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Sustainable Land Management Project: Rangeland Management Specialist
The Project The Sustainable Land Management Project (SLMP: 2006-2012; see ttachment 1! aims to strengthen and institutionalise sustainable land management "lanning# "ractice and "olic$ in %hutan# &rom communit$ le'el through to national le'el( The Project stems &rom the concern o& the )o$al *o'ernment o& %hutan ()*o%! o'er emerging issues o& land degradation and is su""orted b$ grants &rom the *lobal +n'ironment ,acilit$ (*+, -S. /(66M# through the 0orld %an1 (0%!! and "arallel &inancing &rom 2anida to its +-SPS (+n'ironment and -rban Sector Program Su""ort!( The *+,&unded SLMP is co-ordinated b$ the Ministr$ o& griculture (Mo !# assisted b$ a multi-sectoral technical ad'isor$ committee (MT 3!( SLMP 4as &ormulated in the conte5t o& the earlier *+, 6"erational Program 17 Sustainable Land Management( Project 2e'elo"ment 6bjecti'e To strengthen institutional and communit$ ca"acit$ &or antici"ating and managing land degradation in %hutan( *lobal +n'ironment 6bjecti'e To "rotect trans-boundar$ 4atersheds in a manner that "reser'es the integrit$ o& ecos$stems in %hutan( SLMP and Rangeland Management SLMP# as a multi-sectoral "roject# is see1ing to strengthen sustainable land management through land degradation "re'ention "ractices in an$ o& the land-user sectors; and b$ so doing to "rotect and im"ro'e the en'ironment and im"ro'e rural li'elihoods( The "ro"osed )angeland Management S"ecialist ()MS! is in su""ort o& the li'estoc1 sector and in su""ort o& reducing or "re'enting degradation o& gra8ing lands through im"ro'ed management and use that is consistent 4ith the commitment o& the countr$ to maintain the integrit$ o& its en'ironment and eco-s$stems( 2uring "roject &ormulation (2009-7!# rangeland degradation 4as identi&ied as a concern( )angeland Management consultanc$ 4as incor"orated into the "roject to address this concern( Rangeland Management Issues *ra8ing rights to rangelands (tsamdro! ha'e been granted to indi'iduals or grou"s 4ith &ormal issue o& a thram (land certi&icate! to the "ermitted user( ,or tsamdro# the thram has gi'en usage rights onl$# 4ith "a$ment o& an annual &ee# land o4nershi" remaining 4ith the *o'ernment( The conditions o& the tsamdro thram "re'ented the user &rom underta1ing an$ tshamdro im"ro'ement# other than through controlling li'estoc1 densit$; and allo4ed the thram to be 4ithdra4n i&# &or e5am"le# the tsamdro 4as becoming degraded( This latter condition 4as rarel$ a""lied( ,ire control Since the 1:/0s# strong# conser'ation and &orest co'er oriented regulations ha'e "rohibited burning o& gra8ing lands# a traditional management "ractice &or maintaining the grass( This has resulted in grasslands being colonised b$ &orest or shrubs# and a reduced carr$ing ca"acit$( *ra8ing con&licts Traditional gra8ing rights# usage and transhumance "atterns in %hutan allo4 multi"le households# chiogs ('illages!# geogs (bloc1s! or 28ong1hags (districts! gra8ing access to the same land area# during the same and;or di&&erent seasons( Thus tsamdro rights ma$ be held b$ li'estoc1 o4ners &or gra8ing on rangeland in other geogs;d8ong1hags( This has lead to con&licts o'er resource use bet4een or 4ithin communities# increases the di&&icult$ o& agreeing and im"lementing sustainable management "ractices# and aggra'ates unsustainable and e5"loitati'e use o& the gra8ing and other 'egetation and natural resources# 4ith conse<uent land degradation and its do4nstream im"act(


