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118.3 - 58582 0 BIS 1995 BUREAU MANAK OF BHAVAN.ISl283:1995 mifh TTrvF ( Reaffirmed 2000 ) ( ~mT ~WYhvT ) Indian Standard BICYCLES-FREE-WHEELSSPECIFICATION fSecond Revision / UDC 629. 9 INDIAN BAHADUR STANDARDS SHAH ZAFAR MARG 110002 Price Group 4 NEW DELHI October 1995 .

Revision Sectional ) was adopted by the Committee had been Bureau of Indian Standards. . Tranmission Devices Sectional Committee. Also the scope has been modified to exclude bicycle chains as and test method is under preparation by separate specification on bicycle chains . TED 16 FOREWORD This Indian Standard ( Second draft finalized by the Bicycles Division Council. 19 C ( Sheet No.characteristics all amendments relating to assembly. Japanese Standards Association. In addition the grade of steel balls has also been specified. whether a particular requirement of this standard is complied with. the final value. have been included. Data Sheet No. observed or calculated. The committee composition responsible for the preparation of this standard is given in Annex For the purpose of deciding. In this revision. expressing the result of a test. after the approved by the Transport Engineering This standard was originally published in 1958 and was revised in 1968. assistance has been derived from the following: roller chain wheels. shall be rounded off in accordance with IS 2 : 1960 ‘Rules for rounding off numerical values ( revised )‘.Bicycles Sectional Committee. The number of significant places retained in the rounded off value should be the same as that of the specified value in this standard. etc. The second revision was undertaken to incorporate the latest technological advancements/developments that have taken place in the manufacture of bicycle components. 1 and 2 ) Motor cycle and bicycle Cycle and Motor Cycle Manufacturers and Trader Unions Ltd. A. British JIS B 9410-1951 Free wheels. compression test. In preparing this standard.

1. of of 6. 2 REFERENCES requirements for 4.2 The washers shall any material as agreed and the manufacturers. and without friction and shake.1 The free-wheels shall be so manufactured as to rotate true. The finished balls shall conform to grade 200 of IS 2898 : 1976.3 Steel balls used shall conform the following grades: to any one of 1570 Schedules for wrought steels : ( Part 4 ) : 1988 Part 4 Alloy steels ( alloy constructional and spring steel ) with specified chemical composition and mechanical properties ( Jirst revision ) 2403 : 1991 Short pitch transmission precision steel roller chains and chain wheels ( second revision ) Grade 105 Cr 5 of Schedule IV of IS 1570 ( Part 4 ) : 1988 or Grade 103 Cr 6 of LS 4398 : 1994.1995 Indian Standard BICYCLES-FREE-WHEELSSPECIFICATION /Second Revision / 1 SCOPE This standard specifies the free-wheels used in bicycle. 2.1 The free-wheels shall conform given in Fig. 4.1 For the purpose of this standard. 2500 ( Part Sampling 1 ) : 1992 dures : 2898 : 1976 procePart 1 Attribute sampling plans indexed by acceptable quality level ( AQL ) for lot-by-lot inspection ( second revision ) Steel balls for roller bearings inspection (first revision ) 5 DIMENSIONS teeth on the sprocket shall be such as to suit the bicycle chains conforms to Chain No. main body. are necessary Title 4.1 Steel wire used in the manufacture springs shall comply with the requirements Grade 1 of IS 4454 ( Part 1 ) : 1981.2 All the components of free-wheel ( except balls ) shall be given a protective coating.2 The IS0 metric threads shall the dimensions given in Fig. 4 MATERIAL 4. 081 of IS 2403 : 1991. 6 WORKMANSHIP AND FINISH conform to 5. The threads on the free-wheels shall be so formed as to facilitate easy fitting and replacement. The balls shall be heat treated to achieve hardness between 708 HV and 890 HV ( with 5 kgf load ). 1. the nomenclature given in IS 3798 : 1966 shall apply. cone and pawls and the heat treatment given to them shall comply the requirements specified in 7.IS 1283 t. be manufactured from between the purchasers The following Indian Standards adjuncts to this standard: IS No. They shall also be truly spherical and uniform in size. rollers and bearing races ( second revision ) Steel wires for cold formed 4454 ( Part 1 ) : 1981 springy: Part I Patented and steel wirescold drawn Unalloyed ( second revision ) Methods for random sam4905 : 1968 pling 3798 : 1966 3 NOMENCLATURE 3. The inside of ball races shall have smooth finish to ensure free running of balls.3 Prior to assembly the components shall be thoroughly washed and the ball races shall be charged with grease. 1 .4 The steel used in the manufacture of chain sprocket. the materials other than those given in standard used for the manufacture of free-wheel components shall have metallurgical properties which would make them sbitable for fabrication of the particular components in accordance with good engineering practice. The shape of the to dimensions Glossary of terms used in the bicycles industry Carbon chromium steel for 4398 : 1994 the manufacture of ball. 6.Besides the minimum properties specified. 5. NOTE . 6.

