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Human Resources Management
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Human Resources Strategic plan For Next 5 Years
Submitted To:Dr "d $olam %aru&ue, 'e()urer

Submitted By:Name A.K.M. Khairul Bashar Khan Md. Sha i!ul "slam Md. Masudur Rahman Md. Abu Ba#ar Mosta a Ne$a% Khan Marin A#ter &ahan Registration Number 12*17*17+ 12*17*1+7 12*17*1-2 12*17*13. 12*17*2*+ 11*37*12/ Program ,"B# ,"B# ,"B# ,"B# ,"B# ,"B# Semester Summer, 2*12 Summer, 2*12 Summer, 2*12 Summer,2*12 Summer, 2*12 Summer ,2*12

Submitting 'ate: ()stAugust *+)*.


Strategic Plan of Human Resources Department of Multichemi Group for Next 5 Years 20 !20 5 "ompan# Profile$ %ncorporation in &&& %S' &00 (200) "ertif# "ompan# Manufacturer( *extile "hemicals+ "leaning Pro.ucts of /mplo#ee( ))5 Strongl# follo0ing HRM Rules General Manager of HRM Department( Mr$ 1$-$M -hairul 2asar -han Mr$ 2asar Ma3e a Strategic Plan for next 5 #ears for his Department of HRM as follo0s( Human Resources Strateg#( 20 2 !20 5 . "osmetics$ "hairman( Mr$ Samantha -umara Shinghe Num.

The ai of the strategy is to ensure a flexible. -n annual #$ i ple entation plan will be developed as part of the Trust"s integrated planning process to ensure delivery of the strategy. estates and workforce anage ent and planning is essential. %N*R'D4"*%'N The next 5 years will be a challenging period for the Trust and its workforce. *ision. skilled and otivated workforce which has the co petencies. 0i.eli6er the *rust8s strategic goals$ /na.ation *rust 0ith a 0orl. local econom#$ level in enabling   The overall ai of the strategy is to enable staff to actively contribute to their opti u people with ental health proble s and learning disabilities to live life to the full.ations. a continued drive for quality and efficiency and the ove to !oundation Trust all have significant workforce i plications. anagers.irection+ effecti6e operation an. in developing a world class approach to the anage ent and develop ent of the Trust"s workforce.ute to the strategic . at its core is the Trust"s Mission.ation of choice for service users and co issioners respectively. through a variety of echanis s. finance. year action plan is attached in -ppendix 1 and in /0012/010 a for al review and evaluation using the sa e engage ent process detailed below will be undertaken and a further action plan agreed for the re aining life of the strategy. it is vital not lose sight that it will also directly and actively contribute to being a service and organi. service users and careers and partner organi. To deliver this large co plex agenda an integrated approach to service.1. The #$ %trategy sets an a bitious agenda for the next 5 years.. .ling people an. The Trust"s #u an $esources %trategy is designed to set a strategic vision for the effective anage ent and develop ent of the workforce aligned to the service and financial strategic plans.e6elopment an. capacity and capability to deliver the Trust"s strategic objectives. *he HR Strateg# sets out 5 3e# am. partners to influence an.e6elopment of the *rust an. Major planned service and estate changes. 3 . This change agenda needs to be anaged whilst at the sa e ti e continuing to provide high quality service user focused odern ental health and learning disability services. This strategy supports the &ntegrated 'usiness (lan and is underpinned by the )orkforce (lan. acti6el# contri. utili7ation of the 0or3force to .ations all aking contributions. )hilst the strategy naturally has a focus on the Trust"s vision of being an e ployer of choice. The strategy was developed through extensive stakeholder engage ent with staff. class approach to people management$ /nsuring the effecti6e management+ .itions(  "reating a high performing Foun. . staff side organi. *alues and +oals and it is designed to keep a strong value based approach to the effective anage ent of the workforce.

