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Affiant: <1>: of the family <2> Sworn on: _________________________

Statement of Truth of <1>: of the family <2> In relation to the individual who accepts liability for the Name: < >!"
Notice to #rincipal is Notice to $%ent& Notice to $%ent is Notice to #rincipal"
I, <1>: of the family <2> (as commonly called), being the Undersigned, do solemnly swear, declare, and depose: 1. 2. &. !" I am competent to state the matters set forth herein. !" I ha#e first$hand %nowledge of the facts stated herein. !" all the facts stated herein are tr'e, correct, and certain, admissible as e#idence, and if called 'pon as a witness, I will testify to their #eracity. !" the eternal, 'nchanged principles of )aw are:


a) " wor%man is worthy of his hire. b) "ll are e*'al 'nder the )aw. c) In )aw, tr'th is so#ereign. d) r'th is e+pressed in the form of an "ffida#it.

e) "n 'nreb'tted "ffida#it stands as tr'th in )aw. f) "n 'nreb'tted "ffida#it becomes the ,'dgment in )aw. g) "ll matters m'st be e+pressed to be resol#ed. h) !e who lea#es the battlefield first loses by defa'lt. i) -acrifice is the meas're of credibility. ,) " lien or claim can be satisfied only thro'gh an "ffida#it by a point$for$point reb'ttal, resol'tion by .'ry or payment. /. !" 0ommercial processes (incl'ding this "ffida#it and the re*'ired responses to it) "12 343$.U5I0I") and pre$,'dicial beca'se:

6y <1>: of the family <2> ("ffiant)7age 1 of 8

I. 3o ,'dge, co'rt, go#ernment or any agencies thereof, or any other third parties whatsoe#er, can abrogate anyone9s "ffida#it of r'th: and II. 4nly a party affected by an "ffida#it can spea% and act for himself and is solely responsible for responding with his own "ffida#it of r'th, which no one else can do for him. 8. !" the lawf'l sei;'re, collection, and transfer of ownership of money or property m'st be effected by means of a #alid 0ommercial )ien. !" I am not the creation or chattel property of any person or any go#ernment agency whatsoe#er. I am not 'nder any obligation whatsoe#er to any go#ernmental agency, state or federal (i.e. 'nion), or any of their self$passed laws, stat'tes, reg'lations or policies. !" any and all of the #ario's papers, doc'ments, adhesion contracts, or >agreements> I may ha#e signed with any go#ernment agency or entity or any others that might be constr'ed to indicate a concl'sion contrary to my herein$below assertions were made, signed by me on the basis of mista%e d'e to lac% of f'll disclos're creating a deliberate lac% of f'll %nowledge, a deliberate action of fra'd, non$disclos're, concealment of material fact, and misrepresentation. -'ch action thereby creates a stressf'l sit'ation of d'ress and intimidation, #itiating all doc'ments by s'ch action of fra'd. !" it is the sincerest belief and spirit'al con#iction of this "ffiant that sla#ery and peonage are immoral, are #iolations of the @irst 7recept of 0ommercial )aw (Aa wor%man is worthy of his hireB), that fra'd, misrepresentation, nondisclos're, intimidation, deceit, concealment of material fact, lying, and treachery are morally wrong.




1C. !" I ha#e absol'tely no desire whatsoe#er to be a >client> (sla#e) of any go#ernmental agency, state or federal (i.e. 'nion), or any of their 7rincipals, or the >United Dingdom,> or to inc'r any debts or obligations to said entities for whate#er >benefits> said entities might p'rpose to pro#ide or see% to pro#ide to this "ffiant, or be directed by, s'b,ect to, or acco'ntable to any parties other than my own conscience and best ,'dgement for the p'rpose of preser#ing in#iolate my 'nalienableEinalienable indefeasible rights to life, liberty, freedom and property while engaging in the hono'rable, prod'cti#e, and non$harmf'l acti#ities of my life. 11. !" I, <1>: of the family <2>, am the sole and absol'te owner of myself, my body, and my estate, and possess

