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Khetal Advisors facilitates acquisition of Versant Technologies by Aspire Systems The acquisition opens a $6 Billion Retail IT Market for

Aspire Bangalore, 23rd ecember, 2!"3: Khetal Advisors, Indias leading boutique investment banking firm, recently facilitated the 100% acquisition of yderabad!based I" firm, #ersant "echnologies $vt% &td% by As'ire (ystems% "his is the )rd transaction *hich Khetal Advisors have 'artici'ated in +,-01) 'roviding com'lete transactional su''ort, including 're'aration and marketing of the collaterals and structuring of the final transaction documentation% .ith this acquisition, As'ire (ystems *ill have com'lete access to #ersant "echnologies service 'ortfolio of /racle retail 'ractice and 01I 'ractice and client base across its offices in 2( and 3iddle 0ast% As'ire (ystems *ill be leveraging #ersant "echnologies leadershi' 'osition in 4etail /racle Im'lementation and (ervices in the 3iddle 0ast and e5'and its ca'acities across the globe% ('eaking on the occasion, Shash#at Kumar, $artner, Khetal Advisors said, 6#ersant is a market leader in /racle Im'lementation 7 (ervices in the 4etail s'ace8 it boasts of several marquee clients in the 3iddle 0ast region having e5ecuted com'le5 multi!store rollouts of the /racle (uite of $roducts for 4etail 9usinesses% As'ire *ould be able to leverage this unique e5'ertise and broaden their service offerings% As'ire *ould also, be adding several marquee customers in the 3iddle 0ast region and be able to e5'and their traditional /utsource $roduct 1evelo'ment (ervices to a ne* range of customers: "he 'rocess of acquisition had started in ;une of -01) and by end of +, -01) As'ire (ystems *ill have com'lete o*nershi' of all assets and infrastructure of #ersant "echnologies across all its offices% As'ire *ill be retaining all the 'ersonnel of #ersant and *ould be e5'anding the *orkforce as it integrates the ne*ly acquired business% 6Khetal Advisors is a market leader for facilitating acquisitions in the I" s'ace in India% It *as a natural choice that *e consulted *ith them for this transaction% "hey *ere able to highlight our unique ca'abilities and leverage *hat *e believe to be our core strengths to find a suitable 'artner in the form of As'ire% "hey have guided us *ith their 'roficiency across the transaction in several key areas and hel'ed us navigate com'le5 legal, 4 and ta5ation issues%:, said %aidu arapaneni, founder, Versant Technologies& About Versant Technologies' #ersant "echnologies is a global soft*are technology com'any *ith in!de'th e5'erience and s'eciali<ation in /racle 4etail Im'lementation, 0nter'rise A''lication Integration =0AI>, 0lectronic 1ata Interchange =01I> and (oft*are 1evelo'ment% #ersant is based in yderabad *ith additional offices in 3iddle 0ast and 2(%

About Aspire Systems' As'ire (ystems is a global technology services firm headquartered in ?hennai and has offices across 2(, 2K, @ermany and 2A0% "heir service 'ortfolio 'roduct encom'asses engineering, enter'rise transformation, inde'endent testing services and I" infrastructure su''ort services% As'ire (ystems has over A0 clients and hel's them leverage technology and outsourcing in their s'ecific areas of e5'ertise% About Khetal Advisors' Khetal Advisors is a boutique investment banking firm *hich 'rovides financial advisory for 37A and #?B$0 transactions *ith s'ecific focus on I" and I" enabled businesses% An entre'reneur focused a''roach, strong market net*ork and in!de'th kno*ledge of the technology industry has hel'ed Khetal 7 Agra*al Advisors to establish itself as a go!to!banker firm for mid si<e "echnology firms% +or more information, 'lease visit: htt':BB***%khetal%comB (or media queries, please contact' ;esus 3ilton! CCDE1C1-EFB miltonG'rhub%com 1hanya Hambiar! CFD)FF0F)-B dhanyaG'rhub%com