to either alcohol or drug abuse or both.uk Order of Sirius Dog order www.bravehost.com The Order of Reiki: www.co. Order of Bast Cat order: www. This group is for friends. You can contact Windy at windy0716@aol. members must belong to the Correllian Tradition either Inner or Outer Court. families.uk If you are a Reiki Master/Teacher and would like to teach your discipline through the Order please contact Lady Anna: membership@reikiorder. Please contact either Lady Karla: karlahps@gmail.com/group/OrderOfSelfEmpowerment This Order is for all members of the Correllian Tradition who have or are suffering domestic abuse. A place for moral support.uk 28 . Or email: healing@reikiorder. For all information on the Order of Bast and the Order of Sirius please contact Lady Anna: anna@correlliantemplesuk.sepdet.uk The Order of Reiki takes healing requests.uk Information and online rituals for all cat and dog lovers. Peace.co. Please go to the Order web site and fill in the healing request form.uk Alternatively go to the web site www.co. If you need spiritual advice please go to the web site and submit a request for help form.com Closed Order membership by invitation only.co.) The Ritual is for Hope.

You can contact Windy at windy0716@aol.yahoo.groups.yahoo.yahoo.groups.yahoo.groups. Actively working towards recovery from addiction to alcohol and/or drugs.com/group/COR_Complete-UsuiReikiCourse/ If you are not sure which group to apply to. please go to the Order of Reiki web site and check out the Reiki Teachers bio pages.com/group/COR_Silver-Moonblossom/ Katherina’s Usui Reiki group: http://health. If you have questions please contact Windy at windy0716@aol.com/group/CORLeeElemental/ Nikki's Usui: http://health.yahoo.yahoo.co.com/group/COR_ReikiGrove/ Gloria Gypsy’s Complete Usui Reiki Course: http://uk.yahoo.com Order of Recovering Correllians This is a closed Order members must belong to the Correllian Tradition either Inner or Outer Court.yahoo.com/group/CORIng/ Nikki 2 http://health. A place to talk to others who have gone through this kind of assault.yahoo.groups.com/group/COR_Nikki/ Aleta’s Usui Reiki group: http://uk.groups.com/group/CORLeeCeltic/ Lee’s Elemental Reiki group: http://health.yahoo.com/group/COR_Nikki_2/ Mehitabel’s Usui Reiki group: http://health.com/group/CORMotokima/ Ing’s Usui Reiki group: http://health. There is no minimum time in recovery to be a member of this order.groups.com/group/COR_Aleta/ Brian’s Reiki Grove: http://health.yahoo.List of Reiki Teaching Groups Path of Reiki Energy Formal Shrine : http://groups.com/group/COR_Katherina/ Motoki’s Usui Reiki group: http://health.groups.com/group/Sedna_Reiki-Healing/ Silver-Moonblossoms’s Usui Reiki group: http://health. This group is for women 18 and over who have been victims of domestic or sexual abuse or both.yahoo.com/group/CORMehitabel/ Lee’s Celtic Reiki group: http://health. www.groups.uk ORDER_HOUSE OF SURVIVORS This is a closed Order members must belong to the Correllian Tradition either Inner or Outer Court. only an honest desire to become ‘clean and sober’.com 29 .groups.yahoo.groups.reikiorder.groups.com/group/Path_of_Reiki_Energy/ Shrine of Reiki Healing Formal Shrine : http://groups.groups.yahoo.

