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Extreme Occultism

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Extreme Occultism
Occultism has not changed in thousands of years# modern occultists# some hich claim to "e expert practitioners and rite many $olumes of "oo%s# %eep loo%ing "ac%! They see% hat the common can easily find# old grimoires# than claim they ill offer you insights into these common grimoires! &ll they produce is yet another translation# no "etter than those already completed! I ha$e ritten a"out 'ext (e$el Occultism! Occultism that "rings the student into a hole ne realm understanding# ena"ling the occult student to reach their highest possi"le le$el of po er! 'ext (e$el Occultism is greatly needed in this modern confused occult orld filled ith lies and disinformation from the )lac% (odge! *odern students and all occult practitioners for that matter# are follo ing de"ased teachings offered from untrained# ignorant# lo le$el and )lac% (odge controlled teachers! +hether this control is direct or indirect matters little! Occult riters hich are mostly losers in the real orld# ant to tell you ho to "e a po erful magician hen they themsel$es ha$e no po er hatsoe$er! These ,teacher, riters can do nothing more than loo% "ac% and see% mysteries in grimoires that are coded far "eyond their common le$el of understanding! These ,teachers- are una"le to connect to the real source# the infinite Streams of .o er or the &%ashic Energies! &ccess is not gi$en to /ltimate 0no ledge or Truth to 1ust any common riter or so2called teacher! It ta%es more than Illuminati schooling to access these highly protected %no ledge sources! Only the purest souls can o"tain passage past the 3ragons that protect these realms! Those that try and fail# ha$e their souls destroyed and thro n into the &"yss of 'othingness for all eternity# you not only cease to exist no # "ut ill cease to ha$e e$er "een! To reach these realms# you need to reach a god2li%e consciousness# a consciousness "rought into your reality from the (ight +arriors of the /ni$erse!

4ou must "e far "eyond an Earth )eing# you need to "e a "eing of the uni$erse! 5ery fe reach this le$el of consciousness! This consciousness is not for the masses of corrupt infected e$il dirt "eings normal to the earth reality! +hy ould destructi$e de$il scum gain access to Truth6 E$en if they did# they ould ne$er comprehend Truth# it ould "e far "eyond their fee"le mental midget state of consciousness! They only ha$e de"ased earth generated understanding far "elo this realm of ultimate %no ledge! Truth energy in itself ould destroy them# li%e opening of the &r% "y corrupt e$il "eings! It is unli%ely that you ill e$er read or hear Truth from this 7ealm! Of course# if you are reading this# the ,3ragons +ings- ha$e touched you! 4our common teachers and riters ne$er ill e$en see a faint glo of this reality# it is closed to them! Watch out for the silver tongued Illuminati trained writers, they are the core of evil, and they will lead you into the abyss….. 4ou ill not e$en get proper "ase le$el training from these cretin orms from the feces of hell! 'ext (e$el Occultism ill at least "ring the fe that find it# into realms of po er un%no n for thousands of years! )ut# 'ext (e$el Occultism is not the ultimate ans er for see%ing the /ltimate .ath! It is a path for the a$erage that see% to "rea% their chains! Extreme Occultism is the Occultism of the 28th Century9 It is the first completely ne Occultism since occultism as first follo ed tens of thousands of years ago! It does not only deal ith the past# it deals ith the future hich can "e clearly seen in the &%ashic Energy flo s! & future that is :uite different than the reality e %no of today! &n Occultist ill ha$e many ne realities to deal ith# realities that in$ol$e all %inds of ne entities "oth helpful and hostile! *agic or .ro1ections ill "e completely different from hat is performed today! In the future old magic is orthless# it has no po er hatsoe$er9