2P! o& the 2e"artment o& Li'estoc1 (2oL!# Planning and Polic$ 2i'ision o& the Ministr$ o& griculture (PP2-Mo !# and the )ene4able ?atural )esources )esearch 3entre# Aa1ar ()?)-)3 Aa1ar! o& the 3ouncil o& )?) )esearch o& %hutan (3o))%!# the consultant 4ill: a! )e'ie4 e5isting studies.eed and .SLMP Local dministration Land Management )es"onsibilities Rangeland Management Consultancy =n 2009-2007# the 28ong1hag (district! and *eog (bloc1! administrations (2>T and *>T res"ecti'el$! 4ere gi'en increased "o4ers &or management o& the land and resources 4ithin their administrati'e boundaries( This had the "otential to increase con&lict and gra8ing "ressure on those tsamdro traditionall$ gra8ed b$ households &rom other geogs and the "ossibilit$ that solutions might be &ound at the e5"ense o& the resource "oorer and less in&luential households and communities( +ither outcome 4as incom"atible 4ith )*o% and SLMP de'elo"ment objecti'es( 6riginal SLMP Terms o& )e&erence (To)! =t 4as in the conte5t o& the abo'e issues that the original To) ( ttachment 2! &or the )MS consultanc$ 4ere dra&ted# 4ith their em"hasis on con&lict management and con&lict resolution in rangeland( More recent e'ents (belo4! ha'e resulted in the re'ised 'ersion o& the To) belo4( ?e4 Land ct @er$ recentl$ (Aune 200/!# a ne4 Land ct 4as "assed( lthough not $et im"lemented# under the ct# all tsamdro 4ill be returned to the *o'ernment# &or re-issue to indi'iduals or grou"s# according to the tsamdro carr$ing ca"acit$ and against an agreed management "lan( =t is e5"ected that this 4ill lead to im"ro'ed management( =n turn# it is li1el$ that this 4ill increase the demand on research and e5tension to "ro'ide the ser'ice needed &or assessing and im"ro'ing tsamdro management and carr$ing ca"acit$( The Land ct should remo'e the "otential &or tsamdro con&lict and con&lict-lin1ed o'er-e5"loitation although both could intensi&$ in the interim "eriod be&ore the tsamdro is re'o1ed &or re-issue( =m"lementation o& the ct 4ill be "hased &or those tsamdro &or 4hich gra8ing rights are held b$ li'estoc1 o4ners &rom other 28ong1hags# to enable the traditional users to ma1e alternati'e arrangements( The ne4l$ created ?ational Land 3ommission (?L3! is guiding the de'elo"ment o& the rules# regulations and guidelines necessar$ &or the ct to be a""lied but these are unli1el$ to be o"erationalised be&ore 200B( ?ational *ra8ing )esources Management Policies and Strategies (?*)MPS! Ce$ national sta1eholders# 4ith technical assistance (T ! su""ort &rom =3=M62 and some &inancial su""ort &rom the %hutan +.Li'estoc1 Project# ha'e de'elo"ed a &rame4or1 o& acti'ities that 4ill lead to the de'elo"ment o& the ?*)MPS (see ttachment D!( Progress has been slo4er than "lanned and it is uncertain 4hat 4ill be the status 4hen the )MS is &ielded( Man$ o& the acti'ities "arallel the )MS To) and the main sta1eholders ha'e e5"ressed their interest in the )MS 4or1ing in su""ort o& the &rame4or1( To) =n 'ie4 o& the ne4 Land ct# its im"lication &or tsamdro lease# tsamdro management and the ongoing de'elo"ment o& the ?*)MPS# the "recise &ocus o& the )MS consultanc$ is di&&icult to identi&$ in ad'ance o& the consultantEs arri'al( ccordingl$# the To) should be inter"reted as onl$ indicati'e o& the li1el$ sco"e o& the )MSEs acti'ities( The s"eci&ic tas1s to be underta1en b$ the consultant 4ill be &inalised in res"onse to sta1eholder "riorities and ?*)MPS "rogress 4ithin the &irst 4ee1 o& the consultanc$( Rangeland Management Specialist Terms of Reference (ToR Tas1s =n consultation 4ith national agencies# and s"eci&icall$ the ?ational .documents on rangeland and its management in %hutan or else4here under similar agro-ecological 8ones( 2 .odder 2e'elo"ment Programme (?..