This will give us a good visualization on the Crystal Web. and must remain for the duration of their membership.com/group/orderofthemagickquill/ This Group is for members of The Order of the Magick Quill and their children.uk THE ORDER OF WEB WEAVERS CRYSTAL WEB MAPPING PROJECT The Order of the Web Weavers has been working diligently on mapping the Crystal Web. If any of you have a crystal that you have added or removed from the Crystal Web contact us to ensure are records up to date and accurate.co. Once the crystals have been properly catalogued we can then begin placing them on the map program.groups.com/group/DivinationOrderAstrology/ I Ching: http://uk.yahoo.yahoo. State.yahoo.yahoo.uk Order Egroup: http://uk. Parents egroup: http://uk. resources.yahoo. If they are located together then please include how many crystals are at that location. if you have removed your crystal from the Crystal Web along with ‘Remove’ in the subject line.groups.yahoo.com/group/DivinationOrder/ The Order of Divination for discussion and teaching of different divinations we also provide a number of different groups specializing in aspects of divinations: Tarot: http://groups. Please be aware should you wish your child to be a member of the sub-group Order of the Magick Quill.com/group/DivinationOrderTarot/ Astrology: http://groups.yahoo. The information we need in order to best catalogue your crystal/s is the following.com/group/DivinationOrderYi-Jing/ Automatic Writing: http://uk. We are excited about this project and hope that you will be too.yahoo.info Please include the above information. and Longitude.com/group/DivinationOrderAutomatic-Writing/ Celtic & Egyptian Divination: http://groups.com/group/DivinationOrderNumer Please see the Order’s web page for a full list of current divination methods: divinationorder.groups. a member of the parents group.com/group/CelticEgyptianDivination/ Runes: http://groups. Sent to the following e-mail address: wwcw@correllianorders. Bright Blessings. unless they are located together.com/group/magicquillparent/ Parents and children egroup: http://uk.groups. where to find literature and any literature that the members would like to contribute for Pagan children. The Order of Web Weavers 30 .com/group/DivinationOrderRunes Scrying: http://groups. and post to other Correllian Children.yahoo.yahoo. Both groups will be strictly monitored and the children’s group will be moderated at all times. Latitude. Country.yahoo. Order of Divination divinationorder.Order of the Magic Quill The Order of the Magic Quill providing Pagan and Wiccan literature for children.com/group/DivinationOrderScrying/ Numerology: http://groups. here the children can access material. yourself first must be. Thank you in advance for your participation in this wonderful project.co. then you.groups. Your Craft Name and E-mail Address along with your City. If you have added several crystals then we would need a separate entry for each crystal.

htm 31 . primarily conducted on multi-dimensional levels. Mediumship (being a voice for the so-called dead. In addition to the above Orders which are awarded only rarely and in recognition of extreme accomplishments. Soul rescue (helping those who are not aware they have died. Exploring the known boundaries of the multi-dimensional universe. The Order of the Round Table: The Order of the Round Table is awarded to people in recognition of outstanding services to the Pagan community. The Order of Tsalv: The Order of Tsalv (Selu) is awarded to people in recognition of outstanding services the cause of peace in the world. Healing. for a year. both personal and of our Earth. Conscious dying and conscious incarnation. The Order of World Walkers is a working order. The study of time and advanced work within it. The Order of the Iron Pentacle: The Order of the Iron Pentacle is awarded for outstanding service in the field of teaching. The Order of the Thurible: The Order of the Thurible is awarded for outstanding service in the field of Spirituality. The training consists of twelve lessons. if you choose to do it.THE ORDER OF WORLD WALKERS This Correllian order is headed by the Rev. The purpose of this order is to fulfill the deeper purposes of the Correllian Tradition--advanced psychic and spiritual work. to recognize the work and achievements which keep our Tradition running on a daily basis. we have also Meritorious Orders awarded twice yearly at the Lustrations. This work includes: Learning to connect and work with your spirit guides. I believe that everyone who chooses to become a member of the order chose this before coming into this life time to continue work begun in other lives. For more in-depth information.com May You Blessed Be Krystel Correllian Award Orders Orders which are awarded only rarely and in recognition of extreme accomplishment The Order of Orpheus: The Order of Orpheus is awarded to people in recognition of outstanding services to the Correllian Tradition. Each of the houses offer work that can be done for the rest of your life. or are not willing to cross over). Advanced dream work. Meritorious Orders The Order of the Copper Athame: The Order of the Copper Athame is awarded for outstanding service in the field of the occult or mundane Sciences. The training is only the beginning. Krystel High Correll and she is offering training for those who wish to join the order. one a month.com/Orders. The Order of the Silver Chalice: The Order of the Silver Chalice is awarded for outstanding service in the field of the Arts. and building a pathway between the living and the dead).correllian. The Order of the Golden Wand: The Order of the Golden Wand is awarded for outstanding service in the field of Service to Others. contact me at krystelneuman@yahoo. These purposes are divided among five houses that consist of the members who are dedicated to the work of the House. then conducting independent work to go beyond those boundaries. including the cost of the lessons. For more information on all Correllian Orders please go to: http://www. visiting the land of the dead and ommunicating with them. offered through e-mail.

as well as artwork. Through “Faces of Correllianism” we hope to show what a strong. essays and poetry to share with all Correllians.com You will of course retain any copyright. If you would like to have your photo.correllian. their pets. unless you include their permission.com/symbolsandrobes.Faces of Correllianism http://www. and positive community we are.correllian. please email it to me at DonLewisHP@aol.com/calendar.com/adventures. Adventures http://www.htm Explanations of some of the symbols and robes used by the Correllian Tradition 32 . writing. their altars. Correllian Calendar http://www.correllian. Please do not send us anything that is copyrighted to anyone other than yourself.com/faces.htm Check out the adventures page on Correllian.htm “Faces of Correllianism” is a place where Correllians can send photos of themselves. descriptions of events and projects.com together with your authorization to use it at www.com and find out what other Correllians have been doing Symbols & Robes http://www.correllian. autobiographies.correllian. diverse.htm All tradition events can be found in the Correllian Calendar including birthdays of Tradition members. or artwork included.

