The purpose of this software specification (SS) is to establish the major requirements & Specification necessary to develop the Software Systems for the Developers. The overall objective of the Team Project is to establish a web based. The !oal of this document is the same as any requirements document" to lay out all requirements of the application in order to have both the developers and the end users maintainin! the same understandin! and e#pectations from the application. The project requirements will define" in !eneral terms" the setup of the web site" topics for available information concernin! the Software Project $ana!ement.

This %&' (isa Processin! is a web based application for %ori)one Technolo!ies" who is !oin! to !ive the other processors.

General Description
This web based application is for the employees of an or!ani)ation for processin! their visa applications. %* $ana!er is considerin! as Site +dmin and he is havin! the control over all the users. %r $ana!er can create any no of %r ,#ecutive lo!ins and authenticated them. %r ,#ecutives are the responsible persons to e#ecute the process of (isa applications and their -nsite Details. .ompany ,mployees" those who are willin! enquire about visa status are able to lo!in into this portal. Their emp/D is considered as username and their password will be !iven by .ompany %* durin! his0her joinin!. -nsite employees may apply for visa renewal thro this project.

/t will !enerate all possible reports" which are need by . -ur project will handle all type of visas" and very much concentrate in visa processin!.onstraints . This type of or!ani)ations is frequently sendin! their employees for their 1S client.ontrol 3eeds Product 4unction and 'ehavior -verall Product Performance Desi!n and /nterfacin! .  $ore time and space are consumed  2ess security was provided for the valuable information of a company.Objective The client of this project is any or!ani)ation who is havin! many abroad and 1S clients.lient 4riendly 1sa!e -nline updatin! . -ur project is used to process their visa and store all the details re!ardin! the passport holder.onsulate Previous System:  /t is difficult to store and process hu!e volumes of data and their information manually. Requirement Analysis       /nformation and .

.ontroller of our project.%e is havin! the control over the all the users. %* $ana!er +dmin will create this %r .mployee +uthentication will be finali)ed by the employee main database.Module Description To achieve the above said tar!et" our project (isa Processin! System will be cate!ori)ed as the followin! $odules. +dmin can view the visa renewal information" visa status information.ommunication $odule  *eportin! $odule Admin Module5 %* . +ny employee of our or!ani)ation will be enter into our project and do the followin! functionalities.#ecutive.#ecutive and create the username and password. %e can view the application entries" enquiry details" interview details" result details" onsite departure details" and onsite arrival details. %e will !ive the details about %r .  +dmin $odule  (isa Processin! $odule  -nsite . %e can !enerate all possible reports li7e interview reports" results report . 6hile lo!in" %* $ana!er will do the authentication for this %* e#ecutive.ntry .#ecutive. Visa Processing Module: . %r $ana!er will describe the utilities assessed by an %r .#ecutive is the Detail .

These requests are viewed by %* $ana!er and have process on for (isa *enewal. +fter applyin! visa every applicant should attain enquiry and interviews held by consulates.mployees can !ive a request to the %* $ana!er for their renewal of visa. This will be entered by %* . . The result also lo!!ed in this module. These enquiry and interview details are stored in this module.mployee8s onsite pro!ress li7e project name" wor7in! period" wor7in! place and etc. Onsite Data Module: .mployees can view the visa renewal information and visa process status li7e current visa status and finished visa status for different countries.mployee itself.#ecutive. This will be entered by %* . . These details also entered by %* ." are entered by the .#ecutive. Report Handler Module . /n the case of renewal of visa" . /t handles all the details re!ardin! visa application" submitted documents" employee particulars" passport details" earlier onsite visits and the details re!ardin! their earlier tour details.andidates onsite particulars" li7e visa issuin! date" fli!ht date" no of days spendin! at abroad" returnin! date" onsite job particulars are stored throu!h this module.This is a main module.#ecutive.

This $odule deals all the available reports wanted by %r $ana!er and %r . 3ormally" (isa Status *eport" -nsite details for an employee" -nsite wor7 pro!ress details are important reports viewed by %* mana!er.#ecutive. .