A preposition serves to connect its object with the rest of a sentence.

In doing so, a preposition indicates the relationship of the idea expressed in the prepositional phrase to the ideas expressed In the rest of the sentence. The table below gives the most usual meanings of English prepositions. Each meaning is illustrated by an example. About 1. n the subject of! This is a story about elephants. ". Approximately! #e is about ten years old. Above 1. #igher than$ over! The plane flew above the clouds. ". Earlier on a page! There is a heading above each diagram. Across 1. %rom one side to the other! &e wal'ed across the field. ". n the other side of! There is a store across the street. After 1. (ater in time! after ten o)cloc'$ after lunch ". (ater in a series! * comes after + in the alphabet. ,. In pursuit of! The dog ran after the cat. Against 1. In opposition to! Theft is against the law. ". Touching$ supported by! I leaned my bicycle against the wall. Along 1. %ollowing the length of! &e wal'ed along the road. Among 1. &ithin a group! The money was shared among three people. Note: In formal English, among is usually used only when referring to more than two persons or things. In contrast, between is used when referring to two persons or things. Around 1. -ircling something! &e wal'ed around the bloc'. ". .urrounding! There is a fence around the garden. ,. In different parts of! I loo'ed around the house for the 'eys. /. In the other direction! &e turned around and went bac' home. 0. Approximately! #e is around six feet tall. At 1. ". ,. /. 0. A specific location! at ", -hestnut .treet$ at the par' A point in time! at 0 o)cloc'$ at -hristmas A condition! at peace$ at war$ at rest An activity! at wor'$ at school$ at play Towards! (oo' at someone$ wave at someone

An intermediate time! between -hristmas and 3ew 6ear)s 7ay . ". Note the differing meanings of beside and besides. &hen referring to a location as an area. Except! I have read all but the last chapter. (ower than$ under! below free2ing$ below sea level ". or when referring to a unit of time longer than a day. Between 1. at is usually used. Beside is usually used with reference to a physical location. By 1. An intermediate amount! between five and ten people 0. Also$ as well as! &e study other languages besides English. comes before T in the alphabet. Earlier in a series! . Besides 1. %arther than! The mountains lie beyond the hori2on. on is usually used.Note! &hen referring to a specific location or to a point in time. at -hristmas$ on -hristmas day$ in the -hristmas holidays Before 1. 3ear! a house by the sea . in is usually used. Earlier in time! before two o)cloc'$ before -hristmas ". Behind 1. e. But 1. -ause$ origin! &ho was behind that idea1 Below 1. At the bac' of! The little girl hid behind her mother. 3ext to$ at the side of! I sit beside her in class. (ate! I am behind in my wor'.. Note: But is used more often as a conjunction than as a preposition. &ithin a group of two! The money was shared between two people. Beyond 1.in the alphabet. An intermediate location! Toronto lies between 4ontreal and 5ancouver. ". %urther than$ exceeding! That was beyond my expectations. /. &hen referring to a certain street or a certain day.. Beneath 1. (ower than$ below! beneath the earth Beside 1.g. ". . (ater on a page! %ootnotes are provided below the text. Intermediate in a series! 8 comes between A and .

