Kyle Shewfelt, Olympic Champion

Event: Gymnastics (Floor and Vault) Residence: Calgary, Alberta Travels from: Calgary, Alberta Topics: Olympics, Taking Risks, Grace Under Pressure

Athletic Highlights: • 2004 Olympic Games gold medalist (Floor Exercise) • 2004 Lionel Conacher Canadian Male Athlete of the Year (2004) • 2006 Commonwealth Games bronze medalist (Floor Exercise) • 2006 Commonwealth Games gold medalist (Vault) Speaking Engagements: Revered internationally for his strong and graceful blend of artistry and athleticism, Kyle Shewfelt’s stirring gold medal performance in the floor exercise has become the international standard since the 2004 Olympics in Athens. A defining performance for Kyle also became a transcendent moment in Canadian sport history blazing a trail for a new generation of gymnasts, fortifying the depth of the Canadian team in the years to come, and sending thousands of new kids tumbling into gyms across the Country. As he enters the year leading up to the Games, he’s renewed his vision for Beijing 2008 and hopes to join the rarefied group of Canadian athletes that have repeated their Olympic gold medal performances.

An engaging speaker, Kyle creatively weaves his personal and motivational stories into topics ranging from taking risks to grace under pressure. For booking information, please email: Background: Kyle Shewfelt began his record-breaking gymnastics career in 1988 when his mother enrolled him at the Altadore Gymnastics Club in Calgary. Kyle got his first taste of international competition at meets in Austria and Hungary in 1996 and by the late 1990s was beginning to make his mark on the international scene. Following his first Olympic experience in Sydney, Kyle began to establish his international star with a 2002 Commonwealth Games gold and silver, a couple of bronze medals at the 2003 World Championships and a series of podium appearances on the World Cup tour leading up to the 2004 Olympics. From star struck to superstar status, Kyle reached the pinnacle of his career on Sunday, August 22, 2004 in Athens, Greece by capturing Canada’s first ever Olympic medal in artistic gymnastics with his gold medal performance in the floor exercise. Following the Olympics, Kyle took a year-long break from competition to establish new gymnastic goals and to spread his positive message about sport and the Olympics across the Country. In the time away, he’s focused on team goals and re-establishing his strength and style in a new floor program and a new vault, recently named in his honour – The Shewfelt (Yurchenko two & one half twist). Healthy and focused, Kyle made a triumphant return to competition with podium performances around the world and an impressive Team Gold at the 2006 Commonwealth Games. In Beijing, he’s chasing gymnastics immortality. As a defending Olympic gold medallist, Kyle welcomes the pressure and the attention that comes with historic achievement. After all, that’s what’s made him a champion. Image: Ewan Nicholson Photography © 2006

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