Employees are strongly encouraged to familiarise themselves with departmental policy
Hours of work, accrued time off and timesheet arrangements for non-school based public servants.

It is recommended that employees read this policy prior to commencing the attendance sheet setup process.

The Initial Setup Before you start please check that your date format is set for Australian standards. To check this click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Regional Settings -> Date "Tab" in the Short Date Style input box type dd/mm/yyyy and press enter. Now Close and return to Attendance Sheet. Upon selecting the ‘Setup’ option, you will be prompted to provide the following information:

       

Enter fortnight beginning date (DD/MM/YYYY format) Your name Your employee number Your supervisor’s name Directorate/Region name Branch name Carry forward credit ATO hours (HH:MM format) Carry forward debit ATO hours (HH:MM format)

Uncontrolled copy - Refer to the Department of Education, Training and Employment Policy and Procedure Register at to ensure you have the most current version of this procedure.

A work cycle consists of 28 calendar to ensure you have the most current version of this procedure.det. A colon (:) must be entered in order for the time to be accepted. Entering greater than 9:30 hours on any day will prompt you to indicate whether you are authorised to work in excess of the maximum ordinary daily hours. If a full time employee reduces their fraction to part time within a work cycle they must update the value in the appropriate cell(s) in the 'ordinary hours' row to their new rostered times. Hours in excess of 9:30 (overtime) on any day will only be accepted if you indicate that authorisation to work those hours has been granted.) or leaving the space blank will return errors and you will be prompted to reenter the information. maximum ordinary daily hours = 9:30 (9 and 1/2 hours).gov. Working for greater than 5 1/2 hours without taking a meal break will only be accepted if you indicate that authorisation to work those hours has been granted. Supervisors have the discretion to approve a higher carry over balance provided specific criteria are met (refer to policy link above). Standard daily working hours = 7:15 (7 hours and 15 minutes) If an employee is rostered to work other than standard daily working hours (eg: part time employees. Times may be entered manually or by using the drop down list provided.   Carry forward TOIL hours (HH:MM format) If you have an arrangement to work past 6:00pm on a regular basis if you are are part time employee or work less or more than the standard daily working hours Times should be entered in 24 hour (HH:MM) format – eg: 1:00pm should be entered as 13:00. The timesheet is broken into two fortnights (ie: weeks 1&2 and weeks 3&4) Under departmental policy. Training and Employment Policy and Procedure Register at http://ppr. A meal break of at least 30 minutes should be taken within 5 1/2 hours of commencing your shift. the maximum hours which can be carried forward from weeks 3 & 4 to weeks 1 & 2 = 36:15 (36 Hours and 15 Minutes). Full ATO days are to be recorded as 7:15 in the 'full day ATO' row for that day. To add separate lines hold the Alt + Enter Keys Uncontrolled copy . If an employee commences mid week or part way through the current work cycle enter 0:00 in the cells in the 'ordinary hours' row on those days prior to the commencement of employment. employees accessing compressed working arrangements). Using a full stop (.Refer to the Department of Education. . A comments section is provided at the bottom of each timesheet for use at the discretion of the employee/supervisor. Partial day ATO will be deducted from your credit time after you have entered your hours worked for that day. their daily rostered hours must be entered in the ‘ordinary hours’ row. Hours in excess of 36:15 will be forfeited unless Executive Director/Institute Director has approved the carryover in excess of 36:15.

gov. This should only take a few moments. At the beginning of week 1 the button will appear as ‘Start Weeks 3 & 4’. The mouse pointer will flicker as the timesheet performs a range of calculations to ensure that data has been entered correctly before moving forward to the next fortnight.12 hour to 24 Hour Time Conversion To convert pm time to 24 hour time simply add 12 to the pm time. Eg: 5pm + 12hrs = 17:00 Moving between fortnights and work cycles At the end of each fortnight press this button to move forward to the following fortnight. . Timesheets must be submitted to your supervisor on a fortnightly basis for approval.det. Understanding your timesheet On the bottom far to ensure you have the most current version of this procedure. Training and Employment Policy and Procedure Register at http://ppr. Uncontrolled copy . if there are any errors contained in data entered on the timesheet. Troubleshooting Upon opening (prior to setup). Answering ‘yes’ to this prompt will enable the timesheet to be refreshed. At this time.qld. Answering ‘no’ to this prompt will return you to the completed timesheet. The screen will then be refreshed and any ATO and TOIL balances etc carried forward will appear on the refreshed timesheet You will be asked if you wish to archive and print your timesheet. This summary information includes:       Accumulated credit time (+ and -) ATO (full days) taken in this work cycle Authorised overtime Authorised TOIL Total daily hours in excess of 9:30 ATO hours over maximum carry over balance This information is retained to avoid the forfeiture of hours accrued in excess of 36:15 or those worked in excess of 9:30 daily. The instructions can be referred to at any stage by selecting the appropriate worksheet tab at the bottom of the page. the timesheet application defaults to the instructions worksheet.Refer to the Department of Education. At the beginning of week 3 the button will appear as shown in the example. these will be identified and you will need to correct them before the timesheet can be refreshed. of the timesheet a range of summary information is provided to assist both you and your supervisor manage your hours.

.au to ensure you have the most current version of this procedure. Uncontrolled copy .gov. Training and Employment Policy and Procedure Register at http://ppr.qld.Excel assistance is available through the IT HelpDesk on 1800 680 445 For assistance with the timsheet. please contact Workforce Relations Please note that any requests for an unprotected version of this timesheet will not be granted.Refer to the Department of Education.det.