/. 9.he wor's during the day. In 1..". =. . 0..: people were present.. &ithin a certain time! I will return in an hour. 3ot later than! Try to finish the wor' by next wee'.ource! I first heard the story from you. +urpose! I bought this jac'et for you. . 8y means of! write in pencil$ spea' in English -ondition! in doubt$ in a hurry$ in secret A member of! #e is in the orchestra$ in the navy &earing! the boy in the blue shirt &ith reference to! lac'ing in ideas$ rich in oil .ometime within a period! An accident occurred during the night. +ast! #e waved as he drove by the house.. From 1. ". . ".. Except 1. +lace of origin! &e left from 8oston$ he comes from 4exico ". .he left for 3ew 6or'. ". . /. Throughout a period! . ". 3ot including! I have visited everyone except him. In spite of! &e wal'ed downtown despite the rain.tart of a range! From ": to . 7uration of time! &e wal'ed for two hours. 7istance! I wal'ed for five 'ilometers. +lace thought of as an area! in (ondon$ in Europe &ithin a location! in the room$ in the building (arge units of time! That happened in 4arch. %urther along! #e lives down the street.tart of a period of time! from now on$ from yesterday until today . 0. Concerning 1. /. During 1. In the direction of! . 9. . -ause! #e suffers from nervousness. /. in 1. For 1. To a lower position! The ball rolled down the hill.". 0. In favor of! &e are for the proposal. 0. Down 1.. In units of! cheaper by the do2en$ sold by weight Through the means of! travel by plane$ written by him Note: By is often used in combination with verbs in the +assive 5oice. -onsidering! The boy is clever for his age. Despite 1. . . -onnected with$ about! #e studies everything concerning trees. <.

unday. ". "inus 1. 8e in a suitable mood for! I feel li!e going swimming. ". /. 9. ". Appearing possible! It loo's li!e rain. 3ot on$ away from! +lease 'eep off the grass. %acing! The library is opposite the fire station. Touching the surface of! on the table$ on the wall A certain day! That happened on . To a position on! The child climbed onto the table. ".he went out$of the room. . >esembling! That loo's li!e him. -hange of condition! The boy changed into a man.Inside 1. 4aterial! The bridge is made out$of steel. To the outside of! . (ess! Three minus two e?uals one. #pposite 1. #ut$of 1. Into 1. ". 0. i!e 1. -lose to! near the school$ near the ocean #f 1. . A certain street! on .. . ". %rom among! &e won two games out$of three. on the 9th of @une.outh . /. #n 1.. To the inside of! &e stepped into the room.. Near 1.treet About! a boo' on engineering A state or condition! on stri'e$ on fire$ on holiday 8y means of! live on a pension$ shown on television #nto 1. 8eyond! out$of control$ out$of danger #utside . 0. 4otive! &e spo'e to them out$of politeness. &ithin! They are inside the house. . (ocation! east of here$ the middle of the road +ossession! a friend of mine$ the sound of music +art of a group! one of us$ a member of the team 4easurement! a cup of mil'$ two meters of snow #ff 1. At some distance from! There are islands off the coast.. /.

I have 'nown him for six months..1.g. Ap to and beyond! I wal'ed past the house. Note: 8ecause of its meaning. at the beginning of a sentence. #owever. for is usually followed by a phrase referring to a period of time$ whereas since is usually followed by a phrase referring to a specific time. 8eyond the limits of! outside my experience #ver 1. &ince 1. Across$ from end to end of! the main road through town ". %or each! 9: 'ilometers per hour$ price per liter %lus 1. %rom a specific time in the past! I had been waiting since two o)cloc'. when used with reference to time. /. 8eyond! past belief %er 1. I have 'nown him since @anuary. which refers to a specific time. %ast 1. Across! I jumped over a puddle. In every part of! throughout the world ". %rom a past time until now! I have been waiting here since noon. which refers to a period of time. ". e. &ith the addition of! .'ill improves through practice. %or the whole of a period! throughout the winter (ill Note: (ill can be used instead of until. (hroughout 1. 8y means of! . %or the whole of a period! I slept through the night. n the outer side of! outside the house ". 4ore than! It cost over ten dollars$ it too' over an hour 0. . (hrough 1. #owever. It should be noted that the preposition for can also be used with a perfect tense. ". for is followed by six$months. 8y means of! &e made plans over the telephone. 9. In the first example.. the preposition since is usually used in combination with a perfect tense.ix plus four e?uals ten. . ". -overing! &e spread an extra blan'et over the bed. .. After Bin timeC! It was past " o)cloc'$ half past two . 7uring! I saw him several times over the past wee'. Above$ higher than! There are cupboards over the sin'. In the second example. since is followed by 'anuary. until is usually used.

