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Festival is all about books

alling all serious bibliophiles, ca- Friday, Sept. 4 Saturday, Sept. 5
sual readers and earnest writers.
It’s time to put down those half– Keynote Address
read books and in-progress manu- The keynote address of this year’s festival will Author and illustrator Loren Long will lead
scripts and head to downtown be given by Sir Harold Evans at 8 p.m. at children and parents in a tractor-themed parade
Decatur for the annual celebration of books Presser Hall at Agnes Scott College. Evans has around downtown Decatur beginning at 9:30
and those who write them. served as editor of London’s The Sunday Times a.m. The parade will feature real tractors and
The 2009 AJC Decatur Book Festival and president and publisher of Random House. will begin at the intersection of Clairemont
presented by DeKalb Medical, the largest in- He’s the author of many critically acclaimed Avenue and Commerce Drive. Parade master
dependent book festival in the country, brings books. Tickets available at Agnes Scott Col- Long is the author of Otis, a new children’s
more than 300 authors, writer workshops, chil- lege’s box office (404) 471-6430 and at local book about a little tractor who befriends a calf.
dren’s activities, food and music to the heart independent bookstores. She also illustrated Madonna’s bestselling
of downtown Decatur Labor Day weekend. It children’s book Mr. Peabody’s Apples.
is estimated that more than 75,000 people at- Writers Workshop
tended last year’s event. Discussion
For three days Sept. 4-6, a mind-boggling Creating the Graphic Novel is the title of this Writing Covertly about Faith will be lead by
array of literary events will unfold, including workshop from 4 to 6 p.m. at Agnes Scott Col- novelist Joshilyn Jackson at 11:15 to noon on
the expected readings, discussions, signings and lege with Chris Schweizer, SCAD instructor the Decatur First Baptist Church Stage.
workshops as well as the more unusual culinary and cartoonist, leading the discussion on ap-
and musical activities and even a children’s proach, including character design, layout and Reading/Discussion
tractor parade. And they cover a vast spectrum storytelling. Free, must pre-register. Three top authors from lesbian fiction pub-
of topics: romance, humor, history, architecture, lisher Bold Strokes Books read and discuss
civil rights, fantasy, journalism, lesbian/gay/bi- Writers Workshop their work from 3 to 3:45 p.m. on the Decatur
sexual, politics, science fiction, film, parenting, Library Stage.
health and more. Most of the events are free. The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s food col-
Below are a few of the highlights. For the umnist John Kessler will take participants Discussion
complete schedule of events and activities as through Introduction to Food Writing from 4 to In a session titled Slavery by Another Name,
well as the location of the various stages around 6 p.m. at Agnes Scott College. Free, must pre- Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Douglas
the square and other venues, visit www.deca- register. Blackmon discusses how African Americans were re-enslaved for a period from the Civil
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Yankees welcome Southern

dawgs (and cats)
by Gale Horton Gay cult time feeding their pets supply of food will help due to economic factors. rural shelters in Georgia
“In May, a Georgia shel- when they need it most.”
Scarlet O’Hara swore ter had to put 18 dogs and Pat Thomas, a Decatur
in Gone With the Wind that puppies down because they resident and part-time pet
she would never go hungry had no food to feed them,” photographer, was at PDK
again. Now some formerly stated Ann King of Save snapping photos and talk-
homeless dogs and cats Our Pets Foodbank, accord- ing about how she would
may likewise never again ing to a press release on the like to see DeKalb County
face hunger, homelessness caravan, “When we heard toughen its animal control
or lack of love, thanks to that, in only two days The laws.
Yankees and Southerners. M.O.M.S. Rescue, Animal “I don’t think our laws
DeKalb Peachtree Air- Rescue Flights and oth- are strict enough,” said
port (PDK) on Aug. 21, ers were able to collect Thomas. “A lot of people
was the venue where dogs, 700 pounds of food for that abuse and neglect animals,
pilots, dog lovers and shelter. We hope this new and there are no repercus-
animal advocates came to-
gether at a midway point of See Puppy on Page 12A Photo by Patricia Thomas
a weekend interstate event.
The Georgia Puppy
Caravan involved several Hosted by: The DeKalb County Board of Health’s
hundred people who came
to Georgia to show support Office of Chronic Disease Prevention
for homeless puppies and

Faith &Fitness
the individuals and orga-
nizations that rescue and
care for them and work to
find them new homes. A
caravan of more than 200
people left New Jersey last
week and drove to Atlanta,
* *
stopping along the way in
Maryland, Virginia and
North Carolina.
They brought with them
dog food and other sup-
plies to aid local agencies
and spent that Friday re-
locating animals from the
Chattooga Animal Shelter
in Summerville–the first
step in getting the animals Come out and support your church
ready to be taken north for or place of worship for the finale!
adoption. When they de-
parted Georgia, their vehi- Finale Survivors Competition
cles carried animals to new
homes in the north. Some Saturday, September 19, 2009
of the animals traveled
first class by air in planes 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
piloted by Animal Rescue Shoal Creek II Park
Flights volunteers.
Georgia has an explod- 36 43 Glenwood Rd • Decatur, GA 30030
ing stray pet population,
so much so that animal Mid Point Competition Ranking:
advocates frequently ferry
strays to northern states, 1. Stronghold Christian Church
where animal control laws 2. New Piney Grove Missionary Baptist Church
are tougher and fewer 3. Berean Christian Church
strays exist for adoption. 4. First Baptist Church (Gresham Road)
hendrick goltzius
At PDK, a few dogs and Adoration of the Magi from the 5. Saint Philip A.M.E. Church
their handlers mingled with Life of the Virgin series (detail), 1593–94
6. Antioch AME Church
representatives of a truck- The Baltimore Museum of Art:
ing company that hauled Garrett Collection BMA 1946.112.12049 7. Greenforest Community Baptist Church
Photography: Mitro Hood
in 40,000 pounds of dog 8. St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church
food donated by a Dublin, 9. Ray of Hope Christian Church
Ga., company. The food 10. New Birth Missionary Baptist Church
was to be given to orga- 571 South Kilgo Circle
nizations and groups that Atlanta, GA 30322 For more information: 404-508-7847
care for homeless animals–
some lost, abandoned and
abused–as well as agencies Exhibition organized by the
that help owners and shel- Museum of Biblical Art, New York This publication is supported by the Steps to a HealthierUS Cooperative Agreement program of the U.S.

ters that are having a diffi- Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Its contents do not necessarily represent the official

U.S. Air Force and Guyana Defense Force service members

worked together to build a school in Bel Air, Guyana. (Photo
by Air Force Senior Airman Christopher Griffin)

Walls go up for the clinic in La Pentinence, Guyana. U.S.

soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen are a part of New Ho- Guyanese schoolchildren work on arts and crafts, while waiting for their new schoolhouse to open. (Photo by Air
rizons - Guyana. (Photo by Army Sgt. Jeremy Webb) Force Senior Airman Christopher Griffin)

Soldier provides humanitarian

aid in South America
by Dona Fair renovation of another school in Timehri and eight
medical readiness exercises throughout the region.
GEORGETOWN, Guyana - Not many “I am learning how to operate a power saw and
people in this remote South American put up plywood,” said the 1988 graduate of North
country get a reception like the daughter of High School, Wichita, Kan.
a Decatur woman. People paddle miles up- Amid the poverty, sickness and structural decay
river, hike through overgrown jungle trails of the region lies one of the most beautiful places
and pile into cramped, overcrowded buses on Earth. Dense forests, with some of the most
to get to her. exotic plant and animal life, along with some of
The “her” is Army National Guard Spec. the most spectacular waterfalls make Guyana a
Barbara A. Bland, daughter of Josephine place where time seems to stand still.
Miller of Decatur, who recently spent time “It is very different [in Guyana]. I am still try-
in Guyana as part of a nation-building and ing to adjust to animals wandering the streets,”
humanitarian exercise called “New Ho- said Bland, who has been in the military for 15
rizons.” She and more than 200 service years. “This is indeed a poor country. I have met
members provided such services as medi- some really nice people, but I will never forget the
cal and dental care, built schools and other way the Guyanese drive, fast and furious.”
community facilities to aid the people of While Bland may not be asked for autographs,
the poverty-stricken nation. be followed by paparazzi, or noticed on a busy
Bland was a support specialist during street, for hundreds of locals in the desolate jungles
the exercise. “I am helping build the medi- of Guyana, the help she and her fellow service
cal clinic here,” said Bland, who is normal- members provided will be remembered for life.
ly assigned to the 878th Engineer Battalion,
Celebrating 25 years of providing aid to
underserved areas throughout Central and
South America, New Horizons also gives Army National Guard Spec. Barbara A. Bland, daughter of
service members a type of experience they Josephine Miller of Decatur, is a support specialist taking
would never receive back at their normal part in New Horizons - Guyana. New Horizons is an annual
joint humanitarian exercise conducted in Latin America
duty station. This year, the focus has been and Caribbean nations. (Photo by Air Force Senior Airman
on building a new medical clinic in La Pen- Christopher Griffin)
tinence, a new schoolhouse in Bel Air, the

Guest Opinion

Legacy of the lion of the political jungle

It is necessary to weigh in on this remarkable dynasty. They gave the mentally and physically frail. government programs such as
the death of Ted Kennedy, dubbed us working models of “to whom His politics were anything to make Social Security, small business
appropriately the Lion–the lion of much is given much is required.” life better for the least and the lost loans, big business tax breaks or
the political jungle. His was a legacy “Ask not what your country can and he had the ability and respect student education loans. All of these
of love–of God, family and friends. do for you but what you can do for of both sides of the political aisle government programs are designed
The word friend included mankind, your country.” “Some ask why; in successfully moving legislation to lift the least.
persons known and unknown. I, a forward. Mr. Kennedy used himself as
child of Camelot, simply sat in my Yesteryear’s headlines of an example of the astronomical
den with tears welling up in my Kennedy’s shortcomings are getting medical costs a family faces with a
eyes when the word came down late short shrift in today’s report of a life catastrophic illness. Surgery for a
Tuesday that the last of the Kennedy revived and well spent. He is lauded brain tumor or other serious maladies
brothers had succumbed to the as one of the greatest statesmen in could wipe out a family’s savings
ravages of an inoperable brain tumor. American history. While he never and mortgage everything they have.
Then I simply smiled and saluted. became president, history has Prescription medicines are another
In true regal form, Ted Kennedy recorded that his accomplishments matter entirely. Mr. Kennedy often
battled the disease with dignity. ended up surpassing those of his drove home the point that he could
The disease would win the physical assassinated brothers John F., the afford the high costs of treatment.
battle, but lose the ultimate war. It others why not.” The Kennedys president and his brother Bobby the But what about the average working
could not take Kennedy’s spirit or withstood incredible life tragedies attorney general. class family? What about the
his soul. Kennedy did all that he of plane crashes and assassinations It is believed that Ted Kennedy’s millions of Americans who have no
could legislatively and personally to and mental illness and other human uncompromised endorsement of then health insurance whatsoever?
get his affairs in order in these final frailties. Yet, with an indefatigable candidate Barack Obama was the The legacy of Ted Kennedy,
months. He then retreated to his lair spirit and steely resolve they pivot point that gave us President the Lion of politics, is one of love,
to await transformation to the spirit persevered and gave this nation and Obama. It is fervently hoped that unconditional love that views
world. It is reliably reported that his the world that which God himself Kennedy’s decades-long quest for others as ourselves. Passage of the
final hours were spent in prayer with would have us give – the best of universal health care will be realized. president’s health reforms with the
his priest and surrounded by family ourselves unconditionally. That our nation’s legislative leaders Lion’s paw print will be one giant
and friends. He reportedly said that It is not necessary in this space will understand as Kennedy has step toward civilizing the jungle.
he looked forward to a reunion with to try to recount the innumerable so often said, that health care for
the seven siblings who had preceded contributions of Ted Kennedy. But every American should be a right Steen Miles, The Newslady, is a
him to the other side, the most recent his long legislative career resulted and not a privilege. The naysayers retired journalist and former Geor-
Eunice on Aug. 11. in so many of the social services who wail with the myths about gia state senator. Contact Steen Mi-
One has to be struck by the available today to senior citizens, socialism, should make certain that lies at
sacrifice and phenomenal service of minorities, women, labor, veterans, they work to rescind other “socialist”

