Fellowship characteristics

Read the applicant guide for details on what evidence you need to provide with your application. Characteristic Five years or more at MRICS Achieved the equivalent of Fellowship in another relevant professional body since becoming MRICS [must be awarded for achievement, and must be a body with similarly rigorous entry criteria to those of RICS] Membership of any RICS accreditation scheme [this refers to accreditation, not registration schemes required by law or RICS Regulation] RICS regional or national award for professional achievement, or other similar award from another professional surveying-related body (awarded individually rather than to the applicant’s firm) Undertaken technical authorship on relevant subjects – for example RICS practice standards – since becoming MRICS Achieved a senior management position since becoming MRICS, with significant responsibility for leadership, managing people or managing resources Developed innovative surveying techniques/technologies/ business practices in a relevant field since becoming MRICS Achieved a relevant higher academic qualification since becoming MRICS Taught for five years or more on a relevant degree since becoming MRICS Published a relevant research paper in a refereed journal, or any commercial publication on a surveying-related subject, since becoming MRICS Appointed to a government or judicial appointment in a relevant capacity since becoming MRICS Achieved recognition as an RICS authority on relevant issues, through significant exposure in the media Led a high profile project of national, regional or local significance since becoming MRICS Involved, in a leadership role, in a relevant government initiative since becoming MRICS Undertaken relevant international work in developing countries or disaster relief since becoming MRICS Significant work in a relevant capacity on sustainability, affordable housing, social housing, or natural resources since becoming MRICS Self-evidently of exceptional standing and experience as a surveyor and/or whose promotion to Fellow would promote the objectives of RICS Reason Demonstrates experience Demonstrates status already achieved in a relevant professional capacity

Demonstrates expertise, additional competence in specialist areas

Demonstrates personal achievement

Demonstrates technical expertise

Demonstrates professional achievement

Demonstrates applicant and RICS are advancing standards and practice Demonstrates commitment to continuing study Raising the academic standards of the profession Advancing standards; depth of knowledge

Links RICS with high public office Raises RICS profile and brand recognition Raises RICS profile by associating brand with major projects Enhances perception of RICS as influencer Demonstrates contribution of surveying to the general good Corporate social responsibility in key RICS areas A broad category, ensuring that the list allows for unforeseen circumstances