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university primary/ Secondary school boarding/ private/ state school head uniforms mixed nursery school nuns pupils priests principal tutor biology foreign languages chemistry history computer studies maths economics P.E. (physical education) geography physics marks terms arts science courses subjects degree do research professors lecturer classmate coach examiner graduate learner

Jack decided to take a course in hotel management. Sheila always got good marks in algebra. After leaving school, Ann trained as a teacher. Peter decided not to go in for the examination. My sister taught me how to draw. I cant come to the cinema. I have to study for a test. In history we had to learn a lot of dates by heart. I hope your work will improve by the end of term. Martin failed his maths exam and had to sit it again. If you have any questions, raise your hand. Our teachers used to punish us by making us stay behind after school. If you divide twenty- seven by nine, the answer is three. Try to memorise the most important rules. It is difficult to pay attention in a noisy classroom. Pauline tried her best to pass the end of year examinations. Your work is the same as Hurrys. Did you copy his work? Your mind is wandering! You must concentrate more!

Lucy couldnt find a duster to clean the board so she wrote her answer in the corner. Helen decided to revise all her work at the end of every week. Its a good idea to underline important parts of the book in red. The teacher saw Jerry trying to cheat in the exam. Joe was absent most of the time so his name was removed from the register. Sue wanted to do the experiment for herself so she went to the science laboratory. James was gifted pupil so he didnt have any problems passing his exams. I am afraid that her introduction to the subject has not been entirely successful. Her assignments are often unreadable, because she is so untidy, and because of her failure to check her work thoroughly. She failed to do any revision before the end of term test, and had poor results. She seems to have the mistaken idea that she can succeed without studying. Paula has also had many absences and has frequently arrived late for class. I am afraid that you havent made any progress. You all look tired. Lets take a break. Dave could pick up languages very easily so he started talking in French after only a few days. Our English teacher set us some difficult exercises for homework. Most students have quite a good sense of their own ability. Before you begin the exam paper, always read the instructions carefully. Its time for a break. The bell has rung. Martin has quite a good understanding of physics. These children are badly behaved! They need more discipline. If you have a problem, put up your hand. Some apes seem to have as much intelligence as humans!