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William C. Crane, 1974-1992 One Man’s Opinion C. William “Bill” Crane, 2009 - ?
Has Labor Day lost its meaning?
Planning ahead for the long Can you think of any national us the eight-hour work day, health controls and regulation is the Em-
holiday weekend, you have several movement or any large sub-division care, pensions and retirement benefits, ployees Free Choice Act (EFCA),
important questions looming in your of our population that would let a work breaks and holidays. Yet, union which among other things would end
head. How many boxes of Bubba national holiday named in its honor membership density, the percentage the practice of secret ballots in union
burgers will I need for the cook-out? all but fade into obscurity? I raise of the work force belonging to labor elections. Why does labor want to
How much am I willing to spend unions has been declining since the take away the secret ballot? Simply
for a pair of tickets to the Dawgs late 1940s, and overall union mem- put, with the secret ballot, over the
home opener “between the hedges?” bership has been steadily dropping last several decades, unions time and
Chances are you won’t be spending since 1983. Most recent gains in again lose these elections. In union
a great deal of time focused on the union membership have been in the strongholds, and using well-docu-
plight of the American laborer, or the service sector (hotels and restaurants), mented arm twisting and intimidation,
significance of Labor Day. and the majority have come from unions typically win with card check
In the aftermath of the death of a California, where union membership campaigns individually bringing
number of laborers killed by the U.S. is 16.7 percent of the work force, in membership cards signed by 50
military and U.S. marshals during the compared to a national average of 12 perceent or more of the then non-
1894 Pullman Rail Strike, President percent. organized work force.
Grover Cleveland sought a rapid this issue and the question as I believe The largest segment of the work- Ending the constitutionally
way to appease labor as a top political that the lack of attention paid to the force that is now unionized are local, protected secret ballot would tip the
priority. Within six days of the end of history of Labor Day is a sign of the state and federal government employ- scales in favor or labor, and probably
the strike, Cleveland rushed through lack of relevance of labor unions in ees. Full-time government employees result in a surge in union membership.
Congress the creation and celebration the lives of everyday working Ameri- have among the highest job security But does it in any way make sense for
of Labor Day, on the first Monday in cans. Compare this to the passion in the economy, and health care and the unions to be able to collectively
September. All 50 U.S. states have our nation’s civil rights leadership retirement benefits which are the bargain, negotiate and represent the
long since made Labor Day a concur- demonstrated in the creation and es- envy of most of their private sector rights of workers that they seriously
ring state holiday. tablishment of Martin Luther King, colleagues. A healthy plaintiff’s bar, want to take away a right as sacred
Though some folks confuse the Jr.’s birthday as a state and national as well as the creation of a variety of and protected as the secret ballot? No
particulars of Memorial Day and Vet- holiday. state and federal agencies such as the wonder everyone will probably spend
erans Day–on both of those occasions Yes, there clearly was a time U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA more of this upcoming holiday week-
there are a thousand moments of and place when the Pullman Rail and the EEOC, just to name a few, all end discussing football.
pause, and words of thanks given in Company, and any of many other exist to protect workers, and bring an
ceremonies and at cemeteries across railroads, mining companies or robber end to workplace discrimination and Bill Crane is a DeKalb County
our nation. But Labor Day is perhaps barons of the late 19th century could harassment. It makes one wonder native and business owner, living in
now less remembered for its origins run roughshod over their workers. what all those union dues now pay Scottdale, Ga. He also serves as chief
than Cinco de Mayo (not celebrating Largely exposed by the journalism for. political analyst and commentator for
the actual day of Mexico’s Independ- of that day, the practices changed be- Still awaiting congressional ac- 11Alive News and WSB Radio, News/
ence), St. Patrick’s Day or even Hal- cause organized labor unions fought tion, in line behind health care reform Talk 750. Contact Bill Crane at Bill@
loween. and won battles that have since given and Cap and Trade carbon emission

The great merger:

Republicans and lobbyists Alma Fleetwood
The Society for the Preven- it seem like a diabolical plot to –Champion of the Week
tion of Cruelty to Lobbyists, kill the aged before their time
sometimes known as the Re- and to strangle special needs
publican Party, is on the march infants in their cribs, a breath- Alma Fleetwood feel right at home in
again. taking leap of the imagination, loves people and loves downtown Decatur.
The SPCL, with the aid of given that conservatives show her job. When asked about
its media goons–Rush (Greasy very little imagination about The city of Decatur her job, Fleetwood
Thumb) Limbaugh, Bill (Bug- anything else. has a staff of Parking, stated “The best thing
sy) O’Reilly and the Sundunce Richard Nixon, the god- Assistance, Liaison about my job is meeting
with Merchants and and greeting nice search, the woman
father of political dirty- Safety representatives people. I love people.”
trickery, must be smiling was found in one of the
that are referred to Decatur Assistant downtown restaurants
right now. (If he can see as PALS. However, City Manager Lyn
us through all of that “safe, sound and
Fleetwood, a Decatur Menne said “A week eating,” according to
by Donald Kaul
smoke and fire.) PALS member for 10 doesn’t go by that I Fleetwood.
Hospice isn’t really years, has a slightly don’t have a call from Fleetwood has lived
anything like euthanasia. different and more someone wanting to let in DeKalb County since
What is being suggested endearing interpretation me know what a great she was 2 years old;
Kid, Glenn Beck–is trying to is informing terminally ill pa- of the acronym PALS. job Alma does. She is it is in DeKalb County
convince Americans that pub- tients of their end-of-life op- According to her, PALS a great employee and that she has spent 38
licly financed health care is a tions. Do they want to be kept means People Always always has a smile on years of marriage and
Loving Someone. her face.” reared four daughters
fate worse than death or, at best, alive by extraordinary means or Whether she’s acting Fleetwood’s most
a prelude to it. would they prefer to go gentle and one son. She has
as an ambassador memorable situation lived in Decatur for
At meeting after town hall into that good night, preferably for the city giving while acting as a
meeting around the country in their homes surrounded by the last 33 years and
directions, answering PALS representative is past co-president of
dozens, sometimes hundreds, loved ones? Their choice. It has questions, handing out happened at one of the College Heights
of snarling citizens have shown nothing to do with killing old retail directories, or Decatur’s Concerts on PTA and a former
up to drown out a hapless con- people and to suggest otherwise writing the occasional the Square. A young member of the board of
gressperson who is trying to is contemptible. parking citation, special needs woman directors of the South
explain what the health care bill About 30 percent of Medi- Fleetwood is likely to attending the event was Decatur Development
Congress is now working on care money is spent in the last have a huge smile on reported as missing. Corporation.
might look like. 30 days of a patient’s life. That her face and make folks After an extensive
Such Republican stalwarts as patient is very often comatose
Sarah Palin have come forward or suffering from dementia or in If you would like to nominate someone to be considered as a future Champion of the Week,
please contact Kathy Mitchell at or at 404-373-7779, ext. 104.
to announce that they weren’t constant pain. In any case he or
about to allow government bu- she is unable to say, “Stop this
reaucrats to decide when their torture.” It is too late. Hospice
children and elderly parents offers the possibility of plan-
should die–and they didn’t care ning a death with dignity.
how many votes it cost them. And if you scoff at the con-
No end to Texas
governor’s grandstanding
Newt Gingrich, the party’s cept of “death with dignity”
roving pseudo-intellectual, then I doubt you’ve ever stood
agreed with that assessment as vigil over a loved one who lies
did Chuck Grassley, the Re- in a hospital bed, unconscious,
publican point man on health wired-up, plugged in and more
care legislation. Grassley sug- resembling a lab experiment The word the camera.”
gested that the “controversial” than a human being. “glitch” appar- The sheriff’s de-
parts of the health care bill be By the way, there are experi- ently is derived by Jim Hightower partment in El Paso–a
removed; you know, the Nazi ments that indicate that people from a Yiddish Columnist hotbed of crossings
stuff like hospice counseling. who are taken off the machines term meaning “a –says it never got any
(I’ve known Sen. Grassley ever and sent home to await death to slippery place.” useful information
since he was the youngest mem- overtake them often live longer Texans know from the Web cams.
ber of the Iowa Legislature and than their colleagues, the ones right where that tor border crossings. He “Instead of making
I always thought he was smarter getting the state-of-the-art med- place is: the governor’s promised that the virtual Texas safer, “ said El
than he looked. I was wrong.) ical treatment. office vigilance of these global Paso Sen. Elliot Shap-
Congress responded with a I’ve done it both ways. One Gov. Rick Perry, “deputies” would lead to leigh, the camera scam
hysteria generally reserved for is painful to watch, the other a rather low-watt bulb the arrests of 1,200 drug “has made Texas the
large fires in crowded theaters; excruciating. who’s widely known for villains and 4,500 illegal source of international
it went back home, hid under I still have some hope for the putting the “goober” in immigrants a year. ridicule.”
the bed and didn’t answer the health care plan, but it is fad- gubernatorial, keeps hav- But–oops!–the perfor- Still, neither ridicule
phone, hoping the critics would ing. The panic-mongers are out, ing to slip out of glitch mance fell pitifully short nor reality has stopped
go away. Instead, the public whipping up fear and resent- after glitch of his own of the promise. Only 15 the political game play-
health care option went away. ment in the weakest part of the making. The most recent of the 200 cameras were ing of the goober. Gov.
They’re still working on a population–Congress. example involves a $2 installed, and instead of Perry’s office says there
health care bill in Washington, There’s an old saying that million federal grant he 1,200 drug arrests, the was merely a “glitch” in
but the idea that there should be a camel is a horse built by got last year to fund a pet program produced 11. the borderwatch process,
a publicly financed insurance committee. I’m afraid that our project that he said would Not eleven hundred... 11. and he wants another $2
option that would compete with health care system is going to help stop illegal traf- Instead of 4,500 captured million from the feds to
private plans (and keep them look like a camel after a com- ficking into the United immigrants, only 300 keep his game going.
honest, perhaps?) seems all but mittee of lobbyists has con- States. from Mexico. His were even detected. Ea-
dead, the victim of Republican spired to improve it. plan was to set up 200 gle-eyed border watch- For more information
Swiftboating. Don Kaul is a two-time Pu- Web cameras along the ers from as far away as on Jim Hightower’s work
The Republicans have got- litzer Prize-losing Washington state’s 1,200-mile Mexi- Australia sent in such – and to subscribe to his
ten really good at this sort of correspondent who, by his own can border, declaring that useful reports as “[I saw] award-winning monthly
thing. For example, they have account, is right more than he's this technology would let an armadillo by the wa- newsletter, The Hightow-
managed to take a no-brainer– wrong. Email: dkaul2@earth- freelance Web watchers ter,” and, “I saw a spider er Lowdown, visit www.
hospice counseling–and make around the globe moni- crawl across the top of THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2009 A Section • Page 7A