.le to managers 0ithin a clear accounta. This was used to build a positive strategic action plan for the develop ent of the workforce to deliver high quality services within agreed resources.e part of an am. key a bitions stated above./. .e6elop an. expertise and experiences to develop a strategy which is widely owned and recogni. as far as possi.e6ol6e..ation able to thrive and positively respond in this environ ent. 1M2%*%'N ( "R/1*%NG 1 H%GH P/RF'RM%NG F'4ND1*%'N *R4S* ":1SS 1PPR'1"H *' P/'P:/ M1N1G/M/N* 9%*H 1 9'R:D The challenge of delivering high quality %ervice 7ser focused services within a co petitive arket and against a background of continued pressure on resources and cost i prove ents will require an organi. practice to produce the final #$ %trategy. )orkshop with %taff %ide organi.opt a 0orl.erstan. responsi.ation *rust shoul.ations )orkshop with %ervice and %upport Managers 4n5line feedback suggestion for s 6iscussions with variety of %ervice 7sers and 8areers 9ngage ent with partner organi.+ manage an. 4 .ations in the local health econo y 7sing feedback fro the %taff 4pinion %urvey The intelligence gained through the engage ent process was brought together with a critical analysis of exe plary evidence based #u an $esource Manage ent :#$M. . . anage ent and develop ent of the workforce.ilit# frame0or3$ %nternal sta3ehol.ition to . their rights an.eli6er# an. an.e full# engage. key the es which stakeholders felt should for the basis of the #$ %trategy. This will need a high perfor ing organi. using an appreciative inquiry in the communit#$   These have been developed into the . This approach allowed stakeholders to reflect and feedback on what happens when the Trust tea s and individuals are perfor ing well. to ser6ice .s to acti6el# accept its responsi.s to . This process led to the identification of . class approach to ho0 0e lea.ilities+ partner organi7ations nee. the organi7ation nee. to un.e closel# aligne. These the es are3  *he mo6e to Foun.ers nee.ed. H4M1N R/S'4R"/ S*R1*/GY /NG1G/M/N* PR'"/SS The #u an $esources %trategy has been developed through an extensive engage ent progra e.ation able to adopt innovative and world class approaches to the leadership. to .ilit# as a sta3ehol. The engage ent process consisted of a variety of echanis s to get stakeholder views and ideas as well as using their skills. a.e6elop the 0or3force$ HRM nee. The variety of echanis s used included3        %eries of staff focus groups2workshops across the Trust.

the 1ssurance Frame0or3= mar3eting an. to ne0 competencies 1cti6e Succession Planning an. The fra ework e beds the = pri ary and / secondary business practices fro the B=>/" business odel into a set of organi.To identify what are world class approaches to people anage ent the <=>/ for ulas for sustained business success? :). . The progra es will look at the co petency of the 'oard as a tea as well as individual and collective develop ent needs of non5executive and executive directors to 5 .%iP< "hampion .usiness .ation. scenario planning$ The co petency fra ework will be used as the basis of a continuous develop ent progra e to ensure that the 'oard re ains successful and is able to axi i.e6elopment= constitutional affairs= . The fra ework for s a key part of the develop ent progra e as well as providing the necessary basis for ensuring effective leadership capabilities and co petencies atched to the require ents for A#% !oundation Trust status. Aohria and '.# completion of the Strateg# in 20 2 5$ De6eloping a High Performing 4nitar# 2oar.e the benefits of !oundation Trust status.ership an. This requires a culture of utual respect. control= integrate. This has resulted in the identification of a set of key #$ drivers The Trust"s a bition of being a high perfor ing !oundation Trust with world class approach to people anage ent will have a focus on 5 key drivers3 • • • • • High Performing 4nitar# 2oar. was used as a basis to establish the key ele ents. The #iggs $eview and the Ceadership Dualities !ra ework :CD!. Management Strateg# lin3e. of Directors De6elopment of strong 2usiness De6elopment 4nits :ea. This fra ework the need to balance the skills and experiences of directors and ensure there is clarity about the joint roles and responsibilities as well as the different roles and responsibilities of Aon59xecutive and 9xecutive 6irectors. *alent Management Programme Recognition as an %n6estor in People . These practices have drawn heavily on best practices fro outside of the A#% to reflect the new co petencies required to be a successful !oundation Trust. trust and an environ ent where openness and constructive challenge is valued.@oyce. .ational co petencies are then linked to co petencies for Aon5 9xecutive and 9xecutive 6irectors to reflect their respective roles. $oberson. petency fra ework has been designed to support an integrated progra e of 'oard develop ent :see diagra 1. go6ernance an. This was then further infor ed by the exa ination of evidence based exe plar #$M practice which underpins a high perfor ing organi. These organi. The fra ework identified a set of key develop ent areas which the 'oard has focused on in a lead up to A#% !oundation Trust status3      financial strateg#+ management an.usiness an. of Directors The develop ent of a high perfor ing and effective 7nitary 'oard is vital to set the strategic direction and to ensure the Trust has the necessary leadership and anage ent capacity to successfully deliver the &ntegrated 'usiness (lan.ational co petencies which reflect the joint role and responsibilities of directors. were central to developing the co petencies.

