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NOW WEEKLY! WEEKL Y! his work. Can any other astro-business make that claim? Maynard calendars for 2014 will be in stock until February but you should get yours now so that you do not forget. I caution that those of you who take your Pockets everywhere might want to get an extra one for insurance, as once the calendars are gone, replacements cannot be had. Maynard calendars are an ideal introduction to astrology. Give one to a child who wants to learn the craft. Have him/her learn to use the voids as a guide to daily activities. Train him to sense the Moon’s transit through the various signs, give him practical advice for Mercury retrogrades, etc. From what I’ve worked out, astrology shows the Earth’s “daily temperature,” in other words, the Earth’s unique, ever changing vibration as it continuously relates to the Sun, Moon and other planets. Astrology does not rain from an empty sky. It radiates from the earth itself. You should no more ignore the daily ephemeris than you should go outof-doors without regard to the weather. Astrology describes the raw energies of this planet, our home, nothing more and nothing less. That’s what Maynard has given us, on a daily basis and set in our own proper time for easy reference. Thank-you, Jim!

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AYNARD calendars arrived on Tuesday, October 29. We had been taking advance orders since Labor Day and had a couple hundred outstanding. More orders – and still more calendars – arrived during the week. It was not until today (Monday) that we caught up. This is Jim Maynard’s 41st calendar, an outstanding achievement. If someone at one of the big fancy astro outfits does not give this man an award for sheer outstanding perseverance and the production of the most perfect calendar ever, well, I don’t know what. He has my deepest thanks and respect. We could not live without him and


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Versatility is largely characteristic of the Uranian, who is generally capable, if so desirous, of finding interest in any direction. Mercury is also versatile in a mental sense and is also as a rule good with his hands, but is not on the whole so able to interest himself in the same wide range of things as Uranus. Great versatility is, of course, only to be found in horoscopes which, as a whole, exhibit mental powers distinctly above the ordinary. Sagittarius is gifted in this way, and Aquarius has a wide range of interests. Vindictiveness is traditionally connected with Scorpio, owning to its intense emotional nature. Uranus, which is in some respects similar to this sign, is also prone to be revengeful in primitive types. Libra, Aquarius, and Pisces are probably the least inclined to remember and desire to avenge their wrongs. Venus seldom harms anyone. Saturn in Scorpio is, when working personally, often very vindictive. Real forgiveness of wrongs is probably most found under evolved solar and Jovian types. — Encyclopaedia of Psychological Astrology, by C.E.O. Carter. Buy.


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UNUKALHAI alpha Serpentis 22 ä16 Notes: A pale yellow star situated on the neck of the Serpent. From Unk al I Hayyah, the Neck of the Snake. Sometimes called Cor Serpentis, the Serpent’s Heart. Influence: According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Saturn and Mars. It gives immorality, accidents, violence and danger of poison. With Sun: Many quarrels and disappointments, unfortunate life, seriously affected by death of family or friends. With Moon: Clever, evil environment, hatred of authority, involved in intrigues and plots, banished, imprisoned or hanged for crime probably by poisoning. With Mercury: Dishonorable, accused of forgery or theft of papers, ill-health, narrow escapes, danger of bites from poisonous animals. – From Fixed Stars, by Vivian Robson Buy
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Mercury may be either sex according to the Sign he is in. Robert Redford’s fate was different. A disappointment. arrogant (Mars in Leo). all likely to arrive late. Redford is universal (or unfocused). made him an advocate for humanitarian causes. The Moon & Venus are feminine visitors. but in bad aspect. which Butch Cassidy was from the get-go. did not end up as Sundance and show him up. at 8:02 pm PST. Redford would then be dynamic (Aries). short trips. by 1969. So far as Katharine Ross was concerned. in Scorpio in the 8th. coming-&-going. Hud. Bill de Blasio R from Simplified Horary Astrology HE third house rules those things that are contingent on something else or someone else: related. Redford would presumably be another Strother Martin (from Cool Hand Luke: What we have here is a failure to communicate) who in fact had a minor role in Butch Cassidy. Robert Redford became. relatives. AstroDataBank tells me the time is wellestablished and. rumors. visiting. In the final selection of Redford we can see various motives. book titles & authors are all clickable. and with ruling planet Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 9th. — Simplified Horary Astrology. Note that Hitchcock’s chart ruler. pg. elementary schooling. visitors. so to say. Jack Lemmon. in Santa Monica. as we all know. So what will the astrology tell us? Robert Redford was born on August 18. to the next sign and the next house (Sagittarius/9th) will do to the resulting individual. He presumably expected the resulting movie to be another Newman vehicle. Study charts and you can learn a great deal about how shifting the same ruler (Jupiter) of the same rising sign (Pisces). or perhaps another action hero. or delivery of damaged goods. 