The Metso Automation Neles ValvGuard™ system is intended to be used on applications where automated Emergency Shut Down (ESD) or Emergency Venting (ESV) valve testing is needed. Neles ValvGuard takes care of this testing automatically, using partial stroke testing where the ESD valve is closed only partially and not affecting the flow in the pipeline. A clear signal will be given to the control room of the status of valve (OK, testing, alarm). Based on the information data, plant production can be optimized and in case of need predictive maintanence plans can be made. Unnecessary and expensive manual testing can be avoided. This in long term can be a major cost saving at plant, without jeopardizing the plant safety rules.

The VG800X uses the standard 24 VDC input, which is normally used for solenoid valves, so no additional wiring is needed. Therefore installation costs are kept at minimal level. Neles ValvGuard system can be fitted into existing valve-actuator combination with custom made linkage parts. Typical applications are: ▫ Emergency Shut-Down (ESD), where such valves form part of the emergency plant shut-down isolation strategy to prevent plant over-pressure. ▫ Emergency venting (ESV), where such valves form part of the emergency plant shut-down de-pressurization strategy to prevent plant over-pressure. ▫ Other key on/off valve applications, where valve availability is essential or critical. The VG800X has no internal Iinks between modules. As a result, it is highly resistant to wear and to the effects of vibration. The rugged cover protects the unit from environmental hazards and external abuse. The basic enclosure is intrinsically safe according to ATEX, EEx ia IIC T5/ T6 - certification (for other certifications, see options).

Already existing intrumentation, for example quick exhaust valves, can be used to enhance the performance of the ESD-valve. Applications include the use with all on/off valves in process plants where the "availability" of such valves is perceived as critical for plant safety or operational control.

Economical and easy to use
Easy adjustment and parameter settings with local keypad and display, or by using HART connection and FieldCare software.

Built-in diagnostic capabilities accessed via the HART communication connection allow predictive maintenance based trend analysis. Graphical user interface, Neles FieldCare software can be linked into General Plant Management Systems.

9 VG 20 EN · Issue 10/2006

The VG800X carries the CE-mark concerning countries which belong to the European Economic Area.

Automatic test of emergency valve performance
Test intervals and stroke size can be preprogrammed as parameters into VG800X field device. Then partial valve stroke (PST) tests are done at prefixed time intervals that match the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) requirements of the particular application. Testing includes also a pneumatics test, which is used for testing the pneumatical parts of VG800X, like the spool valve and instrumentation.

TÜV Certificate
Neles ValvGuard has been approved by TÜV to be used in safety applications up to and including Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3).

Partial valve stroke and pneumatics tests. actuator cylinder pressure. circuit board temperature. ▫ Metal case provides Faraday cage effect to protect electronics from EMC interference. ▫ Tufram coating for corrosive atmosphere. ▫ The position sensor is immune to wear and unaffected by dirt. ▫ Conduit entries. Installation ▫ Suitable for rotary and linear spring-return pneumatic actuators in different sizes. valve leakage trend (optional). valve position. ▫ Rugged construction.M E T S O AU TO M AT I O N Excellent vibration resistance ▫ Contactless position feedback sensor and spool valve drive do not depend on mechanical links which can be affected by vibration. ▫ Position transmitter. ▫ Pressure gauge kit. the Remote Communication Interface (RCI) is mounted in the 24 VDC (other voltages optional) supply line. Breakaway pressure and load factor trend. Enclosure ▫ Intrinsically safe construction. Placed at the electric cross connection room (safety area). The VG800X field device contains a micro controller. ▫ Locking feature against parameter change. PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION Neles ValvGuard is actually a safety system rather than a discreet component. Parameter settings. ▫ Testing. Principle of the Neles ValvGuard concept is illustrated in figure above. Testing and Alarm. (1/2" NPT. aluminium alloy. ▫ No need for hand-held terminal during installation. small moving masses and modular design with few parts.5 or R1/2 with adapter) ▫ Leakage sensor. ▫ Built-in proximity limit switches. VG800X is powered by 24 VDC supply from the plant control -2- room. PG13. ▫ Position signal free of electrical disturbance ▫ Online monitoring. using HART communication protocol.g. OK. Smart technology enables programmable functions and communication between the control room and the remote device fitted to the ESD valve in the field. M20 x 1. FDT/DTM and EDD. output 4-20 mA. ▫ Protection class according to IEC IP65. The purpose of the RCI is to provide continuous real time status information between the VG800X and the control room. ▫ Configuration. The RCI also permits communication between a control room PC and the VG800X. Open Solution ▫ Neles ValvGuard support open communication technologies (FDT/DTM & EDD). . ▫ Protects against mechanical damage. valve leakage (optional). A Neles FieldCare software is used to interrogate. Leakage Sensor ▫ Possible increased leakage in the valve can be monitored and diagnosed with optional leakage sensor. ▫ Diagnostics. which enables remote configuration support for devices ▫ An embedded HART modem on the circuit board allows remote parameter settings and access to predictive maintenance system. Options ▫ Neles FieldCare software for remote configuration and diagnostic support (based on FDT/DTM technology). configure and collect data when connected to VG800X. Neles ValvGuard and it's information can be easily integrated to different control or safety PLC systems on site using open technolgies e. Local keypad and LCD display ▫ Time-saving self-calibration. ▫ Filter regulator. The added value which Neles ValvGuard system is expected to offer to customers is two fold: it lowers operations costs and increases safety. Three signal conditions are provided. Nema 4 and 4X.5.

