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Du’a of a Mother

O mother! Children are apple of your eyes, your hearts and your happiness.
They are a source of great joy and delight, hope and consolation. All these hopes rest on
the good upbringing and sound education. Future of your children is in your hand and
your du’as.

Allah  mentioned the du’a of Hannah; wife of ‘Imran rahimahumallahu ta’ala:

                   

              

)37 - 36 :‫(سورة آل عمران‬

When she gave birth, she (the wife of ‘Imran) said, ‚My Lord! I have given birth
to a girl, - and Allah knew very well what she had given birth to, a male and female are
not the same, - and I have named her Maryam and placed her and her children in Your
safekeeping from the accursed Shaytan.‛ Her Lord accepted her with goodly acceptance
and made her grow in health and beauty and put her under the care of Zakariyya. (Al-
Qur’an 3: 36 – 37)

The acceptance of her du’a is shown through the hadith of Rasulullah :

Sayyiduna Abu Hurairah  narrated that Rasulullah  said, ‚No child is born but that,
Satan touches it when it is born where upon it starts crying loudly because of being
touched by Satan, except Maryam and her son.‛ Sayyiduna Abu Hurairah  then said,
‚Recite if you wish: ‚And I seek Refuge with You (Allah) for her and her offspring from
Satan, the outcast.‛‛ (Sahih al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Du’a of mother is readily accepted in the court of the Most Merciful. Sayyiduna
Abu Hurairah  narrated that Rasulullah  said, ‚Three types of du’as are accepted
without doubt: (1) du’a of an oppressed person, (2) du’a of a traveler and (3) du’a of
parent for their children.‛ (Jami’u al-Tirmidhi)

Imam Ibn Hajar al-‘Asqalani rahimahullahu ta’ala mentioned in the biography of

Imam al-Bukhari that he loss his eyesight during his childhood. Thereafter, his mother
saw Nabi Ibrahim al-Khalil  in dream. Nabi Ibrahim  said to her, ‚O woman!
Verily Allah  had returned the eyesight of your son because of your abundance du’as.‛
(Hady al-Sari)

The wise mother does not pray against her own children, heeding the words of
Rasulullah  who forbade such prayers:
‚Do not pray against yourself, or against your children, or against your wealth,
in case you say such words at a time when Allah  will answer your du’a.‛ (Sahih
The consequence from a du’a of a mother against her child has been warned by
Rasulullah . What is happened to Juraij; a worshipper of Bani Israil is a lesson for us.
Sayyiduna Abu Hurairah  reported that Rasulullah  said, ‚A woman called her son
while he was in his hermitage and said, ‚O Juraij‛ He said, ‚O Allah, my mother (is
calling me) and (I am offering) my prayer (what shall I do)?‛ This happened thrice. She
said, ‚O Allah! Do not let Juraij die till he sees the faces of prostitutes.” A shepherdess
used to come by his hermitage for grazing her sheep and she gave birth to a child. She
was asked whose child that was, and she replied that it was from Juraij and that he had
come out from his hermitage. Juraij said, ‚Where is that woman who claims that her
child is from me?‛ (When she was brought to him along with the child), Juraij asked the
child, ‚O Babus, who is your father?‛ The child replied, ‚The shepherd.‛‛ (Sahih al-

It is narrated that Nabi Musa  asked Allah  to reveal his companion in the
Jannah. Allah  showed to Musa  a butcher who used to sell meat in the market. He
attained this high status because of his service to his old mother. His mother used to
make du’a to Allah  that her son will become a companion of Musa  in the Jannah. O
mother! Because of the du’a of a mother, a butcher become the companion such a noble
and high rank prophet like Musa .

O mother! Mercy, affection and kindness to children are the noble instincts that
Allah  place in the heart. These sublime faculties play main role in shaping the future
of your children. Supplicate before Allah Most High and beseech His boundless mercy
in regard of your children.

Plead to Allah in utmost humility for His guidance and mercy. Pray for the
success of your child in this world and the hereafter. Make du’a with conviction
regarding its acceptance. Send salutations and blessing upon Rasulullah  at the
beginning and at the end of the du’a.

By Muhammad al-Marbuqi