SLMP Rangeland Management Consultancy b! )e'ie4 national acts# "olicies and strategies that in&luence rangeland management( c! @isit selected rangelands (2000 mamsl and abo'e# sub-tro"ical to al"ine!# and conduct situational anal$sis 4ith rele'ant sta1eholders on: i ii the <ualit$# "roducti'it$ and sustainabilit$ o& e5isting rangelands. Mongolia. 'i the a""lication and e&&ecti'eness o& national "olicies and strategies &or rangeland management( d! =denti&$ a""ro"riate nati'e grass and &odder s"ecies &or multi"lication and &or trials to reestablish and maintain "roducti'e indigenous "astures( e! Suggest an$ a""ro"riate measures that are needed to resol'e# manage or minimise gra8ing con&licts during the interim "eriod be&ore the Land ct is &ull$ im"lemented# ta1ing into account the ca"acit$ de'elo"ment and su""ort needed b$ the &acilitators. ' the a""ro"riateness and e&&ecti'eness o& ongoing rangeland research. i' the a""ro"riateness and e&&ecti'eness o& )?) e5tension inter'entions to im"ro'e the sustainabilit$ o& rangeland management. "#ina etc ) rangeland systems m! Minimum 7 $ears 4or1ing e5"erience o& rangeland "olic$ and strateg$ de'elo"ment and im"lementation in similar agro-socio-cultural-economic 8ones# D . iii e5isting con&licts in rangeland utili8ation and management bet4een di&&erent communities. e g !epal.or the go'ernment# i& this has an$ "otential in 'ie4 o& the 200/ Land ct( Huali&ication: j! Minimum Msc in )angeland Management 4ith s"eciali8ation on intermediate to al"ine (I 2000 masl! rangeland( 1! bilit$ and enthusiasm to 4or1 in a team 4ith national colleagues to su""ort and strengthen on-going national initiati'es( +5"erience: l) Minimum 15 years working experience of rangeland management for livestock production and eco-system sustainability in similar (and preferably Himalayan. and 4ithin this# identi&$ a""ro"riate "ilot sites &or communit$-based "asture de'elo"ment( i! .acilitate a &inal national 4or1sho" on the &indings and recommendations o& the stud$( The consultant ma$ also ad'ise on the a""ro"riateness o& the conce"t o& co-management o& rangeland in'ol'ing communities and.grou"s.mediators( &! ct as resource "erson at a 4or1sho" to train research and e5tension sta&& on ("artici"ator$! methods &or assessing rangeland condition# "roduction and sustainabilit$ (ta1ing into account "lant com"osition# soil &ertilit$ and ecos$stem considerations!( g! 6utline "olic$# strateg$ and im"lementation o"tions &or im"ro'ed and sustainable management and "roducti'it$ o& "riorit$ Fsubtro"ical and al"ineG rangeland s$stems# considering also the ca"acit$ de'elo"ment needs o& e5tension and research sta&&. h! 2e'elo" and cost a "lan &or o"erationalising the "re&erred strateg$.ies# that gi'es clear guidance on the main res"onsibilities# tas1s and timelines &or the 1e$ sta1eholders. current and traditional gra8ing management "ractices ta1ing into account the main social# cultural# and indigenous technical 1no4ledge (=TC! &actors and their e&&ect on rangeland condition.