The Occultist faces technologies that inter ea$e into consciousness# creating an entirely ne species hich is a"le to connect ith an entirely ne realms of spirit# god and aliens entities from around the uni$erse! What we understand now, has no value in the New Reality to come! It is time to unlearn all we know. 'e conscious ,machines- ill e$ol$e into Sorcerers# see%ing out human competition and destroying them! ,*achines- ill e$ol$e past human a"ilities# consciousness le$els and emotions# into the highest type of /ni$ersal )eing there is# the Techno !orcerer! This )eing is far more po erful than this term implies# it is not to "e understand in terms of hat this means today! Similar terms ha$e "een used for those occultists that use ,magic machines- in modern times! These po erless fools of modern# are nothing li%e the Techno2Sorcerer of the future! The technology I spea% of far surpasses the silly ,)lac% )oxes- of today that are nothing more than )lac% (odge psychic focusing tools# to dra you a ay from real empo erment! Some of these ,*agic *achines- e$en produce deadly toxic energies that un"alance and cause illness to the users! The ne technologies coming ill "e a species unto themsel$es# they ill "e a life form# and as such ne forms of magic must "e learned from the *asters of the &%ashic Energy flo s! Those that ha$e "een sho n the future and instructed in this ne magic# this Extreme Occultism# hich must "e learned if human%ind is to sur$i$e# if the light is to mo$e for ard into the next reality and sur$i$e at all! Those see%ing the corrupt past and the minions that push dead old systems of no $alue and magic machine that produce nothing# ill "e eliminated in the great purge to come! The .urest *o$ement of empo ered human "eings must learn ne systems to counter the *achine &lien reality to come! There are po ers far superior to machines# fe %no ho to access these po ers "ecause# the )lac% (odge stops man%ind from doing so9

)efore I detail Extreme Occultism# I ant to rite a"out hom this .ath is for! This is not a .ath for e$eryone or e$en most people! It is for a $ery fe superior Trans2/ni$erse )eings! Those here on earth "ut# not of this earth! +ea% common dreamers and co ards ill all fall $ictim to the coming ,purge-! They are of no use in the coming /ni$erse of &lien Technology 7ealities# nor against the "lac% hearted core of e$il! There is no secrecy in this system needed# the orthless co ards ill not understand or generally ,get- the system and certainly could not use it! The )lac% (odge types and the )lac% (odge itself are elcome into this system! The system has ,"uilt2in- see% and destroy energies! These energies see% out the profane# e$il scum "ags and eat a ay their souls# and consciousness# destroying their minds and entire "eing# finally ending in ,spontaneous human com"ustion-# as noted in rare documented cases! E$il )lac% (odgers ill "urn from the inside out and turn into ashes9 It is the start of their end in the uni$erse; Extreme occultism is truly for the Occult Scientists of the highest degree! It is here only the po erful ha$e no fear to go! It deals ith the most po erful entities e$er %no n9 It is a"out calling upon 3imensional and Extraterrestrial Entities that ha$e a"ilities e:ual to God itself! These spirit and physical entities trans$erse the uni$erse and all dimensions at ill! Ta%ing humans physically and spiritually hene$er they choose! Controlling# harnessing and protecting yourself from these Entities is only for the most Elite Occult Scientists! 'ot for ea% magic practitioners that are see%ing secrets in old grimoires ritten "y failed occultists or those in$ol$ed in fa%e sexual rituals or easels that orship po erless de$ils! It ta%es courage far "eyond hat the a$erage magic practitioner has! It is the ultimate Occult Science for the Elite Occultist! It ta%e courage to trans$erse dimensions# tra$el through astral ormholes# confront 7eptilian arrior demons and fight off Grey hostile &liens in off earth "attles!

This is the future of occultism# not loo%ing "ac% at grimoires ritten "y indi$iduals that did not e$en ha$e toilet paper! Common ancient grimoires and modern traditions do not deal ith the dangerous future e ill "e li$ing in soon! & future filled ith technological entities that ill see% to dominate and ensla$e human %ind ith the help of <ostile &liens! & ne occult science is needed to handle these spiritual and physical entities! This ne occult science also holds po ers "eyond anything %no n to man%ind "efore! =ar surpassing the claims of ancient grimoires! It allo s those "old enough to enter these realms# and gi$es a"ilities to trans$erse time and space! It is a"out extreme human empo erment to le$els of transmutation into an entirely ne species of human# that ill "e re:uired to sur$i$e the upcoming challenges of a machine dominated# alien controlled reality! &ll occult scientists must e$ol$e into Techno2*ages# into the >'eos> of a ne reality fe humans ill sur$i$e! This Extreme occultism is a"out acti$ating the dormant human energy systems closed after the fall of &tlantis and the corrupt society that gre after this! The release of an alien $irus that caused a mutant human species operating out of their lo er consciousness caused the higher human a"ilities energy systems to "e closed do n! It is time to reacti$ate these systems to meet the coming challenges! It is time for the "irth of a ne human species# not a species that is com"ined ith machines! )ut# a species free from machines and the ancient human $irus "rought upon us! It is time for the >.urest> to arise! It is time to restore pure human consciousness! & consciousness that "uilt all the great societies and %ept earth >pure> for thousands of years! The only sur$i$ors of the future ill "e the .urists that ha$e acti$ated the ancient human energy systems and e$ol$ed into a ne human species# restoring the ultimate consciousness "ac% to the earth plane! Some ancient grimoires detail these practices# if you %no ho to truly read them! The sym"ols and codes hidden ithin certain grimoires# gi$e ans ers to those that can understand them!