. legalC! The next game is England versus Australia. as in once$upon$a$time. As good as$ ready for! #is wor' is up$to standard. ". 8y means of$ using! I repaired the shoes with glue. 8elow. (ess than! )nder 1:: people were present.he lives up the hill. 9. Accompanying! #e came with her$ I have my 'eys with me. as in to rely$ upon someone. ". )p$to 1. and following certain verbs. /. )nder 1.. 8y way of! #e went to (os Angeles via .. ". 7epending on! The decision is up$to you. In a higher place! . As part of infinitive! I li'e to s'i$ he wants to help. /. *ia 1. 4anner! with pleasure$ with ease$ with difficulty 0. +ith 1. In order to! &e went to the store to buy soap. #aving$ containing! #ere is a boo' with a map of the island. . Against Bsports. .he will stay until %riday$ until 0 p. To a higher place! &e went up the stairs. )p 1. )pon Note: #n and upon have similar meanings. In the direction of! Turn to the right. 7estination! I am going to >ome. <.. . Ap to a certain time! . "..an %rancisco. As far as! up$to now$ I have read up$to page 1::. 8eneath! under the des'$ under the trees ". Antil! from 4onday to %riday$ five minutes to ten -ompared with! They prefer hoc'ey to soccer. (oward Bor (owardsC 1. 0. &ith indirect object! +lease give it to me.m. 8ecause of! &e were paraly2ed with fear. ". In the direction of! &e wal'ed toward the center of town. *ersus 1. )pon may be used in certain expressions.(o 1. 3ear$ just before BtimeC! It rained towards evening. . under! underneath the carpet )ntil 1. In circumstances of! under repair$ under way$ under discussion )nderneath 1.

She went to (ome __________ France. to" %. nderneath" %3.e looks ________ his brother. For example: #hey live __ '+1 So thdale 4ven e. o t of" 1). via" ). took my hat ________ the table. among" 4nswers %. !at. on" #he meeting will take place on # esday. . water changes _________ steam. . __________ the danger. !in.e opened the box ________ a screwdriver. on" '. p" 13. !abo t. Paying attention to the meanings of the prepositions. #his train travels from $ondon ______ Paris. in. For example: She made a speech _____ the f t re of the school. into" 11. witho t" 10. !between. !at. fill in the blanks with the most appropriate prepositions chosen from those given in brackets. !at.+ithin 1. #he store is open daily ________ *onday to Friday. with" 1. like" /. D comes _______ C and E in the alphabet. between. !between. &e stood at the back ______ the theater. 6oct rnal animals s ally sleep __________ the day. !of. off" -. from" +. 1. !o t of. Paying attention to the ses of the prepositions among. aro nd" She made a speech abo t the f t re of the school. ! ntil. . !despite. . except" 1+. !d ring. p to" 1-. !of. past" 11. #he meeting will take place __ # esday. &hen it is heated. b t" 1'. !vers s. !of. will work _________ five o2clock. at. A comes __________ B in the alphabet. Inside of! within twenty minutes$ within one 'ilometer +ithout 1. 5o have delivered all of the papers __________ this one. !before. fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions chosen from those given in brackets. . !opposite. !along. on" #hey live at '+1 So thdale 4ven e. off" 1%. #he treas re was hidden __________ the earth. !despite. besides. 3ot having! 7o not leave without your coat$ without money 1. beside. o t of" 0. . ! nder. beyond" D comes between C and E in the alphabet. went to work ____________ my mbrella. &e walked __________ the resta rant. 4t three o2clock we reached the top _______ the hill. #he children ran ________ the school. he decided to climb the mo ntain. !at. #he s7 irrel ran _________ the wall. for. !despite. on and since. behind" 1/. !of. !for. #he bank is _________ the school.