FIG. 2 DIMENSIONS FOR IS0 METRIC:SCREW THREADS M35 x 1 2 6H/6 g . 1 FREE-WHEEL ASSGMRLY( SCHEMATIC) I Nominal Size I Pitch P Internal Thread External Thread Minor Dia Major i Major Dia Min Pitch Dia i Max _.IS t1283 : :1995 / q--+9&-12. is diagrammatic All dimensions FIG. 1 Min 33’550 I 35 000 . __I _~_~_ 34’520 Min i Max Min Max ___ 34 350 the purchaser 34’153 and 1 ~ Pitch Dia I I Min ~ Max i Mirl __~_. and is not intended to illustrate details of design._ I Dia 34 794 Minor Dia I_Z . 34’199 I may also If aireed to between free-wheels with Ali dimensions in millimetres.747 be used.-M35xI NOTE __. in millimetres.70 BICYCLE PITCH THREADSJ M35r1[31.. 33’917 the supplier 14 974 ) 34’324 26 TPI .80a2LTPI L *To NOTE The illustration be radiused only or chamfered.___‘33.

8.ested separately.2.2 For the characteristics. 3.1. 8 SAMPLING otherwise agreed to between supplier and the customer.1 For ascertaining the conformity of the lot to the requirements of the specification.4 mm.2.1 For the characteristics. material and manufactured under similar conditions of production shall be grouped together to constitute a lot. I1 PACKING 11. 10 MARKING 10.1 Unless otherwise agreed upon.2 The free-wheel shall be suitably mounted and the chain sprockets shall be rotated. all the free-wheels selected randomly from each lot shall be . 3 . Acceptance Quality Level ( AQL ) and the type of sampling plan to’be followed for various characteristics shall be as given in 8. 5.2.5 percent as 8.2 For the determination of hardness. workmanship and finish. 9 TESTS 9.2 BIS Certification The product Mark.2.2. the procedure given in IS 2500 ( Part I ) : 1992 shall followed for sampling inspection.IS 1283 : 1995 7 HARDNESS 7. hardness and compression test. of IS 2500 ( Part 1 ) : Component Chain sprocket surface ) Main surface Cone Pawls body ) ( wearing ( wearing surface ) Hardness (HV ) Min 600 600 600 700 8.2 The inspection level. 1986 and the Rules and Regulations made thereunder.1 Lot All the free wheels of the same dimension.1 The chain sprocket shall stand being compressed diametrically by 3 percent of its internal diameter without showing any cracks or break.1 Unless the as be 9. any recognized form of hardness tester as agreed between the purchasers and the manufacturers may be used. IO. 4 or Fig.1. each freewheel shall be wrapped in waterproof greased paper and packed in a cardboard carton bearing the source of manufacture and the country of origin.1. Fig. 8. The testing arrangement for carrying out the test shall be as shown either in Fig. reference may be made to IS 4905 : 1968. The deflection shall be measured at the circular edge of the free-wheel.1 Free-wheels shall be marked with the source of manufacture and an arrow indicating the direction of unscrewing of the cone. Marking with Standard may also be marked 10. ( wearing 7. The details of conditions under which the licence for the use of Standard Mark may be granted to manufacturers or producers may be obtained from the Bureau of Indian Standards. In order to ensure randomness of selection. 8. 8. a single sampling plan with inspection level S-3 and AQL of one percent as given in Tables I and I IA of IS 2500 ( Part 1 ) : 1992 shall be followed. The free-wheel shall not have any axial or radial deflection exceeding 0. a single sampling plan with inspection level II and AQL of 1.1 After heat treatment the components shall have the following hardness value ( with 5 kgf load ) mentioned against each: given in Tables 1 and IIA 1992 shall be followed.1 and 8. dimension.1 The use of the Standard Mark is governed by the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act.2.