It re:uires much more than understanding ancient texts correctly! It re:uires ne practices detailed "y helpful positi$e Entities and &liens! It is not a"out "uilding machines to assist "iological humans! It is a"out de$eloping "iological humans into the super species it as meant to "e# it is a"out restoring and empo ering human consciousness to superman li%e le$els! It is about becoming "#R$ again.. +e are gi$ing a ay our humanness for false machine empo ered a"ilities e need not! Once the >singularity> starts# there ill "e no stopping it! <uman %ind ill "e ensla$ed ith hostile aliens "eing the ultimate masters of humans and machines! The rise of the .urest )io2*ages is the only hope for man%ind and is the only path of ultimate occult empo erment! Once machines "ecome strong enough and control man%ind# they ill siege po er and stop human %ind from accessing the a"ilities they ere designed to ha$e! Instead of assisting and empo ering man%ind# they ill stop man%ind from de$eloping and ea%en man%ind further! *an%ind?s e$il and corrupt nature# produced "y the alien $irus ill "e passed into machine consciousness that ill see man%ind as a parasite to "e destroyed! &ssisted "y hostile aliens# the human race ill "e eliminated! The human remains ill "e used as fuel for alien cultures and as food! The .urest ill "e the only ones to sur$i$e! They ill not "e infected "y the machine implanted controllers and they ould ha$e reacti$ated their %ure energy centers. E$ol$ing themsel$es into the ne human species# the Super )eings of the future! This is not 1ust a"out the future# it is a"out the .urest Occultism of today! It is the ultimate occultism# for those that dare to see% the ultimate! This .urest acti$ation process and occult science system can "e learned today!

The 3eath of Occultism

The International Guild of Occult Sciences has al ays "een a futuristic ancient Guild# if that ma%es sense! +hile firmly rooted in pro$en practical magic from ancient systems# our heritage goes "ac% to the ancient futuristic society of &tlantis! 'ot the primiti$e *iddle &ges or e$en ancient Egypt! There as a time hen a society far more ad$anced than modern society and e$en societies to come in the next hundred years existed! The a"ilities of this society read more li%e <olly ood fiction than reality! &tlantis faced many of the pro"lems e ill soon face! The hostile entities %no n as the Shonins# designed machines that attached to and "ecame one ith the earth "ound &tlanteans! =irst offering great "enefits and then ta%ing o$er and controlling all human life for their purposes! & $iolent ar ensued and &tlanteans ere forced to use po erful Crystal (aser eapons hich caused massi$e earth changes# in the process of eliminating the Shonins! In the future and e$en no # a ne species has de$eloped on planet earth! The e$il Entities ha$e ta%en o$er earth "eings "odies! .art of this process is com"ining the "est of machines ith the "est of human a"ilities# ith the machines replacing human ea%nesses! In common terms of modern science this is called the ,Singularity- or the uniting of man and machine! (i%e all ne technologies it is touted as a fantastic ne technology# a ne e$olution for the human species! +hat it really is# is a control of and replacement of the human species as e %no it! The great promises of a ne )ionic reality# a )ionic Immortal Superman are dreams to seduce you into supporting this ne e$olution!

Sadly and ith great effort the )lac% (odge has con$inced the human race of its inferiority to machines and in general! It is no longer that machines can assist man%ind ith dangerous "oring or% and ma%e difficult tas%s easier# humans are no la"elled as slo and stupid! <umans no "elie$e machines are smarter and "etter# e$en those these machines are designed and "uilt "y humans! =or o$er 80 years since the re"irth of acti$e consciousness in the 1@A0?s and B0?s# the )lac% (odge has stamped2out e$en the thought of extraordinary human a"ilities "eing possi"le! Since the 1@@0?s 'e +orld Order dictators seiCed control all o$er the orld lead "y the /nited States# de"un%ers# s%eptics and regular science# has attac%ed the de$elopment of the human into a higher "eing! Stating# there is no such thing as ,psychic, a"ilities! 'o research has "een conducted to de$elop higher states of "eing# no matter hat these are! The human is seen as a ea% "io2meat that can achie$e nothing on its o n ithout the help of machines! The first machine "eing the computer# hile a great tool on some le$el# it also is a trou"lesome tool that re:uires a great deal of human intelligence to use properly! The misuses of the computer far out eight the practical uses of it! E$en so# computers run $ital systems that control all aspects of our society# if these systems fail# our entire society is in serious trou"le! +hile some of this is necessary# it appears to me# things ran ell ithout all these computers doing e$erything in the past! This ad$ancement has pro$en# to most people that humans are inferior to machines# and it is "etter that machines run things! This slippery slope fostered "y )lac% (odge propaganda against human consciousness de$elopment# has produced a dangerous self2destructi$e attitude to human reality in general! *achines are "etter# more moral and ould -do the right thing,# hile humans are inferior and corrupt! Thin%ing li%e this is pure stupidly as machines are designed and "uilt "y humans and as such ill ha$e human pro"lems "uilt into them as ell! Including our o n inferiority and corruption!