1936. and regal and self-important (Sun in Leo). Newman. Instead. etc. while Redford’s Jupiter. another Steve McQueen. Afflicting another malefic or Mercury: the guest. he would be reserved in public. CA. Since Newman had a history of playing roles like that of the Sundance Kid (Cool Hand Luke. In comparing Redford’s chart to Paul Newman’s. Newman was fearful of becoming a has-been (a common fate in Hollywood. As a mere 3 minute shift in time. They seem to be Piscean instead. but very likely what Paul NewCopyright © 2013 by David R. already a career risk so far as Newman was concerned. a big star in his own right. her roles in The Graduate (1967) and Butch Cassidy (1969) were the high points in her career. but one that always disappointed me as a moviegoer. Goldstein-Jacobson 1893-1990 IVY’S % GEM OF THE WEEK The Third House Robert Redford and New York’s next mayor. 1960. He would be. Warren Beatty and Marlon Brando. then he would not have wanted the competition. a sick person. T OBERT Redford was a hard-working. With Capricorn on the MC. made Redford a super-star. California as a whole avoided daylight time until after WWII.Buy the book! Meet the author! Headlines. Instead. say Jack Lemmon. backed up by co-ruler Sun in Leo in the 6th. man had in mind when he picked him. graphics. continued. The better placed they are by Sign & good aspect to Jupiter or Venus the more desirable they are and the better news or goods they bring. Visitors. Buy. full stop. sarcastic character actor. we find a study in compliments. another Jack Lemmon. money or clothing. In good aspect to the Ascendant or its ruler they bring good news. produced suspense along with an intense sexuality. note that neither man projects like a Leo. the aging pretty face). upsetting news. The stellium of Venus. as it were. deliveries & messages Malefics in the third are uninvited. He then had to look out that someone like. it seems. Neptune. In some ways Redford’s chart resembles that of Alfred Hitchcock’s. If retrograde. his message or the goods will prove untrustworthy. So click already! Go places! Ivy M. in effect. Aries on the ascendant makes Mars in Leo in the 5th the chart ruler. The other planets are usually invited guests & expected deliveries. The sextile from Jupiter to Virgo means he has striven to use his 6th house of service to bring his Jovian ideals to reality. & those bringing news or messages or delivering goods. It has to do with the near neighborhood & those in it: neighbors. All rights reserved. When the Sun is obscurely placed. in Sagittarius and the 9th. to create dramatic tension in that way. I was expecting a sly. 4 . Both Pisces rising with Leo Suns in the 6th. so the PST tag for the summer of 1936 is correct. gossip & anonymous letters. Roell. to play against type. Venus. Jupiter & especially the Moon have a standing invitation & seldom come empty-handed. everything we thought the Sundance Kid to be. Pisces rising. not Sundance) included Steve McQueen. with both Redford and Katharine Ross as distant co-stars. Butch Cassidy. makes him want to be of service. to 8:05 pm. Hence Newman’s surprising choice of the unknown Redford as his partner in Butch Cassidy. did not want to share the screen with another big male lead. it would make sense to Newman to switch parts and play Butch instead. if you’re curious. has a quasireligious fervor to his devoted cause-of-themoment. a scurrilous letter. It is the way 12thHouse questions will terminate or turn out. Mercury and Moon all in Virgo in the 6th. Which makes a buddy film. was not helped by her poor management of it. As with Hitchcock. up and coming actor when Paul Newman hand-picked him to co-star in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.) and was originally cast in that role. Other actors considered or approached for the role (of Butch. from one sign and one house (Scorpio/8th). we instinctively see the ascendant sign. a super-stud (Mars in 5). a colorless leading man. in my opinion. If. will put Aries on the ascendant (and Capricorn on the MC). masculine guests & unwanted deliveries unless in good aspect to the Ascendant. Jupiter. which. & more or less welcome according to their good or bad aspect to the rising degree. teachers. we should consider that. their visit is costly. gossipers. One.

