The Fallacy of Homophobia

Roy Blizzard III © 2013 In today’s orld e often hear ords tossed aro!nd so m!ch that they often become imbedded in o!r c!lt!re hether or not there is any tr!th or meanin" to them# for e$ample the ord %li&e' !sed by many yo!n" "irls as a sort of speech filler as opposed to the re"!lar meanin" of li&in" somethin"( )ftentimes# one "ro!p or the other ill ta&e or form!late for themsel*es one partic!lar ord or phrase and claim that for their o n# for e$ample the ord %"narly'( +oined by s!rfers in the ,0’s# "narly means diffic!lt# dan"ero!s# or challen"in"( -hile both of these e$amples !se ords in common speech# the first really has no meanin" hile the second does con*ey meanin"( There seems to be a third type of ord hich is *ery commonplace today and that is hat I o!ld call a fi"mentary ord( This o!ld be a ord that is ima"ined or created by a person in his or her mind and has become commonplace in speech# b!t in reality has .ero meanin" and is act!ally a dan"ero!s ord beca!se it con*eys a lie hile p!rportin" to be tr!th( /!ch is the ord %homophobia'( In order to see this ord and the lie it foists !pon the orld all e need to do it act!ally !nderstand this ord( This ord is based !pon the s!pposed meanin" in common c!lt!re of a %fear of homose$!als or homose$!ality'( B!t ho can this be0 The ord 1hobia act!ally denotes a medical condition 2 an$iety disorder# ith some type of a horrible panic or fear ith physical and mental res!lts( Ta&e 3rachnophobia as an e$ample4 hen one is afraid of spiders a competent physician can meas!re the fear by obser*in" the physical manifestations of that fear( The same "oes for 3"oraphobia 5 Fear of ide6open spaces# 3crophobia6 Fear of hei"hts# or 3ndrophobia6 Fear of men# or any other n!mber of phobias( Ho e*er# all these tr!e phobias ha*e one common denominator# %fear' that is meas!rable( /o ho is homophobia a fallacy0 Ha*en’t e been bombarded ith the idea that anyone ho isn’t comfortable ith the concept of homose$!ality is a homophobe0 Ha*en’t e enacted la s and re"!lations based !pon this ord and the fear of bein" branded a homophobe0 7es e ha*e# b!t hat if this ord is 8!st made !p and has .ero meanin"0 -hat if e ha*e been lied to# both the homose$!al comm!nity and the non6 homose$!al comm!nity ali&e and all those in positions of a!thority0 9et me as& all of yo! a :!estion# %Ho many non6homose$!al people do yo! &no that e$hibit meas!rable symptoms of fear hen in the presence of a homose$!al person0' I don’t mean ho many people may be !ncomfortable# non6!nderstandin"# bi"oted# or e*en hatef!l# b!t act!ally sho meas!rable symptoms of fear0 I can tell yo! the ans er# .;R)( It is an absol!te fallacy that men or omen e$hibit symptoms of fear hen aro!nd homose$!als( -hat is there to be afraid of0 3re e afraid e may be in the presence of a homose$!al and catch a bad case of it0 <o( 3ll the ar"!ments s!rro!ndin" this ord %Homophobia' are made !p# concocted to promote an a"enda( 9oo&# I don’t hate homose$!als( I don’t fear homose$!als( It is 8!st that homose$!al beha*ior doesn’t comp!te ithin my heterose$!al brain( That is all( It is *ery similar to

tryin" to feed +hinese lan"!a"e information into a comp!ter database that only !nderstands +==# yo! ill "et a %does not comp!te' messa"e( <o fear is e$hibited# 8!st an error messa"e( )!r non6homose$!al brain is !nable to process this data and "ain any !nderstandin" of it( I really don’t care if someone calls themsel*es a 1h> 1sycholo"ist or 1sychiatrist# if they are not a homose$!al there is no ay on this earth that they can comp!te in their brains the homose$!al beha*ior( They can clinically e$plain it and describe it and ha*e empathy for the homose$!al# b!t !nderstand it and ma&e it comp!te in their brains# <o ay? Impossible? If someone says they can# they are a liar( /o if this ord is fi"mentary and con*eys a lie# hat is the harm yo! as&0 The harm is that this lie of a fear of homose$!als ca!ses people to feel and belie*e o*er time that they act!ally are somethin" that they are not( @any times in ch!rches# pastors ill berate the con"re"ants and tell them they are orthless sinners# hen in reality they are not( 1astors do this to control the con"re"ants( Ho e*er# o*er time# people act!ally become hat they are told they are( If the Ao*ernment tells yo! lon" eno!"h and often eno!"h that some "o*ernment pro"ram is "ood for yo! e*en if it isn’t# yo! may be"in to belie*e that it really is "ood for yo!( That is the ay lies are( 3 lie told often eno!"h and lo!d eno!"h ill be"in to appear as tr!th to those ho are in tr!th % ea& minded'( 3 yo!n" man named >aley /a$ton said to me# %-hile physical symptoms of fear may not be *isible a lot of fol&s still treat "ays badly( 3nd to me yo! only attac& hat yo! fear( Treatin" someone badly beca!se they arenBt strai"ht to me is a physical symptom of fear(' -hile it is *ery tr!e that many people treat "ays badly# it is not necessarily a symptom of a phobia or many times not e*en a fear( Cs!ally it is a hatred centered in mis!nderstandin" and erroneo!s teachin" not a clinical symptom of a phobia s!ch as manifested in the s eats# panic etc( There may be some sort of a fear "oaded by hatred as a res!lt of lies ta!"ht# m!ch li&e the Dapanese p!blic had after bein" lied to by their Ao*ernment( -e as a society need to be"in to st!dy and !nderstand these ords and lies that are so freely bantered abo!t !s e*ery day# for in doin" so e may act!ally de*elop a clear pict!re of the a"endas of the orld that are desirin" to ma&e !s sheep and separate !s from o!r money and o!r control o*er o!r o n li*es and e may act!ally be"in to "et a ay from the hate filled rants of those ho thin& that people are homophobes ho in reality &no nothin" of others( 3nd act!ally homose$!ality sho!ld be one of o!r least orries( -e ha*e a "o*ernment and orld r!nnin" amo& and ars e*ery here and homes and li*elihoods bein" stole by the tho!sands by ille"al practices by D!d"es# "o*ernment a"encies and ban&s and e are orried abo!t homose$!als0 )!r children are &illin" themsel*es and others by the tho!sands beca!se of !s not instr!ctin" them ho they are created to be and hat they are to do and ho deh!manized they feel and e are orried abo!t someone statin" an honest non6politically correct opinion instead of a lie( It really is so sad that o!r ord is fed and r!n by lies and the distrib!tion of fear to the !ned!cated masses(