6y <1>: of the family <2> ("ffiant)7age 2 of 8

'nconditional, allodial, so#ereign title thereto, and that I ab,'re, reno'nce, forsa%e, and disa#ow 'tterly and absol'tely now and fore#er all pres'mptions of power, a'thority, or right by any go#ernmental agency, its 7rincipals, o#er the rights, life, liberty, freedom or property of this "ffiant from whate#er so'rce pres'med or deri#ed. 12. !" I, the "ffiant, am 34 a )egal @iction 7erson (as defined in a )aw 5ictionary) A<&>B as being a 0orporate 2ntity (incorporated or non$incorporated) or some other %ind of 7artnership, 6U I3- 2"5 a li#ing breathing, so#ereign, flesh and blood !'man 6eing with a li#ing so'l, with a distinct Find that is capable of possessing personal %nowledge commonly called <1>: (of the family <2>, when necessary to disting'ish my 0lan). 1&. <(> 1(. !" all parties who act against this "ffiant on their alleged basis m'st prod'ce the 0ommercial "ffida#its of 1U !, sworn by the claimants to be >tr'e, correct, and complete (certain),> which pro#e the origin and fo'ndation of their claims and incl'de pro#iding the contract(s) or agreement(s) with the signature of this Affiant thereon wherein this "ffiant has %nowingly, intentionally, and #ol'ntarily, in f'll legal and lawf'l capacity, agreed to wai#e or s'rrender rights to A</>B, their 7rincipals, or the >United Dingdom> or agreed to become s'b,ect to or the sla#e or property of said entities in any way or in any ,'risdiction whatsoe#er. 1/. In order for a crime to e+ist, fo'r elements m'st e+ist: there m'st be a defined crime, there m'st be a #ictim, and that the #ictim m'st ha#e been damaged, and the intent m'st be established on the part of the acc'sed. Githo't proof of all fo'r elements, no crime can said to ha#e been committed. In this "ffida#it, crimes are defined H namely the 'nlawf'l e,ection and the lac% of 5'ty of 0are, the "ffiant is the #ictim, this "ffida#it #erifies the damages, and the intent is established at the end of the thirty (&C) day grace period, if the respondents fail to reb't (respond to) the wrongs they ha#e been a party to as noted herein. 18. 34 I02 is hereby gi#en, and demands made, on A</>B that: a) ")) properties ta%en 'nlawf'lly, remo#ed in #iolation of commerce, or otherwise con#erted, sold, or sei;ed by A</>B, or other 7arties in coll'sion therewith, be immediately ret'rned I3 @U)) I")U2 (J) 7)U- 1CK to the original 4wner, the Undersigned "ffiant: 41 b) "ll 7arties who proceed to act or assist in said actions,

