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How To Make Structured Water For Personal Health & Healing Utilizing Sacred Hexagonal Geometry

Energy via The Sound and Light From our Sun
Internationally renowned Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto discovered that molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words, and feelings. Since humans and the earth are composed mostly of water, his message is one of personal health, global environmental renewal, and a practical plan for peace that starts with each one of us. Part 1 of 12 (David Sereda’s Coast to Coast Interview)
Water’s natural crystal pattern forms a hexagon and can accumulate life force energy (Chi, Ki, Prana) when placed on top of a hexagonal matrix based on the law of sympathetic resonance and harmonic frequency vibration. I have done this for over 10years, and it works.

Water Crystals from Dr. Masaru Emoto research on the consciousness or awareness of water to thoughts, sounds, prayer and music.

Compare the ‘Prayer, Thank You, Love and Appreciation” water crystals with the photo of the Sun above. Notice they all share the same radiant hexagon structural shape.

Print this amplification image and laminate to protect the ink from distorting due to moisture from spills or condensation. This is the “Master Hexagon” structural matrix. Place your drinking water on top of this patter to structure, energize and organize the water.

Sun Charged Water Ancient texts from many traditions such as Egyptian, Taoist, Buddhist, Hawaiian Huna, Shamanism, etc. all indicate that water charged by the sun has amazing healing effects on the body. So, to get the benefits from this water, do the following:

1. Fill a half or full gallon clear glass jar with drinkable water; preferably filtered, distilled, or tap water. You must use glass containers! Let this water charge overnight on the Master Hexagon Matrix to begin the energizing and structuralizing process. 2. Place it outside on the ground in your yard with a clear glass cover on it sometime in the morning around sunrise. 3. Leave it outside for 5 to 8 hours. More than 8-hours is not necessary, and less than 5hours has a noticeably lower effect. 4. Bring the water inside and place it between two speakers or use large stereo headphones and play the sound of the sun audio per David Sereda’s research. 5. The water is now structured and energized. Drink this water throughout the day. Do not store in plastic, and there is no need to refrigerate. Try to consume all of it within 24hours, as the solar charge will dissipate. Placing the glass container inside a large terra cota pot, i.e. clay pot will help preserve the solar charge. 6. You can water houseplants with solarized water, as well as give it to your pets! 7. Prepare your next batch for the following day. In other words, repeat all steps. Note: Do not leave the water outside overnight. Do not expose to the night sky. In winter months, you can expose the water to the sun from a window inside your home, but note the solarizing effect will be weaker. Reflective mirrors can also be utilized to capture or direct more sunlight into the water.

The light from the sun contains whole healing color spectrum, thus energizing and vitalizing the entire bodily system. Since our bodies are primarily water, this is a powerful, effective and affordable means of caring for our health or assisting others. Drinking Solarized Structured Water may also act as a spiritual catalyzing agent and produce lucid or vivid dreaming along with other phenomenon.

Disclaimer: There are no medical claims pertaining to the healing capabilities of the water described herein. It is recommended that in all cases of disease, injury, sickness, etc. that the aid of a licensed health practitioner is obtained and that you follow the suggested treatment of these licensed professionals. This material is being made available for informational purposes only and therefore no claims of healing and/or curing disease are made herein, expressed or implied. Remember, it is against the law to diagnose or make any claims that you may heal another person by any means whatsoever unless you have this privilege granted to you by law.

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