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Commerce Lab - Practical Question Bank FACULTY OF COMMERCE, O MA!"A U!"#ER "TY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------B.

Com (All Streams) III Year W.E.F.2010-11 BU "!E LA$ Time: 60 Minutes Record : 10 Skill Test : 20 Total Marks : 30 %& '& (& )& *& Draft a specific offer imagining subject matter, terms and parties involved Draft a general offer imagining subject matter, terms and parties involved Dra! a diagram s"o!ing fla! in consent #llustrate an$ one !it" suitable e%amples Dra! a c"art s"o!ing classification of contracts along !it" e%amples Represent modes of revocation of contract in a diagram and !rite a small note on eac" mode +& Draft a rental agreement and identif$ important parts suc" as parties, terms and description ,& S"o! in a c"art form about persons incompetent to enter into contract -& Dra! a c"art s"o!ing classification of goods !it" e%amples .& Dra! a c"art s"o!ing rig"ts of unpaid seller and illustrate an$ one rig"t ver$ briefl$ %/& &repare a list s"o!ing various conditions and !arranties in a sale %%& &repare a list of essential elements in a sale %'& Draft a sale agreement imagining subject matter, parties, conditions and terms %(& Draft a model agreement to sell in future imagining subject matter, parties, conditions and terms %)& &repare a list of e%ceptions to t"e rule t"at no one can give t"at !"ic" one "as not '(on )!ners* %*& Dra! a c"art s"o!ing t"e "ierarc"$ of consumer redressal agencies in #ndia and e%plain an$ one agenc$ !it" reference to jurisdiction po!ers and constitution %+& &repare a list of t"e necessar$ documents to be submitted !"en a complaint is to be lodged in a consumer forum %,& Dra! a c"art s"o!ing all t"e services covered under +onsumer &rotection ,ct %-& -nlist t"e addresses of consumer forum in $our area along !it" names of members, !ebsite address and also about State and (ational .orums %.& +reate an advertisement to be released b$ t"e /overnment or a 0oluntar$ ,ssociation educating t"e consumers about t"eir rig"ts '/& /ive e%amples of Trademarks, patents, cop$rig"ts, trade names, geograp"ical indications etc and s"o! in t"e record '%& 1ist out all t"e necessar$ documents for obtaining trademarks, cop$ rig"ts ''& Dra! a c"art !"ic" s"o!s various c$ber crimes along !it" penalties '(& Dra! a c"art s"o!ing modes of appointment of directors -%plain an$ one t$pe ')& 1ist out various kinds of meetings "eld b$ a compan$ '*& 1ist out various t$pes of resolutions and describe t"e situations in !"ic" eac" one is necessar$ '+& Draft a model of pro%$ ',& Dra! a c"art s"o!ing different t$pes of !inding of a compan$ '-& Draft a notice to t"e s"are"olders inviting t"em to t"e annual general meeting of t"e compan$ specif$ing t"e business to be transacted in t"e meeting 29) Prepare a chart showing points to be included in a written agreement while drafting so as to make it valid. 2

30) Give a brief account of the famous case Harvey Vs Facey. 31) Draft an imaginary agreement between r.Gopal and r. ohan for altering the date of supply of !"" bags of #irla $ement with their mutual consent% discharging an e&isting contract of supply of cement. 32) 'ist out the differences between a suit for breach and suit for specific performance( 33) Draft a service contract between an employer and an employee imagining names of the parties% terms and conditions. 34) Draft any two resolutions passed in a company meeting and record them in the minutes book. 35) )tate the differences between an in*unction order and a stay order( 36) Draft a model written contract between r.+ama +ao ),o. )hri -rishna +ao and r.+asheed ),o. ohd. .ursheed for selling a second hand car for +s./%""%""",0 giving other particulars as per your imagination including two to three e&pressed conditions and warranties. 37) Draft a model of 'orry +eceipt for sending ! 1elevisions% 2 washing achines% 3 +efrigerators from Hyderabad to Vi*ayawada through 4D5+6 1+76)P4+1 $4. 38) Present the procedure for registration of a 1rade mark owned by you. 39) Prof.+am wrote a 1e&t #ook on #usiness 'aw% which was prescribed by 4smania 8niversity for #.$om students. r.)harma prepared a guide on the same sub*ect taking 9uestions form the 1e&t #ook. )o a suit was filed describing it as an infringement of $opy right of the author. $an it be maintained( )tate who is a plaintiff and who is a respondent in it( 40) Draft the notice of a statutory meeting of a company. 41) Draft a detailed agenda of an 7nnual General eeting of a Public $ompany. 42) Draft an e&planatory statement to be attached to the notice of an 5&tra 4rdinary eeting for removal of a director who has misused the funds of the company in the reception of his son:s marriage. 43) Draft a statutory report of an imaginary company. 44) Prepare a table showing the differences between an agreement to sell gold and a sale deed of gold( 45) Draft a lease deed for a period of /" years for letting out a building to a college management. 46) r. +a*u agreed to supply 2"" bags of sugar to r. +avi ; +s.!""",0 per bag% otherwise to pay damages ; +s./""",0 per bag. 1he price of sugar has gone upto +s.<<"",0 per bag in the market. )o he failed to supply. $alculate damages payable by r +a*u to r. +avi. 47) Draft a model complaint addressing the President of Hyderabad District Forum against an 5lectronics Dealer who sold a defective refrigerator to you. )-& , is a manufacturer and seller of &an masala under t"e registred trade mark 3&$ara Masala4 5, a manufacturer of Tea dust also sells "is product under t"e &$ara Tea6 , files a suit against 5 alleging Trade mark Decide ).& &resent t"e facts of case of ,s"bur$ Rail!a$ +arriage 7 #ron +o 0s Ric"e

*/& M9s Sun Decorators 1TD, registered on 2st ,pril 800:, sent notices to all its s"are "olders to attend its first ,nnual /eneral Meeting on ;0t" <une 8020 Do $ou t"ink t"at t"e meeting !ill become a validl$ convened meeting=