Dear parents, Mathematical literacy online class network Our children are increasingly being exposed to all forms

of multi and social media, both online, on television and via their mobile phones. They have grown up in a digital world. As mathematical literacy strives to prepare our learners for life in a 21st century environment, I am excited to inform you of our newly created social media online learning platform ( . We will use it as base to add mathematical literacy resources, announcements, assignments, tests, memorandums, learning videos and class photographs. My learners will be able to engage in online discussions about mathematical literacy content and contexts, ask questions that they might not find time for in the class, create their own learning content and learn how to use social media responsibly. As part of the online platform they will adhere to a common code of conduct that could inform the basis of safe online practices in all their online endeavours! After all, mathematical literacy is about being responsible citizens! The online platform will be a closed environment where only class members and Uplands College staff will be allowed access as we strive to create a safe learning environment. We will also be supported by an online educational technologist, Maggie Verster, a specialist in the field of the use of social media in education (see So your child will be in good hands all round while getting comfortable with mathematical literacy and technology. The learning platform will also form part of your child’s learning portfolio. Learners will access the learning platform using their own e-mail address and a password. Feel free to invite your child to show you the platform and what they are doing “in class” from time to time! Learners will be able to access the online platform at any time and learners with no connectivity at home will be able to access the online platform from the school computer laboratory. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me for further information and assistance. Kind regards

Sandra Van Niekerk

Online Code of conduct
This code of conduct is a work in progress and will be adapted as our learning journey affords us  greater insight. All changes to this code will be consultative and democratically inspired. We should try  to uphold it not just in our online mathematical literacy space, but also everywhere we roam in our  digital explorations (Mxit, Facebook….).  I undertake to will…. 1. Respect myself I will show respect for myself through my actions. I will only use appropriate language and images  both within the Learning Platform and on the Internet. I will not post inappropriate personal information  about my life, experiences or relationships.  2. Protect myself I will ensure that the information I post online will not put me at risk. I will not publish full contact  details, a schedule of my activities or inappropriate personal details in public spaces. I will report any  aggressive or inappropriate behaviour directed at me. I will not share my password or account details  with anyone else.  3. Respect Others I will show respect to others. I will not use electronic mediums to bully, harass or stalk other people. I  will   not   visit   sites   that   are   degrading,   pornographic,   racist   or   that   the   College   would   deem  inappropriate. I will not abuse my access privileges and I will not enter other people’s private spaces  or work areas. 4. Protect Others I will protect others by reporting abuse. I will not forward any materials (including emails and images)  that the Academy would deem inappropriate.    5. Respect Copyright I will request permission to use resources and suitably cite all use of websites, books, media etc. I will  use and abide by the fair use rules. I will not install software on College machines without permission.  I will not steal music or other any other media, and will refrain from distributing these in a manner that  violates their licenses.  By signing this agreement, I agree to always act in a manner that is respectful to myself and others, in  a way that will represent Uplands College in a positive way. I understand that failing to follow the  above will lead to appropriate sanctions being carried out.

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