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sp=0 Rajesh Bhanarkar

Mundra, Gujarat
A dynamic professional with over 18+ years of rich experience in the field of C&I Commissioning of 5X660MW (Chinese set) Power Project Erection, Commissioning of 1x500MW (BHEL SET) Operations & Maintenance of 3x500 MW (BHEL SET) 4x330MW Chinese set & C&I BOP. Presently working with Adani Power Limited, Mundra, Gujarat as a DGM (Deputy General Manager), C&I commissioning HEAD, of 5X660MW. A project planner with executing and spearheading instrumentation, erection & commissioning of 1x500MW power projects. Proficiency in managing erection & commissioning of various plant equipments of BHEL supplied for enhancing operational effectiveness of the instrumentation system. Functional expertise in handling the operations & maintenance with key focus on bottom line profitability by ensuring optimal utilization of resources. Excellent communication & interpersonal skills with strong analytical, team building, problem solving and organizational abilities. Ability to achieve generation target with quality limits.

Work Experience Dong-Fang Turbine Co. ltd

July 2011 to Present B. 5X660MW C&I commissioning - [July 2011- Till date] o Commissioning, trial operations and reviewing the testing procedures related to main Turbine (Dong-Fang Turbine Co. ltd.) and TDBFP (Shanghai Power equipment Co. ltd) Governing System DEH/MEH system, TSI system & its auxiliaries system, Boiler system (Harbin Boiler Co. ltd.), CHP, AHP, DM Plant, water system etc as per the procedures submitted by the EPC contractors. o Commissioning of DCS 'Invensys FOXBORO-I/A Series Configuration', & PLC of Allen Bradley, etc. o Prepared of commissioning documents.

Main Turbine Turbo-Supervisory

Main Plant and BOP
April 2009 to July 2011 Main Turbine: (330MW, Beijing BEIZHONG Steam Turbine Generator Co.Ltd. TYPE-N330- 17.75/540/540, 330 MW Reheating and Condensing Steam Turbine) Boiler: (B&WB 1025/18.34-M) Coal Mill: Bowl Mill (ZRM 95G) Ash handling Plant: (Vacuum Extracted system) Coal Handling Plant: By Elecon supplied, India. RO Plant: By Ion Exchange, India. DM Plant: By Doshion, India. Electro-chlorination Plant: Titanium tantalum, India. SAP System: Procurement of Spares & Other Facility. DCS: GE Energy OC 4000. Main Turbine Turbo-Supervisory: Bently 3500

Control Valves-Pneumatic Control Dampers: PLC: GE Fanuc 90-30 Series, Allen Bradley 5561, 5562, 5563 Series, Etc.

Deputy General Manager

Adani Power Limited Mundra, Gujarat
April 2011 to April 2011 Commissioning of 5X660MW (Turbine, Boiler & BOP) *O&M of 660MW, 4X330MW & BOP. *Material Procurement through SAP, etc.

Senior Manager
April 2010 to April 2011

April 2009 to April 2010

PLC based Furnace Supervisory System by Modicon

O & M OF Bangalore, Karnataka
July 2000 to April 2009 ISKAMATIC Turbine Control System by Siemens. - DDC by H & B for balance of plant. - DCS Procontrol-P by ABB (BHEL supplied) - MMI System Plant Management Software (PMS) Testing of- Panels at BHEL EDN, Bangalore with complete application software by simulation methods, pre shipment factory test, incorporation of modification / changes & correction of mistakes in open loops, closed loops circuit etc. - Elevation Corner Solenoids & Valves- Atomizing air/ steam/LDO/HFO/ Scavenge Valve & their Limit Switches Adjustment, HEA Igniter. Calibration- Control valves. - Power cylinder & dampers such as Burner Tilt, P.A. Vane, ID / FD Vanes, Cold/Hot Air Dampers, SADC Power Cylinders. - Monitoring, cable termination, signal checking up to DCS for main plant (Turbine, boiler & Generator etc): Functional Testing - ATT, ATRS, TSE, SGC and SLC Lub oil system, SGC evacuation's drain with interlocks. - Seal steam and leak off steam control valve hydraulic (oil) operated through servo valve having plunger coil and PFT. - All turbine protection circuit testing from field by simulation or actual draining of pressure switches from field. Protection Trial of Turbine & Generators. Boiler TDBFP HT Auxiliary

Assistant Engineer (Gen.)

