Natural & Functional Behavior of Planets
Any planet can give its effect in two ways: A) According to its permanent nature (as natural malefic/benefic). B) According to its temporal nature (as functional malefic/benefic). The natural behavior of planets as benefic (shubh graha ) or malefic (ashubh or pap graha ) are universal and donot change whatever be the ascendant. Vedic astrology classifies them as; Natural Benefic Planets Jupiter Venus Mercury (unassociated with malefic) The Moon (8th tithi of Shukapaksh to 8th tithi Krishnapaksh) Natural Malefic Plaents Saturn Mars Rahu Ketu The Sun (as cruel not pap )

While the temporal or functional nature of planets vary for different ascendants and depend upon the lordship of houses they own with respect to lagna. There are contradictory opinions on the matter of functional nature of planets but the Parashar’s classification is widely accepted, which is given below. Ascendant Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
Functional Benefic Planets Functional Malefic Planet Functional Neutral

Sun, Mars, Jupiter Saturn*, Mercury, Sun Venus Mars*, Jupiter, Moon Mars*, Jupiter, Sun Venus, Mercury, Saturn*, Mercury, Venus Moon, Jupiter, Sun Mars, Sun Venus*, Mercury, Saturn Venus*, Saturn Moon, Mars

Mercury, Venus, Saturn Moon, Jupiter Mars, Jupiter Venus, Mercury Saturn, Mercury, Venus Mars, Moon --Mercury, Venus, Saturn Venus, Saturn, Mercury Mars, Jupiter, Moon Jupiter, Moon, Mars Saturn, Mercury, Venus

--Mars, Venus Mercury, Saturn, Moon Sun, Saturn --Sun, Saturn Jupiter, Mars, Sun Mars Jupiter, Moon Sun Mercury, Sun Jupiter, Sun

The asterisk * after planet name stands for the status of Yoga Karaka. Lagnesh is assumed to be functional benefic in case of Kendardhipti dosh .

Effect as Permanent Nature (Type A):
1. Being as natural benefic all the planets do well to the houses they ‘occupied’ or ‘aspect’. In good houses (1,2,4,5,7,9,10,11) their "natural significance" (i.e. karakattwas) enhance, while in bad house (3,6,8,12) generally their natural significance harm. Except when they are the lords of bad houses and in it. 2. Being as natural malefic all the planets spoil the effects of houses they ‘occupied’ or ‘aspect’. In good houses (1,2,4,5,7,9,10,11) their "natural significance" enhance, while in houses (8,12) their natural significance spoils. Except when they are the lords of these houses and in it. In house (3,6) their natural significance amplified a lot. In maraka houses (2,7) they generally harm health & longevity.

and thus the matters of houses it owns (here 11th and 2nd ) may not materialize fully.10. 2. Now treating the Jupiter as functional malefic. Except when they are simultaneously own any of these bad houses and in it.11) do well to the house they ‘owned’. and in bad house (3. but simultaneously other factors of these house (hopes. and earnings) also come into shadow.e. Similarly as per rule.Imran Effect as Functional Nature (Type B): 1.M.6. children. Thus Jupiter in 6 th give positive matters of 6 house.10.12) they become feeble and the evil effect of their bad ownership do not realize.9. i.2. In 7th it enhances . (Here again I reiterate that these are the results of Saturn solely. health problems.2. (Remember it is an isolated reading only with respect to Jupiter as natural benefic). EXAMPLES: Apparently the above principles seems ambiguous to apply as generally a planet holds lordship of both good and bad houses except yoga karaka. diseases in private body th th parts and exile. and lack of home comfort. the native may be without enemies.4. Even dushtana lords in dushtana bhavas bring about Vipreet Raj Yogas. In dushtana 6th house Jupiter become weak. That is cold relationship with spouse. Consider the Jupiter in chart given for Aquarius ascendant.9. belief on God. th Treat first Saturn as natural malefic. other planetary placement. Though Saturn is naturally a first rate malefic but for Taurus natives being as lord of kendar and trikona it is functional benefic even a Yoga Karak . And in dushtana houses (3. Now consider Saturn as functional benefic.6. believer of ahinsa .4. aspect and argala may either cancel or endorse these results).5. In 7 it th obviously yield evil matters of 7 house. break in business partnership. That is a simple step-by-step procedure to proceed.8. Follow the principle above. It also aspect 9 . Being as functional malefic all the planets in good houses (1. That is it will not harm kill in its dasha. Being as functional benefic all the planets in good houses (1.5.8. associates. Religious practice. prosperity and happiness may come into adverse situation.7. Differences with parents. It also aspects 10th and 2 house and thus the profession may be respectful and the early education and securities level are good. associations. Consider the Saturn in next chart for a male native with Taurus ascendant.12) spoil the house they ‘owned’. Here it is natural benefic and functional malefic. the Karakattwas may be destroyed because Jupiter (as natural benefic) is posited in 6th -evil house. mother’s coborn nd may be helpful. debt and disease. 1st and 4 house and thus the matters of these houses seems Saturnine.7. being as natural benefic a planet enhances the house where it is posited th and on which it aspects.11) attain the strength to increase the evil effect of the house they ‘owned’.

