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Julijana Anastasovska Dr. Ivan Dodovski Composition 1 10.12.

2013 Teaching about religion in Macedonian public schools The aim of this research paper is giving our children the right way of education. Religion is one of the most important things that every person supposed to have it. The faith to believe in God is real path for all of us. The agreement why we suppose to have religious instruction in public schools is because this subject support the whole education, how we should behave, what kind of things we should do and so on. Only the religion teach us that we should love our enemies, not be jealousy, to be away from hate, evil, with another words, how to be happy. The reason why children should learn about religion in the schools is because it helps to understand better the family and the society we are living in, it discover us the secrets of God, world and human being, and its helpful to learn the terms of our existence and our place in the society. Lets start with the first point. In this time, and world we are living in, its really hard to survive. The term survive means only one thing, how to live, to plan from day to day. Its not just to live and not to thing the right way of existence and surviving. As we mentioned before, to live a life which is too stressful and the circumstances we are surrounded, its hard to accept it. The right point why we should have religion present in public school is exactly because of the things mentioned before. The only thing that can make our childrens better and more relaxed life. Religious instruction purpose is to incent childrens responsible behavior in the schools, families and in their lives. To develop their spirit of tolerance and respect the differences among the people, especially the religion differences1. Through the whole history our people had been haunted. In that period, no matter which part of the world they had to go, they couldnt take their material heritage, but inside their hearts they had the God faith.2 The children should know at least the basic things about their religion, God, and the world emergence. Religious instruction is not a subject that means load on their back, it is nothing more then showing children the basic things and the right way in a right time. When we say right time, means that some people get older and they dont know these things because no one told them or teach them about religion. We can not correct them because they are doing things they used to and think that that is the right way. The last point we should talk about are the terms of our existence and place in the society. We are always paying attention about our body but never about or seldom of our soul. Almost all parents think how to earn or provide food for their children and everything else what they need, but they dont know they need to teach them how to feed their soul which is much more
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important. For the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.3 Because of all this, we have to accept this subject in the public schools. Studying about others religion, without knowing our own religion is too much for children on this age.4. The religious instruction is a subject that helps children develop their religious and cultural identity5. Watching some childrens bad behavior does not mean that is their parents fault, but means that something is missing in the educational process. This subject is the first thing that every child should pay attention on and the only subject that can change the children in positive way. Parents can see and notice only a good results of their children behavior if this subject exists in the public schools.

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