Maharashtra State Power Generation Co. Ltd -

Chandrapur, Maharashtra
December 1995 to April 2009 Chandrapur Super Thermal Power Station) . July 2000 - April 2009 Assistant Engineer (Gen.) (O&M) 3X500 MW, BHEL SET

Junior Engineer (Project)

December 1995 to July 2000 Project) 1X500 MW, BHEL SET CORE COMPETENCIES C&I Commissioning activity of 5X660MW Handling & ensuring timely completion of commissioning activities within the time & cost parameters and effective resource utilization to maximize the availability of plant for power generation in time. Ensuring interlock/protection of main Turbine, TDBFP Governing System DEH/MEH system, TSI system & its auxiliaries system, Boiler & its auxiliaries system and BOP (AHP, CHP, DM Plant, Water system like Sea Intake, ETP, coal waste water treatment plant etc) Prepared the standard commissioning procedures & check list related to Turbine DCS system, DEH/MEH system, TSI system & its auxiliaries system of 660 MW. Prepared commissioning report of 660MW C&I. Test performed for TG ETS/DEH & TDBFP METS/MEH etc. Operations & Maintenance o Planning and conducting calibration and predictive / preventive maintenance schedules of plant equipments to increase machine up time and reliability. o Proactively identify areas of obstruction/ defects and conducting root cause analysis/ failure mode & effect analysis to rectify the equipments. o Coordinating material/ spare parts planning related activities encompassing identification of vendors, requirement specification & offer evaluation. Project Planning & Execution o Handled erection & commissioning project (Instrumentations) involving working out various requirements with respect to utilities, equipments & monitoring overall project operations for ensuring timely completion. Instrumentation Erection & Commissioning (Project) o Ensuring completion of project within the time & cost parameters and effective resource utilization to maximize the output. o Reviewing instrument diagrams / drawings, layouts, technical specifications along with cost estimates for erection & commission of the plant. o Exposure in Logic Diagrams, Functional Schematics Diagrams, Aux. Console layout, Dynamic Graphics and Group Displays.etc. Quality Assurance / Process Enhancement o Ensuring adherence to quality standards and maintaining all related documents. o Identifying scope for - Planning, implementing & monitoring of technological changes to enhance productivity. - Modifications in equipments, working practices, consumables, power etc for controlling & reducing conversion cost per unit generation. o Executing cost saving techniques/ measures and modifications to achieve substantial reduction in O&M expenditures and work within the budget. Man Management o Directing, leading and motivating workforce; imparting continuous on job training for accomplishing greater operational effectiveness/ efficiency. o Working on succession planning of the workforce, shift management activities, appraising the member's performance & providing feedback. TECHNICAL PURVIEW HANDS ON EXPERIENCE:

December 1995 to July 2000

Steam Turbine - KWU 500 MW - Furnace Safeguard Supervisory System - Coal Mill (Tube mill) -HT auxiliaries like FD Fan, ID Fan, PA Fan, MDBFP, CEP, BCWP) - Field Instrumentation- Turbovisory for KWU 500 MW and Turbine driven boiler feed pump, SMART & Analog Transmitters, Pneumatic Control valve, Pressure measurement, Temp measurement, Level measurement, Analytical instruments like Hydrogen purity, chimney emission (particulate), Speed sensors, etc. - Turbine driven Boiler Feed Pumps. - Grouping of instruments and allocation of junction boxes, cable schedule preparation, cabling by agency, cable testing, binary and Analogue loop testing. - Commissioning of various auxiliaries like FD Fan, ID Fan, PA Fan, MDBFP, CEP, BCWP etc. - Governing characteristics of Main Turbine and TDBFP through EHG. It's DCS- Procontrol by ABB of 1x 500 MW units-7) Control Systems - DCS, PROCONTROL by ABB MMI SYSTEM - PMS (Plant Management Software) BY ABB CONVERSANT WITH (DBmaint/XDRAW/Format Definition)

B.E. in Industrial Engineering Nagpur University Nagpur, Maharashtra 1993

Additional Information
IT SKILLS Well versed with SAP, Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power point) & Internet Applications.

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