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Pallas Athena Distribution Has Published a Book About Arabic Linguistics Written

by Joyce Åkesson

The Complexity Of The Irregular Verbal And Nominal Forms & The Phonological
Changes In Arabic by Joyce Åkesson has been published by Pallas Athena
Distribution. The 8.9 x 5.9 paperback in the Language and Lingusitics category is
available at Amazon for the discounted price of $40.74, which is a 20 per cent
reduction from the original retail price of $52.00.

Lund, Sweden, September 02, 2009 -- This book will serve as a basis for a
developed study of the morphological classes of the irregular verbal and nominal
forms and the main phonological changes that occur in the Arabic language. For
this purpose, the author presents and studies the forms of the doubled, hamzated,
verb with first, 2nd or 3rd weak radical, and the verb that is doubly weak. The
existence of a doubled segment, a hamza or a weak segment in the word can result
in different phonological changes which lead it from one base form to a derived
form. The author adopts an original model which takes into consideration the
succession of different segments occurring in one word, and in some cases, in two
words following each other. With its numerous references, this comprehensive work
is likely to stimulate further research and is an invaluable resource for
intermediate and advanced students of Arabic and for anyone interested in the
Arabic language and linguistics.

Deftly constructed at 268 pages, The Complexity Of The Irregular Verbal And
Nominal Forms & The Phonological Changes In Arabic is being promoted to
appropriate markets with a focus on the Language and Linguistics category.

ISBN: 978-9197764124
Format: 8.9 x 5.9 x 0.8 inches
SRP: $40.74 from Amazon

About the Author:

Joyce Akesson has studied the Semitic languages at Lund's University, Sweden, and
has previously been a lecturer there during many years.

Beside the present book, she is the author of "Arabic Morphology and Phonology:
Based on the Marah Al-Arwah by Ahmad B. Ali B. Masud (Studies in Semitic Languages
and Linguistics), Brill Academic Publishers (July 2001) and "Ahmad B. 'Ali B.
Mas'Ud on Arabic Morphology Marah Al-Arwah: Part 1:The Strong Verb (Studia
Orientalia Ludensia, Vol 4), Brill Academic Publishers (October 1990).

She has also published several articles about Arabic linguistics in two Journals,
the Journal of Arabic Linguistics (the ZAL or Zeitschrift für Arabische
Linguistik) Wiesbaden, and the previous Acta Orientalia, Denmark. She has also
written a lemma about sarf "morphology/phonology in the Encyclopaedia of Arabic
Language and Linguistics, vol. 4. Leiden: Brill, 2009.

Joyce Åkesson
Pallas Athena Distribution
Lund, Sweden
+46 +46 134561