opti i."eing committed to working and engaging constructively with internal and e&ternal stakeholders.Striving to facilitate others contribution and share leadership. De6eloper 5 able to support the re uneration and develop ent of directors and senior anagers F:19:/SS /@/"4*%'N 5 delivers agreed strategies business plans and "4:*4R/ 5 develops a strong valued based culture which supports delivery of safe effective services S*R4"*4R/ 5 develops a fast. inclusiveness and high standards in undertaking leadership roles. 5$ /ffecti6e Scrutini7er an."eing able and prepared to adopt a number of ways to gain support and influence diverse parties with the aim of securing health improvements.Shown commitment and ability to understand diverse interest groups and power bases within organizations and the wider community the dynamics between :in3er an. so as to lead health services more effectively. Designer ffective and Strategic !nfluencing . 5$ "ommunicator?Moti6ator #eading $hange through People . nurturing capability and long term development of others. advice and guidance to executive directors and senior anage ent D$ Pro. probity and high ethical standards 5$ Supporter an. Primar# Non "ompetencies $ "onstructi6e "hallenges 5 able to challenges provide /xecuti6e Primar# 'rgani7ational "ompetencies S*R1*/GY 5 develop clear and focus strategy Primar# /xecuti6e "ompetencies an. and engaging and facilitating others to work collaboratively to achieve real change.ership >ualities $ Strateg# Formulator?Polic# *ranslator Seizing the Future 5 Shaping a vision for the future development of services and being prepared to take action now to shape the future constructive 2$ Strateg# /nhances 5 uses own skills and experience to enhance strategy develop ent 2$ Political 'perator?1m.or Political Astuteness .6iser 5 able to give individual support. A$ Balue 4phol. flexible and responsive structure 5 C$ "oach?1. honesty.$ommunicating the vision and rationale for change and"ulture "arrier Personal !ntegrity . 5$ S#stems 2uil.assa.A strongly held sense of commitment to openness. D$ %nno6ator?"reator !ntellectual Fle&ibility 'he facility to embrace and cut through ambiguity and comple&ity and to be open to creativity in leading and developing services )$ Partner?Net0or3er $ollaborative (orking . :ea. C$ "orporate?*eam Pla#er mpowering %thers . Monitor 5 able to identify key risks and provide effective scrutiny and onitoring of perfor ance A$ Balue 5 ability to skillfully question and inquire into new areas of develop ent )$ Partner?Negotiator 5 able to use networks and partners and engage with stakeholders to support delivery of strategic objectives %NN'B1*%'N 5 is an early adopter of new and innovative practice P1R*N/RSH%P 5 able to develop strong partnership working nationally and locally to support strategic objectives 6iagra 1 6 .er "ulture "arrier 5 personal integrity.e overall perfor ance.

