Reviews for Some Korean Fashion Clothing of 2013 Well, there are not much days for 2013

!uthor ma"es reviews for some Korean clothing which are #o#ular in 2013 $range stitching lam% wool sweater, %eige and orange stitching, neon colors and orange with a warm atmos#here, with retro thic" colored &eans and fresh green casual shoes, will %e delicate

'oose gray suit &ac"et, white letters #rinted ( shirt, %lac" &eans, %lac" canvas shoes and large %lac" shoulder %ag, this "ind of )F style is very #o#ular in this season *in" cuffs curling of the suit is of a little feminine, and %lac" large %ag is very casual

+ude color (,shirt loo"ing closed to the s"in, inadvertently reveals su%tle hint of se-y *rinted s"irts are retro flavor, elegant and generous .atching with se-y fish head high,heeled can %e more mature

/ray suit &ac"et, )lac" 0enim #ants and white casual shoes, is a%le to create neat style outfit

Rose red sweater with %u%%le cuffs which adds feminine style1 same color shoes stressed the main %ody color, and gray &ean eased the colorful color, contri%uting to rose red color no%le tem#erament (his style a%solutely ma"es you loo" good

*ur#le is with elegant no%le tem#erament style, %ut this e-aggerated e-#ression cute edition sweater, adding some interesting sense, given the #ur#le single #roduct affinity (o match with %lac" &eans and the same color shoes, will %e casual and uni2ue

/reen #laid &ac"et wearing with stri#ed #leated lovely dress and loose sweater will %e causal S"illfully com%ining e-tremely casual &ac"ets show a different style which is eye,catching

0ar" gray chec"ered suit &ac"et, white sweater, red #laid shirt, &eans and %lac" o-ford shoes, the overall mi- has a layered, vi%rant red %righten modeling

)lac" s"irt is sim#le that can matches with many style to#s, and can modify hi# line, loo"ing sweet and cute )lac" stoc"ings can reveal faint hint of s"in, loo"ing really se-y

)lac" suit &ac"et, white #rint shirt, %lac" color retro &eans and high,to# canvas shoes

matching together will %e s#ecial +avy %lue cuffs curling %righten %lac" tone &ac"et, shows a sense of to# grade, irregular hem cut white gown

)lac" suit &ac"et, white sweater, s"inny &eans, shoes, gray flat ca#, with dot cuffs of the suit, adding a #layful sense of curling, s#orty casual shoes showing active style, flat hat ma"ing modeling more fashiona%le, this matching s"ill is very elegant and sim#le

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)lac" round collar (,shirt matching with chec"ered shirt, gray coat and loose sweater, the overall mi- with the #erfect com%ination of &ac"%oot com#lete natural and tasteful attire

+ude color 'ong suit &ac"et, %lac" tights, red waist &eans, canvas shoes and %lac" sunglasses matching together is good loo" 5-cellent to# grade colors reflect a sense of feeling very rich flavor of autumn

/ray chec"ered suit, army green s"inny &eans, white shirt, %lac" high,heeled %oots fringed rivet envelo#e %ag, wal"ing %lac" and white gray color with no very low,"ey, with South Korean street shooting range of children