aA(yAEmk EvcAr

Yoga of the self
1.8.22 a(yAEmkAn yogAn anEt yAysEhtAn an`AErkAn

Let a man practice in the approved way the yoga of the Self which make the mind steady.


There is nothing higher than the Self. For that purpose we quote some verses which bring attainment of Self.
p AEZn sv ev ghAfy y .  ahymAn y EvkSmq y . acl clEnk t y  nEt Et  t am  tA 4 t AmlABFyA lokAn udAhEr yAm 3

pr Ev  t


Every living being is the city belonging to the one lying at rest in the cave. Indestructible taintless the unmoving abiding in the moving. Those who practice realization of it become immortal. This indeed which here in this world and here in that world is called the object. Having shaken himself free from it let the seer devote himself to that which lies in the cave.
aAmvAhmlN(vtd EDt s v v nAEhtm . fTAy q tFQCAEm sAD Anmnp yA . mhAt  tjs kAy sv EnEht Bm 6 yEddEmEdhEdh lok  Evqy uQyt  . EvD  td anEtd ghAfym 5  y kEvr 

pupil <Not in the Self have I attained it. Now in other things will I seek that place of the good by detachment.< teacher <Devote yourself to your welfare not to your harm. It is great a mass of splendor all pervading the Lord.<
svB tq yo Enyo EvpE`dm   to Dv . an o fNdo frFro pf` mhAfEc .

He who is constant in all beings wise immortal rm without limbs without sound without body without touch great pure He is all the highest goal he is in the center he divides he is the city. The yogi who practices realization of That in everything and always holds to rmness in That will see that which is hard to see and subtle and rejoice in heaven.
1.8.23 fAmn p yn svB  tAEn n m c Ectyn kEv . aAmAn cv sv y p y t s v b A nAkp  EvrAjEt 1 t yo nEtt sv A(v cA y sdA aAcr t . ddf EnpZ y to y p y t s mod  t Ev  p 8

s sv prmA kA A s vqvtEvqvt s v vBAjn prm 7

The seer meditating seeing everything in the Self will not be deluded. And whoever sees the Self alone in everything He is Brahman glorious in the highest heaven.

EnpZo ZFyAn EbsoZAyA y sv aAv  y Et Et . vqFyA` p  ETyA Dv sv aAr y Et Et . s iEdyjgto y AnAdyo ny y yAt prm  F EvBAj . t mAt kAyA BvEt sv  s m  l fAbEtk s Eny 2

Subtle ner than a lotus bre he stands covering all. Greater than the earth rm he stands supporting all. He is other than the sense knowledge of this world. The world is not di erent from him who is ever standing as the supreme who is to be known who himself divides into many. For him the bodies all come forth he is the root eternal he is constant.
doqAZA t EvEnGAto yogm  .  l ih jFEvt En y B m gQCEt pEXt 3  tdAhFyAn 

Yoga is the basis for destruction of the doshas here in this life. Having thrown o these which torment beings the wise one paNDita at tains

aT B  tdAhFyAn doqAn udAhEr yAm

Now we exemplify the doshas which torment beings.
WoDo hqo roqo loBo moho dMBo doho m  qo m ayAfprFvAdAvs tqA .  yA kAmmy  anAMymyog  yogm 5  lo EnGAt


Anger thrill irritation greed delusion self display spite false speech over eating back biting jealousy lust and hate loss of self possession absence of yoga. These are shaken o by yoga.
aWoDo hqo roqo loBo moho dMBo d oh syvcnmnyAfo pfnmns  yA sEvBAg yAg aAjv mAdv fmo dm svB  trEvroDo yog aAym aAn  fs tE ErEt svAPmAZA . smypdAEn tAy anEt n EvEDnA sAvgAmF BvEt

Freedom from anger freedom from thrill non irritaion freedom from greed being without delusion or self display or spite truth speaking moderate diet no back biting freedom from jealousy sharing with others giving up straightforwardness gentleness calm control the yoga which has no con ict with any being nobility kindness contentment these apply to all stages of life. Practicing them in the approved way one becomes all pervading.
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