5 mm2. 16. Division 2. to EN 61000-6-3 (2001) IEC 801-3 electromagnetic field. 0.64 Nm3/h (0.5 A RCI-module is located at electric cross connection room (safety area).. EN 50020. 94/9/EC ATEX -3- . Turning angle: min. 1/4 NPT. Actuator connection in accordance with VDI/VDE 3845 standard. Power Supply Material Aluminium Aluminium Stainless steel/aluminium Stainless steel/aluminium – – – Stainless steel Aluminium Stainless steel Plastic Plastic Rubber – 65 46 2 3 4 5 5 6 400 3 7 40 4 98 6 7 1 46 51 54 65 98 40 400 54 51 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS General Suitable for rotary and linear valves. level 3 IEC 801-4 Fast Transients.5 nF Lo ~ 0 H Electromagnetic protection Protection standards: Immunity acc..max. 95° RCI-Input: 21 .6 kg / 5. B.5 1/2" NPT. Local keypad functions Enclosure Anodized aluminium alloy. PC with HART modems together with Metso Automation DTM. R1/2 (PF1/2) (with adapter) 2. to EN 61000-6-2 (2001) Emission acc. C and D certification. 28 VDC -30 VDC. I < 10 mA Environmental influence Operational temperature: Material: Protection class: Pneumatic ports: Electrical connection: Conduit entry: -40 . PG 13.60 VDC optional).3 V DC. actuator vented 0. Acc. DD or EDD Electronics Supply voltage: Polarity protection: Voltage range: Maximum current: Max. Leakage sensor: 3.26 scfm). TÜV: Approved up to SIL 3 968/EL 156.5. VG 8 0 0 _ EXPLODED VIEW 2 CONSTRUCTION MODULES Item 1 CONSTRUCTION Housing Cover Prestage Spool valve Circuit board. Action: Single-acting.7 lbs. Screw terminal internals for 2. 45° .N E L E S VA LVG UA R D S YS T E M .30 VDC (30 .+ 85 °C / -40…+185 °F . EN 50284) or ATEX II 2 G EEx ia IIC T5/T6 (with options I01 and T1) and ATEX II 3 G EEx nL IIC T5/T6 (EN 50014. Intrinsically safe specification Terminals 1 & 3: Uo = 28 VDC Io = 120 mA Po = 1 W Co = 5. Nema 4 and 4 x. level 4 CE marking Electromagnetic compatibility: 89/336/EEC. 100 mA (RCI-VG800) 200 mA (RCI-Ex isolator-VG800). EN 50021) and Ex nL IIC T5/T6 (IEC 60079-15: 2001) and Ex N IIC T5/T6 (BS 6941: 1988) Non Incendive (NU): FM Class I. exhaust 41 Nm3/h (24 scfm) At 4 bar (58 psi) supply pressure: actuator pressurized 0.44 Nm3/h (0.01/05 Weight: Supply pressure: Air quality: Pneumatics 3.5-28 VDC (I-load ≈ 20 mA). Groups A. M20 x 1. Mode: Auto / Off Testing: Partial valve test / pneumatic test Calibration: Automatic / Manual Power-up: Off / On / CAL Normal position: Close / open Rotation: Clockwise / counterclockwise Protect (HART write): Off /On Actuator type: Rotary / Linear Approvals Intrinsically safe (X): ATEX II 1 G EEx ia IIC T5/T6 (EN 50014.5-7 bar / 50-100 psi (filter regulator mandatory). IP65. Control Position sensor Differential pressure sensor Shaft Protective cover Ear Coupling’s jacket Pointer Gasket Circuit board. to ISO 8573-1:2001 Solid particles: Class 5 (or 3-5 µm filtration) Humidity: Class 1 (or dew point 10 °C/ 50 °F below minimum temperature) Oil class: 3 (or <1 ppm) At 4 bar (58 psi) supply pressure: feed 36 Nm3/h (22 scfm).38 scfm) Capacity: Maximum air consumption: User interfaces Local: HART: 3 keys + LCD display. I = 100 mA Two (SPDT) Relay outputs of RCI-unit: 24 VDC.

