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Top 10 actresses who married divorcees
Jul 11, 2013, 12.00AM IST


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Bollywood has been always known for its glam quotient. The ritual of marriage has always been an important part of films. Many glam dolls from the industry married men, who were divorced and here's a look at the actresses who grabbed headlines with their marriage.
Kareena Kapoor married Chote Nawab and broke many hearts. T he actress, who dated Shahid Kapoor in the past dated Saif for few years before she tied knot with the actor. Saif was earlier married to actress Amrita Singh and they were divorced after 13 years of marriage.

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T he oo lala girl married UT V CEO Siddharth Roy Kapur on 14th December in a private ceremony. Siddharth Roy Kapur is a two-time divorcee. Vidya is balancing her career and private life efficiently.

Karisma Kapoor was engaged to Abhishek Bachchan and within four month the couple split up. Later, Lolo married her friend and industrialist Sanjay Kapur in a typical Punjabi style. Sanjay was married to designer Nandita Mahtani.




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Mahima Chaudhry married Bobby Mukherjee, who was earlier married. He has sons from his previous marriage and according to the rumors everything was not well in their relation.

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Raveena T andon was linked with Akshay Kumar in Bollywood, but the lady tied knot with film distributor Anil T hadani. T he actress married Anil, who was a divorcee in Jag Mandir Palace in Rajasthan.

Shilpa Shetty married Raj Kundra in Lonavala. T he actress dated Raj two years before they tied the knot. Raj was married to Kavita, who also reportedly accused Shilpa for breaking their marriage. VIDEOS

Amrita Arora married Shakeeel Ladakh, who was a divorcee. Now, the couple has two sons.

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Lara Dutta dated Kelly Dorjee for more than eight years and later the actress tied knot with tennis player, Mahesh Bhupathi, who was earlier married to model Shvetha Jaishankar for seven years.

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T he Hawa-Hawai girl shocked one and all when she married producer Boney Kapoor. Boney was married to Mona Shourie Kapoor and has two children, Arjun Kapoor and Anshula.

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They need security. Itimes Ambani family's private photo album Rocky4 (Pune) replies to Slal 'Bigg Boss 7 unfair & scripted' they all are the secondment for those who has still not leagaly seprated with there first wives.... Many fail. Hema Malini .. A few even commit suicide.cms Agree (3) Disagree (0) Recommend (2) Offensive 2/10 .. Agree (26) Disagree (2) Recommend (10) Offensive SELECT EDITION These actresses are generally brought into cinema either by their greedy parents or by other relatives. Hence They get trapped into vicious circle..indiatimes. they go crazy. But they may not be allowed to be so free on their own.. These actresses must shed their ego and undergo counseling. A few pathetic cases may either commit suicide or live alone.The Times of India Cop 'washing Lalu's feet ' faces probe AAP ready to flex m uscle in Bihar Javed Akhtar was married to Honey Irani before her married award winning actress Shabana Azmi...... Once they reach a comfortable position and start thinking independently . timesofindia. chin up at t he bullring Fighter Kohli shows how to giv e it back Out of form Saina ends 2 01 3 without title Readers' opinions (59) Post a Comment Life & Style Make love every day t o keep doct ors away 5 Ty pes of wom en m en can't stand Sort by: Newest | Oldest | Recommended (29) | Most Discussed | Agree | Disagree | Logged in Comments New! m anpreet (bangalore) How to cov er that grey hair naturally Agree (13) Disagree (0) Recommend (3) Offensive Are unmarried girls ready to marry divorcees who arent filthy rich? NRI Indian nat ional arrest ed in Singapore for murder Suspected Babbar Khalsa m em ber arrested in US Slal (San Francisco) Indian-Am erican group condem ns Dev y ani Khobragade's arrest Agree (25) Disagree (1) Recommend (3) Offensive You forgetting about Vaijenty mala.these rapacious girls very well knows what they want in life. They prefer to lead a peaceful family life.. but unhappy in their life. Many are popular. Jay Prada & Samitha Patil durai (trichy) T HE T IMES OF INDIA Get a replica of your favourite edition of TOI and feel at home. Agree (6) Disagree (0) Recommend (2) Offensive rsdurai49 replies to Rocky4 Many may fall into this category.Entertainment ..12/20/13 Top 10 actresses who married divorcees .Top 10 . Agree (6) Disagree (0) Recommend (2) Offensive Pics: B'day hottie Mahie Gill Sushant-Ankita's lov e story in pics » More from Itimes jack (jack) Shop Mobile 58888 NRI SOLUTIONS jack kya ohra india two wife's one husband or threee wife's two husband... A few succeed.com/entertainment/top-lists/Top-10-actresses-who-married-divorcees/videols/19783340..mujhe ta somajme nahi arha ra Agree (2) Disagree (2) Recommend (1) Offensive Christmas Gifts Starting @ ​ 199 Rocky4 (Pune) replies to durai » MORE SHOPPING Things are now changed. Captain Sunil Jam es to return hom e today Sports 1st Test : Seam up. Even a few youths get trapped by such girls. They need love.they use there beauty and becom model n later they allure some big rich fish who is either seprated or not (doesnt matter) and get there life stableize thrugh there rich husbands money to fulfill there own wishes..

