Scheduling Options - Retained Logic, Progress Override and Actual Dates explained Problem:Scheduling Options - Retained Logic

, Progress Override and Actual Dates explained Problem:How to schedule with actual dates after the Data Date. (Refer to the Actual Dates section below.) Fact: Fix: Scheduling In Project Manager/Project Management, there are three options in the Scheduling Options dialog: • • • Retained Logic Progress Override Actual Dates

These three options control how Project Manager/Project Management calculates 'Out of Sequence Progress'. If the project does not feature any 'Out of Sequence Progress', then the choice of these two options will not affect the result of the schedule computation. This document will describe the differences these options make to the schedule computation when the project does feature 'out of sequence progress'. You can select which option to use by going to Tools, Schedule, Advanced. Retained Logic is the default option.

A2 has been started and finished even though A1 has not been started . which has been completed. and A3. A2. But as you can see. The three activities are linked Finish -> Start in the order A1 -> A2 -> A3. . The activity logic dictates that A2 should not begin until A1 has been completed. which is not started.this is known as Out of Sequence Progress.Fix: Out of Sequence Progress The examples in this document feature three activities. which is the activity due to start. A1.

A2 is a finish to start with 0 lag predecessor of A3. the logic of the activity is retained and enforced. the remainder of the activity will not be scheduled until all the predecessors have been completed. activity A1 is no longer considered to be a predecessor of activity A3. Fix: Scheduling using the Progress Override option: When scheduling the project using the Progress Override option. and so activity A3 is scheduled to begin as soon as activity A2 is complete. and so Activity A3 cannot be scheduled until activity A1 has been completed. Even if activity A3 has been started. . In this example. A3 can begin working the next available work time after the actual finish of A2. In other words. Fix: Scheduling using the Actual Dates option: When scheduling the project using the Actual Dates option. as shown below. and so activity A3 is scheduled independently of the predecessor of A2. the actual dates override the logic of the activity. the out of sequence progress overrides the logic of the activity. even if activity A2 has an actual finish date after the data date.Fix: Scheduling using the Retained Logic option: When the project is scheduled using Retained Logic.

.0 scheduled out-of-sequence activities.Notes: • • The Actual Dates option is how version 3. where the scheduler will use Actual Dates after the Data Date on both the forward and backward pass. There is no limit on how far in the future an Actual Date can be set when using the Actual Dates option. Email this problem/solution.