through the afore entioned progra e. These oved fro a locality based anage ent structure to a clearer 8are +roup focus with a strengthening of the anage ent and planning of services and a support to decision aking being nearer to where services are delivered.E0F -ppraisal for all 6irectors linked to Aon59xecutive and 9xecutive 8o petencies 6evelop ent of a 'oard -ppraisal linked to <=>/? 'usiness Model -nnual 'oard 6evelop ent (rogra Tea 5$2 develop ent progra e e including use of Myers 'riggs De6elopment of Strong 2usiness Deli6er# 4nits The organi. 6evelop . The %ervice 6elivery +roups were introduced as a start to the decentrali. The Trust introduced a stronger care group focus with the introduction of %ervice 6elivery +roups. 6evelop and agree 4rgani.ational 6evelop ent and !itness for (urpose (rogra e for '67s and %upport %ervices. will assu e greater responsibility and control for service direction and planning. This was the start of a ove to developing a faster and flatter structure able to respond to a co plex and challenging external environ ent.ational develop ent and fitness for purpose progra e into 'usiness 6elivery 7nits :'67s. effective and has delivered ajor service changes and addressed significant financial challenges in achieving recurrent financial balance. =. The develop ent of '67s will also have a ajor i pact on delivery and structure of support services and this will also be a key feature of the organi.ed as being strong. This journey will continue and lead to the transfor ation of %ervice 6elivery +roups. . The '67s will re ain care group focused and with earned autono y. /. and the resources which affect their perfor ance.ation of decision aking closer to the frontline service delivery.ations current anage ent structure has been recogni. 1ction 1. through an organi..1ction 1. 7 .ational develop ent progra e..

to Ne0 "ompetencies The right leaders and anagers with the necessary capabilities and capacity will be crucial for the continued delivery of high quality ental health and learning disability services and sustained business success. 5$A 1cti6e Succession Planning an. *alent Management Programmes !latter and leaner structures can i pact on the ability of an organi. To eet the challenges ahead and to be a successful A#% !oundation Trust new co petencies will be needed in addition to those which have been central to the Trust"s past achieve ents. key leadership roles will beco e ore challenging and high calibre candidates are likely to be ore in de and.. The delivery of high quality prehensive Ceadership and Manage ent 6evelop ent %trategy will be developed to support the journey to A#% !oundation Trust status and enable the benefits for %ervice 7sers and 8arers. %taff and 8o issioners to be reali. . 6evelop Ceadership and Manage ent 6evelop ent %trategy linked to Aew 8o petencies 6evelop ent of Aew Ceadership and Manage ent 8o petencies to %upport !oundation Trust %tatus .ership an. /. .ation to retain its talented people. These new co petencies will reflect the co ercial acu en and business skills required to flourish in a ore co petitive environ ent with continued pressure on both hu an and financial resources. 1ction 1. 6evelop ent and i ple entation of %uccession (lanning and Talent progra es. Management De6elopment Strateg# lin3e. &n addition.key part of this strategy will be the introduction of 6evelop ent and -ssess ent 8entres to support a focused progra e of leadership and anage ent develop ent incorporating the new co petencies. aintaining a co petitive advantage and being a well governed organisation will require talented leaders and anagers.5$5 :ea. 6esign and i ple ent 6evelop ent and -ssess ent centres linked to the new co petency fra ework. -ctive progra es of %uccession (lanning and Talent Manage ent which link both internal progra es with the wider national initiatives will be key to ensuring we retain the Trust"s talent pool and have effective leaders and anagers for the future. 8 . 1ction 1.ed.