Al H. you like to rise above all that. Aquarius is often rather frail and is the weakest of this group. by Vivian Robson. I’m lucky. and when the mood hits you. Scorpios make good water dogs & can be taught to hold their breath & swim.AstroAmerica. You have no trouble getting lovers. When you tire of the purity you enjoy fantasizing about your more debauched options. Anyone who loves you won’t mess with that code. Taurus. so be careful. . S Mars in Scorpio The Scorpio dog can bite if you are not a member of the house-hold. even. You enjoy doing very little. Yes. have no idea how rich. Every week I will serve up a slice for your amusement. Cancer. Passion is your middle name. People get turned on by your magnificent obsessions—your work. In judging the length of life either of an infant or adult consider the signs & houses occupied by the Sun. Hard to get out of the water though. Buy DOG OF THE MONTH OME folks are afraid of you. and Sagittarius are very strong & give great power of resisting disease. Usually they are large dogs & black and very interested in sex. he nevertheless gets his catch. You turn on to the powerful. Capricorn. Marian. If he suddenly runs to the door when he hears footsteps. Buy! M + The New Newsletter ost people. once in. You love excesses in Order toll-free: 1-800-475-2272 Part 41 Infant mortality and the length of life continued:— The vitalizing effect of the signs when rising or containing the Sun or Moon is as follows:— 1. and never forget a betrayal. 6th. Virgo. . the #&!*% government. a long life may be predicted. Gemini & Virgo are wiry rather than strong. especially by the rulers of the 4th. ‘Til next week – Dave November 5: 1605– Guy Fawkes arrested. $3. the fantasies will do. Libra. often gives a long life if the native survives infancy as it becomes increasingly strong as old age is reached. religion or love. Aries. that you have constructed. painstakingly. Morrison said this is the “do it big or bust” place for Jupiter. your true love. but you can carry out the kill with frightening detachment. but you realize it’s not really you they’re afraid of. Scorpio and Aquarius are moderately strong and in ordinary cases promise a fair length of life. Get the complete books from: www. and little or no help is obtained from the benefics. Weirdness appeals to you. Will protect you night & day. You dare to show your passions.00. it’s passion. It is said that the Kabalists erect a map for the seventh hour after birth in order to judge whether the child will live. but let no one forget that you have a clear code of honor. I’ve lived in what amounts to a world-class astrological library. This dog is quite sensitive & doesn’t like sudden loud noises & commotion. You’re a loyal friend. a bitter enemy. you have little trouble getting the right mate. astrology really is. Leo. life will not be sustained. Though apparently slow at first. You like the decadence. Loves to go in the car shopping with you. You’re a natural-born armchair psychiatrist and will spend all kind of time and money on tarot cards . He’s better suited for the country than the city life. Buy. — © Debbi Kempton-Smith. how varied. Jupiter in Scorpio You’re as horny as a three-balled tomcat– people can just tell you’re brilliant in bed. however. but if weak & greatly afflicted. and in ordinary cases give a considerable length of life. which I’ve been passing off as AstroAmerica. Taurus & Scorpio are critical in infancy but increase in strength later in life. © Marian Futterman. 8th and 12th houses. Quite cunning & a good hunter. because you are a deep person too. Capricorn & Pisces are the weakest of all and if at all afflicted give much difficulty in rearing. and ruler of the Ascendant.HSTUDENT’S CORNERH HSTUDENT’S CORNERHHSTUDENT’S CORNERHHSTUDENT’S CORNERH This is a serialization of Vivian Robson’s A Student’s Text-Book of Astrology. 1999. the booze. 2. strong by house. most astrologers. Some of the best sunsign writing I ever came across. . 3. Not twice. They will prolong life even in a severely afflicted map. but more often than not. we still have copies. and also the rising sign & aspects to the cusp of the 1st house. Gemini. — A Student’s Text-Book of Astrology. The point which is Hyleg needs special consideration. then he knows this is the way you want him to be. Moon. 1943–Vatican bombed by Italians. or they are weak by sign. and you usually get them into your business or bed. so don’t go overboard. Like what you read? These are excerpts. wellknown people in your circle. 