SAP SD Notes.

==================================== 1.5.1. Sales and Distribution Processes ==================================== Pricing in Sales Cycle: 1. Material Price - base price, value of materials calculated by Material Price & quantity of material sold. 2. Discounts - reductions on Material Price. 3. Freight - Charges paid by customer for transportation. 4. Taxes - charged to customer, paid to the Tax authorities. Activity of Sales and Distribution: 1. Creating Inquiry 2. Creating Quotation 3. Creating Sales Order 4. Creating and Processing Delivery 5. Picking 6. Packing 7. Posting Goods Issue. 8. Billing SD Function Structure: - organization can have multiple distribution channels. - central sales org > geographically > country/regions. - region > Regional Office - state > State Sales Office

Order Fulfillment (SD) 1. SALES (Sales Dept) - pre sales activity (potential customer): 1. inquiry (IN)

5. Company / Company Code 3. 4. Credit Control Area .2. 5. 7.customer credit limit can be given and monitored in SAP.organization element.Organization reporting to corporate or groups of management that sells the products from various channels of one or more division. domestic. 4. 9. SD Enterprise Structure ==================================== SALES Org Unit: 1. which represents the way in which goods or services are distributed to the customers. 1.  Return. plant.outbound delivery. quantity. Delivery document (LF) 2. Client 2. 6. 3. Transportation : 3rd party. PGI : Post Goods Issue. Packing : pack materials. quotation (QT) . SPECIAL PROCESS  Rush Sales      3rd party Consignment Cash sales.  Pay > Account Receivable (FI) 4. Sales Org . Sales Group . Distribution Channel .2. 8. Sales Employee 10. CUSTOMER COMPLAINT.location sales activity. SHIPPING (Logistic Dept) LF .internal. Picking : pick correct material. external. Free goods Make to order ==================================== 1. 3. BILLING (Finance Dept)  Invoice document. Division .5.sales activity : Sales Order (OR) 2. . This can be used for one or multiple company codes. material or services Sales Area Sales Office .

3. Loading Point . header . 4.DISTRIBUTION Org Unit: 1. place in a shipping point where goods are loaded. Plant . Storage Location .document type (customer) 2.responsible for planning and processing transportation activities. each plant can have many shipping where all the materials are being stored in a plant.where material will be shipped out.item category (material) schedule line .schedule line category (availability) General FI and MM Client Mandatory Company Code Mandatory 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M M M 1 1 M M M 1 Plant Mandatory Storage Location Mandatory SALES Sales Org Mandatory Distribution Channel Division Distribution Chain Company Code Plant Storage Location Plant Sales Org Transportation Planning Point Credit Control Area Company Code Storage Location Distribution Chain Shipment Point Plant 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M M M M M M Company Code Distribution Channel Division Sales Org Division Sales Org Plant . 5. item . Transportation Planning Point . Distribution Chain:  Sales Org  Distribution Channel Sales Area:  Sales Org   Distribution Channel Division Sales Order controlled by: 1.pick and pack. 2. Shipping Point . location from where materials and services are delivered… act like distribution center.ship the products to customer. 3.

SD Master Data ==================================== CUSTOMER MASTER DATA (2) Control by: Customer Account Group View: 1. General Data 2. MATERIAL MASTER DATA (3) Control by: Material Type View: Enterprise Structure 1. Sales Org Distribution Channel CUSTOMER MATERIAL INFO RECORD (1) VD51 Create VD52 Change VD53 Display CONDITION = Pricing auto to select price for particular customer pricing determination . 3. Plant 2.5. Partner Function. Company Code Data Sales Area Data: Currency.Sales Area Sales Office Sales Group Sales Employee DISTRIBUTION / DELIVERY Shipping Point 1 M Plant 1 M Loading Pont Loading Point 1 M Shipping Point DIST FOR SHIPMENT TRANSPORTATION Transportation Planning 1 1 Company Code Point CREDIT MANAGEMENT (under FI) Credit Control Area 1 1 Company Code 1 M Sales Area 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M 1 M M M M 1 Sales Office Credit Control Area Sales Area Sales Group Sales Office Sales Employee Sales Group ==================================== 1. 3.3.