Crime prevention workshop promotes

public safety services and solutions
by Terrance Kelly James said, noting reports of est inmate GED program May explained that the A safe DeKalb is a main
children in DeKalb County with more than 2,300 gradu- commissioners approve mon- objective of the Crime Pre-
At DeKalb County’s recent schools missing as much ates, DeKalb County Sheriff ey to fund programs and ser- vention Workshop, and there
Crime Prevention Workshop, as a year of school. “Many Thomas Brown noted some vices for the various county was no shortage of support
few topics seemed off-limits, single parents drop kids off at new services to improve ef- offices. “That’s why we have from county leaders.
including child sexual abuse, school, and the child goes the ficiency at the county jail. to really understand what William Miller, DeKalb
gangs and teen violence, other way when the parents “Through the jail’s Web they do and what their needs public safety director, as-
help for victims of domestic leave,” he said. site, you can now check for are,” he continued. “We need sured, “You have a total
violence, community polic- He said that Project Per- sex offenders registered for to hear from [county person- commitment, from the CEO,
ing, abandonment and child fect Attendance has resulted DeKalb County,” he ex- nel and residents] so we can the sheriff, to the detention
support, and even loud music, in 750 more elementary stu- plained. “You can also check make better decisions about officers in the jails. There
sidewalks dents attend- the status of where to appropriate funds or will be no [smoked] glass,
and street- ing school a case, and address service needs.” no changing of numbers. If
lights. regularly, look to see if Noting the far-reaching you don’t feel safe in DeKalb
Represen- and more someone has effects of crime and a recent County, call me at (770) 724-
tatives from than 1,000 been arrest- killing in his neighborhood, 7899. Tell me what makes
the DeKalb more high ed.” VINE: May said, “That crime didn’t you feel unsafe, and I’ll ask
County Dis- school Victim In- just affect the family, the you what we can do to make
trict Attor- students formation & entire community has been you feel safer.”
ney’s Office, attending Notification affected.”
the DeKalb Brown regularly. May Everyday
Solicitor General’s Office, Jobs Not Jails program, 2916) will give you custody
the DeKalb County Police James said, “Those who information using a touch-
Department Gang Unit, the complete the program get tone phone. MARTA greatly appreciates the ongoing support of our
South Precinct Interactive job placement. By success- “The first thing you have customers, stakeholders, employees, regional partners
Community Policing Unit, fully completing all phases of to do to prevent crime in
DeKalb County Code En- Jobs Not Jails, their cases are and the general public during this difficult economic time.
your community is to get in-
forcement and Juvenile Court dismissed and their records formation,” DeKalb County MARTA, like so many other private and public sector
Judge Desiree Peagler were expunged. That’s how you Commissioner Lee May companies, continues to face financial challenges. We
on hand at the workshop at stop recidivism, and that’s said. “When you leave the
New Birth Missionary Baptist what we’re doing in DeKalb are making it through Fiscal Year 2010 only because of
workshop, you have to apply
Church in Lithonia to discuss County.” the information to better your significant funding made available through the American
ways to fight crime. Touting Georgia’s larg- community.” Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and the help of our
DeKalb Solicitor-General
Robert D. James commented regional partners. Unless the President and Congress decide
on the success of current pro- differently, we will not have those funds available to us in the
grams designed to use educa- future. We hope to secure additional funding to avoid further
tion to combat crime. Project
Perfect Attendance is an fare increases and service modifications next fiscal year. We
anti-truancy and educational need you to help us carry our request for assistance to state
neglect program. Jobs Not lawmakers, regional and local decision makers.
Jails, a pilot program, allows
adult first-time offenders an
opportunity to start life anew
through job readiness and
a chance to attend DeKalb
On October 1st,
Technical College for free.
“If there’s crime in our we will be raising our fares.
community, it’s because we
allow it. If our kids are not A ONE-WAY TRIP
going to school, it’s because
we’re not forcing them to go.
If we keep students in school, will cost $2.00.
we keep them out of jail,”
We will need to secure additional funding
to avoid further fare increases and
City of Doraville service modifications next fiscal year.
2009 Municipal Election
Please visit
Notice is hereby given that in accordance with O.C.G.A. 21-2-132 (a) (1), the
qualifying fees are set for the City of Doraville as follows: to see details on all fare changes.
We are honored to serve you
Councilmember District 1 $432.00 and hope we can count on
your support in the future.
Councilmember District 2 $432.00
Thank you for being a valued customer.
Councilmember District 3 $432.00

Qualifying for the offices listed above will begin on August 31, 2009 from 8:30
a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on September 4, 2009.
The Municipal Election will be held on November 3rd, 2009. 404-848-5000 TTY: 404-848-5665 Accessible Format: 404-848-4037

Construction at Tucker High School is scheduled to be completed in December of 2010. Below, students gather at the temporary entrance to the school at the opposite end
of where the main entrance will be. Photos by Robert Naddra

Staff, students persevere during major construction projects

by Robert Naddra already in a building that’s third floor will then begin. too small. The students are The entire project is set to
rolling with the changes. be completed by July 2010,
Up is down, left is right They’re not affected; if they Adamson said.
and what once was old and are, they’re not showing it.” “It’s good to be able to
crumbling will soon be new At Druid Hills, one of the see the new floor,” Adam-
and inviting. oldest schools in the county, son said. “We all thought,
Students, faculty and ad- principal Mindee Adamson ‘Wow, this is what it’s going
ministrators at a few DeKalb has noticed the same positive to be like.’ We have bigger
schools are coping with the attitude from her students classrooms, better lighting,
inconveniences that come and faculty. Druid Hills is the air conditioning is really
with progress, patiently con- undergoing construction nice. All the teachers have
tinuing their routines while projects – renovations will had good attitudes. Everyone
buildings are being reno- be done on all three floors of can see how it’s going to be
vated. the main building, a science when everything is done.”
Tucker, Druid Hills and wing is being added and ren- Classrooms all will be
Decatur high schools are in ovations to the theater and bigger and up to DOE stan-
the middle of major projects gymnasium are under way. dards, and restrooms were
that will end in 2010. The gym and theater proj- installed on the main floor,
While renovations will entrance. The entire project over we will have a state-of- ect–which includes lockers, Adamson said.
affect the entire schools at is expected to be finished in the-art building.” a music hall and art room “The goal was to have as
Druid Hills and Tucker, De- December 2010, according When the work is com- – is expected to be done in little disruption as possible,”
catur is adding a gymnasium to Tucker principal James plete, the school’s student mid-September. Adamson said.
and performing arts building. Jackson. capacity will increase from The main floor renovation At Tucker, the biggest
The gym, which is adjacent The noise has died 1,400 to 1,600. There will was completed over the sum- challenge has been not hav-
to one end zone of the foot- down, at least for now, but be 10 additional classrooms, mer, and the science wing ing a gym for PE classes,
ball stadium, will include a last school year the build- plus a new gym, auditorium is expected to be finished in and the displacement of the
fitness center, a hospitality ing shook from the blasts and locker rooms. October. Once the science basketball teams. Both the
suite, press room and a small of jackhammers. “It’s been “The majority of the building is completed, sci- boys and girls teams had to
kitchen. challenging,” Jackson said. classroom work is done,” ence teachers and students practice off campus and play
City Schools of Decatur “The noise, the smell from Jackson said. “The gym and will move from the first floor all road games last season.
has applied for a $3.1 mil- the tar and dust have been auditorium is the next big of the main building to the The Druid Hills football
lion grant to renovate and the biggest things (to get project. There will still be a science building. Then the team has been inconve-
expand the vocational wing used to). Our students have lot of noise when they knock first floor will be renovated. nienced by the renovation of
at Decatur High School into been great; they’re adjusting down the gym. We’re very When that is done, teachers the gym. The team has tem-
the Decatur Career Academy. and adapting probably better excited about what we will and students from the third porarily lost its locker rooms
Cross Keys High School also than the adults.” have when everything is floor will move to the first and has to change in a pod
is scheduled to undergo a The left side of the school done. Very excited.” floor. Renovation on the on the practice field.
major renovation project in will be torn down after win- Science department
2010. ter break, Jackson said, and chairwoman Kelly Voss has
At Tucker, work is be- the new gym and auditorium noticed a good attitude from
ing done on classrooms in will be built. While the noise teachers and students during
the front of the school. The has subsided recently, Jack- the transition. The construc-
gym was torn down last son expects noise to be an tion has not affected faculty
school year and will be built issue once the auditorium parking, but students have
onto the opposite side of the construction begins. had to enter a lottery to snare
school once the construc- “We’ve had our share of one of the precious few
tion on the front is com- challenges,” Jackson said. spaces at a church across the
pleted. The main entrance is “We realize we’re in a situ- street.
closed, and the side of the ation we can’t control. We “Overall, it hasn’t been
building serves as the main have our eyes on the prize that bad of an inconve-
and know that when this is nience,” Voss said. “We were Notary Public THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2009 A Section • Page 9A

s m e t r o p o l i ta n at l a n ta r a p i d t r a n s i t a u t h o r i t y

Notice of PuBlic HeariNgS

SePteMBer 14 & 15, 2009
Notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid
Transit Authority will hold public hearings for the purpose of considering

Proposed Bus Service Modifications for December 5, 2009

proposed routing and/or segment eliminations and adjustments
for the following bus routes:
1 – marietta Blvd / Centennial olympic park; 19 – Clairmont road
44 – W. Wesley road; 55 – Cleveland ave / lakewood heights
70 – Chamblee; 139 – lenox / plaza Fiesta

Monday, Sept. 14 tuesday, Sept. 15

Aaron Wilson of Temporary Accommodations, left, drives a first nail at the Lithonia project. As right, he
joins other Temporary Accommodations employees at the building site sign. At top, volunteers brace 55 Trinity Avenue 7741 Roswell Road 3717 College Street 1300 Commerce Drive
the back wall. Atlanta, 30303 Sandy Springs, 30350 College Park, 30337 Decatur, 30030

First nails driven for

DowNtowN NortH college DeKalB
atlaNta fultoN ParK Maloof
atlanta city Hall Service center Public Safety complex auditorium

