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Y el whisky sera la coronacion del vuyelto (welcome back champ) asi como stricke n lo fue en 07 1M SUNS orestes you

think you know - monster back in black libro nuevo sons of plunder remember the name hypocrites cancion want it0s my life im alive 10kfists deify two worlds just stop NO ME VES SIN MIRAR ACA 1M SUNS 1kfists HOMRE FANTASMA OSIRIS BOUNCE RISE OUT OF LINE OVERKILL i'm alive DEMONIOS WHAT IF back in black live again runaway deify LIBERATE NO MORE SORROW MI REVOLUCION you think you know vilify out of line PUESTO back in black devour rise somewhere I belong sober animal breaking the habit no roads left nuevo amanecer+ otra ccancion Nothing else matters black parade all along the watchtower land of confusion eulogy what im made of fokin moda

guarida teardrop - walking in my shoes by and down what ive done no more sorrow juguetes perdidos deceiver criminal hora de levantarse, querido mistress the puryfing hollow aca la razon q te demora - balada del diablo y la muerte- otra vuelta de tuercacasi nada man ghost mar-1m suns what i've done - no more sorrow- forget to remember what if / if i were you osiris - 111 - desde maanana no lo se -stop olvidate - oportunistas you think u know - I'm alive - Believe - prayer - dehumanized out of line vilify - a part of me schism - sober fight the good fight estopa 07 puuesto the enemy-i stand alone everyday - bounce - have a nice day - die another day - keep the faith a pain that im used to - walking in my shoes in the shadows - in my life puesto Live again Serenity Prayer Mistress Rise Intoxication deceiver my eyes+ (sin mirar no me ves tus opjos almendra - nublados) have a nice day last man standig some kind of monster mistress prayer rise intoxication champion of sin mirar ya fue SOC POl plan b ya fue sin mirar cancion hombre fantasma no me ves aca casi nada saldras

nombre un millon de soles liberate deify overkill speak salmon what if (2 / ofelia) leave it alone run this moment old friend a part of me recover vilify if i were you dehumanized intoxication awaken rise monster no me ves ya fue everyday it's my life bounce + simple 1 millon soles para que el sobreviviente have a nice day schism angels stuck in a moment mi credo walking in my shoes a pain that i'm used to martyr tnt land of confusion new womb out of line same direction un millon de soles ten thousand fists la de angel la de spike notes I disappear new divide no more sorrow forget to remember I'm alive sueo con serpientes Un millon de soles prayer te leo al reves porno star rise hate not gone given up still standing come clean frantic last resort

i am rock paralyzer 111/desde maana no lo se/stop olvidate remember the name in a hood near you nine thou loco un poco tiempo no para bomba loca fokin moda remember the name angels back in black out of control the enemy frantic I am awake faceless straight out of line I fucking hate whatever speak I stand alone no rest for the wicked releasing the demons greed el whisky del campeon trillando la fina living things device 2007 It's allright celebrate the day i dissapear unnamed feeling frantic the unforgiven/II Coordinando rateadas en la esq 63 desde pza matheu 18 desd la diagnoal hung up madonna eye of the tiger civil war im alive dream on overkill what if don leopardo es ho ra de levantarse i disappear la fokin moda calle 13 angels el tiempo no para edgecrusher what i'm made of otherworld land of confusion if i were you lpda casi nada plan b anhelo de satisfaccion minutes tu midnight vientre compilado redondos compilado metallica

truenotierra godsmack, speak greed, I stand alone, whatever, the enemy, I am mistress-this moment-monster- i'm alive - rise - intoxication droppin plates- dr eam on everyday-it's my life-bounce-have a nice day-hang me up casi nada 111 - Believe numb fear everybodys changing two worlds the enemy deify metallica versatile this moment schism stinkfist 10000 fists desiderata tnt back in black a pain that i'm used to eulogy forget to remember ver emule downloads staind outside, taproot poem, y staind it's been a while y stone sour bother importa porque es de celeste y asi no se parece a nada mas Where Is The Love? hombre fantasma ya fue+ cancion foto martyr god gave me everything stuck in a moment nightrain civil war i aint easy paradise city otherworld ugly live again acompaame a estar solo 7 minutes in heaven snow resumiendo gothic sanctuary wish master bare grace misery apc skuunk df y celldweller (sabor a 2011) vientre nuevo vientre catharsis godsmack

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