4. Sales Org. 3. 3 & 4. 2. Header level 2.PRINT OUTPUT Controller: Output Type Partner function: 1. No physical dimension is described in a BOM. 4 views of material master record? A bill of materials (sometimes bill of material or BOM) is a list of the raw materials.4. into SD. sub-assemblies. parts and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product. intermediate assemblies. This allows managing different materials in a uniform manner in accordance with company’s requirements. Example from: 1.5. 3. Few common material types in SAP are:     ROH – Raw Materials HAWA – Trading good FERT – Finished product DIEN . Sold to Party 2. 3.Service 1. Customer master 2.Contact Persons with the Business Partner Material with the same basic attributes are grouped together and assigned to amaterial type. however the rough outline should include. 4. SD Controlling Documents ==================================== Structure of Sales Document: 1. sub-components. ==================================== 1. data 1 & 2 Sales: General / Plant MRP 1. Item level Schedule line Origin Data: where data is coming from. 3. Accounting. Ship to Party Bill to Party Payer Sales Employee . 4. 2. 5. Material master Sales documents Cust material info record .

Picking 2. 4. Item Category: controls sales document flow and impact schedule line category. Shipping activities: 1. Packing Shipment Good Issue Below are data can be maintained in Sales document types: Sales Documents Pre Sales Document Type with Description IN – Inquiry QT – Quotation FD – Free of Charge Delivery Sales Order OR – Standard Order BV – Cash Sales RO – Rush Order KB – Consignment Fill Up KE – Consignment Issue KR – Consignment Returns KA – Consignment Pick Up Outline Agreements CQ – Quantity Contracts WK1/WK2 – Value Contract WV – Service Contracts MV – Rental Contracts GK – Master Contracts DS – Scheduling Agreement Complaint CR – Credit Memo Request DR – Debit Memo Request RE – Returns SDF – Subsequent Free of Charge Delivery RK – Invoice Correction Request Delivery Document LF – Outbound Delivery Types LO – Outbound Delivery without reference LR – Returns Delivery NL – Replenishment Delivery Billing Document F2 – Invoice .Preceding Document: source document eg quotation to Sales Order. Succeeding Document: document created with reference of source doc. Control: Delivery. Schedule line category: control material requirement planning and shipment execution. Pricing and Billing. 3.

.Types F8 – Pro forma Invoice G2 – Credit Memo L2 – Debit Memo RE .used in verious function like pricing. output determination and material determination. SD Pricing ==================================== Condition Technique Pricing elements: 1.combination of fieldswhich identifies individual condition records. Pricing procedure . SAP to find a choice among number of alternatives.defines the search strategy to locate proper condition record. text determination. condition table .5. 4.master data.condition types placed in proper sequence. Access sequence . Condition records .5. 3.Returns ==================================== 1. Material price 2. maintained the prices for customer or material. Taxes Discounts Freight condition technique .

delete quotation Sales Order: 1.03 .delete inquiry Quotation: 1. 3. 6. 5. TAW. 5. 3. Inquiry . Inquiry: 1. TAQ.change VA23 .5. TAK Schedule line = . 4.create Quotation VA22 . 2.change VA13 .create inquiry VA12 .incomplete inquiry VA12 . Availability Check Transferring requirement to material planning (MRP) Delivery schedule Shipping point and route determination Checking credit limits. Pricing 2. 2. 3. Quotation Contracts (validity.inquiry list V. value/quantity) Schedule agreement Sales order Item Category = AFN Doc type = IN Schedule line = AT or BP VA11 . Consists of: 1.==================================== 1.display VA25 .incomplete quotation VA22 . 3. Doc type = QT Item Cat = AGN or AGNN Schedule line = BN or BP VA21 .04 .6. 2.potential customer. 2. SD Processes ==================================== Automatic function: 1. TANN. Doc type = OR Item Cat = TAB or TAP. 4. 3.display VA15 .quotation list V.

incomplete scheduling agreement Features in SD Sales Processes: 1. 1. Item Cat = KMN no schedule line. BL 2. Availability check Material determination (VB11) Material listing and execution (VB01) Incomplete log Bank order processing Cross selling (VA41) Dynamic item proposal (VA51) Transfer requirement Sales Documents INQUIRY Description Customer inquiry is part of pre-sales process. Doc type = GK or QC. contain delivery dates n quantity. The sales order is a contractual agreement QUOTATION SALES ORDER . Doc type = COB.06 .incomplete contract Scheduling Agreement: outline agreements. QP. 1. due to no delivery needed. 4.VA01 . WK1. DS. 6. VA41 . 5. An offer which is legally binding to deliver the product or provide a service in some fixed condition in a specified time period. 3.change VA43 .change VA33 .create Contract VA42 . it represents in system the request of customer for a sales quotation or information. 9. 8.05 .display Contract: agreement to supply material or services for specific price between period. SG 2.create scheduling agreement VA32 . 3. DEL. 7. WK2.contract list V. Item Cat = LPN schedule line = CP or blank VA31 .display VA35 . Sales summary 2.display VA45 . 3.display list V.change VA03 .create SO VA02 .