one &inal 4or1sho" 4ith main national sta1eholders.SLMP Rangeland Management Consultancy n! .odder 2e'elo"ment Programme (?.amiliarit$ 4ith natural resource-based communit$ con&lict management and mediation techni<ues and D $ears o& 4or1ing 4ith communities &or success&ul rangeland con&lict management( "! Minimum 7 $ears e5"erience o& 4or1ing 4ith national research and e5tension sta&& in rangeland management and basic and a""lied rangeland research( <! 3om"etence to guide research sta&& in the design o& u"ta1e-oriented rangeland research( r! Pre'ious e5"erience o& %hutan an ad'antage( .he 4ill be administrati'el$ and legall$ res"onsible# and the &inal 4or1"lan and consultanc$ out"uts 4ill be agreed 4ith SLMP to ensure that the$ contribute to "roject outcomes( Jo4e'er# the )MS 4ill 4or1 in close association 4ith the 2e"artment o& Li'estoc1 (2oL! 4ho 4ill act as the main "ro&essional counter"art to the consultant and 4ho 4ill guide the &inalisation o& the To)( 9 .eed and .2P! and )ene4able ?atural )esources )esearch 3entre ()?)-)3! Aa1ar (4ith the mandate &or rangeland research! are in %umthang (a""ro5imatel$ D00 1m east o& Thim"hu!( The consultant 4ill need to s"end time in both locations( The rangeland sites to be 'isited 4ill be decided jointl$ 4ith the abo'e sta1eholders but could include tsamdro in one or t4o "roject "ilot sites ()adhi# in Trashigang (600 1m east o& Thim"hu!.. 3hhu1ha# (100 1m south-4est o& Thim"hu!!( Consultancy duration 9 months Starting date Ma$ 200B #bjecti$e To su""ort and &urther national initiati'es and national ca"acit$ to im"ro'e the sustainabilit$ and "roducti'it$ o& rangelands consistent 4ith maintaining eco-s$stem integrit$ #utput The s"eci&ic out"uts &rom the consultanc$ 4ill be detailed in the &irst 4ee1 o& the consultanc$# once To) are &inalised (see To) "aragra"h abo'e! but 4ill include:    one training rangeland management 4or1sho" 4ith research and e5tension.amiliarit$ 4ith communit$-based natural resource management a""roaches and techni<ues and 7 $ears o& 4or1ing e5"erience o& their a""lication to rangeland( o! . &inal re"ort in digital and hard co"$ (2 co"ies!( %pproach The )MS 4ill be e5"ected to 4or1 in a collaborati'e manner 4hich &acilitates "artici"ation o& the 1e$ sta1eholders &or rangeland use( The )MS 4ill be contracted through SLMP# to 4hom s. 4hile the ?ational .luenc$ in s"o1en and 4ritten +nglish is a re<uirement( $#ysical fitness and willingness to trek to remote rangelands is essential Location of !or" The assignment 4ill in'ol'e both e5tensi'e consultations and des14or1 4ith sta1eholders and site 'isits to re"resentati'e gra8ing lands( The head<uarters o& the "roject# the 2e"artment o& Li'estoc1 (2oL!# the Polic$ and Planning 2i'ision (PP2! o& Mo and the Land 3ommission are in Thim"hu.

