Welcome to Sunshine Chocolate Fountains

We are a small business located in New Fairfield, Connecticut. The areas we service include but are not limited to Fairfield County Ct. and Putnam County NY.


Please review the Fountain Packages on this page to determine what's suitable for your event.
Fountain Package A: $150.00

(this fountain is suitable for home and office parties)

Commercial Stainless Steel Chocolate Fountain Serves up to 50 guests 6 lbs of Premium Gourmet chocolate Local delivery and pick up 100 skewers Attendant available for 2.5hours ($75.00) Fountain Package B: $325.00
23” Serves

(ideal choice for a second fountain)

Commercial Stainless Steel Chocolate Fountain 50-75 guests 2.5 hours of service 8 lbs of Premium Gourmet chocolate Delivery, set up, take down and clean up On site attendant Unlimited skewers & wooden dipping forks Cocktail Napkins Fountain Package C: $425.00

Commercial Stainless Steel Chocolate Fountain 75-150 guests 2.5 hours of service 12 lbs of Premium Gourmet chocolate Delivery, set up, take down and clean up On site attendant Unlimited skewers & wooden dipping forks Cocktail Napkins

Fountain Package D: $550.00

. We’ll supply the pretzels no charge! Cookies and Cakes o Chocolate Chip Cookies o Sugar Wafers o Tea Biscuits o Oreo cookies o Nutter Butters o Oatmeal Cookies o Graham Crackers o Coconut Macaroons o Rice Crispy Treats o Mini Donuts o Cream Puffs o Brownie Bites o Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins o Biscotti o Pirouline Cookies Fruits (based on seasonal availability) o o o o o o o o o o o Bananas Fresh Strawberries Pineapple Pitted Cherries Maraschino Cherries Grapes Apples Melon Dried Apricots Dried Mango Dried Mixed Fruit .. Dipping Package: Pick any 2 fruits and 3 other items on this page @$2. take down and clean up On site attendant Unlimited skewers & wooden dipping forks Cocktail Napkins Serves Fountain Packages What to dip in your Chocolate Fountain is only limited by your imagination! The only things to stay away from are foods that crumble easy and fruits that have a lot of water (like watermelon). Water and chocolate do not mix. take down and clean up On site attendant Unlimited skewers & wooden dipping forks Cocktail Napkins Serves Fountain Package E: $650.25 per person. set up.5 hours of service 20 lbs of Premium Gourmet chocolate Delivery.00 per person. add extra items @ $0. set up..34” Commercial Stainless Steel Chocolate Fountain 150-250 guests 2.00 44” Commercial Stainless Steel Chocolate Fountain 200+ guests 2.5 hours of service 20 lbs of Premium Gourmet chocolate Delivery.

Savories o o o o o o o o Pretzel Pretzel Sticks Corn Chips Potato Chips Bagel Chips Ritz Crackers Pringles Sesame Sticks Candies o Marshmallows o Caramels o Peanut Brittle o Twizzlers o Orange Slices o Candied Pineapple o Meringues o Toasted Coconut Marshmallows Dipping Package FAQ & Extras Item Additional Cost Comments .

What is required. Can I use the Chocolate Fountain outside? We generally suggest no. designed to work perfectly in fondue fountains.00 / half hour If you need the fountain to run more than 2.00 Blue. cocoa butter. You agree to pay in full the balance of the Chocolate Fountain Rental Fee and any other additional costs agreed upon between us at least one week prior to the date of your scheduled event. Sufficient power for the operation of the fountain.. we can. This fee will be applied against your chocolate Fountain Rental Fee. we require a non-refundable retainer fee of $150.00 and a credit card on file.Dipping Package (5) items $2. Also we require access to site 90 minutes prior to start time for set up and 1hour for take down.5 hr Customize your event with a topper (34" fountain Fountain Topper 25. Table linens (minimum two) that will complement the color scheme of your special event.00 / person Pick 2 fruits and 3 other items from our list Extra Dipping items $0. Available in dark. milk and white. . (clear plastic) Coloring for white chocolate $10. or any other additive to flow smoothly in your fountains? NO! Our chocolate is made specifically for use in chocolate fountains and does not require the addition of anything to flow smoothly. Pink or Violet Extra fountain run time $25.25 / person If your venue does not supply plates. for preparation of a fountain arrival? A sturdy and level table capable of supporting 150 pounds. What type of chocolate do you use? Sephra and SF Signature fondue chocolate. all are deliciously rich in flavor and texture. The only exception is if the chocolate fountain is completely enclosed or in an area where absolutely no wind or elements of nature would be able to come in contact with the chocolate.00 / bag each bag holds 2 lbs Disposable Dessert Plates $0. Does your chocolate require the addition of oil. which requires at least one 120volt circuit within 20 feet of the setup area.00 only) Travel time Contact us with your site location FAQ. both are premium gourmet chocolate. Is a deposit required? In order to reserve the availability of the Chocolate Fountain for your event. powders.. We also ask that you supply a small garbage can near the fountain so your guests can easily discard their disposables.25 / person chose other items you like Extra Chocolate $20.

