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Terms of Reference for the Environmental Impact assessment Study of Proposed Port_ Hambantota Project Proponent Project approvin"

a"ency $ut Line of the EI! Report Executive Summery Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Description of the project Chapter 3 Description of the existing Environment of the study area Chapter 4 Assessment of anticipated environmenta impacts Chapter ! "roposed mitigatory measures Chapter # $onitoring " an Chapter % Eva uation of environmenta cost and &enefits Chapter ' Conc usion (eferences )ist of *or+ p an, &udget time schedu es comp ete set of re evant maps, ta& es charts, ay out p ans and other detai s& Introduction - Sri Lan a Ports !uthority - #oast #onservation department

#hapter %

.his chapter shou d inc ude fo o*ing 1234!#%'214#hapter $ain o&jective of the proposed har&or project /ustification of the project 0&jective of the EIA report Extent and scope of the study 1rief out ine of the methodo ogies and techno ogies adopted in EIA( preparation $ain &eneficiaries App ica& e a*s and regu ations Conformity to Coasta (esources $anagement " an Contingency p an of $arine "o ution "revention Authority and any other conservation3deve opment p ans Approva needed from re evant agencies ' & (escription of the Project

.he project description shou d inc ude information a&out the project at a degree of detai compara& e to that o&tained for feasi&i ity eve reports *ith necessary maps3charts2-1 5enera ayout of project Dra*ings sho*ing project ayout p an inc uding components of the project such as &rea+*aters proposed dredging areas, dumping sites etc- indicate and re6uirement for different components of project1


Detai s of the reception faci ities 7 7 7 7 detai s of &rea+*aters3jetties detai s of doc+ing area detai s of shore ine faci ities such as oading and un oading areas storages, refue ing detai s of other infrastructure faci ities-


$ethodo ogy of the construction Description of the methodo ogies to &e adopted construction, operation and maintenance inc uding and c earing, dredging, fi ing, earth moving, construction roads, &rea+ *aters and other activities and e6uipment to &e used-


Construction programme .iming and duration of a project activities from construction to fu operation-


Sources of construction materia s Detai s of sources of construction materia s such as &ou ders and transportation system ocation of stoc+ pi ing-


8ater and disposa of *aste 8ater re6uirement for deve opment activities Extraction on *ater, so id *aste disposa , se*age disposa , other discharge *aste*ater, shipping *aste disposa etc-


8or+ force 7 7 Avai a&i ity of a&or, a&or re6uirement "roposed emp oyment of oca peop e during construction and operation


Existing avai a& e faci ities .his section shou d consider justification of a ternative sites "roject a ternatives such as expansion of exiting commercia har&ours of the country-



(escription of the e*istin" Environment of the study !rea

Description of the existing environment of the study area such as topographic physica features, historica and archeo ogica va ues, and use pattern and socioeconomic aspects shou d &e discussedStudy area is considered as 9am&antota Divisiona Secretariat Division-


.opography and drainage35eo ogy3Soi .he recent topographica data such as detai ed topographic and map c imatic conditions *ithin 14 year data on rainfa , *ind direction 5enera geo ogy of the area uni6ue geo ogica features of the areaSoi types3soi profi e and distri&ution-


9ydro ogy Surface *ater avai a&i ity, 6ua ity and 6uantity, avai a&i ity of ground *ater drainage pattern and hydrographic conditions such as 8ave height and direction, :ear shore current ve ocity, direction and tidesCoasta *ater 6ua ity, 1athemetry data and sediment transportation

3-3 3-4

Am&ient air 6ua ity Eco ogica (esources 7 7 7 7 Detai s of existing ha&itats, sand dunes, estuaries, &arrier &eaches, mangroves 1irds, marine fauna and f ora, endemic species, *i d ife ;<ia&i ity of a&ove species= C assification and mapping of a ha&itats A report on their eco ogica statues *ithin the area


A6uatic Environment Detai s of the coasta Environment inc uding coasta and marine ha&itats such as fishing grounds, &reeding grounds, fishing activities and coasta protection structuresAffected fishing grounds due to proposed project shou d &e addressed-

3-# 3-% 3-'

C ear statement on erosion status of the coast ine identifying erosion prone Areas in the coasta segmentExisting environmenta issues and socia conf icts Socio7economic Aspects .his section *i cover a the areas that may have impacts &y the projects and its activities7 7 7 7 1rief socio7economic profi e of the area Existing infrastructure faci ities .ype of fishing activities and num&er of fishing crafts transportation, communication, po*er 9ousing3sanitation, *ater supp y, agricu ture

7 7 7 3-2

$ain other economic activities Existing &each access Existing agricu ture activities

)and use pattern (ecent and use map of the project area shou d &e *ith description of the and use pattern-


