April 13, 2008

ABDUCTED: Martin McGartland

McGartland Provos face cop quizzing

IRA touts Jim ‘Filter’ McCarthy and Paul ‘Chico’ Hamilton will be arrested for questioning about the abduction of top spy Martin McGartland. The PSNI are currently in talks with McGartland’s MI5 security minders to arrange a secure location to interview him about his kidnapping. McGartland revealed that the PSNI confirmed to him this week that they will take a fresh statement from him about the events of 1991. Detectives from Antrim Road CID are currently reviewing the original RUC investigation files. “I don’t think there was any proper investigation into my kidnapping. And I think that will be borne out when the police look back at my case files,’’ McGartland told the Sunday World from his secret hideaway. “And I think the reason why there wasn’t a proper investigation because both men were security force agents and people in the security forces were trying to protect them.’’ McGartland – who was codenamed Agent Carol by his Special Branch handlers – said that his every move on August 8, 1991, was being monitored. He said that the Tasking and Co-ordinating Group (TCG) Belfast, which was made up of RUC Special Branch, MI5 and British Military Intelligence, were watching him being taken out of Sinn Fein’s Connolly House headquarters in west Belfast. “I was held from 10:30am until 6pm on the August 8, 1991 in a flat in Broom Park at gun point by ‘Chico’ and McCarthy and a third IRA man until I jumped from the 3rd storey window falling 40 feet to the ground. “This time when CID come calling both McCarthy and Hamilton will have the opportunity to give their version of events. “Things are going to become very embarrassing for both men because on the day of the kidnap, I was being followed continually by MI5, Special Branch and also undercover soldiers. “It is known that such operations were filmed and there will be photographic surveillance on file.”

LOYALIST hitman Paul Beattie escaped death when UVF gunmen were forced to abort two planned attacks on their former comrade.
The Sunday World can reveal that on two separate occasions in the last few weeks a three men hit-team have tried to kill 38-year-old Beattie – himself a self confessed killer and one time UVF member.

It is understood two men from the Sandy Row area and one from Donegall Pass have been tailing their target for some time.
But it is thought Beattie was tipped off and he was able to avoid attack. Each time they turned up at his east Belfast flat he was not at home. The PSNI informed Beattie last week that a fresh death threat had been issued and it is understood he has gone into hiding. It’s the latest in a series of threats and attacks against the father of one. Last August in an explosive interview he told the Sunday World of his career as a UVF hitman.

After serving a 14 year jail sentence he turned his back on the organisation, which was enough to have the death penalty passed on him. He claimed he was “fitted up’’ for the attempted murder of UDA man Curtis Moorehead on Sandy Row as a way of justifying attempts on his life. He insists he had nothing to do with the attack on Moorehead. “I had nothing to do with the attempt on Curtis’s life. Nothing at all,’’ he said. “I was an easy scapegoat for the then leadership. It was also payback for me not doing what I was told to.’’ He suffered serious gunshot wounds when masked men burst into his home and shot him three times leaving him never saw them again. unable to walk without the “I have done plenty of things aid of a stick. in my life but I have put my He fled the city but last hands up to all of them, but tryyear felt it was safe enough ing to kill Curtis Moorehead to return. Within days of his and being a member of the LVF return to the Donegall Road aren’t any of them.” area of the city the UVF Beattie joined the UVF as a were at his door asking him 22-year-old and quickly to re-join the organisation. became one of their most “I couldn’t believe it was active members. happening all over again. All I Beattie told the Sunday wanted to do was to get on World he was a killer and with my life in peace.’’ described how they would tail During the loyalist feud of their targets over a prolonged 2005 his former pals claimed period before mounting their Beattie had jumped ship and attacks. As soon the killing joined the ranks of bitter rivals had been carried out the the LVF, pointing to his jail shooters would get cleaned up house association with Billy and go to the pub for a pint. Wright and Robin ‘Billy’ King. The Sunday World under“Yes I knew Billy King but stands the UVF would not I knew them when I was claim responsibility for the inside and they were still shooting but that it would be part of the UVF. passed off as a “drug related’’ “As soon as the split hap- killing. pened and I got out of jail I richard.sullivan@nth.sundayworld.com

INJURIES: Paul Beattie must now walk with a walking stick after he was shot. Below: Beattie in the UVF wing in jail