Habitat home in Lithonia

7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m.
Community Exchange Community Exchange Community Exchange Community Exchange
6:00-7:00 p.m. 6:00-7:00 p.m. 6:00-7:00 p.m. 6:00-7:00 p.m.
Riding MARTA: Bus routes Riding MARTA: Riding MARTA: Riding MARTA:
21, 49, 55, 97 Bus route 87 Bus routes Walk one
Habitat for Humanity partnership with a family in DeKalb from Five Points Station. from Dunwoody 72 & 78 from block west
– DeKalb recently joined need of affordable housing. The assembled group Special Bus Shuttle or North Springs College Park of Decatur
with Shallowford Presbyte- The Temporary Accom- raised the frame of the from Five Points Station. Rail Stations. Rail Station Station.
rian Church and Temporary modations management house at the end of the day.
Accommodations to drive team and members of Shal- The new homeowner, who Copies of the proposed bus service modifica- comments you may: (1) leave a message at
in ceremonial “first nails” lowford Presbyterian joined will live in the house with tions will also be available at MARTA’s Office of (404) 848-5299; (2) write to MARTA’s Office
and begin building a house with the new homeowner’s her three children, joined External Affairs, 2424 Piedmont Road, N.E. Atlan- of External Affairs, 2424 Piedmont Road, N.E,
near Lithonia in the Mall at family and other Habitat in the effort as part of her ta, Georgia 30324 during regular business hours, Atlanta, Georgia 30324-3330; (3) complete
Stonecrest area. for Humanity volunteers to “sweat equity” contribution. Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Sat 9:00 a.m. to an online Comment Card at www.itsmarta.
These sponsoring or- bless the house at a First 12 Noon, and on the website com; (4) or fax your comments no later than
ganizations are providing Nail Ceremony. For formats (FREE of charge) in accordance September 20, 2009 to (404) 848-4179.
funding as well as volunteer Among the partici- --PRICE SLASHED--
with the ADA and Limited English Proficiency regula- All citizens of the City of Atlanta and the
support to build the house. pants in the ceremony LOWER RATE OFFER!
tions contact (404) 848-4037. For those patrons Counties of Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton and Gwinnett
Habitat for Humanity – were Bridges Smith, 1353 Orchard Park Drive,
requiring further accommodations, information can whose interests are affected by the subjects to be
DeKalb is securing addi- ministry leader from Stone Mountain, $80,000
2BR, 2BA; 30 yrs 4% interest. be obtained by calling the Telephone Device for the considered at these hearings are hereby notified
tional funding for the house Shallowford, Aaron Deaf (TDD) at 404 848-5665. and invited to appear at said times and places and
through its DeKalb Habitat Wilson, president/CEO Pmts could be as low as
$363 per month! In addition, a sign language interpreter present such evidence, comment or objection as
Community Housing De- at Temporary Accommo- will be available at all hearings. If you can- their interests require.
Fair credit considered; Contact
velopment LLC subsidiary dations Greater Atlanta Kara or Kristi at not attend the hearings and want to provide
with DeKalb County Com- Area, and Joe Stoner, Talbot State Bank
munity Development funds. executive director of 706-674-2215; Member FDIC,
Beverly A. Scott, Ph.D. General Manager/CEO
The house is being built in Habitat for Humanity – Equal Housing Lender

Join the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce

100 Crescent Center Parkway, Suite 680, Tucker, GA 30084

Photo by Gale Horton Gay

Photo illustration by Kemesha Hunt

Aftermath of a police standoff

Apparent suicide leaves family, neighbors stunned
by Gale Horton Gay and rant at about 9 a.m.“They tried to the neighbor said he knew that
Jonathan Cribbs negotiate with a bullhorn for about wasn’t good. Later police person-
an hour, and they didn’t get any nel came to his house and told the
Looking frail and somewhat response,” said DeKalb County Po- family that Shiver had committed
lost, a mother seated on the porch lice Officer Jason Gagnon. suicide.
of a neighbor’s house allows family At some point a SWAT team The neighbor said Shiver missed
and friends to attempt to keep her was called in and tear gas was fired a June court date and that the arrest
calm and close. Meanwhile, just into the house. would be a third strike against him,
around the corner a stepfather bears “That didn’t flush him out, obvi- which might have meant jail time.
the unimaginable task of gathering ously,” said Gagnon. He said Shiver shot himself with a
items from his own home where Gagnon said he didn’t know at 12-guage shotgun.
hours ago a confrontation led to a what point Shiver apparently shot The neighbor said he had known
violent death. himself. Shiver since “he was a kid” and
This is a glimpse of the after- According to a neighbor, who described him as an average child
math to a police standoff that ended asked not to be identified, confu- who as a man kept to himself.
in an apparent suicide Thursday, sion ensued when the officers ar- He said Shiver lived with his
Aug. 27, in Clarkston. rived at the home, and Shiver’s parents and attended a Gwinnett
Kevin Shiver, 40, shot and mother, stepfather and brother fled college, studying horticulture.
killed himself after a standoff with the house. According to the neighbor, just
law enforcement that lasted several The neighbor said he looked out a few days prior to the police stand-
hours at his family’s home at 3430 the window of his home on Mell off, Shiver was engaged in routine
Casa Court in Clarkston, according Street and saw a phalanx of police neighborhood activity and had bor-
to DeKalb police. officers and SWAT team members rowed a sling blade to cut grass at
Shiver had been convicted of 10 on what is normally a quiet street. his parents’ home and returned it to
counts of sexual exploitation of a Two helicopters hovered overhead, the neighbor.
child, state officials said. Police had he said, and a fire truck blocked “Kevin wouldn’t hurt a flea.
given him 30 days to turn himself the street. The family and neigh- He just wasn’t a violent person,”
in to jail to serve five years of a 12- bors heard what they say was tear said the neighbor who added that
year sentence. When Shiver didn’t, gas being fired into the house, and he didn’t take issue with how law
several probation officers arrived when a black vehicle from the coro- enforcement handled the situation.
at the residence with an arrest war- ner’s office drove down the street, “They done their job,” he said. THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2009 A Section • Page 11A

McNair hires interim football coach after dismissal of Moore

by Robert Naddra sistant football coaches to are emotional about the Moore joined the McNair but I let my character and remain on staff, and 75 per- whole situation.” staff in 1999 as an assistant integrity speak for me.”
cent accepted. April said he did not coach and was 26-18 in four Moore said he has spo-
Since being dismissed “The kids are disap- know how long he would seasons as head football ken to Tucker coach Frank-
as head football coach at pointed because they be- remain interim coach or coach. He also sent about 60 lin Stephens and Southwest
McNair High School on lieved in (Moore) and cared what the timetable is to hire players to college on schol- DeKalb coach Buck God-
Aug. 27, Roderick Moore a lot about him,” April said. a new coach. arship during his tenure. frey since the dismissal, but
sat in when McNair princi- “We’re in the process of “They want to stabilize “I’ve been so over- has not been offered an as-
pal James keeping the ship going and everything and then sit whelmed by the support sistant coaching job within
Jones met keeping upbeat as far as the down and put calmer heads in the community,” Moore the county.
with par- kids are concerned. People together,” April said. said. “I have to accept this,
ents and
club mem-
bers the
ing day.
He also
McNair’s season-opening
football game–a 42-0 loss to
Stephenson on Saturday at
Hallford Stadium.
Even as McNair’s foot-
ball program has moved
on–Jones has appointed ath-
letic director John April as
interim head coach–Moore
is concerned for his former
“My heart is tore up,”
Moore said Saturday, Aug.
29. “It’s hard to tell a bunch
of 15- 16- and 17-year-olds
that life is like this. Eighty
kids have been affected by
this and I hope they’re resil-
Moore was fired after
meeting with principal
James Jones about a mis-
communication over a team
meal Aug. 22. He has been
reassigned to Redan Middle
The football team had
planned to have its pregame
meal Aug. 22 at Panthers-
ville Stadium before its
preseason scrimmage. When
told that the county buses
would be two hours late,
Moore decided to have the
meal at McNair. Parents
and booster club members
had a cookout for the team
on school grounds. Jones
had an issue with the use of
grills, Moore said.
“I assumed Mr. Jones
was informed (of the
change), but he wasn’t,”
Moore said. “I don’t be-
lieve this justifies me being
dismissed. I’ve never been
written up once. It’s not fair
to the kids.
Jones has not returned
phone calls. DeKalb County
spokesman Dale Davis said,
“There were some concerns
and as a result the principal
has exercised his right to
move in a different direc-
April, the McNair ath-
letic director, was on the
sideline Friday. He said he
invited all of McNair’s as-

Continued From Page 2A

sions for that.”

She’s in favor of laws
requiring that animals
picked up by animal con-
trol officers be spayed or
neutered before they can be
turned over to their owners.
“We have a big problem
in DeKalb County,” said
Tom Wargo, founder
and chief executive of-
ficer of Daffy’s Pet Soup
Kitchen in Lilburn, said
he’s been helping people
in 35 counties including
DeKalb who have animals
but who cannot afford to

feed them—often due to
unemployment and eco-
nomic factors. Wargo said

his organization will be one
of the recipients of some of
the 40,000 pounds of do-
nated dog food.
Wargo said he was

pleased to see the turnout
and enthusiasm for the car-
avan, but he hoped interest
wasn’t temporary.
“This situation goes on
all the time,” said Wargo.
“We need people to know
this is not a one-time
There were some 14 or-
ganizations involved in the Nobody covers DeKalb high
caravan such as M.O.M.S. school sports better!
Rescue, Dogs on Death Updated each Sunday.
and Georgia SPCA. Among
those at PDK were a Girls
Scout troop holding hand-
made posters and others
waving printed red, white
and blue “Atlanta Loves
Georgia’s Puppy Caravan”
signs. Among officials on
hand were Fulton County
Commissioner Robb Pitts
and Atlanta City Council
member Anne Fauver.
Among the dogs in at-
tendance were a Labrador,
two mix breeds and Bo the
sidecar dog who travels the
country in the sidecar of
his handler’s motorcycle,
spreading the word about
spaying and neutering pets.
Fauver presented proc-
lamations to the pilots with
Animal Rescue Flights as
well as Bo and his handler
Van Frederick.
At an event later in the
evening hosted by Bark-
ing Hound Village owner
David York, caravan par-
ticipants were treated to the
premiere of a new televi-
sion animal rescue reality
show Rescue Ink that is
expected to be shown on
the National Geographic
Channel this fall.


bey nd
No red flags yet in
swine flu vaccine tests
by Mike Stobbe recommended that in case
of limited supplies, vac-
ATLANTA (AP) No cinations should go first
“red flags” have been re- to certain priority groups,
ported so far in tests of including pregnant women,
the new swine flu vaccine, health care workers, chil-
U.S. health officials said dren 6 months and older,
Aug. 21. parents of infants, and
Volunteers in the first non-elderly adults with
of five studies of the vac- high-risk medical condi-
cine got their first shots tions.
in the last two weeks, and The U.S. Centers for
so far no one has reported Disease Control and Pre-
symptoms worse than a vention formally adopted GI Cancer:
sore and swollen arm, said those recommendations Latest Advances
Dr. Anthony Fauci, direc- this week, a CDC official in Diagnosis
tor of the National Institute said.
of Allergy and Infectious In the United States, and Treatment
Diseases. nearly 8,000 people with Saturday, September 12th
“There are no red flags swine flu have been hospi- 10 to Noon
regarding safety,” said talized and 522 have died
Fauci, at a news confer- since the virus was first Andrei Stieber, M.D., will discuss
ence. seen in April. The CDC the latest information about GI
That encouraged health estimates that more than 1 Cancers, which include colon
officials to go forward this million people in the Unit- and liver cancer. Melissa Seely-
week with experiments ed States have been sick- Morgan, M.D., is an interventional
testing the vaccine in chil- ened by the virus, but most radiologist who will discuss
dren ages 6 months to 17 did not get sick enough to innovative, non-surgical,
years, Fauci added. seek medical help or a di- minimally invasive approaches
Additional research is agnosis involving lab tests. to treating GI cancers.
planned for how well the Flu continues to spread
vaccine performs in preg- in the United States, which Located in the lobby of 2665
nant women. The govern- is unusual for summer. Professional Office Building on
ment expects that eventual- And nearly every case of DeKalb Medical’s main campus.
ly more than 4,500 people flu that’s occurring right Appointments are required.
will take part in vaccine now is swine flu and not Call 404.501.WELL to reserve
studies. the seasonal variety people your space in this FREE lecture.
Data on how well the are more familiar with.
vaccine protects against But cases are becoming
swine flu are not expected less common, said Dr. Jay
until next month, Fauci Butler of the CDC. New
said. infections also seem to be
Around 50 million declining in South America
doses of vaccine could be and parts of Australia—ar-
available to the public by eas where flu is generally
mid-October. more common this time of
Last month, a govern- year, he said.
ment advisory committee