1976. go with him. You’re slow to venom. 1831–Nat Turner sentenced. Your Dog and Astrology. competent. He will consider this a treat. For the last twenty years. for you ooze sex appeal. You then permit yourself a shrug and a chuckle. over the years. sitting back and watching your enemies royally screw themselves. anyway. and you know what you don’t want. and the smoke. If the majority of these are in vital signs. unique to yourself. You know what you want. some odd hobby. and well aspected.

earth) make for an easy. Newman was not going to let anyone get that close ever again. Legislators with squares to Neptune are hopeless dreamers. unique problems. gets played by Paul Newman’s character. With the proper time we have Neptune in Scorpio falling tightly on the ascendant. in that we know what the other is like. All rights reserved. May 8. She had 7:03 pm as his birth time. who lacked oppositions. Johnny Hooker. who played Doyle Lonnegan. by means of fake FBI Agent Polk. On Thursday I read one too many pieces of hype about deBlasio and thought.I Newman (last week) had Jupiter. trine to Redford’s Venus. but when it’s backed up by all those yummy trines. which produced a strikingly good chart. Shelley phoned on Friday. She had phoned de Blasio’s campaign and got his birth time straight from them. while I am not. “no” and made it stick. Which also explains why the sequel. while Redford’s compulsive scene stealing as Sundance might have been Redford’s version of the same joke. Sakoian and Acker: May be in danger of being used by negative psychic forces. does it not also give inspiration and insight? Sure as heck it does. the intent would be malicious. One of many. being invariably in the same element (here. was not a buddy picture. easily elected. Redford’s character in the Sting. A quick Wiki search got his birthdate. The oppositions make one a focus for mischief. Newman had a Pisces Moon. CA Placidus houses mean node ephemeris gave a Neptune-Sun opposition. They are charming and charismatic. squares will be much more common than oppositions. As you will recall. mess and all. A quick scan of the Robert Redford August 18. Henry Gondorff. I wanted to know where she got it. The Sting. Hone: Can lose himself in a world of imagination. anyone?) The opposition involves outright deceit. but rarely amount to much. if they accomplish anything. a Neptune-Jupiter square and a NeptuneMars square. there is the sense of the unknown other as a target upon whom we can play practical jokes. but realized I would overdo things and make a mess of it. and so left an email. and should be very choice in your associates and acquaintances. the mark. where she calls de Blasio a bold and visionary leader. which was Richard Nixon. squares to Neptune make for hopeless idealists who. 1961.) And now something else: Bill de Blasio Mayor of New Y ork NEARLY scrapped my notes on Redford in favor of de Blasio. Opposites again. while Redford has a MercuryMoon opposition to Saturn. did not seem a self-serving rectification.) Redford and Newman’s Suns and Moons were the jokers. The Sting was a Newman movie in which Redford had a part. deceptive. meant that no one ever told him. as the answer was swift and precise. both men knew what it was like to fight opposition. Newman had a Mercury-Venus opposition to Pluto. Newman’s and Shaw’s. while Redford is a Leo. comfortable familiarity.” The trines give a familiarity. Which was before fussing with details. like the wide Neptune-Mercury opposition. a Moon-Neptune trine of some sort. (Tony Blair. Sepharial: It endangers the life by plots and enmities. Here is a consensus of opinions on that: Oken: A veil of mystery. But wait.) Newman’s selection of Redford might well have been a practical joke on Newman’s part. but New Yorkers . Hickey: Vague approach to reality. In the charts of executives. in effect. Fairfield: Act out victimization in personal style. New York. Carter: Illusionary. and causes the native to be fearful. Mercury and Moon in Virgo. while Redford’s is in Virgo. Democracies have traditionally been overrun with both these kinds of