Archaeo ogica and cu ture aspects Description on areas of archeo ogica cu tura , recreationa scenic va ue in the project area and vicinity-



!ssessment of anticipated environmental impacts

Description of "otentia Impacts .his chapter shou d presents anticipated environmenta impacts during the construction and operation period of the project4-1 "hysica (esources Erosion of adjacent &eaches ands due to change of current *ave regimes attri&uted to the har&our structures, changes in drainage patterns, changes in hydro ogica pattern, sediment and erosion effects, Impacts on se*age or *aste *ater so id disposa on coasta environmenta and coasta *aters, Impacts on *ater 6ua ity, Air 6ua ity4-2 Eco ogica (esources 7 7 4-3 4-4 4-4 Impacts on fauna and f ora and their distri&ution Eco ogica impacts from dredging, & asting fi ing etc-

Impacts on &ui dings, roads and other properties during transportation of materia from the source ocation to the construction siteImpacts of materia hand ing stoc+ pi ing at the site or in the vicinitySocio7economic aspects 7 Impacts on agricu tura 7 An assessment of direct and indirect impacts of the project on other deve opment projects *ith area7 Detai s on generate more emp oyment to the oca community in the vicinityImpacts on archeo ogica cu tura resources "otentia impacts, *hich may effect to the 6ua ities and va ue of any archeo ogica cu tura resources shou d &e discussed-




Proposed miti"atory measures

.he proposed measures to minimi>e the impacts identified in the chapter 4 shou d &e defined in specific practica terms its effectiveness shou d eva uate- .he rationa for se ection of mitigatory measures shou d a so present- .he mitigatory measure shou d a so present- .he mitigatory measure shou d a so present- .he mitigatory measure shou d prevent on fo o*ing aspects7 7 7 7 7 7 7 "roposed measure to avoid impacts such as si tation, sedimentation and erosion due to construction activities"roposed measures to avoid measures to avoid po ution "roposed *aste*ater treatment system, se*age and soi *aste disposa methods"roposed measures to minimi>e3avoid negative socia and cu tura pro& em of the project"roposed measures to avoid3minimi>e eco ogica impacts"roposed mitigetory measure to address pro& em due to increase dust and air po ution, traffic congestion"roposed measure to avoid3minimi>e or negative potentia impacts due to transportation of materia s to the proposed site& .onitorin" Plan


An appropriate monitoring p an shou d present to monitor imp ementation of mitigatory measures during the construction and operation period- Institutiona arrangements for impact monitoring and comp iance monitoring shou d &e inc uded- Any other programme to improve genera environmenta condition a so can &e presented here- Expertise avai a&i ity of fund for proposed monitoring programme shou d &e stated?urther studies necessary to ana y>e recommended#hapter / & ong term unexpected impacts shou d &e

#ost and benefits

.he environmenta costs and &enefits arising of the projects shou d &e eva uated#hapter 0 & #onclusion

SE#TI$1 %% 1-

1$1 TE#H1I#!L RE23IRE.E1TS (esponsi&i ity for preparing the EIA report *ith the *or+ done at a degree of professiona 6ua ity ies *ith the proponent of the deve opment activity, i-e- the agency *hich is sponsoring or proposing to underta+e this project.he EIA study may &e made &y the agency itse f or &y a consu tant3s emp oyed &y the proponent.he .erms of (eference ;.0(= is a guide ine under ining the minimum expectations of the Cost Conservation DepartmentIn the se ection of the consu tants for the study , the proponent is re6uested a so to give due considerations to progress revie* meetings and progress reports- "ayment schedu es, *or+ p an, .ime schedu es, Expertise, "rior approva of changes in contracted persona , Co7ordination re6uirements etcA communication to the Coast Conservation Department regarding the EIA study shou d &e for*arded through the proponentA pre iminary meeting *ith project proponent together *ith the consu tants is expected &y the CCD to discuss the methodo ogies and the .0(- Any suggestions to the .0( are *e come.he consu tants are expected to *or+ c ose y &oth *ith the project proponent and the Design Engineers, Architects of the "roject - It shou d &e remem&ered that the EIA is an important phase in the project cyc e, in deciding a&out the fina shape of the proposed "roject.he maximum num&er of pages of the report is expected to &e *ith #4 pages.he EIA report shou d &e trans ated into Sinha a and .ami anguages and 24 copies in each anguage shou d &e su&mitted together *ith 24 copies of the EIA report in Eng ish.he fina report *i &e made avai a& e for pu& ic inspection for 34 days and for comments of the Coast Conservation Advisory counci for #4 days.he 24 copies of the fina report shou d &e su&mitted to the CCD for decision7ma+ingIf necessary, any expenses incurred &y the CCD during processing of the EIA (eport *i &e recovered from the project proponent-