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Ref. code: SEC/129 Attention: Mr. Lim, !e "ro#ect Director, "roc$rement and Contract Di%i&ion, Sam En'ineerin' Con&$ltanc(, )alan "ela*$!an, Se+&(en 1,, ,0000 S!a! Alam, Selan'or. Date: 15 April 2012

Dear Mr Lim, Re: Invitation to Tender for CostPlus Berhad project in Shah Alam -e, Co&t"l$& .er!ad, i& an operator of a c!ain of !(permar+et& in Mala(&ia. -e c$rrentl( !a%e 10 !(permar+et& in Mala(&ia. A& for t!e (ear 2011, t!ere /a& a 001 increa&e in c$&tomer& at it& 10 !(permar+et a& /ell a& t$rno%er increa&e of 251 from RM1*illion in t!e c$&tomer&2 %ie/ of t!e !i'! demand for 'ood&. 3$r ta'line i& 4C!oice, 5$alit( 6 7al$e for e%er(one8. 3$r mi&&ion i& to create %al$e for c$&tomer& to earn t!eir lifetime lo(alt(. !e main emp!a&i& of Co&t"l$& .er!ad in t!i& !(permar+et pro#ect i& to:9 1. State of t!e Art :acilitie& for cond$cti%e &!oppin'. 2. Competiti%e pricin' for all it& prod$ct& and &er%ice&. 0. S$perior S(&tem and "roce&&e& t!at i& /ell mana'ed. ,. Con%enient location /it! ea&( acce&& t!at /o$ld contri*$te to t!e *$l+ of t!e !(permar+et2& c$&tomer&. 5. En%ironment friendl( *( con&iderin' ener'( efficienc( and t!e $&a'e of rene/a*le ener'(. -e are c$rrentl( loo+in' for a con&$ltanc( firm t!at i& capa*le of f$lfillin' t!e re;$irement& and emp!a&i& &tated a*o%e. !e &election of a &trate'ic location in S!a! Alam i& one of t!e re&pon&i*ilitie& of t!e en'ineerin' con&$ltanc(. .e&ide& t!at, t!e ta&+ of de%elopin' t!e

April 2012 on/ard&. Information to tenders:!' detail& are :  Acco$nt name : Co&t"l$& . 2.$ired. A*le to $nder&tand t!e mi&&ion and ta'line of o$r compan(. )alan @an' )e*at. 50150 A$ala L$mp$r.CostPlus Berhad concept$al de&i'n of !(permar+et /!ic! contain& all t!e emp!a&i& &tated a*o%e i& appointed to t!e en'ineerin' con&$ltanc(.er!ad  .er!ad 2. imeline for t!i& pro#ect :  ender ret$rn d$e on 19 April 2012. : Ma(*an+ : 22>209>229?5 5. 2.$ildin' 50. "a(ment can *e made *( ca&! or c!e. .$ired tender doc$ment& /it! depo&it are to *e &$*mitted to t!e addre&& *elo/ *efore 19 April 2012 *( ?pm to t!e follo/in' addre&& : Co&t"l$& . 0. A tender depo&it of RM 5000 i& re. !e pro#ect *rief report i& attac!ed to'et!er /it! t!i& letter. <o$ are !ere*( in%ited to tender for t!e &er%ice& li&ted a*!ad 10t! :loor. ender doc$mentation& m$&t incl$de detailed co&t e&timate for t!i& pro#ect.. . Selection Standard: 1. A*le to e&ta*li&! 'ood and prod$cti%e relation&!ip /it! Co&t"l$& . .$e.  Con&$ltant& *e'in interaction /it! Co&t"l$& .an+  Acco$nt =o. .  :inal report &$*mi&&ion d$e on 20 Ma( 2012. All t!e re.

Department of "ro#ect De%elopment. S$cce&&f$l and $n&$cce&&f$l tender& /o$ld *e informed %ia email no lon'er t!an 21 April 2012. .er!ad 10t! :loor. . !an+ (o$. Mr. Sincerel(.CostPlus Berhad ?.  E9mail :  Contact n$m*er& : 0092295?9>1 / 0092295?>>1  :aE : 009 2295?B>1 C tr$&t (o$ /ill find all information a*o%e in order and /e /i&! t!at t!i& in%itation /ill 'et (o$r fa%ora*le con&ideration and +ind attention.$ildin' 50. )alan @an' )e*at. Cf t!ere i& an( f$rt!er en. .en#amin Foon. @ead of "ro#ect Mana'ement. Co&t"l$& . B. 50150 A$ala L$mp$r. -e !ope to recei%e re&pon&e from (o$r compan( &!ad.$irie&DCo&t"l$&. feel free to contact $& $&in' an( of t!e follo/in' alternati%e&:  Addre&& : Co&t"l$& .$irie& re'ardin' to t!i& pro#ect.

rief Report .CostPlus Berhad Email: .F>>>DCo&t"l$&.com "!one =$m*er: 0092295?002 Enclo&$re&: "ro#ect .

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