people. Newman had an Aquarian Sun. the wide Uranus-Neptune square. in Shelley Ackerman’s weekly column in The Aesthete. he sounds like the usual Neptune-driven politician. which. Synastric trines. But here it is. 1936 8:02 pm PDT Santa Monica. Mercury and Venus in Capricorn. It’s clear that Shelley is hopeful. and prone to involve things which it influences in confusion. (Contrast to George Bush. Opposites. All credit to Shelley! Her impression was that the candidate was into astrology. easily re-elected. Among legislators. Perhaps a need to see how far the other can be pushed and what might happen if one went “too far. to be precise. usually make things worse than they were before. (If the trines were squares. She had done her homework. Leo: You must be on your guard against hypnotic suggestion. With oppositions to the lights there is a certain feeling of the other person is a stranger and I can never know him. Already I had enough to establish that de Blasio was another Neptune-driven politician. The best buddy films are when both actors are seen to struggle for supremacy. I then sought out de Blasio’s birth time and found it here. Roell. Or. not innocent. Neptune. It is becoming increasingly clear that no form of government is very good and that every kind of government has its own. As the time Copyright © 2013 by David R. (Robert Shaw. As a result. Doesn’t Neptune have a positive side? Isn’t it also idealistic and noble.

Richard Nixon: Neptune opposite Mercury. If he needs inspiration. Tony Blair: Neptune square Mercury. Mike Huckabee: Stellium in Leo: Uranus. look for his Neptune. Hillary Clinton: Mars-Pluto conjunct. See the complete list here. Then look for his Pluto. Some examples: Barrack Obama: Mercury square Neptune. In a politician's chart. Beware the politician with Pluto in the first house who lacks oppositions in his chart. But. Here it is again: Neptune. Mars and Sun are in mutual reception as well as widely square. “Promo Code.) And it's cumulative. He will run roughshod over everyone and everything. get another of equal or lesser value at half price. by definition. You want Cornell’s Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology? Buy $70 in other books and get it for $35. Squares to Neptune are aspects of delusion. Get these at half price when you order an equal dollar amount at the regular price. Widely opposite Mars. This is too easy. he knows no opposition: George W. Sun square Neptune.) E publish all but one of Vivian Robson’s classic books. Neptune? . 30! . with Saturn making a stellium.Bill de Blasio May 8.. those delusions got manipulated into a war by someone with a different agenda. who has to battle Wall Street tycoons on one side. 1961 7:03 pm EDT New York. the people in Neptune's charge (in Tony’s case. back in July of 2008. Ron Paul: Neptune/Mercury conjunct. (This does not include calendars. as well as all our Vedic books as well as Tarot decks and books. It even includes other Astrology Classics books. everyone thinks he’s not doing the right thing. Conjunctions with Neptune are an inability to sense reality. you lie in equal measure. Tony is still so deluded as to not know. get an Astrology Classsics book at HALF PRICE. Jimmy Carter: Neptune/Node/Venus conjunct. Oppositions to Neptune are outright deceit. John McCain: Sun/Neptune conjunct: The swindler. In this case. You lie because you are lied to. In Tony's case. Jupiter (not a personal planet) square Neptune. as it’s in his first house. They’re electing a mayor who has a job to do. because. British subjects) become victims. put HALF PRICE in the space marked. Pluto in the 10th. I put it in my first book of essays. Neptune and did I mention. The deluded politician sees the world as better than it is. And Lilly and Dorotheus and Al Biruni and many more. or mine? Could Neptune rule clay feet? Ronald Reagan: Neptune opposite Mercury/ Uranus. Bill Clinton: Neptune conjunct Mars. (Buy one Astrology Classics book. are not electing an artist-in-residence or an inspirer-in-chief. We publish Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos and George McCormack’s masterpice on weather forecasting. along with Sepharial’s excellent work on primary directions. Bush. but I don’t want to bore my readers. Bush) manipulate deluded Neptunians. He needs his head square