orestr$G# ?+3 F?ational +n'ironment 3ommissionG# ?L3 F?ational Land 3ommissionG# PP2-Mo FPolic$ and Planning 2i'isionG @isit and discussions 4ith ?.+MT+)? L.2P# )?)-)3 Aa1ar )e'ie4 and &inalise the To) and consultanc$ out"uts 4ith 2oL and SLMP 2e'elo" and submit detailed and 4or1"lan &or a""ro'al b$ 2oL and SLMP 3onduct literature re'ie4 0ee1 2 )e'ie4# re'ision and a""ro'al o& 4or1"lan Literature re'ie4 .his abilit$ to &ul&il the To) 7 . 444(4orldban1(org The standard 0% terms and conditions &or international consultants 4ill also be &ollo4ed: htt":..P)6A+3TS.P)63-)+M+?T.4eb(4orldban1(org.0%S=T+.amiliarisation 'isits to sta1eholders s "er agreed 4or1"lan 0ee1 B (a""ro5! =nterim re"ort to SLMP on "rogress and "reliminar$ &indings. com"uter e<ui"ment# stationer$# Su""l$ o& &ield e<ui"ment (slee"ing bag! =nsurance co'er (medical# tra'el# accident# third "art$ liabilit$! Procurement o& international air tic1et &or re-imbursement at cost )es"onsibilit$ o& SLMP Procurement o& national air tic1et Procurement o& 'isa and 'isa e5tension 2S at -? rates &or %hutan hotel accommodation and )*o% rates &or &ield 4or1 Logistic arrangements (4ith 2oL.0##contentM2C:2006 0676NmenuPC::D://N"agePC:B926:N"iPC:6000177BNtheSitePC:B9266#00(html =nterested international a""licants are in'ited to submit in hard co"$ an e5"ression o& interest and &inancial "ro"osal in se"arate sealed en'elo"es addressed to the SLMP Project Manager# 4ith the a""licantEs name and e-mail address "rinted on the en'elo"e# as &ollo4s: +n'elo"e 1: labelled +o= Letter o& a""lication.SLMP Pro$isional schedule 0ee1 1 Rangeland Management Consultancy 2iscussions 4ith main central agenc$ sta1eholders (SLMP# 2oL# 2o # 2o. %io-data o& consultant &ormatted to highlight the e5"erience o& the consultant that demonstrates her. F2e"artments o& Li'estoc1# griculture and . )?)-)3 Aa1ar and including 4or1sho" "re"arations! Photoco"$ing &acilities Tender procedure The tender and selection 4ill &ollo4 the 0orld %an1 "rocedures: K*uidelines Selection and em"lo$ment o& consultants b$ 0orld %an1 borro4ersL =S%? 0-B21D-7B2B-6..recommendations 0ee1 16 3onduct a national le'el 4or1sho" on the consultanc$ out"uts and dra&t re"ort contents Submit dra&t re"ort incor"orating 4or1sho" &eedbac1 )e"ort due date: 0ithin 2 calendar 4ee1s o& com"letion o& consultanc$ (i(e( 4ee1 1B! Responsibilities )es"onsibilit$ o& consultant Su""l$ o& all "ro&essional items.

all <uoted in -S2! The +5"ression o& =nterest should be addressed to: The Project Manager SLMP# ?SS3 P(6(%o5 :0/ Thim"hu# %hutan Tele"hone . (O! :/7 (0!2 D71 0DB.inancial Pro"osal .inancial "ro"osal (&ee rates# main reimbursable costs Fe(g( tra'elG and re<uirements &or ad'ance 2S "a$ment F2 months ma5imumG.urther in&ormation on the "roject and ?SS3 is a'ailable on 444(moa(go'(bt.SLMP Rangeland Management Consultancy +n'elo"e 2: labelled .acsimile +-mail (O! :/7 (0!2 D71 0D/. nsscPdru1net(bt ttention SLMP PM +5"ressions o& =nterest are to reach the Project Manager b$ Ma$ 7# 200B ""licants 4ill be noti&ied b$ e-mail on recei"t o& the +o= Selection 4ill be made 4ithin 6 4ee1s o& the a""lication closing date ""licants 4ill be in&ormed b$ e-mail o& the outcome o& their a""lication &urther Information .nssc S"eci&ic <ueries on the )MS consultanc$ should be directed to the Project Manager 6 .

