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Course Syllabus

Instructor: Scott Evans
Room: 216

Supplies for class every day

1. Book
2. Folder / Binder
3. Pen / Pencils
4. Homework if assigned
*** Optional. *** We will be doing Plenty of Coloring and Drawing
Colored Pencils / Markers / Crayons / Scissors /

Course Description:
Chemistry is a full year course following the state of Michigan science objectives. In this class students will recognize many
forms of energy and understand that energy is central to predicting and explaining how and why chemical reactions occur. They will
also explain and predict most chemical phenomena.
Students will organize materials into compounds, elements, and mixtures based on the chemical and physical behavior. They
will understand the structure of the atom to make predictions about the physical and chemical properties of various elements and the
types of compounds those elements will form. To do this they will develop and understanding of the periodic table.

Class Procedures Rules

Classroom rules and policies must follow those of the school.
Students are to sit in assigned seat.
Lab safety is to be followed while in the lab
Passes will only be issues for Emergencies and are limited to 3 per semester
Respect must be given to each individual at all times.

• Attendance will be followed according to school policy.
• You are responsible for all materials presented in class including announcements about course procedures, exams, quizzes
and homework after an excused absence
• It is very important that when you miss class that you see me for the work that was done.
• If you miss a quiz or a test or a project presentation we will try to make up the work within a day or two of your return

TESTS: There will be a test for all chapters covered. Some tests may include sections of several chapters
HOMEWORK: Will be given on a regular basis for students to practice and prepare for the tests and quizzes
*Students should expect homework everyday. There will be class time given, use your time wisely!

Grading Scale:
A = 90—100% Homework = Homework will be assigned on a regular basis to be turned in at directed time
B = 80—89%
C = 70—79% Homework and class work is expected to be turned in on time and will be marked down
D = 60—69% when they are late, it will no longer be accepted after the chapter test.
Tests /Quiz= are worth 75 % of students grade
Homework /assignments= 25% of students grade

Final Grade
Each card marking period is worth 40% of final grade first marking period 40%
second marking period 40%
Exam is worth 20% of final grade + exam 20%