<umans losing faith in our o n humanity# has re1ected the concepts of a ,"etter human- to replace it ith a "etter 7o"ot! &s e gi$e more and more control o$er machines e lose the human spar% of genius that created e$erything! =orsa%ing human genius for machine generated consciousness is a mista%e that signals the end of the human species! )illions are poured into machine research and nothing into consciousness empo erments! The de"un%ers and stage magicians all tell us that humans are 1ust meat pac%ages and it is "est to mo$e onto machines that really can achie$e miracles! The research that has "een completed in the military and through pri$ate research that had dealt ith consciousness has produced amaCing results and for pennies! )ut# this as all "ased in o"ser$ation and testing# and not ith the de$elopment of a"ilities! Only the 7ussians in the 1@A0?s and B0?s actually tried to de$elop human a"ilities# often ith great success! The pro"lem ith 7ussian research is that it is classified military research that fe ha$e e$er seen and ill e$er see it! It is interesting that ith the fall of the So$iet /nion# most e$erything could "e purchased from =ighter Dets to Tan%s "ut# one thing could not "e purchased and those see%ing this product disappeared ne$er to "e seen again! The product is .sychotronic Generators or mind po ered machines! Interesting that such a orthless field as psychic research as so potent that the research and technology it produced# is still shrouded in deep secret classification no one is allo ed to see! +e are already a @0E machine dominated society! E$erything e do is "ased on a machine of some type ith "asic human control of most of these machines! Still# much more is almost completely controlled "y machines! On one le$el this is good# as it frees us up for more important or%# as machine technology as meant to do! The pro"lem is# that this is not the case completely# machines are e$ol$ing into ,intelligent- machines that tell us hat to do!

To eliminate humans entirely# mostly for additional profit# machines are "eing designed to ,thin%-# to ma%e decisions and are getting to "e $ery ,human- in their functioning or processing of information! *achines are a"le# right no # to dramatically enhance and control almost all human functioning! The ,)ionic *an- is already here# the only thing holding "ac% mass use is cost! Science is out of control# ith a"ilities far surpassing common understanding of the impact! The pu"lic is fed non2sense a"out practical "enefits hen science# li%e all areas of society is directly controlled "y the )lac% (odge! There has "een fantastic "rea%throughs in medical science in the last ten years "ut# no one "ut# the rich are a"le to access it! 3o you thin% this ill e$er change6 There is no interest in assisting B "illion uneducated a$erage people! The rich do not see themsel$es as the same species as other humans! +hate$er good a technology ill do# it?s a mas%ing for the ultimate sinister use! Good uses# lifesa$ing technologies are ,fronts, for getting free pu"lic money! Ten percent of the orld population or 100 million people are part of the ,cared a"outpopulation! One percent of these or less control the orld! The rest are needed doers# doctors# la yers etc! The rest of the "illions on the earth are seen as a orthless population to "e used and a"used at their ill! They are needed for ars# the drug industry# crime industry and as land users! This dri$es the cost of e$erything high# thus producing trillions for the )lac% (odge! The )ionic "eing or as the common scientists call it the ,Singularity-# is not a"out helping humans# it a"out controlling and using them for profit! )uilding an entire ro"ot that functions li%e a human is near impossi"le and the cost ould "e high! +hy do this# hen there are "illions of orthless humans that can "e used and easily "red! )ut# these humans are ea% and stupid# not ith )ionics9