since" -. since" '. yo sho ld write the name of yo r next ______ kin.&e have been traveling ___ several days. she always seems to be _______ a h rry. &e expect them ______ &ednesday. Fill in the blanks with the missing prepositions. !for. !for. . Since the resta rant is s ally crowded. . &e waited __________ fifteen min tes. ). between" ). so as not to dist rb the sleeping baby. it is advisable to make reservations _________ advance. !at. #here are many possibilities __________ the ones . &e walked o t of the room ________ tiptoe. &e will be gone ________ two days. !among. have known her __________ last year. in" 10. 9ol mb s crossed the 4tlantic ______ 1)1%. bro ght the wrong book by mistake. have known him ________ three years. She has been working _____ six o2clock this morning. _________ example oranges and lemons. #he play begins ______ seven thirty. !for. !in. besides" /. on" 4nswers '. on" 13. !among. #he cat was sitting ___________ the stove. /.is birthday is ______ the 0th of :an ary. in" 11. 9itr s fr its. since" She has been working since six o2clock this morning. !at. #he store is located ______ 6orth Street. since" 1'. $eslie and Sarah will disc ss the matter _________ themselves. since" 1.e has been gone __________ Friday. besides" 1+. . !beside. *any foods ____________ milk contain calci m. &e made o t the report ________ triplicate. !at. since" &e have been traveling for several days. !beside. '. . !at. 1. re7 ire a long growing season. #om and his friend will divide the money ___________ themselves. between" 1%. . . !for. on" +. 1. 8eca se we have no car. . -. . was __________ breath after r nning p the long flight of stairs. #he movie seemed to go on forever. 8ridget. !for. in" %3. #hey will be ret rning ______ 6ovember. +. we go everywhere ________ foot. %. . She is so b sy. 1. on" 1-. since" 1/. on" 1). have mentioned. !in. . !at. !in. She is leaving ______ five min tes. on" %. bro ght the wrong book __ mistake. For example: She wants to leave __ once. . !beside.nside yo r passport. 0. besides" 11. in" 0. b t _______ last it was over. She will call s ______ half an ho r. !at. !for.e lives ______ 11 #ower (oad. !for. !at. will arrive ______ six o2clock. She wants to leave at once.

8efore long. !on" 0. we can see that important changes have taken place. >nder those circ mstances. #o save money. see her occasionally. #he boy left his books at school deliberately. &hen looking back over past events.er paintings are being exhibited at the library. we s ally b y flo r and rice _______ b lk. we began to nravel the mystery. Since we cannot find a place to live. the ship had cast off and was moving. 1%. !by" %. #here are no =ob openings in the company now. !on" ). . For example: She came p nct ally. wanted was o t _______ loan. !in" 1/. 1+. 8eca se of its importance. !on" She came on time. . ?rad ally. &e have a large variety of prod ce available. 1). !at" 1). we sho ld proceed ca tio sly. we are staying at a cheap hotel. . 10. 11. . co ld see immediately that something was wrong. Since he is not very tr stworthy. !in" 13. !in" 1'. #here is a great deal to be won or lost. !in" 4nswers . we st died the report ______ detail. !from" %3. 4t an intersection. . b t the book . ________ the time being. . She knows h ndreds of poems _______ heart. 1-. !at" 1-. @oes the store have any paint br shes available. <ccasionally we have a picnic by the river. !o t of" /. *any people believe birds are incapable of reasoning. we had to take his story ______ tr st. 4ll of the clothes sold in this store were made _______ hand. Since he co ld offer s no proof. !at" 11. the clo ds dispersed and the s n became brighter. it was not obvio s what to do.13. ! nder" -. want to speak to yo not in front of other people. 4t the beginning. !to" . 11. !at" +. pedestrians s ally have the right _______ way. 4nswers ).ncidentally. #he two friends sat beside one another. !by" 10. . went to the library. !at" 11. b t ______ fact. For each nderlined word or phrase. !on" 1. heard that there is a sale at the bookstore. $ittle _______ little. 1. #he niversity operates with a very small amo nt of money. s bstit te an idiom containing the preposition indicated in brackets.is remarks were brief and to the point. %3. &hat do yo do as a profession. !on" 1%. . 1/. !by" 1+.is remarks were brief and relevant. !for" '. 1'. #he violin strings are not at the correct pitch. . some birds are 7 ite intelligent. advise yo to take what he says ________ a pinch of salt.

