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COURSE CODE Anesth 220 Bioche 2!0 "eurosc 220 Bioche F,3 2!6 (ed 220.! (ed 4nfo 220 750 220 'atho 220 'atho 22! 'har a 22! 'hysio 2.6 'sych 220 5adio 220 2./ COURSE TITLE Anesthesiology in Action Bioche ical Basis of Genetics Se inars in "eurosciences Se inars in Bioche ical 0iterature 'hilippine 3ealth 4ssues# 'rogra s and 'olicy 4 Basic and ,linical ,ardiology +lectives 4ntroduction to (edical 4nfor atics (bring your own lap op! Basic and ,linical 4ntroduction to 3earing and Balance 4ntroduction to 0a&oratory (edicine Forensic 'athology 'har acology of Disease 'rocesses Directed 5eadings in 'hysiology 4nterventions in 'sychiatry 4 ; Group 'rocess 5adiologic ,orrelations of 3u an 'athophysiology COURSE COORDINATOR Dr. Fides G. Flores Dr. "e encio A. "icode us# $r. Dr. 'aul (atthe) D. 'asco * Dr. +ster S. Bitanga Dr. $oven $ere ius 1. %anchuco Dr. 5afael 4sidro Gerardo D$. ,onsun6i Dr. "elson S. A&elardo Dr. Alvin DB. (arcelo Dr. (a. 5ina %. 5eyes8 1uintos Dr. "elson %. Geraldino Dr. 5a9uel D.5. Fortun Dr. (a. Stephanie Faye S. ,agayan Dr. (yrna DA. Buenalu: Dr. Salvador Ben6a in D. <ista Dr. $ohanna 'atricia D0. Adevoso8,anal CREDIT WEEKS 32 hours !6 hours !6 hours 32 hours 32 hours 32 hours 32 hours 32 hours 32 hours 32 hours 32 hours 32 hours 32 hours 32 hours COURSE DESCRIPTION SLOTS AVAILABLE 6 20 2 20 20 20 2 20 !0 !0 !0 !2 6

Supervised exposure to the practice of Anesthesiology %he olecular &iology of the gene# the replication# expression and control of genetic aterial. ,ritical evaluation of scientific literature in the "eurosciences. %he course consists of a critical evaluation of scientific literature and the presentation of a research proposal in a pu&lic se inar. 4ntroduction to concepts# trends and issues in health and develop ent. 4ntroduction to &asic cardiac diagnostic tools and cardiac physical exa ination. Basic concepts and principles in edical infor atics.

4ntroduction to the clinical anato y and physiology of hearing and &alance. %heory and practice of &asic la&oratory ethods in edicine )ith e phasis on clinical correlation. 4ntroduction to the theory and practice of forensic pathology )ith exposure to death investigation. +ndogenous che icals and * or drugs involved in pathologic processes that lead to targets for drug action. 5eading and discussion of recent articles. 3ands on experience in the actual conduct of group process= facilitating conducting group therapy including critical incident stress de&riefing. ,orrelation of physiologic pheno ena )ith radiologic odalities in co on pathologic processes.