Michelle Hernandez FYS: Mangamania First Semester

•Jaime Hernandez is creator of the independent comic book “Love and Rockets” along with his brothers Gilbert and Mario Hernandez. •Locas being a serial narrative is about the intertwined lives of Latina characters who are young women living in Southern California. In many ways their world reflect the real world of the early/mid eighties. •In “Maggie the Mechanic” the two central characters would be Margarita Luisa known as “Maggie” and Esperanza Leticia known as “Hopey”. •Maggie is best friends and sometimes lover of Hopey. She became a Pro-Solar mechanic and goes on science-fiction adventures. •Hopey is known for being lesbian and plays Bass in a series of punk bands. •Hernandez brothers self published the first comic in 1981. •Published by Fantagraphics Books in 1989. -Maggie is on the right and Hopey on the left. -Genre: Fantasy, Literature, Science Fiction, and Slice of Life.

•As best friends who have grown up together we tend to stick together for everything. •When change is occurring with one of us we have a tendency of being there for one another. •There is character in each of these personalities just like it would be with myself and friends. •Crazy actions happen when it is a group, here one in taking a bath while the other one is cutting her hair short. And there is always one who is neutral about the whole situation. •Change of attraction towards the type of sex. •Friends who I thought were straight turned out to be lesbians and others bisexual. • Perfectly fine with it, but was not very common at the time this came out to light about friends.

•Linoliam block printing -Henri Matisse(French painter) -Pablo Picasso(Spanish painter) •It could be done by hand or press.

•Linocut bar by Carl Eugen Keel •Unknown Artist

Margarita Luisa also known as Maggie grew up fixing cars and she accomplished getting a job fixing robots and rockets. She is the assistant of Rand Race, for who she falls in love with. This job takes her to foreign countries which lead her to meeting strange and entertaining people. Like mentioned before Hopey plays bass for punk bands and she is short and pretty. Hopey is lesbian and she is attracted to Maggie her best friend. Maggie and Hopey are roommates. It expressed everyday experiences of Latinos living in barrios and the gangsters were known as the “Hoppers”.

A personal story I thought is similar to Maggie the Mechanic would be just the way I also grew up with girl friends and as we grew up we experienced changes. Changes referring to attitude, identity, and the certain way we feel towards a certain sex. Also, growing up with the gangsters in my neighborhood. When I was in elementary one of my best friends was very tomboyish and once we entered high school her image changed drastically, she warred make-up and would do her hair everyday when before she did not put any attention to any of that. Referring to Maggie the Mechanic girls went from long hair to short hair and dressing in just swimsuits, body parts start developing and in my life story the same things would occur to us as well. Hopey being attracted to Maggie relates to a couple of my friends who one is lesbian and the other is bisexual but yet they both have love for eachother.

 Jack


•He was an American comic book artist, writer and editor.

 Sex

and the City
•They are all one group of friends that are totally committed to one another, my opinion I think my peers can relate Maggie the Mechanic with Sex and the City as something that we would see in our media today.