Kirby: The right way to find a job

– throw out the rule book
by Matt Amato job through networking,” he to draw from, Kirby notes book is about that,” he said. ing skills on how to find a
said. There are a few rules to that, while many books are “Without a positive attitude, job will give you a leg up.”
The résumé’s updated follow. One-to-one network- “outdated” and job-seeking the best strategies won’t be
and constantly rewritten. ing is the first important step techniques misplaced, a few successful. You’ve got
It’s ready for the slew of but most effective if done truisms still ex- to avoid negative influ-
job Web sites. A few friends with a narrowed focus. ist. ences.”
have been asked to assist in Also, hiring a career
the hunt. So just be patient, coach, a voice of en-
as instructed, and wait for couragement to help
the offers to eventually trick- maintain a focused
le in, right? approach, can help,
Wrong. Finding a job in even if it doesn’t Celebrating 70 Years of Service
a lousy economy requires seem financially
a completely different out-
look to enhance chances of
success. According to Dun-
prudent. “People
fail to realize that
the best time is
woody businessman Rich- when you don’t September 10th – Business Builder Series
– Building and Leveraging Your Network -
ard Kirby, the author of a Kirby have time, and Speaker: Branden Lisi . Cost: Chamber
new book on the subject, there are career Members - No Cost. Non-Members -
$10.00. Location: DeKalb Convention &
conventional wisdom is the “You need to coaches at dif- Visitor's Bureau - 1957 Lakeside Parkway.
problem, not the solution. get specific – what ferent price Suite 510, Tucker, GA 30084.

Networking the right you want to do… points,” he said. September 14th – First Monday Lunch
way, not obsessing over and the company Finally, Keynote Speaker: Rick Elliott, President
a résumé and practically you want to work Kirby believes & CEO of UnitedHealthcare of Georgia.
Topic: “What Every Businessperson
ignoring Web sites such as for,” said Kirby. Do- that follow- Should Know About Healthcare Reform”.
“Monster Jobs” are part of ing so not only ac- ing his steps Chamber Members - RSVP and Prepay by
Sept. 8th to take advantage of the lowest
an outlook guaranteed to centuates a job seekers – a positive rate. Location: Hilton Garden Inn –
trim months of frustration best skill attributes but attitude, Stonecrest - 7890 Mall Ring Road Lithonia,
GA 30038. Phone: (678) 526-1000. Sept.
and stress, he believes. helps with other aspects a strong, 8th - 12:00 midnight. Member pricing
“People need to stop do- of the job search, such detailed fo- begins at $30.00 for seats. Visit website
ing non-productive stuff like as the final networking cus of the for more details.

Web sites and job boards,” step: tracking and man- career you September 16th - Network DeKalb Leads
said the founder of Execu- aging. want and Group – Third Quarter Location - Holiday
Inn Atlanta – Northlake - 2158
tive Career Impact Inc., a Keeping databases and networking in the Ranchwood Drive, Atlanta, GA 30345.
career coaching company, spreadsheets, essentially right way – delivers results: 770-934-6000. COST: $10.00- Members
(advance) / $15.00 (door) /$20.00 Non-
“instead of telling their story treating the search like a Maintain- “People are getting jobs ev- members. Sponsored by Network
to who they want.” job in itself, has the effect ing a positive attitude is ery day. The economy has Solutions.
With three times as many of indicating what is and is one. “The first chapter of my not come to a stop. Develop- For more information on DeKalb Chamber related
people out of work for not working in the search. If events or to receive email updates, call 404-378-
8000 or visit
longer than 27 weeks than there needs to be a tactical
a year ago and the latest shift, the data indicates in
Georgia unemployment fig- which direction.
ures breaking the 10 percent Part of Kirby’s approach
mark, the need for a more
focused approach is im-
perative. And, according to
Kirby, networking the right
is a reflection of his engi-
neering background. The
guidelines he establishes
therefore follow a methodi-
way is crucial. cal approach: “I look at ev- JOIN US SATURDAYS
“I’m a lover of network- erything as a problem.” With SEPTEMBER 12 and OCTOBER 3, 2009
ing in greater detail; 60 to more than 30 years experi- 12:00 - 1:30 p.m.
70 percent of people get a ence in the corporate world
Learn more about the Snapfinger Road and Pole Bridge Creek
Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facilities Expansion Project,
the cutting-edge technology being used and the benefits to
the community.
Insurance companies merge
Bring the kids to enjoy fun & games for all ages while learning
North Point Group, Inc., a holding company for TRC about the environment and future career possibilities.
Insurance Services, recently finalized acquisition of
Stevenson, Shockley, Stevenson Agency in Decatur. 4265 EAST SIDE DRIVE
“As we continue to expand our services in the metro DECATUR, GA 30034
Atlanta area, we saw this as the perfect opportunity,” For more information, call:
stated Bill Skeeles, president and CEO of TRC 678-537-6246
Insurance Services. The new company will now operate
under the name TRC Stevenson.
“We believe merging with TRC Insurance Services
is the best move we can make for our customers and
employees,” said Bob Ryan, CEO of Stevenson,
Shockley, Stevenson. “With the new company, we DeKalb County Department of
can expand our products and services and continue to Watershed Management
provide the highest level of customer service.”

Dekalb-Polebridge_Open House Ad_spotcolor_Final.indd 1 8/28/2009 10:02:30 AM THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2009 A Section • Page 15A

Perdue appoints U.S. Attorney David

Nahmias to Georgia Supreme Court
Gov. Sonny Perdue an- federal law enforcement properly apply the laws as assistant attorney general
nounced last week the ap- officer in the region and enacted through the demo- for the United States, he
pointment of U.S. Attorney managed approximately 80 cratic process are vital to the oversaw the prosecutions of
David Nahmias lawyers who represent safety and prosperity of our Zacarias Moussaoui, John
to the Supreme the United States in citizens.” Walker Lindh, Richard
Court of Geor- all criminal and civil Nahmias graduated sec- Reid and many others.
Judge gia. Nahmias, a
native Georgian
litigation in federal
court in the district.
ond in his class at Duke Uni-
versity and magna cum laude
In 2004, Nahmias re-
turned home after the U.S.
Adams and resident of
Dunwoody, has
Nahmias served on
the Attorney General’s
from Harvard Law School
where he was an editor of
Senate confirmed his nomi-
nation as the U.S. attorney
honored by served as the
U.S. Attorney
Advisory Committee
of United States At-
the Harvard Law Review.
After graduation he clerked
for the Northern District of
Georgia. The prosecutions he
state bar for the Northern torneys. He has also for U.S. Circuit Court Judge has guided during his time in
District of Geor- received appointments Laurence Silberman and Atlanta include Centennial
association gia since Dec. 1, Nahmias to serve as chairman U.S. Supreme Court Justice Park bomber Eric Robert
2004. of the Terrorism and Antonin Scalia. Rudolph, former Atlanta
DeKalb County “David has the ability to National Security Subcom- He then worked as an ap- Mayor Bill Campbell and
Superior Court serve this state well and is mittee and the White Collar pellate lawyer at the law firm the Neal Street police shoot-
Judge Gregory A. someone who we can trust to Crime Subcommittee. of Hogan and Hartson with ing case.
Adams was presented guard this country’s bedrock “I am deeply honored and now U.S. Supreme Court Nahmias was recom-
recently with the 2009 principles,” Perdue said. humbled by Gov. Perdue’s Chief Justice John Roberts mended by some of the most
Distinguished Jurist “His integrity, commitment selection of me to serve as before returning to Atlanta highly regarded legal minds
Award at the annual to public service and strict a Supreme Court Justice, a to serve in the United States in the nation, including Chief
State Bar of Georgia adherence to the law as writ- position that is so important Attorney’s Office. Justice Roberts, Justice Sca-
meeting by the Gate ten will make him an excel- to protecting the rule of law After Sept.11, 2001, Nah- lia, Judge Silberman, former
City Bar Association lent Justice.” and the democratic system mias returned to Washington U.S. Attorney General John
Judicial Section. Adams As U.S. attorney for the of government in this state,” to serve in the area of coun- Ashcroft and former Secre-
received the award for Northern District of Georgia, Nahmias said. “Decisions terterrorism in the Depart- tary of Homeland Security
his many contributions Nahmias served as the chief by our Supreme Court that ment of Justice. As deputy Michael Chertoff.
to the Georgia Justice
System and the greater
DeKalb County
community during the
past 15 years of his
judicial service.
Prior to his election
to the Superior Court,
Adams spent a decade
as chief judge of
the DeKalb County
Juvenile Court. There,
he implemented on-
site mental health
screenings and
assessments for youth
entering the juvenile
court, developed “in-
home” assessments to
reduce the number of
non-violent offenders
being held in detention,
raised more than $6
million through grants
for treatment programs
and developed and
implemented a juvenile
drug court to treat young
offenders with substance
abuse problems.
In 2007, the DeKalb
County Board of
Commissioners named
the new $45 million
juvenile court “The
Gregory A. Adams
Juvenile Justice Center.”
This was in recognition
of Adams’ efforts
toward developing a
more suitable facility
with educational and
rehabilitative resources.