Pay close attention _______ the traffic signals. She takes an active interest ______ comm nity events. on" 1'. !for. !from. have no recollection ______ the event. @o yo have any proof ______ that. was anxio s ________ her. She has a good attit de ______ her =ob. with" 1/. Photographic film is sensitive ______ light. A een of Scots. . !for. on" ). to" +. !of. Paying attention to the no ns which are s ally followed by certain prepositions. People often make f n ______ what they do not nderstand. to" %. &e soon took command _______ the sit ation. . #he report sho ld shed some light _______ the sit ation. !from. &e played a =oke ______ him. on" %.e is descended ________ *ary. to" /. !on. !for. 5o sho ld make allowances _______ their lack of experience. !of. !for. &e will take a s rvey ______ the participants. . of" -. . !on. have faith ______ their good intentions. !in. !of. to" 13. !abo t. !in. have confidence _______ his ability. to" @o yo have any ob=ection to my plan. !for. for" #he design of most comp ters is based __ binary arithmetic. 9otton is more resistant _______ fire than nylon is. !for. to" 10. fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions chosen from the pairs given in brackets. !for. to" ). !of. !abo t. on" #he design of most comp ters is based on binary arithmetic. 1. fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions chosen from the pairs given in brackets. to" %3. !in. to" 0. of" +. 4fter the show. with" 1-. Seals are adapted ______ life in the water. of" 1. on" 4nswers -. with" 1). on" 11. Paying attention to the ad=ectives which are s ally followed by certain prepositions. She was praised _______ her achievements. the radio station was besieged ________ telephone calls. For example: &e were c rio s _____ what they were doing. #hat is only one example ______ what . to" '. !of. For example: @o yo have any ob=ection ___ my plan. received no reply _____ my letter. to" . with" 0.+. !abo t. . of" 11. . *issing the b s is no exc se _______ being late. to" 1+. !at. . &ho else has access ______ the comp ter files. !of. mean. !for. !of. toward" She has a good attit de toward her =ob. in" -. of" 1%. for" &e were c rio s abo t what they were doing. !for. &e are ready _______ anything. of" /. !of. She has a rep tation _______ having the ability to deal with any sit ation. to" '. !for. !for.e has a talent _______ p tting people at ease. !for. 1. !of. !of. #hey are constantly finding fa lt _______ other people. #here is a lack _______ information on this s b=ect.

!for. 5o need to concentrate ________ what yo are doing. She likes to participate ________ extrac rric lar activities. !of. !of.e is well 7 alified _______ the =ob. of" %3.e s bscribes ______ fo r magaBines. !of. !for. !of. #he p blic library is accessible ________ everyone. !of. 4re yo aware ________ the risks involved. !of. with" 1/. was pleased ________ the res lts. to" 11. &e are satisfied ________ the arrangement. 5o ng children are often s spicio s ______ strangers. of" %. !against. to" %3. to" ). from" 1-.e is engaged _______ starting a b siness. . on" '. on" +. !for. &e are pro d _______ o r accomplishments. with" 4nswers /. on" 10. !in. #hey cooperated ____ one another. 1. to" 1%. in" 10.e likes listening __ m sic. #he problem stems ________ a lack of proper training. #hey were over=oyed ______ the news. of" 1'. to" 1/. to" 1%. !of. minerals. #he dog barked ______ the mailman. !in. from" -. with" 13. !for. Paying attention to the verbs which are s ally followed by certain prepositions. . !for. !for. . fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions chosen from the pairs given in brackets. !for. with" 0. !for. She loves to 7 ote ________ Shakespeare2s plays. !of. with" #hey cooperated with one another. Please refrain ________ smoking. to" 1-. !into. !for. !of. She is interested _______ animals. #hey registered _______ the co rse. &here the event will be held depends ______ the weather. !from. with" /. on" 13.eat and light radiate ________ the s n. !from. 4 balanced meal consists _______ vitamins. proteins and carbohydrates. !to. #he st dents protested __________ the high st dent fees. For example: . with" 1). &e apologiBed ________ o r absence. with" 4nswers ANSWERS TO THE EXERCISES for Cha ter !" . to" 1'. to" . #he two children stared ______ each other. &e rely ________ the city b s service. $ack of exercise can be detrimental ______ one2s health. !from. !at. with" 1+.e paid ________ the meal. !at.e likes listening to m sic. to" 11. . in" 11. . !for. to" 1). 4 knowledge of mathematics is essential ________ an engineer. !for. !at. !to. #wenty people applied ________ the =ob. !on. !on. @o yo conc r ________ my concl sions. &e do not approve ________ that type of behavior. 4re yo familiar ________ the proced res. with" 1+. with" 1.1. . with" 11.