on his shoulders. Jupiter. Lust in his heart. Venus. since. Stuff that should be in every library. happily.. well. Neptune. Neptune opposite Saturn. look first for hard aspects from Neptune to his personal planets. Better books make better astrologers. I wrote an essay on this topic. Sale ends Nov. opposite Saturn. NY Placidus houses mean node THANKSGIVING SALE! W Buy any book at regular price. This is your chance to build your library and get the best books at a big savings. Maybe we should call Neptunian squares the Sucker Aspect. Name a prominent politician. So let's look at some more. And don't they all claim to be “straight talkers”! Neptune-Venus conjunct. where I included the charts in the appendix. maybe he’s not. and an increasingly poverty-stricken community on the other. Your heroes. Mars. opposite Mars. One paints rosy pictures. All but one of Charles Carter’s .” This includes our complete stock of Astrololgy books. (continued) W E publish 50 of the finest astrology books. One fools himself. There is no limit. nor annuals. When Plutonians (George W. Pluto is power for its own sake. there are lots of friends and advisors who can give him that. Lies. On the second page of the shopping cart. Skeet Shooting for Astrologers. A Brazilian electrician’s horrible death on a tube platform comes to mind. Get any of these at half price when you buy other books (equal or lesser value) at the regular price. Pluto.

with Cancer rising. Blake had a tight Neptune-Saturn opposition. for better or worse. Educated as well. Since we reincarnate as affinity groups. I have given her a putative 6:30 pm time. There is no birth time. In the American South. In these newsletters I’ve delineated the charts of movie stars (Newman. Roell. Hopkinsville. Shelley Ackerman. The President. I bring this up as there has been a fuss made about an article she wrote long ago declaring herself to be a lesbian. Neptune. In thinking about it. which are thick and enormous. Which is his wife. before there was Obamacare. castigating them for being lazy and shiftless. composers (Ludwig). London) and Edgar Cayce (March 18. female field slaves were commonly force-bred. There are no problems here. Everything you have heard about slavery in America has been a self-serving lie. spiritual leaders (Sai Baba) and the like. for as Copyright © 2013 by David R. 7:45 pm. house slaves will tend to reincarnate as descendants of house slaves. square Sun and Mercury in Aquarius. Allen). Cosby notably refuses to work with reincar- . Neptune squares can make an inspirational legislator who might be of help in minor ways. Pluto/ Jupiter opposition. entirely different set. get Chirlane. MA. 1954. not on this level. the odd twin would be hidden and would presumably be responsible for the odd house slave. a waning Neptune-Mars conjunction. before Occupy and before Occupy was suppressed.). in nearly every case. I had a brief look at William Blake (November 28. Before homeowners went bust. McCray’s Wiki page says only 1954. As an executive. most likely a field slave. is his Sun in Taurus in the 7th house. The current mythology is that once gay. Bill Cosby. When you find Neptune prominent in a politician’s chart. or was an agent for drug addiction. at least. They have goals in life. starting in their teens. Dig down and you will find many. long as the woman’s body could stand the process. Since all African-Americans are reincarnate slaves. Which means that she. Despite what you might think about free will and all that. Colin Powell. in Springfield.” which I may have mistranscribed as I could not duplicate her work. again. Elect deBlasio. you will be able to distinguish field from house yourself. they pursue them. Mao Tse-tung: Neptune/Pluto conjunct. while African-Americans believe another. be very cautious. As roughly one birth in 90 produces twins (the figure varies according to social setting). Shelley has November 29. Jupiter. I would argue that Neptune’s positive impact is rare and much over-rated. Don’t say you were not warned. and a lot of Neptune-Sagittarius trines. complemented by a stellium in Pisces in the 11th. who got the elusive McCray’s birth data. Michael Jackson. They do make them different. Bill Cosby’s views in this matter are well-known. has played a minor role. Before the economic collapse. 