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Job analysis Systematic way of gathering n analyzing information in a particular department

Job analysis methods

Senior management and hr teams works with and individual department or job and breaks its down. Notification is given prior Job Description a written description of the basic tasks, duties, and responsibilities required of an employee holding a particular job Details and in length of job details step by step Very broad but detail function of a job Spells out qualifications necessary for an incumbent to be able to perform a job. Degree, main importance of skills, when needs like hrs to work External Supply Pool from which an organization attracts employees External supply pool from which organizations human resource planning attracts new employees Workforce availiblity -Hiring process-finding quantified employees Diversity/demographics- workforce Restructuring - companies merge Growth- temps and part time workers state support for those who are ill

Job Description Job Function Job Specification Job Specification Labor Market Labor Markets Major Challenges of Human Resources managers Medical Leave Act

Human Resource Planning Integrity Tests

Process of analyzing & indentifying the need for ans availablity of HR so that a organizing can meet its objectives questionnaires that presumably

Internal vs. External recruiting

assess workers' tendency to steal or cheat Some Advantages would benew blood,new ideas, time saving, you know the person, cost effective Disadvantages- cost,takes more time, reduce morale, inherent bad individuals FALSE- Victims perception is KEY Members of a group are TREATED DIFFERENTLY FALSE- Through witness are helpful no witness is required in order to file a claim of sexual harassment The process of identifying the factors that can affect marketing success 1993 legislation that allows an employee to take unpaid leave due to illness or to care for a sick family member or to care for a new son or daughter including by birth, adoption or foster care. TRUE - If physical contact of any kind is "Unwelcome" it can be considered sexual harassment. FALSE this type of environment is more difficult to define and identify. Quid pro quo" A person who has responisblity for preforming a variety of HR activities Is the process of analysis and

The courts consider the persons intentions more than the victims perception Disparate Treatment Employees must have a witness in order to claim sexual harassment Environmental Scanning

Family Leave Act

Frequent touching of a persons hand shoulders or arm could be considered sexual harassment Hostile environment sexual harassment is clearly defined in the courts and has set boundaries HR Generalist HR Planning

Exercise-Essay ??

HR Specialist

HR surplus vs shortage

Human Resource Management is

identify the needs of HR so the organization can meet its objective like supply and demand A person how has indept knowledge and expertise in a limited area of HR A surplus is too many employees and not enough positions A shortage would be not enough jobs available so a LAYOFF is need or DOWNSIZING Making decisions about the people working in your organization

3 different types of selection interEssay??

Structure- sames questions to each candidate that is interviewed Panel/Team- your interview will be completed in a group of current employees like hr,managers,directors and everyone that might pertain to the job ur interviewing for. Behavioral - how you might handle a situation when given a type of conflict 4 Basic Roles of Human Resource Management (SOEA) Essay ?? Strategic Role-focus on long term projects (downsizing) Operational Role-tactical managers most HR activities Employee Advocate Role-"Champion for employees" Admin Role-clerical admin duties American With Disablilites ACT employers must provide reasonable work environment for these types of employees per the law. Companies must cover. -aids,drugs,recovering alcoholics,obesity,epilepsy. Anything


ADEA adverse impact

Benfits of HR Planning

Civil Rights Act 1991 A claim of hostile environment usually requires doc of several offensive acts or a pattern of offensive conduct A computer graphic image displayed in the workplace can be considered sexual harassment

know and an employee is working on correcting. Illegal drug use is NO Age Discrimination in Employment ACt Occurs when the selection rate is LESS than 80 percent for the group with the higher selection rate. Better training n development Timely recruiting Lower HR costs through better planning Workplace diversity with protected groups JURY TRIAL and MONEY damages paid for compensation



Tools a company uses to manage employees are? A. HR tools B. HR practices C. HR challenges D. HR department Who are the individuals responsible for supervising and directing a group of employees to perform tasks (that are directly related to the creation and delivery of a companys products or services)?

A. Boss B. Line Manager C. Assembly line D. HR manager Support function that designs and implements company policies for managing employees A. Work Design B. HR manager C. HR department D. Organizational culture
A company's ability to create more economic advantage than it's competitors is? Competitive Advantage

Ensuring Employees have the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities and other talents to achieve work objectives falls under which of the following categories? A. Work design and Workforce planning B. Managing Employee Competencies C. Managing Employee attitudes and Behaviors D. Compensation and incentives Which of the following is not one of the benefits, health, and wellness required by law? A. Social Security B. Family and Medical leave C. Health care D. Workers Compensation E. Compliance with OSHA When practices within each HR activity are consistent with each other there is alignment. When practices work in concert with one another as well as with external challenges companies face, there is Alignment.

Internal alignment, External Alignment

Which of the following is NOT part of Organizational demands? A. Strategy B. Labor force trends C. Organizational Culture D. Employee concerns E. Company Characteristics

Which of the following are not environmental influences? A. Technology B. Globalization C. Labor force trends D. Employee concerns(Correct Answer) E. Ethics and Social Responsibilities A set of underlying values and beliefs employees share that is unwritten yet understood is

Organizational culture

In Labor force trends, the fastest growing ethnic groups are


Asians and Hispanics

Which of the following are not environmental influences? A. Technology B. Globalization C. Labor force trends D. Employee concerns E. Ethics and Social Responsibilities blurs country boundaries in business activities and encourages off-shoring.


A plan for achieving a competitive advantage that influences how employees add value, impacts types of jobs employees perform, and affects attitudes and behaviors employees display is?

A. Employee concerns B. Company characteristics C. Organizational culture D. Strategy E. Organizational demands

In a strategy, jobs are narrowly focused and emphasize standardized and repetitive actions, behaviors are fairly well understood, individuals hare hired with basic skills, and employees are paid based on jobs they perform.

Low-Cost strategy