5 1. mm / inch VG8_ 0.81 38 1.39 137 M6/10 104 16 -CE04 = 1/2 NPT -CE05 = M20x1.93 13.24 C2 (1.90 110 (35.98 25 F05-Ø50(VDI/VDE3845) (35.5 -CE06 = R1/2 (1.39 137 ø0.M E T S O AU TO M AT I O N DIMENSIONS.12) (3) 0.55 5.30 33 S 23.5 -CE06 = R1/2 VG8_I01.77 172 ø6 ø0.20 C2 5.87 39.5 0.8 1.5 6.30 33 C1 M6x12 4 0.83 23 1/4NPT PG13. VG8_T3 and VG8_I01NU PG13.76 46 1.90 21 0.39) 39.08 44 1.16 23 0.5 1.02) (26) 1/4 NPT 23 0.93 1.55 VG8_A1 (linear) 29 1.4) (1.9 0.05 S .60 117 1.90 137 5.02) (26) -4- 33 1.83 VG8_S1 (rotary) PG13.55 C1 2 0.87 (0.73 137 5.5 C2 4.16 M5 / 18 70 2.39 23 0.90 47.39 47.14 5 0.5 21 0.4) (1.39) M6 / 10 (VDI/VDE 3845) F05-ø50 4 0.49 23.16 26.30 S C1 33 1.5 0.5 1. VG8_T1.5 1.30 (35.4) (1.4) (1.59 ø15 -CE04 = 1/2 NPT -CE05 = M20x1.39) 55 2.39) RCI (35.

