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Dr Grigori Grabovoi

Dr Grigori Grabovoi is the founder of the New Knowledge from Russia about organ and cell regeneration and his teachings focus on Rescue and Harmonious Development of humanity and the planet. Dr Grabovoi is a gifted scientist and mathematician as well as a great spiritual Being. He has received acclaim through official documents of the United Nations Organization. He was honored by the Russian Academy of Sciences with the silver medal of the Nobel Prize Award winner P.Pavlov for his "furthering of medicine and public health."

Dr Grabovoi is also an award winner of the International Academy of Sciences' competition on the topic "Nature and Society." He was awarded the Peter the Great medal for his contribution to the "revival of the science and economy of Russia."

Dr Grabovoi is a highly gifted seer, scientist , mathematician, healer and specialist in energy informatics. Dr Grabovoi has treated thousands of people and helped them overcome various chronic and acute ailments. All knowledge of informational technology related to the New Knowledge from Russia springs from Dr Grabovoi and his work is presented in its original and purest form by those licensed by him to teach and spread it.

We are very pleased to announce that Dr Grabovoi has given an official license to Dr Hazel Wardha to teach his work globally in English and to train and license potential teachers of his work. Dr Hazel Wardha is the only one in Australia, to date, who has been given the official license to teach his work by Dr Grigori Grabovoi.


About Us

Dr Arcady Petrov

Dr ARCADY Petrov graduated from Moscows World Information Distributed University as a Full professor, Ph.D. in poetry.

Professor Petrov has written many books in Russian that are now in the process of being translated and published in English: Consciousness Triumphs over Death, Regeneration of Teeth, Who are You, Human?, The Key to Super Consciousness, The Fourth Measurement Spiritual Aspect, The Sphere of the Moon, The Sphere of Mercury, The Sphere of Venus, The Sphere of the Sun and The Sphere of Mars. Please follow this link for the full list of titles currently available.

As president of the Centre of Bio-information Technologies, he is dedicated to ongoing research in the area of the "bio-information matrix of the person". This research focuses on discovering healing techniques through non-surgical methods and without medications, involving incurable diseases such as congenital or accidental blindness, cardiovascular and pancreas and other organ and health impairments. Dr Petrov says results in the treatment of hundreds of people with a variety of medical conditions have been highly successful. Some include full regrowth of previously removed organs and complete recovery from a variety of diseases in their last


About Us

stages, i.e.regeneration of diseased kidneys, gall bladders, inefficient pancreases, female reproductive organs, debilitated thyroid glands and the regrowing of teeth and hair. Results have been verified by independent medical experts using standard diagnostic equipment such as ultrasound and tomography with no cases involving surgical or medicinal intervention.

Dr Petrov's books in English are available at

Dr Hazel Wardha

Dr Hazel Wardha has been instrumental in introducing spiritual giants and pioneers of new systems of knowledge, healing and self development to the Australian and international public. She is a personal disciple of the late Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, the modern founder of Pranic healing and Arhatic Yoga. She introduced his courses to Victorians in 1998 and invited him to Australia for his first visit and teaching assignment in 1999. Dr Hazel Wardha has also hosted the seminars of Dr Masaru Emoto, an internationally known water scientist. She also invited Dr Makoto Schichida, the founder of right brain education schools in Japan and other countries to conduct a seminar in Melbourne.

Dr Hazel is an internationally certified Senior Pranic healer and Pranic Psychotherapist. She is the Director of the Ashish Institute for Inner Studies and co founder of the GMCKS Pranic healing Foundation of Australia and founder of the Pranic Education Institute of Australia and also GMCKS Pranic healers association of Australia. She has a great passion to communicate self healing and self development technologies to the international community. She does so selflessly and with unconditional love. She ran a busy homoeopathic, acupuncture and pranic healing practice in Glen Waverley .Dr Hazel has taught Master Choas work to thousands of people in Australia, Japan, Fiji and New Zealand and has lectured in London also.


About Us

Dr Hazel has written a trail blazing book called Homoeopathy: Do it yourself.A modern, easy prescriber for everybody.

She was also a senior lecturer and Reader at a University of Delhi college for a number of years. She was awarded a Ph.D. in English Literature from Monash University in Melbourne, after completing original research at Kings College in Cambridge, UK.

Her passion to help people transform and experience well being has led her to the technology of Dr Grigori Grabovoi and Dr Arcady Petrov as it is complementary to the healing modalities that she has specialized in.

Dr Hazel has been given an official licence to teach his work globally by Dr Grigori Grabovoi. To date, she is the only one in Australia who holds a licence to teach his work. She will shortly be presenting two courses of Dr Grabovoi, PROSPERITY IN BUSINESS, and PSYCHOLOGICAL WELL BEING.

Dr Hazel believes that every new era is given new knowledge and information. She has been trained by Dr Petrov and has been licensed to teach his work globally. To date, she is the only one in Australia who holds such a licence given by Dr Petrov. She has a busy teaching schedule covering many countries and enjoys sharing the new knowledge from Russia and observing many miracles taking place during the courses. She believes fervently that the Golden Age for the Planet is around the corner and works hard to help this to materialize. She conducts free weekly review sessions for those people who attend the Basic courses in Melbourne. She will continue to render such service to all who attend the courses . Free radio streaming online of the weekly review sessions for graduates of the Basic Petrov course onwards is available and helps those living outside Melbourne to access these valuable follow up training sessions.. She also conducts free weekly sessions for all those who have entered the Master Choa Kok Sui Arhatic Yoga course for the same reason, to create powerful beings of Love, Light and Power to serve the planet.

Dr Hazel believes that the New Knowledge from Russia is vital preparation for Earth beings to enter and experience the higher frequencies of energy entering our planet in its evolutionary process and movement towards fifth dimensional consciousness.


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