against -. at the moment. ntil 13. off -. among 1%. with 11. from time to time. in private. of 1+. d ring %3. of '. for 11. 11. from %. 8it by bit or 8y degrees or $ittle by little. beside. at 1. at 1'. witho t 10. on hand. o t of ). to %. at 1%. side by side. like /. &e have been traveling DDD several days. 1). in 10. from +. 1. on ". 1+. of %3. in %.he has been wor'ing since six o)cloc' this morning. . by 10. for 1/. to 1+. for 0. before 1/. besides 11. on p rpose. for -. on 13. of 1%. . fill in the blan's with the correct prepositions chosen from those given in brac'ets. on +. for. past 11. %3. abo t '. of /. of 13. for 13. sinceC . 4nswers to Cxercise +: 1. in 10. Tower >oad. <nce in a while 13. in /. on 1). besides. for 0. for %.outhdale Avenue. at 11. on 1'. Bat. of %3. Bfor. for 1/.n retrospect. on '.outhdale Avenue. for a living. for 11. in 10. with 0. on and since. in +. Tom and his friend will divide the money DDDDDDDDDDD themselves. with 1+. @espite 1+. in 11. to /. in stock. 1'. from ). on 1'.. Bfor. to 1-. in. %. 1/. on %. o t of 0. by %3. opposite 1). ). in 11. sinceC &e have been traveling for several days. of /. of 1'. at stake. from -. for 11. of 4nswers to Cxercise ): 1. on +. between. on display 0. between ). b t 1'. +. . onC The meeting will ta'e place on Tuesday. into 11. of -. with 1). with 1/. The meeting will ta'e place DD Tuesday. with 1/. on 4nswers to Cxercise ': 1. beside 1+. #e lives DDDDDD 1. . of 1%. in 1). at 0. by 1-. of 4nswers to Cxercise -: 1. at. to ). since 1. 1%.he has been wor'ing DDDDD six o)cloc' this morning. Bat. at 1-. for 1/. in 1. in -. for 1. from 1-. 11. 10. .0. with 1%. 1. in %3. since 1'.0. to 1%. to +. in 1. on a shoestring. to 4nswers to Cxercise /: 1. '. from 1). in 13. to '. of 1-. &e will be gone DDDDDDDD two days. nder 1-. for 1). for +.4nswers to Cxercise 1: 1. %or example! They live DD . onC ". at %. along 4nswers to Cxercise %: 1. for %3. with 1. on 1+. +aying attention to the uses of the prepositions among. besides /. onC They live at . for '. see at a glance. 4t that rate. to 13. Bamong. nder way. in 10. on '. 8y the way. o t of t ne. 4t first 1-. in 11. -. via ). or at present. /. of 11. Bat. Bfor. of ). to 0. sinceC .