ebruar$ 2006 R Aune 2012 )uiding principles  %ottom-u" "lanning a""roach R communit$ "riorities and communit$ decisions(  Phased im"lementation R initiall$ in D "ilot geogs# e5tending to other geogs as SLM ca"acit$ is built(  Su""ort to decentralisation(  +nsuring an a""ro"riate 1no4ledge and in&ormation base to guide SLM decision ma1ing on "ractices# "lanning and "olicies(  =ntegrated multi-sectoral a""roach R a strateg$ &or im"ro'ing the management o& natural resources(  Sta1eholder consultation R throughout the "roject c$cle( Implementation pilot sites 3hu11ha 28ong1hag Shemgang 28ong1hag Trashigang 28ong1hag Project +ear '.acilit$ (*+. /(66M# through the 0orld %an1 (0%!! and "arallel &inancing &rom 2anida to its +-SPS (+n'ironment and -rban Sector Program Su""ort!( The *+.. 6"erational Program 17 Sustainable Land Management( Project (e$elopment #bjecti$e To strengthen institutional and communit$ ca"acit$ &or antici"ating and managing land degradation in %hutan( )lobal *n$ironment #bjecti$e To "rotect trans-boundar$ 4atersheds in a manner that "reser'es the integrit$ o& ecos$stems in %hutan( %chie$ement indicators of success  10Q reduction in sediment &lo4 in selected micro-4atersheds in "ilot geogs(  ?umber o& geogs e&&ecti'el$ ado"ting land degradation "re'ention "lans(  D0Q increase in number o& &armers "ractising sustainable land management( (uration . -S.SLMP Rangeland Management Consultancy %ttachment ': SLM Project %ttachment ' Sustainable Land Management Project The Sustainable Land Management Project (SLMP! is a 6-$ear "roject that aims to strengthen and institutionalise sustainable land management "lanning# "ractice and "olic$ in %hutan# &rom communit$ le'el through to national le'el( The Project stems &rom the concern o& the )o$al *o'ernment o& %hutan ()*o%! o'er emerging issues o& land degradation and is su""orted b$ grants &rom the *lobal +n'ironment .Phuentsholing *eog ?ang1hor *eog )adhi *eog Project +ear -. %ongo *eog O Logchina *eog %ardo *eog O *oshing *eog Lumang *eog O Thrimshing *eog Project components and main acti$ities 3om"onent 1: Pilot "rojects to demonstrate e&&ecti'e a""lication o& land degradation "re'ention a""roaches(  3onducting resource ma""ing(  2e&ining communit$ "riorities and in'estments(  @alidating SLM in'estments(  2ocumenting and disseminating lessons learnt( / . &unded SLMP is co-ordinated b$ the Ministr$ o& griculture (Mo !# assisted b$ a multi-sectoral ad'isor$ team( =t 4as &ormulated in the conte5t o& the earlier *+.

acilitating integration o& SLM "rinci"les in sector le'el "olicies and legislation(  .SLMP Rangeland Management Consultancy %ttachment ': SLM Project 3om"onent 2: Mainstreaming o& "ractices &or "rotection against land degradation(  2e'elo"ing anal$tical tools &or bio-"h$sical and socio-economic baselines(  )e"licating SLM a""roaches to other *eogs and 28ong1hags(  *enerating 1no4ledge &or SLM "olic$ guidance(  %uilding ca"acit$ &or inter-sectoral "lanning and mainstreaming( 3om"onent D: Polic$ su""ort and guidance &or mainstreaming land degradation "re'ention "ractices(  .acilitating mainstreaming o& SLM a""roaches in Tenth and +le'enth .acilitating local le'el resource management regulator$ s$stems at the chiog and geog le'els( 3om"onent 9: ?ational le'el su""ort &or co-ordination o& im"lementation o& land degradation "re'ention "ractices(  Strengthening o& Mo ca"acit$ to co-ordinate a land degradation management "rogram(  Pro'iding multi-sectoral and multi-le'el su""ort &or SLM acti'ities (technical assistance# training# e<ui"ment# management in&ormation s$stems!( B .i'e >ear Plans(  .acilitating mainstreaming o& SLM a""roaches in 28ong1hagsE and *eogsE &i'e-$ear and annual de'elo"ment "lanning "rocesses(  .

