Theory: Common adulterants of sugar are chalk powder and semolina sseugar is soluble in water. So if any undissolved substance is left on dissolving sugar in water. Then it is indication of

adulteration in it. Chalk powder given effervescence with dil. HCl. Hece its presence in the sugar sample can be detected by treating small amount of sugar with dil. HCl.

Add to it about 5ml. Procedure: (a) Take about two grams of the sugar sample in a test tube and add about 10ml. Presence of undissolved substance indicates adulteration in the sugar. dilute hydrochloric acid and distilled water. Shake the tube for about 5 minutes. . (b) Take about two gms of the sugar sample in a clean and dry test tube. Effervescence on addition of acid indicates the presence of chalk powder in the sugar. of dilute hydrochloric acid. of water into it.APPARATUS AND CHAMICALS: Test tubes and test tube stand.

Procedure. Setting of brick powder at bottom and . Add small amount of the given chilli powder in a glass full of water. a glass road and water. then water will become coloured. Stir the contents with a glass rod for a minute and wait for 2-3 minutes. If colour is added to the chilli powder. Brick powder being heavy than chilli powder.(B) TO FIND OUT ADULTERATION IN GIVEN SAMPLE OF CHILLI POWDER. APPARATUS AND CHEMCALS: One glass or beaker beaker. settles at the bottom on dissolving it in a glass of water. Theory: Red chilli powder is adulterated with either coloured powder of bricks.

hydrochloric acid and . dilute water. APPARATUS AND CHEMICALS: Test tubes and test tube stand. a common adulterant. Theory: Yellow chalk powder. of the turmeric powder gives effervescence with dil. (C) TO FIND OUT THE ADULTERATION IN GIVEN SAMPLE OF TURMERIC POWDER. hydrochloric acid.appearance of red colour indicates adulteration in the given sample.

HCl persist. pepper powder etc. Take about 10g. test tube stand. of dil. Effervescence indicates the presence of chalk powder in the sample. then it is contaminated with yellow dye. (D) TO FIND THE ADULTERATION IN THE GIVEN SAMPLE OF PEPPER. B if violet first formed with dil.Procedure: a. Procedure: Add a small amount of the given sample in a test tube and fill it with water. hydrochloric acid. Dried papaya seeds wil floation on the surface of . of water. Disappearance of the violet colour formed previously indicates the purity of turmeric powder. b. Dilute the contents of the tube with 30-40 ml. APPARATUS AND CHEMICALS: Test tubes. of the powdered sample in a test tube and add to it about 10ml.

Precautions: 1. 2. it extinguish all the flames.water while the pure pepper will settle down at the bottom of the test tube. Always hold the test tube with a test tube holder because oils catch fire very easily. So while performing experiment with. Petroleum is inflammable liquid. .

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