management structures$  Supporting :ocal Representation an. -chieve &i( 8ha pion status by /015 =. effecti6e lea. particularly the co ercial sector.eli6er# of a competent an. effecti6e management of change in the 0or3force$  /sta. Partnership 9or3ing through 0or3force . retention and utili. The achieve ent of cha pion status by /01/ will support the branding of the Trust as an e ployer of choice as well as evaluating the world class approach to people anage ent.e6eloping ro.lishing a 0ell go6erne. ensuring effecti6e staff engagement$ !oundation Trust status will enable the Trust to build on its strong #$M track record by using the new freedo s to draw on best practice fro all sectors. The atrix links the strategic objectives to the four pri ary practices for success through a series of #$ objectives.# supporting increase.# 20 5 &nvestor in (eople :&i(.e6eloping a social partnership 0ith staff si.ership an.s an. 1ction 1. 1M2%*%'N 2( /NS4R%NG *H/ /FF/"*%B/ M1N1G/M/N*+ D/B/:'PM/N* 1ND 4*%:%S1*%'N 'F *H/ 9'R-F'R"/ *' D/:%B/R *H/ *R4S*8S S*R1*/G%" G'1:S The #$ %trategy is designed to ensure the effective anage ent. financial resources$  Supporting Financial Bia. A$ HR *ransformational Matrix To support the delivery of #$ 'usiness 4bjectives a #$ Transfor ational Matrix which details a co prehensive progra e and innovation has been developed.ational change.ucti6e time an. . status is recogni.ust an.5$5 1chie6ing "hampion %iP Status . develop ent and leadership of the workforce linked to service and financial objectives. 0ell moti6ate. 9 . to ser6ice nee.ed both within and outside of the A#% as a ark of good e ploy ent practices. 0or3force aligne. 8ha pion status is only open to accredited &i( organi.i6ersit#+ .ation who can de onstrate world class #$M and 'usiness practices.ation of staff during a period of significant organi.e6elopment an. pro. The Trust will be looking to use &i( as a vehicle to ensure the effective recruit ent. To achieve this set of strategic #$ business objectives have been developed3  /nhancing Ser6ice Deli6er#?De6elopment through the planning+ . organi7ation through . The diagra provides a su ary of the key objectives of the #$ business strategy approach.e organi7ations an. to ensure a workforce fit for purpose.ilit# .

Eecti6es Matrix Strateg# /nhancing Deli6er# De6elopment Ser6ice an.HR *ransformational '. organi7ation & ple enting the 9lectronic %taff $ecords %yste #$ (erfor ance $eports linked to 8linical -ctivity I !inance.lish a 0ell go6erne. partnership 0or3ing &nnovation and excellent #$M practices including achieve ent of &i( status 1ction 1. HR Directorate A$2 The #$ 6irectorate co pleted a review of its role and function within the Trust in /00E2/00G. &nclude bench arking and best practice %ocial partnership and enhance staff engage ent and involve ent plan Supporting local representation an. The review led to the re5design of the #$ 6irectorate using the 7lrich function. #owever. 6evelop ent and i ple entation of %uccession (lanning and Talent progra es.ilit# Financial /sta.5J in /00K2/001 Ceadership and Manage ent 6evelop ent %trategy to support !oundation Trust status 8reating a diverse workforce which reflects local populations through annual positive action plans Fla0less /xecution 6evelop ent of strong business delivery units to support effective service delivery within agreed resources & ple ent 9lectronic !ostering to ensure effective uses of workforce by /001 "ulture 9ffective staff appraisal and personal develop ent linked to H%! -gency2'ank24v erti e to reduce by 10J by /010 Structure 6evelop ent of co petencies and new roles linked to 8are (athway I (ackages 6evelop ent of effective re uneration arrange ents for 6irectors and senior anagers linked to Trust perfor ance 6evelop ent I -ssess ent 8entres linked to new co petencies I continuous personal develop ent %upport %ocial 9nterprise and %ervice 7sers 9 ploy ent through positive action plans Supporting Bia. The re5design consisted of3 odel for a successful #$ 10 . the challenges ahead and the ove to !oundation Trust status requires the #$ function to respond in different ways to continue to be successful.ed through & proving )orking Cives (ractice (lus for exe plar practice. 9ffective long ter workforce develop ent and planning linked to &ntegrated 8are (athways and (ackages (roductive ti e plan with focus on better grade ix and reduction in sickness absence by 1J in /00G20K and further 0. The Trust has an excellent track record of good #$M since its establish ent and has been recogni.