Sridevi. Otherwise.cms Agree (19) Disagree (8) Recommend (4) Offensive 3/10 .The Times of India Offensive Jaydhrata Sobi (Mumbai) One Simple Question to all readers . all single men are already taken.Shaheed Kapoor case. Agree (24) Disagree (21) Recommend (3) Offensive Rocky4 (Pune) replies to SupernaK Atleast in case of womens it is correct.hardly even greats like Madhuri.How many boys from a Good background. Aishwarya.Entertainment . Dis r normal in cini field. By the time they realize it's time to make way for newer/younger girls... kajol etc has decelerate in terms of there polpularty post they enterd this age category. after 60 people are called senior citizens. must be your indian culture loving parents. famous & married to attractive men of their own free will. If only they stop being so materialistic and greedy. they might still find unattached men before it's too late.. if she has to continue acting. Agree (0) Disagree (0) Recommend (0) Offensive Moham ed (Mumbai) replies to Jaydhrata Sobi How many boys from a good background and nice family will be ready to marry even a young actress? Mostly.12/20/13 Top 10 actresses who married divorcees . then she can only marry an actor or a politician or some goonda. They are left only with rich... These women are rich.how many actress doing well post they entre 30 age. Contain your jealousy please. a nice family will be ready to marry a middle aged actress?? In reality there are VERY FEW Takers and Parents will never allow son to tie knot with a girl who is an actress for a living and that also middle age 35 . divorcee men..com/entertainment/top-lists/Top-10-actresses-who-married-divorcees/videols/19783340.. couple has two sons ? Should it not be couple have to sons ?? Honey Irani before her married ??? Should it not be Honey Irani before he married ?? timesofindia. beautiful. Agree (17) Disagree (6) Recommend (3) Offensive Sandeep (Pune) Atrocious English. Agree (0) Disagree (3) Recommend (0) Offensive suresh (BBSR) replies to Jaydhrata Sobi This is always not correct. Shadeed was left flabbergasted. Agree (79) Disagree (11) Recommend (23) Offensive SBose (Bangalore) Can't blame them. one does not know... Men/women who are divorced are not second-hand .. So these ladies settled for second hand men. Agree (13) Disagree (1) Recommend (4) Offensive SupernaK (Delhi) replies to Jaydhrata Sobi 35 is middle age?? middle age is 45-60. It may be the lust for money or otherwise.... Who has taught you all this? oh. Agree (39) Disagree (3) Recommend (6) Offensive m ehet (mumbai) Jst actress n actors r temperory relationship Jst in dat tym nly der will maintain after dat bye bye. In case of Kareena .indiatimes..Top 10 ... it will be with the condition that she leaves the acting profession on marriage...