6y <1>: of the family <2> ("ffiant)7age & of 8

against this "ffiant, <1>: of the family <2>, witho't thoro'gh, #erifiable, point$by$point reb'ttal of each and e#ery point set forth in this "ffida#it shall be immediately charged with criminal fra'd, theft, conspiracy of e+tortion, theft and fra'd, and commercial liens shall be placed against all their real and personal properties (defined crimes: criminal conspiracy, robbery, misprision of felony, conspiracy against the rights of peoples, e+tortion, fra'd and false statements, and other s'ch crimes as are related to iss'es of 1"0D2 221I3L pl's s'ch 0onstit'tional #iolations not listed combined and described simply as 12"-43): and c) "ll co'rt costs and legal fees relating to this instant case shall be paid by those who ha#e drawn the Undersigned "ffiant <1>: of the family <2> into this instant matter. 1<. !" fail're to respond as herein re*'ired to this "ffiant, within the herein a prescribed time of thirty (&C) days will be deemed by this "ffiant to in#o%e the doctrine of ac*'iescence and admission, to reco#er, in commerce, the lost or damaged properties pl's damages, penalties and costs. 1=. !" this 0ommercial "ffida#it, 3otice and Garning of 0ommercial Lrace, is the 432 "35 43)M s'ch 3otice and Garning. If all actions are not abated within thirty (&C) days, or if at any time in the f't're any actions are reinstated, it shall be considered a wilf'l disregard for this 3otice and Garning, and s'ch shall engender the immediate filing of 0riminal 0omplaints ("ffida#its of Information) and 0ommercial )iens ("ffida#its of 4bligation) against all parties in#ol#ed. 1?. !" the fo'ndation of 0ommercial )aw, being based on certain eternally ,'st, #alid, and moral precepts, has remained 'nchanged for at least si+ (8) millennia. -aid 0ommercial )aw forms the 'nderpinnings of Gestern 0i#ili;ation if not all 3ations, )aw, and 0ommerce in the world, is 343$.U5I0I"), and is prior and s'perior to, the basis of, and cannot be set aside or o#err'led by, the stat'tes of any go#ernments, legislat'res, *'asi$go#ernmental agencies, or co'rts. It is therefore an inherent obligation on all "'thorities, 4fficials, Lo#ernments, )egislat'res, Lo#ernmental or N'asi$ go#ernmental "gencies, 0o'rts, .'dges, "ttorneys, and all aspects and "gents of all )aw 2nforcement "gencies to 'phold said 0ommercial )aw, witho't which said entities are #iolating the ,'st basis of their alleged a'thority and ser#ing to disintegrate the society they allegedly e+ist to protect. 043 1"0 4@ )I"6I)I M @41 "))2L" I432C. !" if the 1espondent, A</>B fails to reb't s'ch claims or charges, the Undersigned is )"G@U))M entitled to claim 6y <1>: of the family <2> ("ffiant)7age ( of 8

defa'lt against the 1espondent. In that case, the Undersigned is f'lly entitled to ta%e whate#er )"G@U) steps may be necessary in order to e+ec'te this )ien. 21. !" only I, the !'man 6eing in#ol#ed against my free will in this instant matter, can determine how m'ch stress, harassment, and other dist'rbance I ha#e s'ffered by #irt'e of being U3)"G@U))M e,ected from the dwelling I was inhabiting at the time, and conse*'ently only I am in the position of decide and dictate my desired compensation, being the amo'nt of <8> for all combined attempts to trespass on my absol'te so#ereignty, that being the s'm total demanded by this 0ommercial )ien on the individual who accepts liability for the Name <5>. 22. !" by specifically offering A</>B the chance to apologise in writing (altho'gh the opport'nity has always been there for the ta%ing) #ia a Notice of First And Final Warning, dated <<>, in this instant matter, I come to this position with clean hands as ha#ing shown good faith. 2&. !" for all the p'rposes of all of the forgoing, all references to A</>B shall be constr'ed to refer to an indi#id'al who considers their )egal @iction 3ame to be A<=>B, or any #ariant thereof, incl'ding 3ames phonetically so'nding the same or similar, and who can accept ser#ice #ia <?>. 2(. !" I, <1>: of the family <2>, the Undersigned "ffiant, depose and certify that I ha#e written the foregoing with intent and 'nderstanding of p'rpose, and belie#e the statements, allegations, demands and contents herein to be tr'e, correct, and complete, commercially reasonable, and ,'st, to the best of my %nowledge and belief. * All words herein are as Affiant defines them.

Signed and sealed this ____________________ day of ____________________, 20____. All rights reserved.
By: ___________________ Affiant!

<1>: of the family <2>, in rerum natura


6y <1>: of the family <2> ("ffiant)7age / of 8


"or verifi#ation $%r$oses only S&BS'()B*+ A,+ S-.(, /. 0efore me 0y <1>: of the family <2>, 1nown to me or $roven to me to 0e the real h%man signing this Affidavit this _______________________ day of _________________________, 20_____.
-)/,*SS my hand and offi#ial seal. ___________________________________ ________________


,./A(2 3&B4)'

53rint ,ame6

Sworn at:_________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________

*nd of do#%ment.

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