GMAT- ZONE’s Online GMAT Course in Dubai, UAE is a right combination of theor an! "ractice# $%a!!

ing of the &log ' A complementary resource for highly targeted and effective GMAT practice in addition to any classroom & books 1. Database of 55 ! practice "uestions #. $nlimited number of highly customi%ed practice tests &. 'ine full GMAT practice tests ()ATs* +. Adaptive Technology 5. ,o-erful analytical tools for progress tracking .. 'e- integrated reasoning practice and theory /. 01planation of test taking strategies2 tips & tricks 3. 4ideo materials library (hat ou )ill fin! at GMAT-Zone Online Course 0nroll in GMAT online prep to boost your score -ith our e1ceptional instructional materials5 1. Thousands of practice "uestions2 and po-erful analytic tools. #. Abandon $nproductive ,ractice 6nce and 7or All8 &. Materials 7or 9evie+. :eep track of materials you need to revie5. GMAT Mastery content .. Monitor your -eak points and areas for improvement /. Go the e1tra mile and see yourself celebrated before the community Dashboar! * llabus Test generator +no)le!ge base Anal tics A!a"ti,e Technolog GMAT;<one 6nline )ourse is an adaptive GMAT preparation course that customi%es itself specifically for your needs and enables you to create your o-n uni"ue educational path. The GMAT;<one system tracks and analy%es your individual performance at its lo-est level2 highlighting your specific -eaknesses and generating study recommendations based on your performance. GMAT;<one is the very best test prep for GMAT -hen used to supplement any course of study in the classroom or -ith books. =ighly 0ffective Targeted ,ractice >ith GMAT <6'0 2 you -ill not -aste your time revie-ing material you?ve already mastered or ans-ering "uestions that are too easy or too difficult for your current level. @nstead2 you -ill focus on your personal areas in need of improvement and practice at the margins of your abilities to achieve better scores. ,o-erful Analytic Tools 6ur po-erful analytic tools enable you to advance from assuming that you have some -eak areas to kno-ing e1actly -hat your -eak areas are. The GMAT tests so many concepts and skills that it is easy to become confused about -hat you are really good at and -here you need improvement. 6ur po-erful analytic tools help you detect patterns and gaps in your kno-ledge and skills that unlock the astonishing po-er of targeted practice. These findings help you concentrate on improving e1actly -hat you need to strengthen instead of -asting your precious time on practice Aust for the sake of practice.

Analytics is the process of capturing2 storing2 and analy%ing data to yield insight. At its core2 is a set of comple1 mathematical algorithms used to discover and interpret patterns in detailed data. >ealth of practice "uestions >ith GMAT;<one?s tools you can build an unlimited number of highly customi%ed practice tests from a database of more than 525 practice "uestions. Bou can customi%e your practice tests based on "uestion type2 "uestion topic2 time2 number of "uestions2 and difficulty level. Bou can create tests in an adaptive mode2 -here the difficulty level of test "uestions presented -ill depend on the level of your previous ans-ers2 as in a real e1am. >hat is the Graduate Management Admissions TestC GMATD is an abbreviation for the Graduate Management Admission Test2 -hich is a standardi%ed computer adaptive test. The GMAT is designed to assess your chances of succeeding in business school. @t tests your ability to approach comple1 arguments criticallyE to compose grammatically correct2 clear2 and concise sentencesE to comprehend the information from complicated te1tsE and to solve basic math problems. @t does not test your kno-ledge of business2 your Aob e1perience2 or your computer skills2 and it is not concerned -ith your character traits or management skills. GMAT;<one gives you a great GMAT revie- course at half the price. GMAT;<one is the best GMAT prep even if your studies also include classroom courses and books. Fearn -ith us to prepare for GMAT. ,ractice -ith GMAT <6'0 guarantees a score increase. Bou -ill find the follo-ing sections on your GMAT e1am5 The Analytical >riting Assessment (A>A* is the first section of the GMAT2 and it consists of one part5 Analysis of an Argument. GMAT @ntegrated 9easoning Gection (@9* is the second part of the test and consists of 1# problems in four ne- formats5 Graphical @nterpretation2 T-o;,art Analysis2 Table Analysis2 and Multi;Gource 9easoning. 0ach problem -ill re"uire you to analy%e data from charts and tables and dra- conclusions in order to ans-er "uestions. 6ur GMAT ,rep course includes more than # hours of video instruction for the GMAT @9 section2 -here you -ill learn about each of the ne- "uestion types. >e also provide hundreds of high "uality @9 practice "uestions modeled after 6fficial Guide "uestions to help you prepare to tackle the challenges of the @ntegrated 9easoning section. GMAT;<one is one of the best GMAT preparation courses you -ill find at any price. >ith GMAT;<one?s highly effective targeted practice and po-erful analytic tools2 you?ll see your GMAT scores increase in a short time. The GMAT Huantitative Gection consists of t-o types of "uestionsIData Gufficiency and ,roblem Golving. @t comprises &/ multiple;choice "uestions2 -hich you -ill have to ans-er in /5 minutes. The Huantitative section of the GMAT is rather challenging2 especially the Data Gufficiency part2 -hich is uni"ue to the GMAT. These are not the kinds of "uestions you are likely to have seen in college or high school2 so you have to familiari%e yourself -ith Data Gufficiency2 learn test;taking strategies2 and have substantial amounts of practice to succeed -ith the Huantitative Gection. GMAT;<one is a great GMAT prep companion -ith online access to more than 525 "uality practice "uestions that -ill help you boost your Test Gcores high

The 4erbal Gection is the last part of the test and includes +1 multiple;choice "uestions. Bou have /5 minutes to ans-er all of them. There are three maAor types of "uestions in this section IGentence )orrection2 )ritical 9easoning2 and 9eading )omprehension. ,ractice -ith GMAT;<one. @n no time2 you -ill build your stamina and learn ho- to use your brain to solve the most challenging GMAT problems. Great GMAT prep companion to classroom study & books for guaranteed score increase. dubai.gmatJprep; Tel5 !K/1 ( *5 3// 353K Tel5 !K/1 ( * + &5+ #K#K 1.; .2 Al;Attar To-er Gheikh <ayed 9oad2 Dubai2 $A0