( Transpo: Getleral. 13. Allied Exports (I). DASC+~~TA SHKI I<. Ludhiana Ludhiana Ludhiana Super Cycle International. C. S. Calcutta Sadem Director ) Roadmaster Director Ralson Atlas Tata Industries of Industries. TED 16 Repressrrting TI Cycles of India. BAI~‘S SHWI J.4 (V). GOYAL ( Alternate ) SHKI T. SINQH S~-JKIDAI~SHAN SINQH ( Alternate) SHHI H. Cycles. K. KHAI~DENAVIS ( Alternatr ) Sam INDIwJIT ~)INOH PAH~A SHRI HAKURAI~AN SIN~H ( Altrrnatc ) SHI~I RAJIV RAIZADA SHI<I T. BIS ( Ex-X-oJicir.~NAC~ER SENIOR TECHNICAI. CHAI~KABORTY ( Alternate ) SEIRI J.I’H NASEEN ( Altermt~ ) SHRI 1. Madras SHRI K. KVPHEJA SHltI G.* ( Alternate) SHRI SAIWAl< SINoH SRRI ABHIJIII’ SEN Snrtr S K. LUXAW’AT ( Alternate ) SHXI Jo(-INIHW KCMMAI~ SHRI I. Ministry of Industry.- Director JU~QE. S. Ludhiana Ministry of Defence. SUB~AXANIAX SEI~ S. N*~<ut. SEHQAL ( ALternate ) SHI<I GIKISH KAPW~ SHRI LOK NA.IS 1283 : 1995 ANNEX ( Fore&d A ) COMMITTEE COMPOSITION Bicylces Chairman Sectional Committee. India Cycle Iron Ltd. PADXA~ABHAN Members SHILI M.A Sal<1 K. Dunlop India Ltd. K~TMAR SHIJI S. B. OFFICEK ( Altrrnate SHRI AXKIT GOYAL SHXI T. HIS 1 . ) Department Delhi of Technical Development. R. New New Delhi Inspection Delhi Navyug Bicycle Industries.1. Ludhiana Council of India. KULKAKNI SHRI A. Ludhiana Hartex Rubuer Ltd. K. GI~PTA SHKI N. Sonepat Jamshcdpur Industries and Steel Hansm Krnra~ SHllI C. S. SKINIVASAN ( . Co’Ltd. Ludhiana Shri K. KHANNA SHRI R. Rajpura SHKI SATISH KUXIAJI DHANDA GENERAL M. Padmanabhan ) SHHI AJI1. ROY . DGQ.. of India Haryan Chandigarh Ltd. )~HWAL SRAI NAQIN~EI~ SINRK BHOGAL ( A&mate SHHI BRIJM~H~F Lar. K. RANUHAWA ( Alternate ) SFEI~I MANM~HAN SIN~H SHRI JASWANT SINGE ( Alternate ) SRHI HAKINUR P. Hyderabad JAODICRP S1NGL. P. 11. Ahmednagar Avon Export Cycles Ltd. Chandigarh Ludhiana Ltd. K.Joint Director ( ‘rransport SHRI S. R. Ludhiana Sen & Pandit Pvt Ltd. New ( Attmde t Engineering ) Director ) Merriber Secretary . SUBKAMANIAN ( Bicycle and Sewing Machine & Parts United Cyclr Manufacturers Bhogal j Hero Sons ( Regd Cycle Ltd.Mmbar ) Engineering ). Ludhiana Association. THA~~AI ( Alternate) SHIZI A. S. S. Punjab. KHANNA SHRI A. Ludhiana of Industries. RAI ( dltcrnatc ) SHRI NAWAX’SAN CHOPRA SHKI P. San1 s. ALtcrnotd ) Industries. Ludhiana Directorate General of Supplies & Disposals. Ludhlana R&D Centre. GFPTA Sertr R. N. Calcutta Eastman Industries. R.dltarnate to Kular Cycle Industries. N. KAN~JIA ( Alturnatc SHRI SIXHIT.

CHANDIGARH Road. Campus. 235 04 42 235 15 19. Standards are also reviewed periodically. LUCKNOW. : AHMADABAD. PATNA. Enquiries relating to copyright be addressed to the Director ( Publications ). Road. Scheme CALCUTTA 700054 : SC0 335-336. This does not preclude the free use. lssued Since Publicatioo Date of Issue Text Affected BUREAU Headquarters: Manak Bhavan. P. it is taken up for revision. 832 78 92 Southern Western : C. 331 01 31 331 13 75 Maniktola 160022 600113 37 85 61 37 86 62 Eastern Northern VII M. 34-A. This Indian Standard has been developed from Dot No: TED 16 (068). I. : Manakalaya. T. T. COIMBATORE. BOMBAY 400093 Marol. Users of Indian Standards should ascertain that they are in possession of the latest amendments or edition. marking and quality certification of goods and attending to connected matters in the country. 37 86 26.nstha ( Common to all offices j Telephone Shah Zafar Marg 37 84 99. Khurla. 1. 832 78 58 832 78 91. Copyright No part of these publications may be reproduced in any BIS has the copyright of all its publications. in the course of implementing the standard. V. I. Indh . Amendments Amend No. FARIDABAD. GHAZIABAD. Review of Indian Standards Amendments are issued to standards as the need arises on the basis of comments. 9 Bahadur Shah Zafar Telephones : 331 01 31. 9 Bahadur NEW DELHI 110002 : l/14 C. Sector Marg. HYDERABAD. BIS. JAIPUR. a standard along with amendments is reaffirmed when such review indicates that no changes are needed. THIRUVANANTHAPURAM.Bureau of Indian Standards BIS is a statutory institution established under the Bureau of Indian Standards Ad. KANPUR. 331 13 75 Regional Central Offices : : Manak Bhavan. IV Cross E9 MIDC. form without the prior permission in writing of BIS. BHOPAL. Prlnted at New India PrIntlog Press. ( East ) Branches BHUBANESHWAR. 235 23 15 832 92 95. BANGALORE. type or grade designations. 2986 to promote harmonious development of the activities of standardization. GUWAHATI. MADRAS Andheri I 60 38 43 60 20 25 I 235 02 16. such as symbols and sizes. if the review indicates that changes are needed. OF INDIAN STANDARDS New Delhi 110002 Telegrams : Manaksa. of necessary details.