While taking the Mars as functional benefic and Yoga Karaka for Leo. and enjoy professional success. quarrel in family. and give result in the form of longevity. and excess sensuality. Besides it simultaneously other planetary placement. native attains political and social status.M. In 2nd house being as natural malefic it destroy the matters of 2nd house. He was actually a steel mills owner and chief minister but now leaving a banished life in a foreign country. It is in the first house. In this chart Sagittarius is the ascendant. It improves the matters of houses it owns. Beautiful and emotional appearance. sharp imagination. Hence the Moon is not a functional malefic for Sagittarius natives but tends to neutral. 8th . changeable nature. Mother may be long lived and ancestral home may prove beneficial for him etc. sudden windfall.e. The matters of 8th house become strong. and 9th houses.Imran the significance of houses it owns that is 9th and 10th . i. . broken love affairs. 4th and 9th. Being as natural benefic in good house. i. difficulties in early education. take for instant Moon. and thus it amplifies the matters of 1st house. Here in this case Leo is the ascendant for which the Mars. lead to transform Martian influence on these house. harsh speech. That is good mother. It also aspects 5th . Generally lord of 8th house is ranked as functional malefic but this rule does not apply on luminaries. various types of strength criteria reveal pace of mentioned effect. Father may be long live and has pomp and power. its natural significance also strengthen. intelligent mentality. loss of savings. aspects and argala modify the results. good health. hardworking and unexpected setback. Treat first the Moon as natural benefic (as here it is between 8th tithi of Shuklapaksh to 8th tithi of Krishnapaksh). Here we did not take Yoga etc. vehicles. and public support. All these results may manifest during Mars dasha and bhukti. Rashi and varga position says mode of results according to their characteristics. Male issues. partner’s wealth. Choose Mars and treating first it as natural malefic. Now its functional status also manifests. accident. and sound sleep. and throat or neck problem. Sun and Jupiter are functional benefic planets. Thus he may command landed property.e. Note the powerful th interchange between lord of 10th and 7 . and God fearing nature.

Imran Moon Sign as Reference Point: Generally the planetary placement are seen from the Janma Langa (ascendant) but in my humble opinion taking Chandra lagna (Moon sign) as reference point may prove very helpful in analyzing the chart. * Greater numbers of planets cast more powerful planetary aspect to the natal Moon than lagna. * The lord of Moon sign or asterism is stronger than Langa lord. . specially when Udu (vimshottari) dasha is used or when time of birth is uncertain.M. The Moon chart attains special significance and must analyze along with Rashi when: * Greater numbers of planets are powerfully disposed in quadrant from the Moon sign than lagna. Conversely these very rules can also be applied to decide initiation point for Vimshottari dasha between the Moon and ascendant. * The lords of the Sun sign and Moon sign are same or permanent friends of each other.