com/group/CelticEgyptianDivination/ Deities & Celebrations: http://groups.groups.com/group/Isis_Wiccan_PoetryGroup/ Ritual Writing: http://uk.com/group/CorrellianTemple/ 33 .com/group/CW-Norge/ Correllian Wicca Portuguese Language: http://groups.yahoo.yahoo.com/group/Automatic-Writing/ Celtic & Egyptian Divination: http://groups.com/group/CW-Austria/ Correllian Wicca Belgium: http://groups.com/group/CWSouthernHemisphere/ Correllian Wicca Spanish Language: http://groups.groups.com/group/CW-Netherlands/ Correllian Wicca Norway: http://groups.com/group/CW-Sweden/ Correllian Wicca Switzerland: http://groups.com/group/RitualWriting/ Runes: http://uk.yahoo.com/group/correllianworld/ Subjects Astrology: http://groups.com/group/gaiahealing/ Temples/Shrines Correllian Temple Heads: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CorrellianClergy/ Correllian Clergy Mentors: http://groups.com/group/CW-EU/ Correllian Wicca French Language: http://groups.com/group/CW-India/ Correllian Wicca Ireland: http://groups.yahoo.yahoo.yahoo.yahoo.yahoo.com/group/EatingDisorders_Support/ Past Life Exploration: http://uk.com/group/Sedna-Geomancy/ Past Life Exploration: http://uk.com/group/Correllian-Support/ Empath Support: http://uk.com/group/CorrellianClergyMentors/ Countries & Languages Correllian Wicca Africa: http://groups.com/group/EmpathSupport Eating Orders Support: http://uk.yahoo.yahoo.yahoo.groups.yahoo.com/group/SednaTarot_DandD/ Politics: http://groups.com/group/SednaRunes/ Tarot: http://groups.yahoo.yahoo.yahoo.groups.yahoo.yahoo.com/group/DeitiesCelebrations/ Geomancy: http://uk.yahoo.yahoo.com/group/CW-Ireland/ Correllian Wicca Netherlands: http://groups.groups.yahoo.groups.groups.com/group/CW-Belgium/ Correllian Wicca Brazil: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CW-Espanol/ Correllian Wicca Sweden: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CW-Switzerland/ Correllian Wicca UK: http://groups.com/group/PastLifeExploration/ Poetry: http://groups.yahoo.yahoo.com/group/PastLifeExploration/ Sexually Abused Male Support: http://groups.Correllian E-groups Clergy & Mentors Correllian Outer Court: http://groups.com/group/Ritual-Classes/ Support & Healing Groups Disability & Illness Support: http://uk.com/group/CW-German/ Correllian Wicca Greek Language: http://groups.com/group/CW-AU/ Correllian Wicca Austria: http://groups.com/group/CW-Greece/ Correllian Wicca India: http://groups.yahoo.groups.yahoo.groups.com/group/CW-Francais/ Correllian Wicca German Language: http://groups.yahoo.yahoo.yahoo.yahoo.yahoo.yahoo.com/group/correllian_wicca_uk/ Correllian Wicca World: http://groups.yahoo.groups.com/group/SednaAstrology/ Automatic Writing: http://uk.groups.yahoo.yahoo.com/group/fraternityofhorus/ Gaia Healing: http://uk.yahoo.com/group/CW-Potuguese/ Correllian Wicca Southern Hemisphere: http://groups.com/group/CW-Brazil/ Correllian Wicca EU: http://uk.yahoo.com/group/DailyPolitics/ Online Ritual Workshop: http://groups.groups.yahoo.yahoo.yahoo.com/group/CW-Africa/ Correllian Wicca Australasia: http://uk.yahoo.com/group/CNT-outercourt/ Correllian Clergy: http://groups.