1954 6:30 pm (proposed) Springfield. Females were bred for money. To date. I discovered this awful truth using census records and simple sociology. rock stars (the Beatles. ___________________ Chirlane McCray November 29. KY). square a Mercury/Pluto conjunction. To this day. The fathers were. who invariably had a white mother and a black father and was raised all but free. But for the sake of it I went looking for “Neptune positive” types. Hard Neptune aspects do not make people bad. etc. Martin Luther King. not as yet at any rate. as well as virtually all American blacks. once you know the key. And just for the fun of it: Bobby Kennedy: Pluto/Mars square.Mike Gravel: Uranus conjunct Mars. both Neptune squares and Neptune opposition types are flatly dangerous. his wife and their children. Reincarnate house slaves are generally happy and well-adjusted. 1757. Chirlane McCray. Cayce was better: A waning Neptune-Moon conjunction in Taurus in the 12th. Neptune has either not been prominent. African-Americans know who are field-slave descended and who are derived of house-slaves. To expand this further. Reincarnate house slaves tend to look down upon reincarnate field slaves. is a reincarnate slave. HE most interesting part of de Blasio. the slave owners themselves. When the Sun is in the 7th the result is someone who is dominated by their partner. Male field slaves were commonly castrated. Abraham Lincoln: Neptune conjunct Saturn (by far the best configuration for Neptune). All rights reserved. 3:03 pm. Neptune square Mercury. Franklin Roosevelt: Stellium in Taurus: Saturn. Novak) film directors (Hitchcock. and what I saved for last. before the banks were rescued but the people were not. the children sold for money. MA Placidus houses mean node Note I wrote that when Barack Obama was still the Senator from Illinois. It’s really quite easy. T which she says she got from “birthdatabase. always gay and so McCray’s current status is confusing to some. Whites believe one set of lies. James Earl Jones. Morgan Freeman. you can read them here. And it was. these patterns exist. those who use Neptune in an inspirational and/or spiritual fashion. opposite Mercury. while field slaves will reincarnate as descendants of field slaves. but that she is now happily married with children. Chirlane McCray is an African-American.

Adam Clayton Powell. ooh I'm sittin’ on the dock of the bay Wastin’ time Looks like nothing’s gonna change Everything still remains the same I can’t do what ten people tell me to do So I guess I’ll remain the same. with an African American wife who was a one-time lesbian. let slavery end with me. Saying NO to conjugal sex was a way of buying time to sort out one’s head. the last census that counted blacks as slaves. they will need more than one life to recover.000 free people. She was isolated as the only black student in her high school. Third: There is no way to account for the increase in slaves. McCray’s anger is a step away from mere passivity. from 1790. for example. there were 27. which they then largely neglect. These were not falsetto. In this. Second: Before and after the Civil War were high-pitched. quadruple what there were in 1860. sing-song negro minstrels. (I am undecided about Michael Jackson. outnumber house slaves by well over 100 to one. There are now 109 million whites.nate field slaves. but am leaning to field. For McCray. It was the first step on the W long road to recovery. the first census. the first census. that an idealistic liberal. There were 4 million slaves. Jr. but. like himself. were invariably field slaves. she may well still consider black males to be incapable of fathering children. It goes without saying that de Blasio is unlikely to be reelected as he has neither skills nor experience as an executive.) Ghetto rioters are invariably reincarnate field slaves. I’ve just been through Wiki’s entire Minstrel page which has not a single reference to the vocal range employed. listen Sittin’ here resting my bones And this loneliness won't leave me alone. I went through the 30 Years War and survived. This simple analysis demands further research. lesbianism was a way of telling the world that her body was her own. If her last life was as a field slave. now I'm just gon’ sit at the dock of a bay Watchin’ the tide roll away. If