Judge Mobley named to chief justice’s

commission on professionalism
DeKalb State Court Judge Mobley said that she looks is both earned and main- in the courts; the National
Barbara J. Mobley has forward to her new position tained,” she said. Bar Association’s program
been named to serve a two- and is honored to have been Mobley, a former state committee, where she served
year term on the Georgia Su- chosen to represent Geor- legislator, has been on the as moderator of the NBA’s
preme Court chief justice’s gia’s state court judges in DeKalb State Court bench judicial council panel on the
commission on professional- working with Chief Justice since 2005. Her law-related judicial issues of human traf-
ism. She was selected as the Carol Hunstein and the volunteer activities include ficking in Jamaica; and the
representative of the council commission. her service on the Georgia International Association of
of state court judges. “Maximum professional- Supreme Court commit- Women Judges, where she
Mobley will be sworn in ism among the legal com- tee on access and fairness, represented the United States
at the Sept. 11 meeting at the munity is important and where she chairs the sub- on the human trafficking
State Bar Center in Atlanta. necessary so that public trust committee on immigrants panel in Panama. Mobley

Biowaste company
operator sentenced
DECATUR, Ga. (AP) Attorney General Thurbert
Baker said a man who failed to dispose of biomedi-
cal waste collected by his company has pleaded
guilty to charges that included illegal storage of hu-
man waste, including limbs and organs.
Christopher Lee entered the plea in DeKalb
County Superior Court on Aug. 18 and was given a
New economic forecast predicts further
10-year-sentence by Judge Michael Hancock, the sales tax revenue decline for MARTA
balance to be served on probation. He also was or-
dered to pay restitution. MARTA stands to lose hundreds of service.” The forecast predicts that there
Prosecutors say Lee operated Biotech Corp., millions in sales tax revenues over the will not be an uptick in sales tax revenue
which was supposed to collect medical waste from next decade on top of an already projected until 2012.
facilities in metro Atlanta and transport it to a treat- $1.2 billion shortfall, according to a new Georgia State University’s forecast for
ment facility. economic analysis from the Georgia State MARTA’s FY 2009 budget showed that the
Authorities discovered that Lee had abandoned University Economic Forecasting Center. authority would be down $40 million in
tons of waste at a storage facility. At least a dozen of This forecast further underscores the sales tax revenue, which proved to be “right
the containers held pathological waste, including am- urgent need for a new dedicated and on the money.” MARTA recently closed
putated limbs and organs. He was indicted in 2007. reliable source of transit funding in the state the books on its FY 2009 budget, which
and region, officials of the trasist system showed that the university’s projections
say. Barely one month into the new fiscal came within 0.2 percent of the final sales
year, MARTA is already re-evaluating its tax total.
options to address a continuing shortfall in “We take these economic projections
Homeless commission FY 2010 revenues. seriously because our experience is that
“This new report is extremely sobering. they have been extremely accurate in
to hire psychiatrist Unfortunately, we’ve continued to see a predicting MARTA’s sales tax revenue
decline in sales tax revenue since the last receipts,” Scott said.
ATLANTA (AP) The United Way Regional Com- forecast six months ago,” said Dr. Beverly “We also need for our region to
mission on Homelessness will use $450,000 in grant A. Scott, general manager of MARTA. take these predictions seriously,” Scott
money to hire a psychiatrist to participate in home- “We must commit to ensuring a viable continued. “They show that current
less outreach in the Atlanta area. transit system in metro Atlanta. This new MARTA transit service levels cannot
The commission has partnered with the Emory economic report shows our region’s transit be sustained under the current funding
University School of Medicine’s Fellowship in Com- future is in serious jeopardy unless the structure.”
munity Psychiatry and Public Health to employ a region and the state take urgent action.” “Transit is too important to our region
psychiatry resident to assist in homeless outreach The new sales tax forecast predicts to let it die,” said Michael Walls, chairman
tailored toward the mentally ill. In a 2007 Metro At- that MARTA will see an additional $10.8 of the MARTA board. “These numbers
lanta Tri-Jurisdiction survey, 29 percent of homeless million drop in sales tax receipts in FY show that it is time for the region to take
people in Atlanta cited mental illness or depression as 2010, which will have a serious impact on seriously the financial condition we’re in
a factor in their homelessness. the operating budget for the current year. and to take action to close the economic
Cash will come from Sartain Lanier Family Foun- The $10.8 million figure is on top of the gap in transit.”
dation and Cousins Foundation Inc. $74.3 million in sales tax decline that had MARTA officials say that the transit
been previously forecasted in Georgia State system has helped metro Atlanta
University’s last MARTA sales tax revenue attract billions of dollars in economic
forecast report. development, from the Centennial Olympic
Printed on 100% Over the coming decade, the report
predicts an additional loss to MARTA of
Games to mega-conventions and major
corporations. They add that MARTA has
post-consumer $232.1 million on top of the $1.2 billion
shortfall previously projected, resulting
also helped improve air quality in the
region and is responsible for thousands of
recycled paper in what MARTA officials termed “a
devastating loss that would seriously impair
new jobs throughout metro Atlanta and the
MARTA’s ability to provide bus and rail THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2009 A Section •Page 17A

Continued From Page 1A

War to World War II from 3 to 3:45 the event are $25 and are available An international picnic presented
p.m. on the First Baptist Sanctuary at Agnes Scott College’s box office by the Southern Foodways Alli- Writers Workshop
Stage. (404) 471-6430. ance takes place from 6 to 7:30 The Future of the Book, 11:15 to
p.m. at the Alliance’s picnic 2 p.m. on the Eddie’sAttic Stage.
Discussion Music grounds. Area chefs will high-
Billed as Environmental History Three performers will do readings/ light how international culinary Writers Workshop
and the American South, this ses- discussions during the day, then traditions have taken traditional The Future of Newspapers, 5 to
sion from 3 to 3:45 p.m. on the take to Eddie’s Attic Stage begin- Southern foods and dishes and 5:45 p.m. on the Decatur Presbyte-
City Hall Stage bring together the ning at 8 p.m. They are: made them their own. Cost is $10 rian Sanctuary Stage.
voices of three scholars/authors: � Diane Durrett, who has per- per plate.
Albert Way, Claire Strom and formed with Tina Turner, Mi-
Christopher Manganiello. chael Bolton and Sting
� Singer/songwriter David Olney
Literary Death Match � Singer/songwriter Paul San-
Wrestling legend Abdullah the chez
Butcher takes on author and wres- Tickets are $15. Doors open at 7:30
tler Michael Muhammad Knight p.m.
in the Wrestling Ring from 3 to 4

Teen Poetry Sunday, Sept. 6

The Teen Poetry Slam takes place Children & Family Brunch
from 5:30 to 7 p.m. on the Target
Children’s Stage. Judy Schachner, creator of the
Skippyjon Jones series, will host
Teen Fiction a mariachi brunch at El Tesoro
Vampires vs. Werewolves Smack- restaurant, followed by a prom-
down will be held 2:30 to 3 p.m. at enade to the square. Tickets can
The Escape with authors Richelle be obtained through Little Shop of
Mead and Maggie Stiefvater. Stories, (404) 373-6300. Proceeds
from the brunch will go to build
Teen Discussion public libraries in Mexico.
Break in Case of Emergency: This
Book Could Save Your Life is a Poetry
discussion by five authors of books Poets Franklin Abbott and Sha-
they read as teens or wished they ron Saunders share their wit and
had read as teens. The authors are: wisdom from 1:15 to 2 p.m. Sept. 6
Robert Olen Butler, Marc Fitten, on the Decatur Conference Center
Michael Malone, Hollis Gillespie Stage.
and Laurel Snyder. Takes place
4:30 to 5 p.m. at The Escape. Discussion
Authors Luis Alberto Urrea and
Book Fair Gina Nahai will lead Where I’m
The 18th Annual Fine and Collect- From: International Fiction from
ible Book Fair runs all day on Satur- 2:30 to 3:15 p.m. on the Old Court-
day and Sunday at the Decatur Holi- house Stage.
day Inn, 130 Clairemont Ave.
Book Market Exit to Freedom author Calvin C.
The Book Market and Street Fair Johnson Jr. will talk about his
takes place all day Saturday and experiences as a wrongly accused
Sunday. This is where publishers, man who was imprisoned for 16
booksellers, crafts people, mer- years before DNA tests proved his
chants and food vendors ply their innocence. Takes place at 3:45 p.m.
wares. on the Old Courthouse Stage.

Poet Alice Lovelace will do a read- Religion
ing of her work from 5:15 to 5:30 Rabbi and author Dana Kaplan
on the Local Poetry Stage. will read from his writings on con-
temporary American Judaism from
Music 3:45 to 4 p.m. on the Local Prose
Kate Campbell, Mary Chapin Stage.
Carpenter, Caroline Herring
and Claire Holley will perform Prose
together at Agnes Scott College’s Author Jabari Williams will read
Presser Hall at 8 p.m., with doors and discuss his work 4:30 to 4:45
opening at 7 p.m.. The performance p.m. on the Local Prose Stage.
celebrates the 100th anniversary
of Pulitzer Prize-winning author
Eudora Welty’s birth. Tickets to Culinary

Final DeKalb schools report in boy’s

suicide says bullying not a factor
Judge: Spousal abuse may also have contributed to death

Thelma Moore. Photo by Brian Egeston

by Jonathan Cribbs to head the investigation, concluded Herrera had not
been bullied at Dunaire Ele-
An in-depth report on the mentary–a point Bermudez
suicide of former Dunaire and Herrera’s supporters ve-
Elementary School student hemently challenged. Moore
Jaheem Herrera released also supported school of-
last month concludes there ficials, saying they acted ap-
is no evidence that fellow propriately and had no way
students bullied the boy, and to know about alleged bully-
a range of factors contrib- ing against Herrera.
uted to his death in April. The investigation also Jaheem Herrera’s mother, Masika Bermudez (left), and Norman Keene join in the protest.
The report also contains found no evidence that Photo by Jonathan Cribbs
previously unknown refer- Bermudez tried to contact
ences to abuse in Jaheem’s school officials about bully-
family and claims factors in ing, which Bermudez also back with a metal kitchen The report also made worker instead of a part-
his home life were affecting disputes. Herrera’s family table chair, also leaving a several recommendations, time social worker and an
Herrera at the time of his and their lawyer, Gerald dent and black mark on the including a complaint sys- assigned School Resource
death. Among them: Griggs, have filed a lawsuit refrigerator and a matching tem. The school system Officer from the local police
against the school system, mark on her back that fit the should create a form or department.
• Herrera lived in an extend- claiming Dunaire Elemen- curvature of the chair.” document that would allow “Workshops and activi-
ed stay motel on Memorial tary officials were negligent. When she fell to the parents with complaints ties are needed to cultivate
Drive with his mother, Griggs did not return several ground, Keene kicked her to document them in de- self-esteem among the stu-
Masika Bermudez, her calls for comment, but the in the throat, the report said, tail. The report also asked dents,” the report said. “This
significant other and three attorney has publicly dis- and Keene’s brother, Sean philanthropic groups and would help alleviate the stu-
siblings. puted the in-depth report’s Nesbitt, came downstairs, volunteers to help Dunaire dents’ feelings of low self-
• Norman Montgomery findings, claiming refer- grabbed her arms and held Elementary students. esteem–a possible contribut-
Keene, Bermudez’s signif- ences to spousal abuse are a her. Keene punched her in “Some students at Du- ing factor to the children’s
icant other, has been con- distraction from issues at the the temple, it said. naire suffer from the harsh anger, covert teasing and
victed of various offenses school. Similar incidents oc- conditions of poverty and covert name-calling.”
related to physical abuse The report includes refer- curred in St. Croix, accord- homelessness,” the report
involving Bermudez. ences to police reports of ing to police documents the said. “When they come to
• Herrera missed his home violence in Herrera’s family, investigation discovered. school, some are angry,
and friends in St. Croix. including details from an “This is not a simplistic while others may be hungry
• Herrera’s grandmother had incident on Aug. 12, 2006, case of bullying,” the report or suffering from adverse Two side-by-side offices in
essentially raised him, and in which Bermudez told po- said. “The investigation family and living condi- existing law firm.
her recent death affected lice Keene attacked her after reveals a multitude of com- tions. About one-third of Great location & atmosphere.
him deeply. she complained he wouldn’t plex and significant factors students may be largely de- I-85 at N. Druid Hills Rd.
accompany her anywhere. impacting the life of this fined as ‘chronically home- in Druid Chase complex.
The report mostly ex- “[Keene] lunged across young boy before his death. less.’” Large offices (15x15) w/ views.
pounds on the final conclu- … Jaheem’s life was affect- It also recommended Practice w/ experienced
the kitchen and grabbed her attorneys. Free parking,
sions released by retired by the throat, shoving her ed by the serious domestic staffing changes at the conference & library space,
Judge Thelma Wyatt against the east wall,” the abuse which occurred in the school, including an ad- plus receptionist.
Cummings Moore in May. report said. “They struggled home, certainly with Ms. ditional assistant principal, Below market, exceptional
Moore, whom the DeKalb in the kitchen, and she stat- Bermudez as the victim of more than one full-time value & possible referrals.
County School System hired ed that he struck her in the Norman Keene.” counselor, a full-time social 404-321-7733 THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2009 A Section • Page 19A