DC > 3 mA.+65 °C / -40 °F .5 Code: 635670 R1/2 (PF1/2) conduit entry nipples PG13. Installation with mounting bracket. Supply voltage 16. Non-incendive construction. Analog position feedback signal. Temperature range T5. T6. X 6. Temperature range for gauges -40°C. 2-wire connection (passive). output 4-20 mA..N E L E S VA LVG UA R D S YS T E M . type BELLOFRAM T51FR.+167 °F . C and D certification. Division 2. sign 5 9. KINAX 57-3W2.. sign 68 SPOOL VALVE Single action. basic material brass. Intrinsically safe according to ATEX II 2 G EEx ia IIC T5/T6 (EN 50014. +82 °C / -40 °F .5 .. sign 8 SERIES CODE 8. 2-wire type.+149 °F ....+149 °F . Division 2. IP65.. Groups A. Intrinsically safe according to ATEX II 2 G EEx ia IIC T6..5 / R1/2 Code: 856240 K CABLE GLANDS CG4 PG13. VG 2.. -40 °C. Linear motion.. CE04 CE05 CE06 CONDUIT ENTRY NIPPLES 1/2 NPT conduit entry nipples PG13. CONNECTIONS (S. Will be specified in the option sticker of positioner.. 2-wire connection (passive).. <1mA Non incendive according to FM Class I. scale bar/psi/kPa.5 . Not compatible with limit switch options I. +180 °F . T3 A1 YY ACCESSORIES FILTER REGULATOR Filter regulator for supply air. 5 4. EN 50284) or ATEX II 2 G EEx ia IIC T5/T6 (with options I01 and T1) and ATEX II 3 G EEx nL IIC T5/T6 (EN 50014. SL 9.+149 °F .. sign S1 ACTUATOR CONNECTION Rotary motion. 68 5.. EEx e -5- . nickel plated. +50 °C / +122 °F . I< 10 mA. 6. +70°C / -40°F . 1/2 NPT conduit entry (with adapter). VDI/VDE 3845 ear is supplied. -40 °C.. to be specified. sign). Temperature range -25 °C. 2. Temperature range -20 °C . Temperature range -40 °C. sign N A PRESSURE GAUGES No pressure gauges. The remote communication interface module (RCI) has to be specified separately. EN 50020) Electrical classification shall always be X (5.. D Electrical classification shall always be NU. 2-wire type. Not compatible with limit switch options I.28 VDC.. FM Class I.3 VDC. Pressure gauges. sign VG PRODUCT GROUP Neles ValvGuard for emergency shutdown valves. +158°F . including only the field device. NJ2-12GK-SN.5 conduit entry. PG 13. I01 ▫ K 1. 2 pcs. Applicable to linear actuators according to IEC 60534-6-1 with own linkage set... Camille Bauer. Temperature range -25 °C. -40 °C. +140 °F . sign ELECTRICAL CLASSIFICATION Intrinsically safe constructions Intrinsically safe construction.+176 °F . DC>3mA. Groups A.. Electrical classification shall always be X (5. Available only with option NU. NJ2-12GK-N.28 VDC. I01NU I02 X NU T1 Position transmitter Camille Bauer KINAX 3W2. Division 2.+75 °C / -40 °F .. < 1 mA. T6. sign).. Filter size 5 µm. C and D. Attachment face according to standard VDI/VDE 3845. < 1 mA.+65 °C / -13 °F . P+F. B. housing stainless steel. > 3 mA.. Temperature range -40 °C . FM Class I.+60 °C / -40 °F . equipped with an H-clip. VG 8 0 0 _ HOW TO ORDER Neles ValvGuard 1..5 Code: K0217 Blue/plastic.5 conduit entry nipples PG13. S1 7.. Glycerine filled. Supply voltage 16.. 3. Analog position feedback signal. Temperature range -40 – +51 °C / -40 – +124 °F . LEAKAGE SENSOR Acoustic sound sensor. EN 50020.. output 4-20 mA. P+F...5 / 1/2 NPT Code: 618300 M20x1. EN 50021) and Ex nL IIC T5/T6 (IEC 60079-15: 2001) and Ex N IIC T5/T6 (BS 6941: 1988) Temperature range T5. nickel platedhousing stainless steel. basic material brass. 8 3. C.. 4. When separate deliveries. scale bar/psi/kPa. glycerine filled. C2) 1/4 NPT I01 5. +65 °C / -4 °F . +149 °F . Intrinsically safe according to II 2 G EEx ia IIC T6. ATEX II 1 G EEx ia IIC T5/T6 (EN 50014. A large capacity filter regulator (not K) must be used for actuator bigger than BC 40 and BJ 32. B. Available only with option X.. A 8. Non incendive. Pressure gauge.+65 °C / -13 °F . Special construction. DC.5 / M20x1... P+F. B. sign LIMIT SWITCH Inductive proximity switches (I). Voltage: 3.+80 °C / -40 °F .. sign SL INPUT SIGNAL RANGE 0/24 VDC binary on/off-signal. NJ2-12GK-N.. 7. Groups A..

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