So.received a good feedback regarding the chocolate fountain! Yeay! However. those yang request for small party memang tak sesuai la nak pakai chocolate fountain kan..Chocolate Foundae Not Choclate Fountain Thursday. we do have CHOCOLATE FOUNDAE! We do have package on this. we can cater using chocolate foundae! . party yang around 50-100 people. April 8. 2010 Hi peeps. Huhu. So.

amie@yahoo. This week there was an ad for creating your own M&Ms. I really like the idea of doing this for our guests at our wedding reception. . Suggestions:  Strawberry  Banana  Marshmallow  Biscuits Stick  Apple Then. I will quote to you based on your request! Untuk majlis yang lebih besar. E-mail me at miz. prefer using chocolate fountain rather than chocolate foundae. A huge plus is that it is really easy to do. 2011 by Miss Classic Romance Bride // Comment Today I was flipping though the ads in the newspaper like I do every Sunday.com Personalize Your M&M’s Posted on March 7.Just request you nak dip dengan apa.

2.1. Mosey on over to the M&M website and pick your colors. You can create two different M&Ms. . There are 25 colors to pick from and you can pick two colors. Write a message and add a picture or a clip art image.

Personally. Photo Credit: M&M . The code for free shipping is WISH99. I hope this helps you save some money as well as gives you a great idea for a little treat that your wedding guests can take home with them. Pick your packaging. The offers end 4/30/11. In the ad that I saw. It is the most cost effective and I can pick out the packaging at a later time in the exact size that I want. The other code is for free shipping on orders over $99. I like the 5lb bag.3. there were also coupon codes. If you enter LAUGH10 you will receive 10% off your order if it is over $25.


This fountain has 2100 pounds of dark. milk and white chocolates. So. Watch out for the images of the yummy chocolate fountain in the following image gallery. It is shielded by glass and not allowed to touch. inside Bellagio.World's biggest chocolate fountain in Las Vegas seema mishraDec 21 2007 Here is the biggest chocolate fountain in the world with a height of 27 feet and is in Las Vegas. it just pleases your eyes and you can make yourself happy by watching the world's biggest chocolate fountain. Chocolate Fountain .

From far down Bellagio's promenade in the luxurious new Spa Tower. creating a mosaic effect in earthy shades of cocoa. milk and white chocolate. Three rivers of dark. each rivulet funnels into hidden melting tanks. it’s the biggest Original chocolate fountain in the world. two of milk and one of white twist and swirl from vessel to vessel. a mesmerizing figure entices curious guests with visual splendour and aromatic wafts: jutting out into the main corridor like the prow of a ship is a glass-enclosed. inside Bellagio. The fountain is filled with 2100 pounds of dark. The coloured streams and vessels are staggered. this first-of-its-kind spectacle is the tallest original chocolate fountain in the world. . Displaying a spectacular series of melted chocolate cascades. flood across then spill down to the next carefully positioned receptacle. floor-to-ceiling chocolate fountain emerging from Jean-Philippe Patisserie. With the hight of 27 feet. recollects and begins the journey once more. Having finished their acrobatic tumble down the tiers of this colossal chandelier.The World’s Biggest Original Chocolate Fountain Original Chocolate fountain in Las Vegas. gleaming viscous surfaces and refracted light.

. multi-faceted cloak of 300-pound glass panels that rise in a funnel shape as the fountain expands toward the ceiling.Surrounding all this glory is a protective.




the fountain took a year and a half in planning and design.Designed by award-winning Executive Pastry Chef Jean-Philippe Maury and Norwood and Antonia Oliver Design Associates. The result is a genius work of kinetic sculpture and a daring feat of engineering. Inc.  ..