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Commercial Insurance For Contractors Simplified By Fairbanks Insurance Brokers
Fairbanks Insurance Brokers are saving construction companies up to 60% on premiums while keeping the process of sign-up simple and easy. World Wide Web - September 19, 2013 Contractors appreciate the reliability and simplicity of airban!s "nsurance #ro!ers. $he Company is owned by %ason airban!s. %ason is committed to pro&idin' flawless ser&ice throu'h dedicated professional insurance consultations. (e wor!s with a &ariety of insurance bro!ers which means the Company is not committed to a national firm. $his allows airban!s "nsurance #ro!ers to shop the best policy for the lowest a&ailable price. $he Company is currently based in southern California. $he airban!s team understands Contractors insurance needs and re)uirements on an indi&idual basis, and stri&es to de&elop honest lon'-term relationships. Currently, the airban!s "nsurance #ro!ers are 'enerally sa&in' clients up to *0+ off other competiti&e rates on insurance such as 'eneral liability, wor!man,s compensation, commercial auto and bonds as well as other insurance ser&ices. $he website located at www.contractorsinsurancecompany.com is ma!in' the process of attainin' a new commercial insurance policy simple. $he website in&ites &isitors to re)uest a )uote by fillin' out a brief online form. Commercial insurance helps protect businesses from its own e-posures. .-posures are ris!s that a business may 'enerate durin' the course of its operations. /roducts carry liability if someone is hurt usin' them 0'eneral liability1. 2perations li!e construction carry defecti&e

wor!manship claims and site safety claims. 3sin' &ehicles in the course of business dictates a need for commercial auto insurance and professional ser&ices rendered leads to a need for professional liability insurance. airban!s "nsurance #ro!ers help customers understand all of the different ris!s a company may face. With e-perience in the field, airban!s "nsurance #ro!ers spend time to understand each operation. $here is an educational cur&e in policy options and understandin' what ris!s each business may face that is not co&ered by insurance is important. Some of these ris!s are 2S(4 fines, ./4 compliance costs, (5 Compliance costs, and more. Commercial insurance is typically re)uired by landlords and &endors when construction is bein' implemented. "t is also re)uired by customers. "t is not uncommon for these parties to re)uest certificates of insurance to ma!e sure that a company is protected and will help pre&ent them from financial dama'es in the e&ent somethin' occurs 0a claim 1 when wor!in' with them. airban!s "nsurance #ro!ers are in business to ser&e and represent their clients. 06ot the insurance carriers1 $he company is 100+ dedicated to maintainin' e-ceptional mar!et penetration ensurin' access to the best carriers and insurance product a&ailable for the hi'hest le&el of asset protection. 7earn more by &isitin' www.contractorsinsurancecompany.com