groups.yahoo.com/group/OrderOfTheMuses Order of Web Weavers: TheOrderofWebWeavers@yahoogroups.groups.groups.com/group/Order-of-Bast Order of Buddhist Wiccans: http://groups.com/group/Correllian_HouseofWisdom_Elder_Sage_Crone/ Correllian Social Club: http://groups.com/group/orderofgermanshepherds Order of Herbal Healers: http://groups.yahoo.yahoo.yahoo.yahoo.com/group/WitanCouncil/ Witan Heralds Court: http://groups.yahoo.yahoo.com/group/orderofthemagickquill/ Other Groups Correllian Social Club: http://groups.yahoo.groups.com/group/Order_of_Krystel_Guardians/ Order of the Open Door: http://groups.com/group/Order-of-the-Eagle/messages/1 Order of The Muses: http://groups.Correllian Formal Shrine: http://groups.com/group/OrderOfSirius/ Order of Tcheft: http://groups.groups.yahoo.com/group/OrderOfSelfEmpowerment Order of Self Reliant Living: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WitanHeraldsCourt/ Kindred Spirits: http://groups.com/group/FormalShrineHeads/ Correllian Personal Shrines: http://groups.yahoo.groups.com/group/Order_of_RFC/ Order of Reiki: http://health.com/studygroups.groups.com/group/orderofwolves Study Groups Correllian Study Group Keepers: http://uk.com/group/Correllian_Order_Of_Buddhist_Wiccans/ Order of German Shepherds: http://uk.yahoo.yahoo.com/group/Students_of_Loki/ For Children & Parents Order of the Magic Quill: Parents egroup: http://uk.yahoo.com/group/Order-of-Reiki/ Order of Self Empowerment: http://groups.com/group/Orderoftheopendoor/ Order of Recreational Fantasy Connoisseurs: http://games.correllian.com Order of Wolves: http://uk.yahoo.com/group/ws_eu_students/ Clan of Tetu Study Group: http://www.htm Loki's First Degree Students: http://groups.yahoo.yahoo.com/group/order-of-tcheft/ Order of The Eagle: http://groups.yahoo.yahoo.com/group/magicquillparent/ Parents and children egroup: http://uk.com 34 .com/group/CorrellianSocialClub/ CorrellianHouseofWisdom_Elder_Sage_Crone: http://groups.com/group/shrines/ Orders Correllian Order Heads: http://groups.yahoo.groups.yahoo.yahoo.yahoo.com/group/CorrellianOrders/ Order of Bards: http://groups.com/group/CorrellianSocialClub/ Witan Council: http://groups.com/group/orderofselfreliantliving/ Order of Sirius: http://uk.yahoo.yahoo.yahoo.com/group/OrderOfBards/ Order of Bast: http://uk.yahoo.com/group/CTHO Order of Krystel Guardians: http://groups.yahoo.groups.com/group/correlliankindredspirits/ If you have a group you would like to add to the list please contact the editor heraldeditor@googlemail.yahoo.

$15.$100. You can read the Correllian Times E-Magazines at: www.com/group/the_Correllian_Times_magazine The Correllian Times magazine is now available by subscription. 50 Word Maximum Banner & text……. poetry. we are offering space for you to advertise your goods and services at a low price.$100.00 yearly Text……………….correllian.00 yearly You can send your ad to: Windy0716@aol. http://groups.00 a month.$10.com The Correllian Times E-Magazine is a free publication. reports on events.00 a month Banner…………….00 yearly Banner & Text……$150. artwork.com or http://groups.Other Correllian Publications The Correllian Times The magazine for the Correllian people! Subscribe to the Correllian Times A special E-list has been established for the Correllian Times..com Go to correllian. and more! For subscriptions and submission for the Correllian Times please contact Lady Windy windy0716@aol. Excerpts from the magazine are available free of charge in the above e-list.00 a month Text box………….yahoo. photos.yahoo..com/group/CNT_CORRELLIAN_TIMES_E-MAGAZINE_ISSUES 35 .com . Rates: Banner…………… $10.then click on Correllian Times Go to bottom and the payment options are there including where to send a check if you prefer that. Featuring articles.

com E-group: http://groups.com © Correllian Herald Publications 2007-2009 36 . Rev. Andi Today’s writers and articles sourced by: Rev. Nehal Rev.co. Send your adverts.yahoo.com/group/CorrellianHerald/ The Correllian Herald is best viewed in PDF Format: CorrellianHerald-pdf-subscribe@yahoogroups.uk E-group: http://uk.com If you would like to write articles or be an online reporter for the Herald please contact the Herald editor: heraldeditor@googlemail.groups. Leona.com/group/CorrellianHerald-pdf/ Managing Editor: Rev.yahoo. Mehitabel. Disclaimer: Any views expressed within the articles in this publication are not necessarily the views of the Correllian Tradition the Correllian Herald Publication or the Correllian Herald Editors. articles and inclusions to: heraldeditor@googlemail. Nehal Sub-Editor Rev. Anna Rowe HPs Co-Editor Rev. Anna Poetry provided by the Order of Bards Reminder: You are responsible for all submissions please ensure that all links are working the staff of the Correllian Herald do not check for working links. Rev.Correllian Herald Subscriptions Subscribe to the Correllian Herald: CorrellianHerald-subscribe@yahoogroups.