Yogita Bali married to him and then last Leena Chandavarkar married to our all tym romantic singer Kishore Da.Entertainment .. I meant 'typo' not 'typ'.Top 10 . Agree (4) Disagree (0) Recommend (1) Offensive Sandhya (Singapore) replies to Sandeep "The couple has two sons" is the correct usage.. No doubt in the name of compatibility such marriages will show increase in numbers as time progresses. 'group' or 'family' are considered collective nouns and hence the singular usage. Agree (8) Disagree (0) Recommend (0) Offensive Sandhya (Singapore) replies to Sandhya Sorry.indiatimes. after Madhubala.The Times of India Offensive Priyanka (delhi) Dear Article Writer.. They wrote 'her' instead of 'he'.before her.hahah enjoyed. Also iven lebar clas pipal do batar english. You have missed veteran actress Hema Malini who married to Dhamendra who was having two sons. Agree (1) Disagree (0) Recommend (0) Offensive Shreya (Jaipur) replies to Sandeep Oh my Goodness!! Please check your English fist before going forth and criticizing other's.A worthy English refresher. I enjoyed your response and others too because the whole attention has got diverted towards English for change. and reconciliation in marriage is thing of the past which is now has been replaced by personal interests and desires. only aduketed pipals alau to righting.. Agree (5) Disagree (0) Recommend (1) Offensive SuvaR (Bengaluru) replies to Iyer Bhaiya LOL.cms 4/10 ...... ​ ​ "Javed Akhtar.. commitment. Words like 'couple'. This is akin to saying "The group has just rescheduled its meeting with the stakeholders" or "The family has gone on an overseas trip". Agree (27) Disagree (1) Recommend (2) Offensive Iyer Bhaiya (Bangalore) replies to Sandeep I tottaly agri camplit! Al this bad english is being given motherlund bad name with mining gets tottaly chenzing. Veteran actress Madhubala who married to Kishore Kumar who was earlier married to Ruma Guha. Agree (2) Disagree (0) Recommend (0) timesofindia. A fitting response..". guess there was typ there.12/20/13 Top 10 actresses who married divorcees . Agree (29) Disagree (1) Recommend (5) Offensive arorav (uk) This is game of money not love. Agree (13) Disagree (0) Recommend (2) Offensive durai (trichy) replies to Shreya Shreya... Now a days love..com/entertainment/top-lists/Top-10-actresses-who-married-divorcees/videols/19783340. "Couple have *TO* sons"?? Really? Has nobody taught you the difference between the numerical two and the prepositional to??? And also just for your information "couple has" is absolutely correct as couple is a singular noun.

That way. property of Nawab She has sindhi Blood Agree (69) Disagree (0) Recommend (15) Offensive timesofindia. Agree (15) Disagree (2) Recommend (1) Offensive Manoj Kum ar Yadav (hyderabad) despite of taking divorce n marring another who is already married by breaking thier previous marraiage . Agree (24) Disagree (33) Recommend (0) Offensive John Dsouza (Kuw ait City) replies to asinghania2947 Naa biwi na bachaa naa baap baada na maiya. she used to call him uncle sometime back.cms logic (US) 5/10 . why it should delve into family matters of celebrities.12/20/13 Top 10 actresses who married divorcees . Agree (2) Disagree (0) Recommend (0) Offensive kishor (new york) all actresses married to divorcees ​ because divorcees are well established and females know after spouse death they r getting million dollars wealth. govt can earn more money. they are not having true love .The Times of India Recommend (0) Offensive anupam (surat) replies to Sandeep Look at your english first "to sons" Agree (12) Disagree (2) Recommend (1) Offensive vinod (thailand) replies to anupam yeah! that was a bit confusing.indiatimes. kareena touched his feet to take blessings but now in they are married.. rather maintain silence on such mundane issues Agree (7) Disagree (6) Recommend (1) Offensive asinghania2947 (ggn) the funniest marriage is of kareena. thanks! you cleared it up. funny Agree (51) Disagree (0) Recommend (14) Offensive jhakda (Bangalore) Higher fees should be charged for registering marriage of these multiple marriage celebrities. by doing this day by day our bollowood industry becomeing hollywood industry. this is a dirty acts doing by indian celebrity impressed by western culture.com/entertainment/top-lists/Top-10-actresses-who-married-divorcees/videols/19783340."sau chuhe kha kar billi ----------------- Agree (28) Disagree (3) Recommend (2) Offensive seham (chennai) very very useful piece of information! TNN. the whole this is that bhayaa subsa bada rupiya.Entertainment . is a habit of a western culture. Agree (14) Disagree (0) Recommend (1) Offensive raja (Norw ay ) replies to asinghania2947 All is money game! She has seen 25000 crore.Top 10 .