instead of limiting due to quantity of stock the contact and its ceiling is based upon total value.between a sales organizations and a sold-toparty about delivering products or providing a service defined prices. Value Contracts The value contract is similar to quantity contract in that it limits the material or services to customer. However. SD Shipping ==================================== Shipping components: 1. quantity contract are used when the demand for a material is greater than the available supply and the business has to implement measures to limit supplied quantity evenly between its customers. Shipping overview 2. ==================================== 1. SCHEDULING AGREEMENT Contract types: Contact Type Master Contract Quantity Contracts Description A master contract is a contract in which you group other contracts as lower-level contracts.5. Service Contracts The service contract is a legal agreement between the receiver of the service and the business supplying the service. Generally. Outline agreements with customer which contain delivery dates and quantities to be delivered. CONTRACTS Agreement with customer to supply materials/services for a specific price between specific periods of time. quantities and period. Delivery processing (DN Delivery Note) . Quantity contract are used mainly to limit the quantity the customer can buy and to offer special pricing.7.

. Customer material info record. 6. 3. shipping condition loading group Delivery schedule: define time which receipt of goods at customer can be acknowledge (confirmed delivery date) Transportation scheduling: determine the good issue dateline and transportation scheduling date. LO: Outbound delivery without reference LR: Return delivery NL: Replenishment delivery BV: Cash sales delivery UL: Delivery for stock transfer Plant determination: 1. 3. 4. LF: Outbound delivery 2. 3. 4.3. Shipping point Shipping condition from customer master Transportation group from material master. Handling unit: physical unit hat consists of packaging materials (load carrier / packaging material) and good contain there in. 6. 4. At SO level: plant + shipping condition + loading group Route determination: 1. Shipping point: 1. plant 2. Customer master 2. Maintain at customer master 2. 5. Picking Packing PGI . Shipping condition determination: 1. Customer master delivery plant Material master delivery plant. Batch: parts of material that separated from other parts of same material and put in stock. 5. Material master 2. 2. Document types Loading point determination: 1. Batch split: situation when you want to specify quantities from more than one batch for particular delivery item. goods issue Transportation Delivery type: 1.

Individual billing document 2. Invoice split . Collective billing .single SO/delivery into multiple billing.Expenses Various billing methods: 1. 3.5. SD Billing ==================================== Billing documents and types: Billing Type F2 F8 G2 L2 RE S1 LR IV CS Description Invoice Pro Forma invoice Credit memo Debit Memo Credit for Returns Cancelation of Invoice Invoice List Intercompany billing Cash Sales Balance sheet: Asset = Liability + Expenses Profit and Lost: Revenue .10.==================================== 1. SD Complaint Processing ==================================== .1 invoice from multiple SO or delivery. SD Debit Memo > MM Subsequent Debit SD Credit Memo > MM Subsequent Credit Push by demand = make to stock Pull by demand = make to order five possible influencing factors for account determination for invoices? • chart of accounts • sales organization • customer account assignment group • material account assignment group • account key ==================================== 1.5.9.

price is charge more than the agreed price or forgot to give the discount condition in the sales order or billing document. Rush Order : customer pickup goods or delivery on the same day.Options: 1. Cash Sales: Customer order.11. Special Sales Scenario ==================================== Free good: compliment 1.customer returned damaged goods and wanted to revert the money paid. 3. pick and pay at the same day. Delivery created automatically.  Settling by credit note request and credit note . Sales return Free of charge delivery FOC subsequent delivery Returns Credit memo Debit memo Invoice correction request Customer complaints can be settled in sales and distribution for various reasons:  Settling by free of charge delivery . ==================================== 1. 7. 4. 2. Consignment fill up (KB) 2. 6.A sales document type will be used to deliver goods at free of charge. Third party sales: vendor will produce and deliver to customer.price calculated wrongly. Exclusive free goods quantity .  Settlement by invoice correction request . Make to order: received SO then only produce.5. Consignment sales: material at customer plant 1.2 line items. 4.Invoice correction request also a sales document to correct the quantity or price of the one or more line item in an invoice. Inclusive free goods quantity 2. Consignment issue (KE) Consignment pick up (KA) Consignment return (KR) . 3. This will be used to send the samples of your products.  Return of goods / Sales Return . 5.