!inally. Strengthening Strategic HRM    %tronger &ntegrated )orkforce (lanning. /ffecti6e an. 11 . . /. !inance and %ervice %trategies. These work strea s are in addition to ainstrea ing a culture of utual respect within Ceadership and Manage ent 6evelop ent. Stronger alignment of HR to Ser6ice Deli6er#(  6evelop ent of #$ 'usiness (artners with day to day accountability to the -ssistant 6irectors. %econdly. it can. +reater integration of #$. 5$ 2uil. key work strea s3 a concept of an e ployee citi. if allowed.key part of the concept of a culture of utual respect is providing a balance between the rights and responsibilities of the Trust as e ployer and health service provider atched against the rights and responsibilities of staff as an e ployee and public servant.en.1. partners and partnering were core to the *ision and *alues of the Trust and it needed to be central to the way we operate..en with clear expectations of rights and responsibilitiesL a fra ework for utual respect as part of the e ploy ent contractL staff recognition. it was a "ulture of Mutual Respect -s part of identifying the role and responsibilities of the Trust as an e ployer. /fficienc# "entral Ser6ices   +reater use of new technology. The #$ %trategy as part of the wider drive to build a culture of utual respect will develop . $ecruit ent and %election and Cearning and 6evelop ent. . The first was the i portance of balancing individual"s rights against their legiti ate responsibilities. anagers in 5. !ocus of evidence based practice and bench arking. 1M2%*%'N 5( /N12:%NG P/'P:/ 1ND P1R*N/RS *' %NF:4/N"/ 1ND 1"*%B/:Y "'N*R%24*/ *' *H/ S*R1*/G%" D%R/"*%'N+ /FF/"*%B/ 'P/R1*%'N 1ND D/B/:'PM/N* 'F *H/ *R4S* 1ND 9%D/R :'"1: /"'N'MY The third strand of the #$ %trategy reflects . %elf help infor ation and self service processes which add value to delivering their objectives. focus solely on the legiti ate rights of an individual without recognition of their responsibilities.  6eveloping Managers 8o petencies and 8apabilities for #$M with a clear accountability fra ework. strong essages which ca e out of the engage ent process.ed that the Trust was a ajor e ployer and contributed significantly to the local econo y and therefore it was i portant it played an active role in the co unity as corporate citi.

enship with clear expectations rights and responsibilities supported by i ple entation plan.en through a 8orporate $esponsibility %trategy. 1ction 1. 6evelop and agree fra ework for %taff $ecognition which supports and tea s contributions to the delivery of high quality services 5$2 %nternal Social Partnerships The Trust has a strong co it ent to partnership working with the recogni. 5$5 6evelop and agree %ocial (artnership -gree ent. utual respect to support the individuals of . 6evelop the concept of e ployee citi.ations. This partnership working with %taff %ide has enabled the to be actively engaged in the anage ent and planning of services as part of a broad staff engage ent progra e. the Trust has recogni. support for the local econo y and enabling and supporting our skilled and experienced staff to play a wider role in public life eg %chool +overnor.ed its wider corporate responsibility..ed %taff %ide organi.ed by all parties that we need to capture and develop this way of working through a %ocial (artnership -gree ent and that this should be a key feature in the Trust beco ing an A#% !oundation Trust. 6evelop and i ple ent a fra ework of e ploy ent contract. -s a ajor e ployer and contributor to the local econo y. 12 . This will include fostering partnership working across all sectors to provide sea less services to the local population.1ction 1. The Trust will ake a clear co it ent and actively respond to its responsibilities as a 8orporate 8iti. This includes i pact on the environ ent. This approach has been based on a %ocial (artnership odel and it is well e bedded in the Trust. &t has been recogni. 1cti6e "orporate "iti7enship The Trust not only serves its local co unity but it is also a significant e ber of the co unity. /.