i do not find any merit in what he has stated and can not agree with them.Top 10 .. Agree (8) Disagree (1) Recommend (1) Offensive HS replies to Rajesh aap shayad theek se guage nahin kar paaye. yeh jo internet use kar rahe ho. Agree (5) Disagree (9) Recommend (0) Offensive Manoj Kum ar Yadav replies to HS u r using gagets of west mr...The Times of India Who are the "such ladies" you're describing? Is it wrong for divorced men to marry? Some divorces aren't anyone's fault.. looking for reasons. your comment is very ignorant. mainey is thread ke original author se "respectfully disagree" kiya hai. one can use machines etc of west but not dirty culture of west Agree (11) Disagree (15) Recommend (1) Offensive HS replies to Jagannath I very well understand the difference.cms 6/10 .since you can have with anyone anytime. Agree (53) Disagree (6) Recommend (14) Offensive Jagannath (Mumbai) replies to HS Mr HS. To stigmatize women who marry "divorced men" as superficial and as gold diggers isn't right. Sometimes..Entertainment . What you have perhaps overlooked is. understand the difference between science and culture.. jo assertion aapka hai.indiatimes. culture is deferent.12/20/13 logic (US) Top 10 actresses who married divorcees ..... neither the man's nor the other woman's. i have not taken any cheap shots at him.. there is a culture that allows for people to pursue science. Agree (5) Disagree (1) Recommend (0) Offensive timesofindia. Agree (29) Disagree (5) Recommend (4) Offensive HS (US) replies to Manoj Kum ar Yadav yadav saheb jo cheez theek na lage usey doosre par blame kar do. Agree (4) Disagree (12) Recommend (0) Offensive Rajesh (UK) replies to HS You should learn to respect others views if you don't like to be insulted yourself. in the other. that is just an opinion and a wrong one. in case you missed. two people who divorce just aren't meant for each other. however...... Science is looking for truth. That is the point I have made in above posts. Doorsre ki kheecho apni LAL Karne ke liye.com/entertainment/top-lists/Top-10-actresses-who-married-divorcees/videols/19783340. Only a culture where it is alright to go against widely accepted norms will help for a scientific culture to proper..hsji . that is a creation of the West and that is a fact. science will be stifled.. Yeah hai indian culture Jo tum Aab kar Rahe ho. and sex is secondary. in this case "western culture". Agree (26) Disagree (4) Recommend (5) Offensive ALI GHIAS (MOON) "All just for money for better security. Speak about women who chase married men or a third woman who is the reason for a divorce.

that is happening because people in India are beginning to question the long held beliefs ki shaadi agar nahin bhi chal rahee hai tou bus chalaate raho chahe irreconcilable differences hon.. that allows for creativity.... kashmir se kanyakumari tak ke khabaro mein sirf balatkaar ki khabar dikhti hai. insan ki fitrat hai..shed western culter come home immidiate.. jo culture.. Agree (7) Disagree (0) Recommend (1) Offensive Manoj Kum ar Yadav replies to HS Mujhe aisa lagta hai k aap kaafi impress hai western culture se. Agree (3) Disagree (28) Recommend (0) Offensive Rach (Bangalore) replies to Manoj Kum ar Yadav U talk about culture...aur hum log duniya ke sabse pervert hain sex ke bare mein. if anything else this is a basic human culture.The Times of India HS replies to Manoj Kum ar Yadav that is not the culture of west.Top 10 ..n that is pachim where sun sets... that has enabled a lot of positive inventions. divorce and marrying again is not happening in India because people are aping West. paisa aur power KA abuse Karo. nothing todo with any culture..dont drag the west just because they are different from us ..what have you done about the innumerable rapes happening in India...west see sex in a women . jo gadgetry ki aap baat kar rahe hain.atleast you dont find or hear about 5-6 yr olds being raped there. Agree (31) Disagree (2) Recommend (10) Offensive Rajesh (UK) replies to HS Yeah koi culture nahi. Yeh "purab paschim" aur bharatiya sanskaar kee baatein sirf manoj kumar ke 60s or 70s ki filmo mein bachi hain. Agree (1) Disagree (0) Recommend (0) Offensive CNDA (Canada) replies to Manoj Kum ar Yadav I almost fell from my chair laughing!! Mamata in women??? In India?? Surely you must be joking... social structure west mein prevalent raha hai.cms babua kya pee rahe ho? Aurat me mamata? kisi bhi din ka akhbar padho.sun never rise in west n never set in east. to rephrase my point.12/20/13 Top 10 actresses who married divorcees ..Entertainment . bharat kahin aur nikal gaya hain aur jahan ja raha hain Agree (12) Disagree (2) Recommend (3) Offensive 7/10 . an environment of free mind.indiatimes. and that environment is very much a part of the social structure ..but we see mamata in women.. Agree (7) Disagree (1) Recommend (1) Offensive Ajay (Sw itzerland) replies to Manoj Kum ar Yadav timesofindia... i advise u to come to our home land immidiatly otherwise u will lose ur identity.what i dont get is why are you so hell bent in disgracing the west. We see Mamta in women that's why there are so many rapes happening in West and India is free of this evil! West is where Women live their life on their own terms unlike India where they are suppressed at every step. Aur tum kah raho ho hum aurato mein mamata dekhte hain? West mein sex seedha hota hain. Agree (7) Disagree (1) Recommend (1) Offensive Chirag (New Delhi) replies to Manoj Kum ar Yadav You are right. ek free environment. u n we never mixable.this is poorab where sun rises... uske invention ke liye bhi ek environmnet chahiye hota hai.com/entertainment/top-lists/Top-10-actresses-who-married-divorcees/videols/19783340.and rather than talking here about how great our culture is when compared to the west.

