Bootfighter Windam XP SP-2.NET
[Version] ver 1.020
[Producer] Y.Kamada
[Site URL] http://alexholth.hp.infoseek.co.jp/
[Contact] windomxp@hotmail.co.jp*
*Note: Contact us at mirror moon instead for anything regarding the English
% License and Disclaimer
The producer has all rights to this software.
This game may not be redistributed in whole or in part.
We may not be held liable for any damage using this game may incur.
The producer of this game is not responsible for any version upgrades or
technical support.
% English Version Credits and Disclaimer (added by mirror moon)
This game has been translated into English with the permission of Y.Kamada.
The same disclaimers above apply to mirror moon.
TakaJun: Translation
ArchDemon: Programming/Hacking
puKKa: Image editing
Ryuusoul: Proofing/Presentation
zalassi: Tools programming
Kaens: Special Thanks
BD: Ryuusoul "Fanart" (Custom Ryuusoul Pilot Avatar)
English Project Page:
Contact Information:
http://forums.mirrormoon.org/ (preferred for troubleshooting)
#mirrormoon @ irc.irchighway.net
% Important Game Configuration Info (added by mirror moon)
When first running the game, some users may experience a lack of sound and/or
there was no game configuration menu.
To remedy this, perform the following steps:

Right-click on WindomXP.EXE and select Properties.
In the Properties Menu, choose the Compatibility Tab.
Go to the Compatibility mode section.
Click "Run this program in compatilibity mode for:" and choose Windows
2000 from the pull-down window and click "OK" at the bottom.

The next time WindomXP.EXE is run, a configuration menu should appear and
there should be sound during the game (default setting has the sound turned
all the way down).
On some Windows XP 64-bit systems, the selection and battle music cannot be

=============================================================================== % Background Music .0c by using the web update available at the Microsoft website. defeat your enemies. please open TCP ports 2123~2128 and 3123~3128. try updating to the version oflatest DirectX 9. so your opponents do not need to have your pilot data. Enjoy fighting others online as well. Please adjust settings during game startup so the game functions smoothly. Please look at pilotdata. **Original Readme Translation Continues Below** =============================================================================== % Game Description =============================================================================== Choose various mechs. Pilot data will be transfered during netplay.* If one person lags. =============================================================================== % System Requirements =============================================================================== CPU Over Pentium III 1GHz RAM Over 256MB Graphics Card VRAM64M DirectX9. If the game does not start. and aim for the highest score. You can message all the players by pushing numbers 0-9.txt for further details. You can choose to message only your allies by pushing shift with 0-9.0c SDK Summer 2004 =============================================================================== % About Net Play =============================================================================== If you wish to set up a server at home. The cause for this problem is currently unknown. *Note: Run Server.0 Sound Card DirectX9.EXE to set up the game server itself. =============================================================================== % Pilot Data =============================================================================== You may customize your own pilot for use in the game. everyone lags.heard while playing.0 =============================================================================== % Development Environment =============================================================================== [Development Machine] OS: WindowsXP CPU: AMD AthlonX2 5200+ RAM: 2G Graphics Card: GeForce7800GTX [Software] Visual C++(2003) DirectX9.

info/ Oto no Mori: Sound Forest http://www.info/otonomori/ The Matchmakers http://osabisi.sakura.vivix.mmworks.ne.=============================================================================== ViViX Website http://www.jp/m2/ .