what I experienced is typical. immediately after the Civil War there was a mass migration of black females into the Southwest. had been found to lead a city with such strong leanings in precisely those directions. sung by one who was: Sittin’ in the morning sun I'll be sittin’ when the evening comes Watching the ships roll in Then I watch them roll away again. Field slaves were not. There were 12 million blacks in 1930. unless they were force-bred. where they mated with American Indian males. Like John Edwards and Gary Hart and Elliot Spitzer and so many others. goes like this.” Slavery destroyed them. have become enraged. I will let someone else work out the synastric relationship between these two. Funny how the better man is invariably exposed. ooh Sittin’ on the dock of the bay Wastin’ time . I suspect. Here are the census records: In 1790.500. Why was the free black birth rate half what it had been under slavery? African immigration has been zero since 1807. The increase was not due to west African slave trading. Many end up in prison. I’m just gon’ sit on the dock of the bay Watchin’ the tide roll away. to 1930. (Their rage was bought off by money and sex. I laughed.) Reincarnate field slaves are excluded by the larger society as they are inherently antisocial. they were all castrated. There were 700. which makes the cast of his various TV shows reincarnate house slaves. who meekly bore children to shiftless men. Anthony Weiner would have been a better choice. establishing control over her body in this life would have been a primary life-objective. House slaves grew up as the only black in the family and would be comfortable among whites. Know that field slaves. Possibly Jesse Jackson. then America has a lot to look forward to in the 22nd century. more than eight times the number 70 years before.2 million free people in the US. HILE there are not yet a lot of biographical details for Chirlane McCray. Field slaves were never in white society and would feel uncomfortable if they were. The early rappers. she is easily identified as a reincarnate field slave. They are at this time in their first life after slavery. the anger. Remember that hereditary slaves will not breed. In 1860 . Advance the clock another 70 years. since house slaves were invariably accidental births. Chirlane was ahead of many of her reincarnated field slave sisters. which does not make them popular. Chirlane McCray. castrati. a tripling of the population since 1860. to 1860. as. (I regret I have straws in the wind that point to mass castration of male slaves in the antebellum South: One. Prominent reincarnate field slaves: Malcom X. These are simple people and unaware of their circumstances. The fun begins when they come to their second post-slave life. and if they were. but far less than the nearly six-fold increase of the previous 70 years. This is in no way their “fault. there were 3. I base this on my own past-life work. Reincarnate field slaves rarely amount to anything as they are consumed by rage. as Bill Cosby in fact is. yeah I'm sittin’ on the dock of the bay Watchin’ the tide roll away.) W ITH the election of Bill de Blasio and his wife.000 slaves. The ballad of the reincarnate field slave. the frustrations. listen Two thousand miles I roam Just to make this dock my home. Having endured a past life in which she was forced to bear children against her will. that she chose a white husband. It is striking that once she was ready for men. as the new mayor of New York. Which is passive resignation. I then had a wasted life where I was shunned and now. and their modern incarnations. the consequences of slavery are slowly creeping back to haunt America. I was amused. virile black males would be a dangerous nuisance. an increase of five and seven-tenths. ooh I'm just sittin’ on the dock of the bay Wastin’ time I left my home in Georgia Headed for the Frisco Bay Cuz I’ve had nothing to live for And look like nothing’s gonna come my way So. the waste. previously. as this ceased in 1807. They would not have done this had there been virile black males available to them. Their creed is. in my second post-War life. the intolerable loneliness. Enslaved women will refuse to give birth if their children will become slaves like them.

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