bocad - 3D CAD Software for Offshore Construction

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Print Email With more than 3 years of service e!perience" #ocad$3D Steel is the most advanced 3D C%D soft&are &orld&ide for offshore construction' (t has #een adapted to the re)uirements of a mar*et that demands #alance #et&een the conservatism of steel structure companies and the pioneering ideas of modern architects" ena#ling you to model the most comple! offshore structures )uic*ly and accurately at a lo&er cost' #ocad$3D has thus #ecome a &orld&ide reference for modelling some of the most sophisticated and prestigious structures' +hroughout the years" #ocad has diversified its products &ith various modules, gla-ing" cladding" staircase and railing" to&er" offshore" tan*" &ood and concrete'

Oil and gas industry CAD software
+he offshore module &as designed for professionals of the oil and gas industry eager to )uic*ly o#tain documents for purchasing" manufacturing and assem#ly in order to optimise their production'

CAD software for offshore platforms, decks, jackets, flare booms and helidecks
.y using our C%D soft&are" you &ill save time &hen modelling and manufacturing drilling and production platforms" dec*s" /ac*ets" main support frames" modules" flare #ooms" #oat landings" helidec*s and piping supports' +his module is used #y many fa#ricators and engineering consultants all over the &orld'

3D modelling software for steel structures
#ocad is a 3D modelling soft&are for steel structures that incorporates many functions that have helped ma*e it a success for decades 0including management of the most

• • • • • • • • Pipe positioning" seam orientation" C<S profile or #ent$rolled plates" imperial and metric units" pipe unfolding" coordinates" lists" C=C" internal and e!ternal rings" cones" #uilt$up sections" pad eyes" flange e!tensions" stiffeners" lap /oints" handrails" gratings and pipe flanges Centre$of$gravity calculations Weld preparation" &eld num#ering" &eld reports and &eld maps % full range of connections" mem#ers and 5D graphical elements that ena#le you to meet the industry output re)uirements Each element created #y the offshore macros can #e modified interactively (f you modify a section involved in the assem#ly" the connection can #e recalculated automatically Possi#ility to load a 3D model from analysis soft&are into #ocad$3D and to e!port a #ocad$3D model to piping or design soft&are C=C codes to control pipe$cutting machines 0from 4ueller and >esco1 as &ell as tools for stoc* management and production control Contact Details bocad orbit mb! " Co # %m ?m&eltpar* @ 77@A3 . B7A 537 AC7 6@ DD 3a!. infoF#ocad$or#it'com ?R. B7A 537 AC7 6@ DE Email.comple! 3D structures" mem#er mar*ing &ith revision trac*ing" and automatic creation of dra&ings and lists1' (t also provides the most po&erful tools in the industry in order to allo& the user to deal &ith the most challenging structures' +hese tools include a complete and open connection li#rary2 multi$user options2 three$dimensional curved plate creation2 and Sacs" Staad pro" (3C" 3rame&or*s" PD4S" S+EP %P567" (8ES" D93:DW8 5D and 3D" PD3" PD33D and WR.ochum 8ermany +el.. &&&'#ocad'com . interfaces' Offshore CAD software module 3eatures of our specialised offshore C%D soft&are module include.

#ocad$3D Steel is the most advanced 3D C%D soft&are &orld&ide for offshore construction' Our C%D soft&are models the most comple! offshore structures )uic*ly at the lo&est cost' #ocadGs offshore soft&are &as designed for professionals of the oil and gas industry eager to )uic*ly o#tain documents' +his C%D soft&are can #e used for offshore platforms" dec*s" /ac*ets" flare #ooms and helidec*s' #ocad provides the most po&erful C%D soft&are tools in the industry' $ake An %n&uiry 3irst =ame .ast =ame Email %ddress .

ast =ame Email %ddress En)uiry • • Press Releases White Papers #ocad Releases 3ree White Paper on Processing Soft&are 5 4arch 5 66 #y #ocad #ocad has released a free &hite paper on the Offshore$ +echnology''' See all press releases .En)uiry $ake An %n&uiry 3irst =ame .