. the other women's fault. u have a balanced outlook.. there are many things we can learn from west like equality. it's not often i get appreciated. it is an ever evolving process... yeh jo east aur west ki baat hum karte hain woh sirf reference ke liye hota hai agar earth ko two dimensional map par dekhein.cms 8/10 . lekin yeh meri aadut nahin hai ki koi cheez theek naa lage tou West ko blame kar do.. then why got divorce? Oh.Entertainment ....12/20/13 Top 10 actresses who married divorcees . isey kehte hain shrugging one's own responsibility.. bharat kahin aur nikal gaya hain aur jahan ja raha hain wo bilkul galat hain.. there is a context that such a nomenclature goes with and you must not lose perspective. main indian culture se bhi acche se waakif hoon aur usmein kaafi acchi baatein hain. thank you :) Agree (7) Disagree (0) Recommend (0) Offensive HS replies to m ohit thank you mohit :).indiatimes...every culture has its good and bad points and we should see the things in totality..... tou yeh koi "absolute" nahin hai ki jis cheez ko hum sirf nomenclature ke liye East aur West bolte hain woh absolute terms mein le liya jaaye.... such ladies want everything quick and readymade. Agree (36) Disagree (2) Recommend (11) Offensive Suren (Delhi) replies to HS HS.. Everything a woman wants. sensitive. i am afraid to say that is exactly what is wrong with closed thinking. respect for work etc.. Keep spreading the goodness of India abroad.The Times of India hain. or wherever you are.. aapko aur mujhey dono ko hee pata hai ki earth sphere hai... rahee baat western culture se impress hone ki tou culture is not a constant. ranu (goa) replies to Manoj Kum ar Yadav bhai tu chu###ya hain kya kaun si duniya mein rahta hain aur kya baat karta hain ???? Agree (12) Disagree (0) Recommend (5) Offensive HS replies to Manoj Kum ar Yadav yadav saheb yeh jo aapne sun rises in the east ka example diya hai naa. Ha! Agree (31) Disagree (10) Recommend (14) Offensive timesofindia.. whoever you are.Top 10 .... otherwise you keep going east aur japan ke baad further east jaayenge tou hawaii aa jaayega fir uske baad continental US aur fir Europe aur fir se Asia and u can continue going in that cycle.. Agree (5) Disagree (0) Recommend (0) Offensive A sari (US) The way I see it is. Then they say he is such a gentle man. caring...com/entertainment/top-lists/Top-10-actresses-who-married-divorcees/videols/19783340.. or even the man they marry. must say.and you have a balanced view Agree (12) Disagree (2) Recommend (3) Offensive HS replies to Suren appreciate it Suren.. Agree (27) Disagree (3) Recommend (5) Offensive m ohit (panipat) replies to HS right mr hs . be it money or power..