E.ation is the staff. De6eloping a Strong Mutual 'rgani7ation 4ne of the key stakeholders in a strong utual organi. a bitions. 5$A 6evelop and agree 8orporate $esponsibility %trategy. %taff +overnors play a crucial role in feed backing back staff views and issues in a co ple entary way and without co pro ising the legiti ate role of the %taff %ide 4rgani. 1ction 1.1ction 1. 1"*%'N P:1N 1ND %MP:/M/N*1*%'N The #$ %trategy sets out a co prehensive progra e of develop ent and innovation for the next 5 years through its set of . -n annual #$ i ple entation plan with detailed operational action plans will be developed each year through the annual planning process to aintain strong align ent with service and financial plans. #owever. The environ ent the Trust operates within is dyna ic and fast oving and therefore a review and evaluation of strategy will take place in /0012/010. The role of %taff +overnors needs to be clear and their connection to staff and the role of %taff %ide needs to be open and transparent. years of the %trategy.e and exploit the benefits of !oundation Trust. Trust5wide develop ent progra e is being rolled out to anagers and supervisors. 9ngaging staff and enabling the to be active e bers of the !oundation Trust and contribute to the strategic direction of the organi. This will enable the to have a clear understanding of the strategic direction of the Trust and how being a !oundation Trust supports the delivery of high quality %ervice 7ser focused services and pro otes active staff engage ent. The outco e of the review and evaluation will be a final action plan to cover the re aining life of the #$ %trategy. . 13 . The action plan in -ppendix 1 broadly covers the first . 6evelop ent and delivery of training progra e for all supervisors to axi i. to evaluate progress. 6evelop %taff 9ngage ent %trategy anagers and beco ing a /.ations. The %trategy provides a vision with high level strategic objectives and action.key issue will be ensuring all staff understand the benefits of beco ing a !oundation Trust. This review will use the sa e #$ engage ent process. The delivery and achieve ent of the %trategy ust be an integral part of the Trust"s annual planning process. detailed earlier to develop the %trategy.ation is an i portant ele ent of the Trust"s application for A#% !oundation Trust status.

/0112/01/ Ceadership I Manage ent 6evelop ent %trategy link to Aew 8o petencies Duarter = /0112/01/ Duarter 1 /0112/01/ . -nnual 'oard 6evelop ent (rogra e linked to 8o petency !ra ework =.E0M -ppraisal for all 6irectors linked to Aon59xecutive I 9xecutive co petencies /.Eecti6es 1ction *imescale 6eveloping a #igh (erfor ing 7nitary 'oard of 6irectors 1. 6eveloping .ation *rust 0ith a 9orl. Duarter = /0112/01/ 6eveloping %trong 'usiness 6elivery 7nits 1. Ceadership and 6evelop ent %trategy linked to new co petencies. 6evelop I agree 46 I fitness for purpose progra e for '67s and support services 1.. "lass 1pproach to People Management '.Human Resources Strateg# 1ction Plan 20 !20 5 1m. 6evelop ent of new leadership and anage ent co petencies to 14 Duarter .ition ( "reating a High Performing Foun. /0112/01/ Duarter . Tea 6evelop ent (rogra e including use of Myers 'rigg type indicators Duarter . /. /0112/01/ Duarter 1 /01/2/01. 6evelop ent of a 'oard -ppraisal linked to <=>/ 'usiness Model? .