onC 1:. onC Answers Answers to Exercise "! 1. for 1<. among 1". 1:. -itrus fruits. 4any foods DDDDDDDDDDDD mil' contain calcium. I brought the wrong boo' by mista'e. The movie seemed to go on forever. 1. #e has been gone DDDDDDDDDD %riday. we go everywhere DDDDDDDD foot. &e expect them DDDDDD &ednesday. in 1=. 1/.. Bamong. some birds are ?uite intelligent. .. on 1/. . Bin. &e waited DDDDDDDDDD fifteen minutes. I have 'nown him DDDDDDDD three years..treet. They will be returning DDDDDD 3ovember. between /. There are many possibilities DDDDDDDDDD the ones I have mentioned. on 1:. I brought the wrong boo' DD mista'e.he wants to leave DD once. Bat. Inside your passport. betweenC 1". she always seems to be DDDDDDD a hurry. Bat. <. onC 19. Bfor. . &e wal'ed out of the room DDDDDDDD tiptoe. inC ":. The store is located DDDDDD 3orth . inC =. Bbeside.. 1". 8ecause we have no car. /. we had to ta'e his story DDDDDD trust. I was DDDDDDDDDD breath after running up the long flight of stairs. . in 11. Bat. besides 1. .ince he is not very trustworthy. 1. 8ridget. 9. %ill in the blan's with the missing prepositions.. .. Bin. To save money.he is so busy. I advise you to ta'e what he says DDDDDDDD a pinch of salt. I have 'nown her DDDDDDDDDD last year. Bbeside. besidesC <. besidesC 1. Bfor. ". The play begins DDDDDD seven thirty. %or example! .he wants to leave at once. but DDDDDDD last it was over. re?uire a long growing season. in 0. sinceC 1<.ince he could offer us no proof. Bat. 0.he will call us DDDDDD half an hour. &e made out the report DDDDDDDD triplicate.. I went to the library. Bat.he is leaving DDDDDD five minutes.. onC 0. =. at 19. Bbeside. at ". . we usually buy flour and rice DDDDDDD bul'. DDDDDDDDD example oranges and lemons. since . .ince the restaurant is usually crowded. at =.. 11.arah will discuss the matter DDDDDDDDD themselves. for ... 4any people believe birds are incapable of reasoning. The cat was sitting DDDDDDDDDDD the stove. n . since 1. so as not to disturb the sleeping baby. but the boo' I wanted was out DDDDDDD loan. I will arrive DDDDDD six o)cloc'. #is birthday is DDDDDD the =th of @anuary. besides <. . Bfor. beside 10. but DDDDDD fact. sinceC 1. you should write the name of your next DDDDDD 'in. -olumbus crossed the Atlantic DDDDDD 1/. in ":. (eslie and . inC 1=. Bfor.betweenC /. sinceC 9. sinceC . for 9.". it is advisable to ma'e reservations DDDDDDDDD advance. besidesC 10. onC 1/. Bin. Bat. . inC 11.

by ":. Answers Answers to Exercise .er bad behavio r m st be stamped 0. on 10.. /. in ". on .. #he new b ilding is deemed fans. 19. . be a fail re. All of the clothes sold in this store were made DDDDDDD hand. 8ecause of its importance.. in 11. by her sweetness. . of 9. by 1=. #he pro=ect is doomed +. in 1:. out of /. . we are staying at a cheap hotel. was baffled her answer. 1. . on 0. by 19.e was sworn a lot of newspapers. in <. #he actor is ho nded %. . (ittle DDDDDDD little. 1<. '. with 1".2m dogged misfort ne. . pedestrians usually have the right DDDDDDD way. #he floor is strewn ). in 1/. was bowled -. 1. for =.10. 1=. at .! 1.. on 1. the clouds dispersed and the sun became brighter.ince we cannot find a place to live. . . of 9omplete the following sentence by sing appropriate preposition. be spectac lar. At an intersection. we studied the report DDDDDD detail. .he 'nows hundreds of poems DDDDDDD heart.. as president. DDDDDDDD the time being. 1. in 1. ":. for 1<.

all o r money. %%. Some do bts can arise 1/. his profession. . .er behavio r can be constr ed 11. #he famo s t nnel caved 10.13. . < r teacher is a credit %'. 1-. . She can2t stand being talked down 1%. yo r parents. @o yo plan his obligations.e has to comply %3. < r teacher warned s 11. #he president absconded %1. ran *ario when . on the train.2m mesmerised immoral. her talent as an actress. #he new boss p t press re 1+. visiting my co ntry. copying d ring the exam. 1'. . was at the concert. . 4re yo dependent . the staff. the process. #he conditions cannot be r led 1).