Governor creates group to look at

educational abuse policies
Gov. Sonny Perdue employees and reporting the While the Child Members of the working County; Pete Skandalakis,
announced recently incident to law enforcement, Advocate’s report found the group are Matt Arthur, Coweta Judicial Circuit
that he has accepted the system leadership and the state’s child abuse reporting superintendent, Rabun district attorney, and
recommendations of the Professional Standards and response laws adequate, County Schools; Emily Rachael Barron, parent
Office of the Child Commission. it also found that a lack Lembeck, superintendent, representative, Atlanta.
Advocate and A specific task of clear responsibility for Marietta City Schools;
created a working of the group will addressing allegations of Jeannie Edwards,
group to examine include developing abuse sometimes results student health coordinator,
policies and protocols for in an ineffective response. Dawson County Schools; OWN CHEAPER THAN
procedures that are addressing allegations The governor’s action is Stephanie (Taylor) RENT! 2103 Garden
followed when cases of abuse in special aimed at ensuring that Williams, Ed.S., Early Circle, Decatur $73,000;
of abuse are alleged settings, such as those those responsible for Intervention Program (EIP), 3BR, 1BA; 5% down, 30 yrs,
in an educational involving special addressing these allegations Montgomery Elementary 6%interest; pmts could be as
environment. Perdue educational programs must respond quickly and School, DeKalb County low as $438 month! Fair credit
“Any accusations operated by Regional adequately. The report is Schools; Jay Fowler, considered. Contact Kara, Terri
of abuse by school Educational Services available online at http:// principal, Rocky Creek or Kristi at Talbot State Bank
personnel against children Agencies (RESAs). Elementary School, Henry 706-674-2215;
must be addressed strongly, “We must strike the right Member FDIC,
rapidly and appropriately,” balance between protecting Equal Housing Lender
Perdue said. our students from abuse
The Governor’s Working while also treating school

DeKalb County School
Group on Abuse in the employees fairly,” Perdue
Educational Setting will added. “This working
convene experienced school group will establish the
administrators and leaders
along with law enforcement
personnel to develop
clear lines of authority
and responsibility that
will ensure these cases are
 System Announces NCLB
consistent statewide policies
and protocols for addressing
addressed in a timely and
appropriate manner.”
 Supplemental Educational Services (SES)
reports of child abuse by Perdue’s formation
school employees. of the working group
The governor has charged comes in response to ROUND I 2009-2010 • FREE TUTORING
the group with developing recommendations from
specific child abuse the Office of the Child •
reporting and response Advocate. In June, As part of its requirements under the federal No Child Left Behind Act, 
procedures for every school following a disturbing DeKalb County School System is offering free tutoring in the areas of                         
system in the state. The case alleging abuse of a
group’s recommendations child by school personnel, math and reading/language arts.
will include processes the governor charged the
for parents and students State Child Advocate Free tutoring is available for your child if he or she
to report abuse as well with determining whether
as protocols for school Georgia’s laws and policies •
system management to adequately address issues
use when taking personnel of abuse in the educational • attends a Title I elementary, middle, or high school that is
action involving accused setting. included on the “Needs Improvement” list and

• receives free or reduced-price meals


Learn New Skills Avondale Middle

Avondale High
Eagle Woods Academy
Fairington Elementary
McNair Middle 
McNair High
To Get a Great Bethune Middle Flat Rock Elementary Salem Middle
Job Fast Cedar Grove High
Clarkston High
Freedom Middle
International Student Center
Shadow Rock Center
Stone Mountain Middle
Columbia Elementary Lithonia High Stone Mountain High
Columbia High Martin Luther King, Jr. High Towers High
Cross Keys High 

Training in Less Than Six Weeks!

Open Enrollment
Begins August 28, 2009 and ends September 25, 2009
• Certified Nursing Assistant
• EKG Tech A brochure containing an application will be mailed to each eligible student
• Phlebotomy Tech or you may obtain one from your local school.
• Patient Care Technician (6-months)
Applications must be returned to the local school by September 25, 2009
Day / Weekend / Evening Classes Available
For more information call DeKalb County School System
Close to interstate and Marta! Office of School Improvement at 678-676-0309
Decatur, GA or by contacting your local school counselor
NOW ENROLLING! 404.371.3338

Atlanta Decatur Sept. 30
aging Credit I
Establishing & Man-
Fun Day Sunday, Sept. 13, 3 -
8 p.m., at the Bransby Outdoor
Fitness Fair for Women an- aging Credit II YMCA, 1185 Rock Chapel
Callanwolde announces po- Road, Lithonia.
etry reading nounced
The sessions will be held There will be activities for
Sleep specialist Elizabeth in the Training Room of the the entire family, including
A poetry reading Wednes- DeKalb Extension, 4380 Memo- horseback riding, swimming,
day, Sept. 9, at 8:15 p.m. will Carson, Ph.D., staff psycholo-
gist of St. Joseph’s Hospital, is rial Drive, Decatur. Registration rock climbing, volleyball, kick-
feature poets Ann Lynn and begins at 6:15 p.m.; the program ball, paddleboats in the pond
Lynn Pedersen as Callan- the keynote speaker and will
discuss sleep and peaceful liv- starts at 6:30 p.m. and ends at and more. There will also be
wolde celebrates the art and 8:30 p.m. Call (404) 298-4080 to free food and music.
performance of poetry with ing as part of a Fit for Life Fair
for Women to be held at Agnes pre-register.
readings each month in the Medical office manager
Callanwolde Conservatory. Scott College Sept. 26. The fair
will include nutrition informa- Public invited to open house named
Lynn’s article about her
poetry-writing workshops for tion and screenings for blood
pressure, body mass index and The American Rainwater Constance Abbott has
female veterans appeared in Catchment Systems Association been named the new manager
the May/June Poets & Writ- spinal exams. Exercise classes
featuring yoga and a modified (ARCSA) recently announced of medical office administra-
ers Magazine. Her poetry has the keynote speaker for its 2009 tion at the Kaiser Permanente
been published in Poetry East, boot camp will be offered from 9
a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Mary Brown National Conference and Mem- Stonecrest Medical Center, lo-
Many Mountains Moving, The bership Meeting, Rainwater – cated in Lithonia near the Mall
Christian Science Monitor Bullock Science Center, Atrium.
Agnes Scott College is located The Forgotten Resource, is Dr. at Stonecrest. She is respon-
and elsewhere, and Finishing Hans-Otto Wack, of the Univer- sible for facility oversight of all
Line Press released her chap- at 141 E. College Avenue, De-
catur. sity of Fulda in Germany. departments, ensuring focused
book In the Butterfly House in The conference will take leadership, exceptional service
2009. She was featured at the The $30 cost includes morn-
ing coffee and a healthy lunch. place Sept. 14-16, at the De- and clinical excellence for the
New Trier Literary Festival in catur Holiday Inn Conference medical center.
Illinois, and was a Southern All interested women are wel-
come. For reservations, call Center, located at 130 Claire- Abbott joined Kaiser Per-
Women Writers Conference mont Ave. in Decatur. The public manente in 2007 as the clinical
Emerging Writers Contest fi- (404) 769-3228. Visit www. is invited to attend a free open supervisor in the Pediatrics
nalist. house on Sunday, Sept. 13, department at Kaiser Perma-
Pedersen, a resident of for more information. The fair
is co-sponsored by Women from noon to 4 p.m. at the con- nente’s Southwood Medical
Atlanta, is a graduate of the ference venue. The open house Center in Jonesboro. Prior to
Vermont College of Fine Arts Alone Together® and Agnes
Scott College Athletic Depart- will feature an exhibit hall with that, she worked as a clinical
MFA in Writing Program. Her rainwater harvesting vendors manager at Grady Memorial
chapbook Theories of Rain ment. Women Alone Together is
dedicated to building confidence and presentations from rainwa- Hospital.
was published by Main Street ter professionals. Open house Abbott holds a bachelor’s
Rag in 2009 as part of the Edi- and community for the grow-
ing number of women who are attendees will also have the degree in nursing from Clayton
tor’s Choice Chapbook Series. option to visit a local rainwater State College and State Uni-
Her poems, essays, and re- alone because of divorce, death
of a spouse, single by choice or harvesting project, which will be versity.
views have appeared in New installed by participants of ARC-
England Review, Poet Lore, alone in a marriage.
SA’s pre-conference workshop
Southern Poetry Review, Palo taking place Sept. 12-13.
Church to hold special
Alto Review, Comstock Re- Registration begins at 6:15
view, Chattahoochee Review service
p.m.; the program starts at 6:30

and Ecotone. p.m. and ends at 8:30 p.m. Call
General admission is $5; Great Faith Ministries - At-
lanta has announced a special (404) 298-4080 to pre-register.
admission for students, seniors For more information, visit
and members is $3. For more “Miracle Explosion” service Sat-
urday, Sept. 5, 10 a.m. – noon.
information, call (404) 872- PRISM meeting to focus on
5338. Pastor Junaldo Lee will pro- safety
vide each person who attends

a bottle of anointing oil that he Pride Rings in Stone Moun-

has prepared. There will be a tain (PRISM) will meet Thurs-
continental breakfast for a dona- day, Sept. 10, at 7 p.m. at
tion of $5 per family. Great Faith Dunwoody Homeowners As- St. Timothy United Methodist
Estates Ministries – Atlanta is located at
1600 Agape Way, Decatur. For
sociation to meet Church/Fellowship Hall, 5365
Memorial Drive, Stone Moun-
more information, call (770) 771- The September meeting of tain. On the agenda are candid
Avondale businesses have 3299 or (404) 593-2865. the Dunwoody Homeowners conversations and information
new Web site Association is scheduled for about public safety. There will
Extension offers financial Sept. 13. Board meetings for the be an opportunity to ask ques-
The Avondale Estates planning Dunwoody Homeowners Asso- tions. Special invited guests
Business Association has ciation are held at 7:30 p.m. in are the DeKalb County chief of
just launched its new Web The DeKalb County Exten- the DeKalb Cultural Arts Center police, Tucker Precinct’s act-
site. Residents can visit sion is sponsoring a Personal (Room 4) at 5339 Chamblee- ing chief of police, the DeKalb
www.avondaleestatesbiz. Financial Planning Series with Dunwoody Road in Dunwoody. County public safety direc-
com/ to find out what’s going sessions on these dates: tor and others in law enforce-
on in the Avondale Estates ment. The public is welcome.
business district. Member Sept. 8 Budget & Money Those who want to be on the
businesses in the community Management agenda or offer a subject for a
are listed along with special Sept. 15 Investments May to host Family Fun Day PRISM program can send com-
offers, events, coupons and Sept. 23 Wills & Estate Plan- ments to
more. Hosts say that the site ning Commissioner Lee May is in-
will be updated frequently. Sept. 29 Establishing & Man- viting the community to a Family
Classifieds THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2009 A Section • Page 21A