Duarter .Eecti6es 1ction *imescale .eli6er the *rust8s Strategic Goals of the 0or3force '.Eecti6es 1ction *imescale 9nhancing %ervice 6elivery and 6evelop ent 1. 1m. 6evelop ent of new 15 Duarter 1 /01/2/01. /01/2/01.e6elopment an.. 9ffective Cong Ter &ntegrated )orkforce 6evelop ent I (lanning linked to care pathways and packages /. -chieving 8ha pion &i( %tatus by 8o pletion of #$ %trategy Duarter = /01/2/01. Duarter 1 /01/2/01. 6eveloping strong business delivery units . Duarter = /01/2/01. . 6esign and i ple entation of 6evelop ent I -ssess ent 8entres linked to new 8o petency !ra ework -ctive %uccession (lanning and Talent Manage ent (rogra es 1. -chieving 8ha pion &i( status by /01/ Duarter / /0112/01/ Duarter !T status '. 6evelop ent and i ple entation of %uccession (lanning and Talent Manage ent (rogra es 1. utili7ation to . 9nsure effective staff appraisal and personal develop ent link H%! =.ition 2( /nsuring the effecti6e management+ . /01/2/01.

Duarter = /01/2/01. Ceadership and Manage ent 6evelop ent %trategy to support !T status /.2/01= Duarter = /01.2/01= Duarter 1 /01.2/01= Duarter .Eecti6es 1ction *imescale %upporting !inancial *iability 1. Duarter = /01.5J in /00K2/0001 /. #$ (erfor ance $eports linked to 8linical -ctivity and !inance. including bench arking and best practice Duarter = /01.2/01= 9stablishing a well governed 4rgani. & ple ent 9lectronic %taff $ecords %yste .ation 1. =. /01/2/01. $educe agency2bank and overti e costs by 10J by /0012/010.2/01= 16 ... /01.roles and co petencies linked to 8are (athway I (ackages '. (roductive ti e plan with focus on grade ix and reduction in sickness absence by 1J in /00G2/00K and further 0. & ple ent 9lectronic %taff !ostering to ensure effective deploy ent of the workforce /0012/010 . 6evelop ent of effective re unerate arrange ents and vary senior anagers linked to the Trusts perfor ance Duarter .

acti6el# contri.ute to the strategic .ling People an.2/01= Duarter = /01.ition 5( /na.enship with clear expectation of rights 17 Duarter = /01=2/015 .2/01= Duarter 1 /01=2/015 1m.=.Eecti6es 1ction *imescale %upporting $epresentation (artnership )orking Cocal and 1.2/01= Duarter . /01.Eecti6es 1ction *imescale 'uilding a culture of Mutual $espect 1. %upport %ocial 9nterprise and service user e ploy ent through positive action plans Duarter 1 /01. 8reating a diverse workforce which reflects local population through annual positive action plans /. 6evelop ent and -ssess ent centres linked to new co petencies and continuous personal develop ent Duarter / / local econom# '. 6evelop the concept of e ployee citi. . 0i. Partners to influence an.e6elopment of the *rust an. &nnovation and excellent #$M practice including achieve ent of &i( status ..2/01= '. %ocial (artnership -gree ent and enhance staff engage ent and involve ent plan =.irection+ effecti6e operation an.

e and exploit the benefits of beco ing a utual !oundation Trust /. 6evelop %taff 9ngage ent %trategy Duarter 1 /01=2/015 Duarter / /01=2/015 -ctive 8orporate 8iti. 6evelop ent and delivering training progra ers for all anagers and supervisors to axi i. 6evelop and agree %ocial (artnership -gree ent 1.en Duarter 1 /00K2/001 6evelop ent a Mutual 4rgani. 6evelop and agree fra ework for %taff $ecognition which supports individual and tea s contribution to the delivery of high quality services &nternal %ocial (artnership 1. 6evelop and agree 8orporate $esponsibility %trategy 1..Eecti6es 1ction *imescale . 6evelop and i ple ent a fra ework of utual respect to support the e ploy ent contract Duarter = /01=2/015 '.and responsibilities supported by i ple entation plan /.ation %trong Duarter / /01=2/015 Duarter = /01=2/015 18 .

N' 19 .The .