.. .#riend$% &etter #ormat (et rn 4ddress $ine 1 ... ... Signat re " P.S.... . . .. ...... . . the closing.. Skip a line between the date and the sal tation.. . . or ..... .. . .. ... ... .. .. . .. .. ... and printed name are all indented to the right half of the page !how far yo indent in is p to yo as long as the heading and closing is lined p. . .. . ... . . Bod% ( #he body is where yo write the content of the letterD the paragraphs sho ld be single spaced with a skipped line between each paragraph. .. . . .... . . .... . . ...... ..... .. . . .. .... !6ot needed if the letter is printed on paper with a letterhead already on it.. .. .. ....... ... .. . . ... .. . .. .. .. .... .. . .. .. se yo r own discretion and make s re it looks presentable"..... 5ear" ! @ear 6ame of (ecipient. .. . .. . . . . .. ... .... ..... (et rn 4ddress $ine % @ate !*onth @ay.... ... ..... .. . . .. ... .( 9losing !Sincerely. . .. .. .i so and so. . . ) . . .. .... ..".... date. . 4 g st '3. . . . . . ... . Sa$+tation ' >s ally starts o t with @ear so and so.. .. . . . . .. . ....... . . ... .. ..... ..... . ..... 8ody Paragraph % . .. .. .. . . .. .e... . 4ll that is needed is yo r street address on the first line and the city.... .... .... ... . ' 8ody Paragraph 1 .. ...." Date ! P t the date on which the letter was written in the format *onth @ay 5ear i. .. . . . .. . . . ...... 4lso the first line of each paragraph is indented... . .. %33'. . .. ..... yo r address.. ... . . . *o+r Address .... . .. ... .... ..... state and Bip on the second line.......... signat re. . . . .. .. 6ote: #here is a comma after the end of the sal tation !yo can se an exclamation point also if there is a need for some emphasis"...n the friendly letter format. . 8ody Paragraph ' ... .. .... .... ... . .... ... . . .. ..... . .. ... ... . .. .. .. .. ... . ... .... Skip % lines between the end of the body and the closing.... . .. .. .. .... . . .... .. . . .. ..

saw yo . . %33/ @ear S san. .t feels like s ch a long time since the last time . &o ld yo like to meet p some time to before school starts. 5o can also add a P. drive an ice cream tr ck aro nd and sell ice cream to the kids. .C$osing $et2s the reader know that yo are finished with yo r letterD s ally ends with Sincerely. work. .t is a combination of the two things . . s ally signed in black or bl e ink with a pen.S after that and a P. 6ote that there is a comma after the end of the closing and only the first word in the closing is capitaliBed. am getting a nice tan and yo can no longer say . : st this past weekend . .t is so cool. took second place in a sandcastle b ilding contestF <n the weekdays . So far my s mmer has been greatF . 5o r friend.S.S. See also: Friendly $etter &riting E Sample Friendly $etter Sam $e #riend$% &etter +3. know it2s only been several weeks since . .f yo want to add anything additional to the letter yo write a P. 94 +'%0: ly 1-. .9o ntry $ane 6orth 8aysville. ./S/ ) .S. spend my all my weekends at the beach.P. Sincerely yo rs. love the =ob so m ch. #here2s only a month and a half left in s mmer vacation and after that it2s back to school.P.S. and so on. Signature P. .P. #hank yo . !post script" and the message after that. hope the s mmer2s been going well for yo too. love most. saw yo . after that and so on. have been playing lots of volleyball. Skip a line after yo r signat re and the P. am paler than yo . s rfing and b ilding a nice collection of sea shells. Signat+re " 5o r signat re will go in this section. #he pay isn2t too great b t . ice cream and kids. :ohn 4 stin says hi.