He may be right with some unknown probability. Why you are not letting others speak at all. but in this particular case.how??? some people derive pleasure out of commenting on others personal lives.. Successful and Single are either divorcees or widowers.cms 9/10 . with little to no information. With regards to the second point "your dear west or india" -..com/entertainment/top-lists/Top-10-actresses-who-married-divorcees/videols/19783340.i do not think it is germane to the topic and for now i will ignore it. there could be a fine line separating the two.. your dear west or India. Log In/Connect with: or Fill in your details: timesofindia. The ones who are Rich. As far as celebrities are concerned. Agree (3) Disagree (2) Recommend (0) Offensive HS replies to Prashant expressing opinion and mud slinging -.Top 10 . his opinion is too far deep into the latter category.Entertainment . The problem they then face is that there are not enough Rich bachelors available closer to their age group. i don't see what's the problem here if these people are happy.these are two different concepts.12/20/13 Top 10 actresses who married divorcees . Agree (9) Disagree (1) Recommend (1) Offensive Have something to say? Post your comment Comments are moderated and w ill be allow ed if they are about the topic and not abusive. However. Agree (6) Disagree (1) Recommend (1) Offensive Chirag (New Delhi) replies to A sari Usually the Actresses in our Film industry get married after they cross 30 years of age. you know which country talk more about personal lives. I don't think anybody else should have a problem!! Agree (2) Disagree (0) Recommend (1) Offensive HS (US) replies to ALI GHIAS and you know that for a fact -.The Times of India Maddy (Bangalore) replies to logic I guess you are right! Actually a marriage is between the man and the woman. Your comment Characters remaining (3000) To post this comment you must log in.indiatimes. Agree (18) Disagree (6) Recommend (6) Offensive Prashant (USA) replies to HS Man he is entitled to his opinion as you are. if women are ok with it.

fate of the disabled hangs in balance Ground report from Muzaffarnagar: Cruel winter in cam p of no hope WORLD 1 5 killed.12/20/13 Top 10 actresses who married divorcees .indiatimes.The Times of India Name Will be displayed Email Will not be displayed Location Will be displayed Share this Comment: Post t o Fa cebook Post t o T w it t er Please answer this simple math question. Apple to launch iPad Pro: Reports What India talked about on Twitter in 2 01 3 » MORE FROM TECH THE TIMES OF INDIA Pow ered by INDIATIMES About us Privacy policy New sletter Sitemap Advertise w ith us Feedback TOI Mobile Archives Terms of Use and Grievance Redressal Policy RSS ePaper Other Times Group news sites Times Crest | The Economic Times इकनॉिमक टाइ स | ઈકોનોિમક ટાઈ સ Pune Mirror | Bangalore Mirror Ahmedabad Mirror | ItsMyAscent Education Times | Brand Capital Mumbai Mirror | Times Now Indiatimes | नवभारत टाइ स महारा टाइ स | ಜಯ ಕ ಾ ಟಕ Go Green | Lifehacker India Gizmodo India | Eisamay Living and entertainment Timescity | iDiva | Bollyw ood | Zoom Healthmeup | Luxpresso | Technoholik Guylife | Online Songs | MensXp. 58 injured in Peruv ian bus accident US panel suggests new lim its on NSA snooping Obam a’s brother writes about ‘abusiv e’ dad UN base attacked by rebels in South Sudan » MORE FROM WORLD BUSINESS SBI.cms 10/10 .com Network itimes | Dating & Chat | Email Hot on the Web Hotklix | World | Politics Business | Sports Entertainment Science & Tech New Cars Services Book print ads | Online shopping | Free SMS | Website design | CRM | Tenders Matrimonial | Ringtones | Astrology | Jobs | Tech Community | Property | Buy car Bikes in India | Deals | Free Classifieds | Send money to India | Used Cars Restaurants in Delhi | Movie Show Timings in Mumbai | Remit to India | Buy Mobiles Listen Songs | New s | Real Estate Developers Trending Topics Yahoo | Sex | You Tube | Gold Price | Tw itter | Irctc | Renault Duster | Yoga | Aadhar Card | Facebook | Poonam Pandey Photos Copyright © 2013 Bennett.com/entertainment/top-lists/Top-10-actresses-who-married-divorcees/videols/19783340. Khurshid for better US ties Bill stuck. 7+0= More inside The Times of India CITY Fraudulent NRI m arriages on the rise Husband surrenders before cops after chopping wom an Auto driv er stabs pregnant wife for refusing sex FIR registered against Big Boss 7 » MORE FROM CITY » MORE FROM INDIA INDIA Key test for indigenous light com bat aircraft Tejas today Diplom at m ay get full im m unity soon. Coleman & Co. Ltd. For reprint rights: Times Syndication Service timesofindia. HDFC reduce hom e loan rates RIL can hike gas price with bank surety Markets slip into red on US federal call DHFL acquires 7 4 % in joint v enture with Pram erica » MORE FROM BUSINESS TECH Looking for a job? Log on to Facebook Rev iew: Google Nexus 7 riv al Xolo Play Tegra Note After iPad Air.Entertainment . All rights reserved.Top 10 .

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