Petrobras Announces P-62 Works Completion

Posted on Dec 23rd, 2013 with tags americas, completion, News by topic, Petrobras, works.

The President of Brazil, Dilma ousseff, and Petrobras! C"#, $aria das %ra&as 'il(a )oster, attended the *ork completion ceremon+ for the P-62 platform, on Dec, -., at the Atl/ntico 'ul 'hip+ard, in 0po1uca 2state of Pernambuco3, Before the ceremon+, ousseff, %ra&a )oster and their entoura4es (isited the construction *orks of the Abreu e 5ima efiner+, at the 'uape Port Comple6, in 'uape, After n!eiling the pla" e celebrating the completion of the work for the P#$2, the president noted that in 2003 the shipb ilding ind stry employed %000 people, and is c rrently %&,000 strong. 'With oil lifting from the pre-salt picking up speed and gaining scale, Brazil will become the largest oil platform producer in the 21st century,” she said. (i) to se!en drilling rigs and 1& tankers will be b ilt at the Atl*ntico ( l (hipyard alone in the pcoming years, remarked the president. +ra,a -oster thanked the workers in!ol!ed in the work and said she was thrilled with the completion of the P#$2, the ninth prod ction nit deli!ered this year. 'Last anuary, we spoke with all companies that would deli!er platforms, and we showed how important it would be for us to increase the "oil# production cur!e$ %nd to do that, we needed to break all records that ha!e already been broken& deli!er nine production platforms$ We did that today, with the '-(2,. she celebrated. (he also stressed the importance of the

she noted. in the 0ampos 1asin. it nderwent the con!ersion and integration stages in order to be t rned into a -P(? !essel.000 barrels of oil and $ million c bic meters of gas per day. Dilma mentioned that the Abre e 8ima /efinery will be the largest in the co ntry. goes into operation. responsible for oil. )With this refinery. before arri!ing at the Atl*ntico ( l (hipyard :7A(<. At 7A(.1 percent complete. Graça also congrat lated the workersD '+his is a dream$ . was also done in 1raBil by means of three packages with contractors F20 7ngenharia. and 7mpresa 1rasileira de 7ngenharia :077<. the 07? of Petrobras 2ransporte :2ranspetro<. 7d ardo 0ampos. in (ingapore. we are taking another step for our country to be a ma*or oil producer and transformer$ +his refinery you ha!e built will be the largest diesel producing refinery in Brazil$ +oday is a day of celebration. and Petrobras directors @osA -ormigli :7)ploration and Prod ction<.ay 2014.ines and 7nergy<. in NiterGi :state of /io de @aneiro< H process and compression mod les. 2hen. 2echnology and . 2he nit is e)pected to go on stream in the first " arter of 2016. sched led to be deli!ered in . nder the responsibility of the 0amargo 0orreia and Eesa consorti m :00E<. where they were hoisted on to the ship>s h ll and connected for s bse" ent commissioning and testing. . @osA 0arlos 0osenBa :Downstream< and @osA AntCnio de -ig eiredo :7ngineering. gas and water processing and treatment. ?nce completed.platform and of the /oncador field. Construction 2he h ll of the . 2he constr ction of the 14 mod les of the platform. to o r c rrent and f t re prod ction. 2he fig re represents appro)imately 11 percent of the c rrent oil refining capacity in 1raBil. 2he first phase is e)pected to start in No!ember 2016. which finaliBed the constr ction of the -P(?. Ag inaldo /ibeiro :0ities<. in Epo5 ca. Also attending the ceremony were ministers 7dison 8ob9o :. the go!ernor of the state of Pernamb co. in @an ary 2012. in Etag aI :/@< H process mod les. 7isit to the Abreu e 5ima efiner+ 1efore the ceremony.aterials<. 2he work created abo t 4000 direct 5obs and 14.achado. among others. when greeting the workers at the refinery. =elena 0hagas :head of the Presidency of the /ep blic>s (ocial 0omm nications Department<.2 ( !a !essel nderwent adaptations at the @ rong shipyard.!erything was possible thanks to your work$ -ongratulations to all$” 2he pro5ect is 33. and reached abo t $3 percent domestic content. 2he nit will process 230.. 2he P#$2 will be capable of processing p to 130. the mod les were transported by barges and deli!ered to 00E.000 barrels of oil per day when the second phase. in Epo5 ca :state of Pernamb co<.000 indirect ones. (ergio .

flare and accommodations. and is 11& meters in height. Data 'heet Prod ctionD 130.$ million barrels Jater treatment in5ection capacityD 62. helideck.En addition to the mod les.000 c bic meters per dayL Jater in5ection capacityD 2$4.JL Jater depthD 1.000 barrels per day Power generation capacityD 100 .000 inhabitants. the P#$2 also comprises a pipe#rack :str ct re for piping<. e" i!alent to the cons mption of a city of 330. and its weight e)ceeds $0. 330 meters long.400 tonnes 8engthD 330 meters .J of electricity.000 tonnes.$00 m 8ocal contentD $4M 2otal weight of the platformD $0.000 barrels of oil and $ million c bic meters of gasKday (torage capacityD 1. 2he nit is capable of generating 100 .