all the accommodation and commutation charges thereafter will have to be bear by the client themselves and we will not be responsible for the payment towards the same. Along with that. as well as admission in institutes and colleges as they are new to the city and have no idea of the accommodations available there. however we will be providing them assistance towards it. The problems these people face in the new city is of stay. We have a website portal for people to register on the website for availing the services where they can register and opt for the services which will have a wide array of options and particulars to fill in. Kota. However. accommodation. Business Strategy Our business strategy will begin from the moment the parents and their child arrive in Kota. After that. will deal in providing these required services as we are based out of the same town and have a better edge in the understanding of the market and the competitive landscape. We will also be providing the utilitarian model to the students based upon their demand on the basis of commission for the procurement and delivery at a reasonable cost.Company Name: ACE Limited Executive Summary In Kota. there are Lakhs of students that turn up every year for preparing for competitive examinations as well as admission in newly opened college and universities like Career Point University and IIIT. admission consulting and negotiation process. etc. Our company ACE. Only after the successful results in the test markets. Pune. with stringent rules of CBSE in action against admission of people in schools (especially in Kota). as well as the know about of the institutes and schools they want their child to take admission in and along with that the necessary documentation work required by them for admission in the same. for the college and institute or a school of their choice after providing them detailed information about the same. . This cab service will be free of cost as it is covered under the fees structure paid during registration. we will we providing consultancy and support for the students who haven't completed their 10+2 for admission in these schools (RBSE board) and colleges. where we will be responsible for picking them up from the arrival destination. one of our company people will help them in their admissions process according to their needs. in terms of documentation. and taking them to a accommodation of their choice which was to pre-filled in the fields required at the time of online registration. we hope to serve other education sectors like Indore.

Start-up Summary The company will start with the 6 of the members serving as partners and will be funded by their own bootstrap capital of Rs 3.000/-.00. Here is the detailing of the start-up requirements and funding structure: Startup Requirements Startup Expenses Legal Stationary Rent Equipment Website Development Labour Other Total Startup Assets Cash Required Other Current Assets Total Assets Total Requirements STARTUP FUNDING Startup Expenses to Fund Startup Assets to Fund Total Funding Required Total Planned Investement Investor 1 Investor 2 Investor 3 Investor 4 Investor 5 Investor 6 Total Funding Available 485000 1100000 1585000 50000 25000 10000 250000 30000 100000 20000 485000 1000000 100000 1100000 1585000 300000 300000 300000 300000 300000 300000 1800000 .

if the client has some utilitarian needs. because of the stringent norms of the CBSE in place especially in Kota.5 lacs. 00. and then also helping them arrange a place for their child to stay for the future period of his education in Kota.000 Rs in a year.000rs each student the total we are looking at 1. Along with that. This will involve taking the clients to visits of various hostels and accommodations available in Kota and then helping them negotiate. finalize and setting up the same. Consultancy: This will involve consulting the client for the admission of their child in the institute and colleges across Kota and also assisting them in the documentation and formalities involved in the same. .500 students a year which we think is the maximum can be achieved within a year as a start-up.5 lacs If we target around 1. Initially we are targeting only 1% out of 1. MARKET SIZE:     Total No. we will assist in providing them the same on the basis of commission.Services Accommodation: This will involve arranging the accommodation of the client in a hotel as per their specified requirements. Targeting the students with a fees of 10. Education: This will involve getting the students their admission in schools and colleges across Kota in a hassle free way. of aspirants coming every year is around 1. 50.

As such. Legal Steps involved in registering a company: Step 1: Application For DIN The concept of a Director Identification Number (DIN) has been introduced for the first time with the insertion of Sections 266A to 266G of Companies (Amendment) Act. Other than this the students themselves have to take care of their day to day requirements going from shop to shop so as to fulfil their requirements. To get more information about the same click Director Identification Number . You need to file eForm DIN-1 in order to obtain DIN. all the existing and intending Directors have to obtain DIN within the prescribed time-frame as notified. The brokers and middleman also charge very exorbitant prices. Also the consultancy that we shall be providing is not existing as not coaching centre or college connects to the parents of the students updating them about the status of their children. 2006. The competition can further be divided into two parts • • Brokers Middleman We shall not only be providing better services but also shall be cost effective.Competition Our organization would be facing competition mainly from the unorganized sector that is already existing so as to cater to the needs of the students coming from all over the country.

   Form 1 : Application or declaration for incorporation of a company Form 18 : Notice of situation or change of situation of registered office Form 32 : Particulars of appointment of managing director. After that depending upon the proposed company type file required incorporation forms listed below. directors. you are first required to register yourself as a user in the relevant user category.Step 2 : Acquire/ Register DSC The Information Technology Act. such as registered and business user. Role check can be performed only after the signatories have registered their Digital signature certificates (DSC) with MCA. manager and secretary and the changes among them or consent of candidate to act as a . Acquire DSC -A licensed Certifying Authority (CA) issues the digital signature. This is the only secure and authentic way that a document can be submitted electronically. 2000 provides for use of Digital Signatures on the documents submitted in electronic form in order to ensure the security and authenticity of the documents filed electronically. Register DSC -Role check for Indian companies is to be implemented in the MCA application. all filings done by the companies under MCA21 e-Governance programme are required to be filed with the use of Digital Signatures by the person authorised to sign the documents. As such. Certifying Authority (CA) means a person who has been granted a license to issue a digital signature certificate under Section 24 of the Indian IT-Act 2000. To know about it click Register a DSC Step 3 : New User Registration To file an eForm or to avail any paid service on MCA portal. To register now click New User Registration Step 4 : Incorporate a Company Apply for the name of the company to be registered by filing Form1A for the same.

X of the Companies Act. you will receive an email regarding the same and the status of the form will get changed to Approved. 3000/-. minimum two persons must become members of Pvt ltd. 1 lakh in bank A/c ur Balance Sheet can show its utilization by way of Fixed Assets or advance for the project finalization and hence its utilization. To know more about eFiling process click "All About eFiling" COST OF REGISTERING A NEW PVT LTD COMPANY: Fee for getting a Pvt ltd. 2000/. As per latest provisions of Companies Act the paid up capital of the Pvt Ltd. but u are free to have more members for formation of Pvt ltd. Company.approx. On close of 1st financial year your Balance Sheet must show paid up capital of Rs.for formation of Company + fee for authorised capital + Rs. 1956. u have to pay fee to ROC for Authorised Capital as per Sch. Company depending ur financial ability to collect Rs. and cost of printing and stamping of Memorandum & Articles of Association say Rs. . 1 lakh. 1956. company must be Rs. company registered with Registrar of Companies is approx. However u need not block Rs.1 lakh. 5000/. Thus u need to have cash Rs. As per provisions of Companies Act. Besides the above expenditure. 1 lakh as paid up capital.managing director or director or manager or secretary of a company and/ or undertaking to take and pay for qualification shares Once the form has been approved by the concerned official of the Ministry. 1 lakh. Rs.

Financial Plan:P & L Account:- .

Cash Flow Statement:- Balance Sheet:- .

Accounts .Planning Sukant Goel.Operation Piyush Kamal.Marketing Adarsh Agarwal-Consultation Varun Mahajan.Consultation Ankur Behl.Team Member:Rahul Kumar.