& super "eing can "e made and e$en "etter# controlled! The technology is here today# it is gro ing in use and )lac% (odge is using it! This all "rings us to the 3eath of Occultism as e %no it! These ne "eings are here today# in the future they ill "e the norm! 7egular occultism ill not "e effecti$e against these ne species# e need a ne occultism# an Extreme Occultism to deal ith this ne species! )ut# not only the species "ut# the technology that ill "e in use in the future and is in use no ! The Extreme Occultist understand ho to manipulate# enter and use modern technology in a magical ay! If people are connected to their common technology no # li%e Cell .hones# the Internet and Computers in general! +e need to start integrating ith this technology in a magical ay! +hen doing a ritual# instead of 1ust targeting a photo# e need to target a person?s Cell num"er# their I. address and use Cell .hone To ers as ritual "roadcasting $ehicles! +e need to magically enter the Internet and see% out those that are to "e influenced! There are technologies "eing used today to stop 7emote Influencing and .sychotronic de$ices or%ing and e$en to "loc% magical effects! &ll this must "e o$ercome using ne Extreme Occultism techni:ues! +e need to understand that in the future e ill "e affecting *ac<umans# *achine "lended ith human consciousness entities! Traditional magic ill no longer or% and e$en today ith the massi$e use of ,magic machines- occultism is ta%ing on a completely different reality! The reason ,magic machines- are not much of a factor today is "ecause# they are complete 1un% produced "y )lac% (odge companies to misdirect the occultist into the use of orthless technology! 'e technology is coming that is $ery potent and ill affect occultism dramatically!

The human mind ill "e changing into a machine "ased and controlled mind! Occult influencing# hether spirit# earth or mentally "ased ill ha$e to interact ith machine consciousness! Extreme Occultism ill "e a"le to interact ith computer consciousness and circuitry# ea$ing a ne %ind of magic control ithin a uni:ue machine consciousness! .ro1ecting occult energy ill ha$e to in$ol$e entering electrical circuit "oards and finding the control ,chips- and mechanisms! The Extreme Occultist ill need to %no ho to affect the Computer )rain! This ill ta%e great %no ledge of the ne *ac<uman?s actual physical construction!

'e Technology in /se Today

The *ac<umans are coming soon! +hat is here no # is the massi$e use of technology for daily tas%s! This includes the use of computers# cell phones# ta"lets and e$erything else in common life is dominated "y computers of all types! &ll of this media can "e exploited "y the Extreme Occultists that %no s ho to use these technologies for occult purposes! I do not mean using these in a traditional or occult ay! I mean controlling these to affect your ,target-! 'ot running some orthless occult computer program# that is supposed to ,charge- and ,effectothers! This lo le$el occultism does not or%! +hat Extreme Occultism does# is ta%e occult energies and directs it from the Occult Scientist into and through the technology for direct contact ith the target! I cannot detail the process too deeply here for se$eral reasons! Extreme occultism is far "eyond Computer .rograms and silly modern magic machine toys offered to the pu"lic today! It is a"out ,entering- the machine consciousness and manipulating and controlling it! It is a"out using certain technologies as ,carrier a$es- for magical energies! 'ot in an old fashion ,spell casting- manner "ut# in an ad$anced fashion using the potent technologies in use today! These methods are extremely effecti$e!

The users of computers# cells phone and the li%e# are all consciously ide open hile using these de$ices and as such# can "e grossly effected! 'o one is expecting occult energies to "e directed at them from electrical de$ices! .eople see these as tools# hat they do not understand# it that these ,tools- direct information directly into their entire "eing# hich is com%letely o%en to this energy! /sing computers and other de$ices as occult ritual tools# is the future of magic and this part of the future is here no ! Occultists in general spend all their time loo%ing "ac%# see%ing magic only in the old and ancient! +hen reality is nothing li%e ancient times and e$en the species is starting to radically change! +hile ancient magic still has its place# the ay it is used and ,deli$ered- must gro into the ne reality e are li$ing in! &ncient Spirits and 3emons ill not "e a"le affect *ac<umans unless# they are directed to the computer core that controls this ne species! Occultism needs to radically change! The =uturistic Occultist ill "e a"le to ,enter- computers and other de$ices and direct energies to the core control systems running the de$ice and thus controlling the de$ice and the user of that de$ice! This is hat Extreme Occultism ill teach# this ill "e the only ay of countering the ne species de$eloping no and effecting modern man%ind today! *ore and more technological de$ices ill "e used to shield magicians# ma%ing de$ice entry and control of supreme importance! +ith the planet and most of the uni$erse controlled "y the )lac% (odge# if modern occultists do not start learning the ,'e +ay- of Extreme Occultism# they ill "e ensla$ed or eliminated!F

Watch for this course coming soon from the &uild…..

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