SLMP Rangeland Management Consultancy %ttachment /: #riginal Terms of Reference %ttachment / #riginal from SLMP #riginal Rangeland Management Specialist ToR a! )e'ie4 o& e5isting studies.acilitate a &inal national 4or1sho" on the &indings and recommendations o& the stud$( Proposed by R0R.documents on rangeland and its management in %hutan or else4here under similar agro-ecological 8ones( b! Site 'isits to intermediate to lo4er altitude rangelands and conduct situational anal$sis in consultation 4ith rele'ant sta1eholders( c! Stud$ e5isting con&licts in rangeland utili8ation and management b$ di&&erent communities and suggest a""ro"riate "olic$# strateg$ and ca"acit$ de'elo"ment mechanisms to resol'e# manage or minimise con&licts( d! .RC 1a"ar a! 6'ergra8ing is considered to be a common "henomenon in rangeland across %hutan and it is belie'ed to be an im"ortant contributing &actor leading to deterioration o& rangeland resources( There&ore# the most im"ortant tas1 o& the technical assistance is to assess <ualit$ and "roducti'it$ o& e5isting rangelands in sam"le sites a""l$ing suitable methods &or %hutan( b! 2es"ite im"ortance o& rangelands# not man$ research 4or1s had been carried out due to limitations in human ca"acit$ and other resources( )esearch and management inter'entions are needed to sustain the rangeland resources( There&ore# the T is e5"ected to 'isit some o& the e5isting rangeland research sites# e'aluate current research methods# data collection and recommend design &or rangeland trials( c! Since the e5isting researchers lac1 research s1ills on rangeland# the T is e5"ected to train our researchers on 'arious research methods and techni<ues &or assessing rangeland "roduction# "lant com"osition# soil &ertilit$ assessment and relating rangeland condition to the surrounding ecos$stems( d! %ased on &indings &rom &ield studies and 'isits# the consultant needs to "ro"ose &uture strategies &or management and de'elo"ment o& subtro"ical and al"ine rangelands and de'elo" a "lan &or im"lementing e&&ecti'e strategies &or &uture rangeland de'elo"ment( e! The consultant should be able to e5"lore social and cultural &actors such as herderEs traditional gra8ing management# soil &ertilit$ management etc( and relate those &actors to rangeland condition( &! The consultant should be able to identi&$ needs &or &uture research on rangeland( : .lo4er altitude rangeland in %hutan and ad'ise on the a""ro"riateness o& the conce"t o& co-management o& rangeland in'ol'ing communit$ or communities( &! 2e'elo" a "lan &or o"erationalising the "re&erred (best bet! strateg$.mediators( e! 6utline o& &uture strategies &or management and de'elo"ment o& intermediate .or one or t4o con&licts 4ith good "otential &or resolution# outline a detailed action "lan &or con&lict resolution# including the ca"acit$ de'elo"ment and su""ort needed b$ the &acilitators.ies( g! .

SLMP Rangeland Management Consultancy %ttachment -: 0)RMPS draft !or"plan %ttachment - 0ational )ra2ing Resources Management Policy and Strategies: 0)RMPS draft !or"plan acti$ities ' / - )e'ie4 o& e5"eriences in %hutan and the Jindu Cush R Jimala$a region +stablishment o& the national tas1 &orce Situation anal$sis and rangeland case studies =n'entor$ and ma"s o& 'egetation *ra8ing intensit$ Management -se 64nershi" rights and lease s$stems Ta5ation s$stem ?on-gra8ing rangeland "roducts 0ildli&e con&licts Problem anal$sis 3ommunit$.odder 2e'elo"ment Programme: 2e"artment o& Li'estoc1# Mo # %hutan 10 .eed and . 5 6 7 '8 Translation and "ublication '' ?*)MPS a4areness 4or1sho"s '/ =m"lementation Source +5tracted &rom: K0or1 "rogramme &or de'elo"ment o& ?ational *ra8ing )esources Management Polic$ T StrategiesL ?ational .herder consultati'e 4or1sho"s in s"eci&ic and re"resentati'e sites Polic$ o"tion re'ie4 Socio-economic consideration +n'ironmental considerations Political considerations Strateg$ dra&ting Polic$ dra&ting ?ational 4or1sho" to &inalise "olic$ and strategies Submission o& "olic$ and strateg$ to 3abinet 3 4 .