For Prices, Deadlines and Information
Call 404-373-7779 x 110

RATES: all ads are prepaid!$30.00 for 40 words Ads Due By Friday- Noon
or Less, Each Additional Word $0.60 for next publication date The Champion is
All Credit Cards Accepted! not responsible for any damages resulting
from advertisements. All sales final.
Business Connection Ads are $325.00 for 3

AUCTIONS petitive Pay & Regular Home- with you own Norwood Train for high paying Avia-
time. Also hiring Van Drivers. portable band sawmill. Log tion Maintenance Career.
OFFICE FURNISHINGS AUC- Western Express/SMX CDL- skidders also available. Nor- FAA Approved program. Fi-
TION SAT. AUG 22 11 AM A, 22 YO, 1 yr. Exp. 888-619- nancial aid if qualified - Job
11660 ALPHARETTA HWY 7607. Free Information: 1-800-578- placement assistance. CALL
ROSWELL GA 30076 FOUR 1363 - ext 300-N. Aviation Institute of Mainte-
SEASONS AUCTION OF DRIVER - CDL Training: $0 nance (888) 349-5387.
FORSYTH STEVE WHITE down, financing by Central HELP WANTED
AUCTIONEER #3167 VISIT Refrigerated Company Driv- BUCK’S ISLAND Lot Sale.
WWW.FSAGALLERY.COM ers earn average of $40K/ HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRAIN- Now in Leeds across from
FOR PHOTOS 404-876-1048 year. Owner Operators aver- ING Bulldozer, backhoe, Bass Pro Shop. Rebates, bar-
age $60K/year. 800-688-1181 crane, excavator. Georgia gains, bank repos. Bucks Is-
ANNOUNCEMENTS x720. www.centraldriving- School of Construction. land. Don’t buy a boat with- Call out calling 1-800-467-3239.
DIVORCE with or without (888)319-9477.
Children $95.00. With FREE FOR RENT High School Diploma! Fast
name change documents IMMEDIATE OPENINGS FOR Affordable & Accredited
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game still a
big deal for
by Robert Naddra

First-year Lakeside coach

Thomas Cox learned about
the rivalry with Tucker quickly.
And he discovered the level of
the community’s passion about
the game over the weekend.
With his team fresh off its
first win in 14 games after beat-
ing Columbia on Friday, Aug.
28, Cox expected his team to
bask in the moment for a while.
The only problem is that Tuck-
er is Lakeside’s next opponent.
“I was worried about them
being too glad after beating
Columbia, and they’re already
thinking about Tucker,” Cox
said on Sunday, less than 48
hours after the Vikings’ win
over Columbia. “They’re al-
ready focusing on the task at
Lakeside still leads the se-
ries 22-19-1, but Tucker has
won eight in a row and 11 of
the past 12 meetings. Tucker,
28-2 under third-year coach
Franklin Stephens, is coming
off its first state football cham-
“Our motto is bring back the Photos by Travis Hudgons
pride,” Cox said. “We want to Highlights
bring back community pride to

Myers passes ML King past Southwest DeKalb

the way it was in the old days.”
Unlike when Lakeside
dominated the series and most
of the games were competitive, by Robert Naddra throw an interception early in one-dimensional because and 2 yards.
Tucker has won five of the last the third quarter. we couldn’t really throw the St. Pius 28, Marist 3:
eight by shutout. Only one of “They were keying on ball,” Southwest coach Buck Quarterback Trey White ran
those games was decided by Cameron Myers showed Mack, so I had to do what Godfrey said. for 121 yards on 13 carries,
a touchdown or less (a 20-13 that ML King is not one- I had to do,” Myers said. “I Jarvis has spent the week and passed for 94 yards and
Tucker win in 2006). dimensional on offense in had to get rid of the ball and trying to fix the Lions’ prob- two touchdowns for St. Pius.
“I think the intensity of the a 13-9 win over Southwest distribute the ball, and get lem with penalties last Friday. Aiden Homrich had touch-
rivalry will pick back up this DeKalb on Aug. 28 in the what we could out of it.” The Lions were flagged 10 down catches of 18 and 76
weekend,” Tucker coach Ste- season opener for both teams. The game was billed as times for nearly 100 yards in yards. St. Pius’ other scores
phens said. “Coach Cox has With Southwest hold- a showdown between Mack penalties in the first half. came on a 2-yard run by Geno
done a great job, and they’re a ing Florida commit Mack and Georgia commit Ken Smith and a 3-yard run by
totally different looking team Brown to 71 yards rush- Malcome of Southwest. But In other games George Kennedy. Marist
than last year.” ing, Myers passed for 118 the ML King defense held Stone Mountain 20, Ce- quarterback Adam Perez ran
Still, the recently lopsided yards and two touchdowns. Malcome to 73 yards rushing dar Grove 19: The Pirates’ for 84 yards and completed
nature of the series has done Jonathan Sellers and Ken- and no scores. Southwest’s Michael Gilbert broke four only three of 10 passes for 35
nothing to diminish the game neth Baldridge each caught only touchdown came on spe- tackles near the line of scrim- yards.
for folks along Briarcliff Road. touchdown passes. cial teams on an 85-yard punt mage after catching a pass in Tucker 26, Brusnwick 20
Prior to Tucker’s current domi- “Cameron did some great return by Marques Dixon. the flat and ran 49 yards for (OT): Tucker’s Tyrell Poole,
nation, the Vikings had won 10 things with the ball,” ML Both teams left Friday’s the winning touchdown with who had two touchdowns,
of the past 12 games in the se- King coach Corey Jarvis game with things to work on. 5:03 to play in the game. The scored the winning touch-
ries, which dates back to 1966. said. “We threw the ball so Southwest quarterback Steven Pirates led 14-0 at halftime, down in overtime on a 3-yard
“I’ve learned a lot of things we could spread the field a Coates suffered a high ankle but Cedar Grove scored on its run. Rendell Wilder also ran
about the rivalry,” Cox said. “It’s lot, because we knew they sprain on the Panthers’ first first three possessions of the for two scores. Devin Scott
a border war. Some of the kids were going to try to stop play of the game and sopho- second half to take a 19-14 led the offense with 127
grew up playing rec ball, and the Mack.” more Jalil Young took over. lead. The Saints’ Tamarcus yards rushing on 15 carries.
community really bickers back Myers was under constant Coates is out indefinitely. Wilcox scored on a 3-yard Chamblee 12, Douglass
and forth about the game. It’s pressure from the Southwest “We lost 50 percent of our run to cut the lead to 14-7. 0: Jamani Davis recovered a
the one game that the other side defense all night but was offense and when you lose Saints quarterback Willie Fa- fumble in the end zone and
circles on the calendar.” sacked only once. He did a guy like that you become vors then scored on runs of 9
See Highlights on Page 24A THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2009 A Section • Page 23A

Deaf player just one of the guys at Clarkston

By Robert Naddra and dance team. He also participates in
track and is contemplat-
Jay Mathew hits just ing joining the wrestling
as hard as his Clarkston team this winter. Mathew,
High School football team- who has a spotter touch the
mates. He counts down the back of his leg to signal the
warm-up exercises just like start of a race, ran on the
his teammates. To them, 400- and 1,600-meter relay
Mathew is just another teams in middle school.
football player. “He’s not different to
The freshman line- (his teammates),” Livings-
backer/running back is ton said. “At one of our
profoundly deaf and has first practices, a defensive
worked hard to be just like player told me, ‘Tell Jay
his teammates. to look at me, I’ll tell him
That effort was notice- what to do.’ They think
able at a recent practice of him as just one of their
when Mathew was taking teammates.”
part in a tackling drill. After Most of Mathew’s ad-
a teammate tackled him and justment comes from mov-
knocked him to the ground, ing up from middle school
Mathew got up, held out his to the varsity level, not
hands and gestured toward learning to compensate for
himself, as if to say “bring his lack of hearing.
it on.” “Sometimes I get emo-
Mathew was a standout tional when things are
last season for the Freedom hard,” Mathew said. “It’s
Middle School team and harder in high school to
now is trying to earn play- learn the different plays.
ing time at Clarkston. By Sometimes I feel like I’m at
all accounts, Mathew is fit- a disadvantage when I have
ting in well. Clarkston freshman Jay Mathew, who is deaf, is more recognized by teammates for his play than his
to look at the interpreter
“I’ve got to stay disability. Photo by Robert Naddra when the coach is talking.”
close to him and move However, a symbiotic
him around sometimes,” relationship exists among
Clarkston coach Jay Roll- ing football for about nine to learn them like everyone lets him know what’s up.” the team.
erson said. “It’s not nec- years, so he knows the rou- else. Mathew also gets as- “I help them and they
essarily a challenge, just tine. On offense, Mathew “My dad helps me sistance when needed from help me,” Mathew said.
something different we watches for a foot signal by learn how to do the plays,” Kelli Livingston, one of “Any time it’s the first time
have to do. Our other play- the Clarkston quarterback Mathew said. My dad (Jer- six interpreters on staff at doing something, you get
ers are great about it. His to determine if he goes in ry Mathew Jr.) and coach Clarkston. Mathew is one confused. I just try to do
teammates from Freedom motion on a particular play. (Rollerson) help me on of- of several deaf students my best. They see how I get
Middle School understand On defense, Rollerson uses fense and defense. My dad participating in different emotional, but they support
him perfectly.” hand signals for the entire comes to some of the prac- activities this fall–softball, me. I support them, too.”
Mathew has been play- team, so Mathew just has tices and talks to coach. He drill team, band, football

Football traditions run strong in DeKalb

High school football two state titles in 1949 and Talk the talk Than Victories” tells of King this season. Before
has a rich history in DeKalb eight other schools – Avon- Coach Alan Chadwick Godfrey’s vision of a well- each game, the team will
County. Here are some dale, Redan, Marist, St. continues the Countdown rounded player that includes walk from the school to the
of the traditions that set Pius, Dunwoody, Lakeside, to Gameday ritual at Marist academics and character Decatur AME church next
DeKalb County apart from Southwest DeKalb and started by former coach development. “Just Plain door for its pre-game meal.
other areas in the state when Tucker – all have claimed Dean Hargis. The high- Hard” reflects Godfrey’s Jarvis plans for the march-
it comes to Friday night. at least one state title. Avon- lights of the tradition, which blue-collar approach to ing band and fans to be on
dale and Lakeside each have include the pre-game meal, coaching. hand to cheer on the team,
won three state titles. Mass and team meetings, are similar to the Bulldog Walk
the inspirational talks given Early to rise at the University of Georgia.
Higher education by Marist assistant coaches Stephenson’s only
DeKalb County has a to the War Eagle players coach, Ron Gartrell, Giving back
strong tradition of football before each game. The talks started this concept when Cedar Grove coach Ray
players signing college are so popular that former the school opened in 1996. Bonner has watched former
scholarships. More than players have been known to Every year from January to players come back to con-
80 student-athletes from come back to listen. the start of spring practice tribute to the school and the
the class of 2009 signed the Jaguars hold voluntary football program. In recent
scholarships this past Febru- More than words workouts beginning at 6:30 years, players like Xavier
ary. Nearly every school in Southwest DeKalb play- a.m. Gartrell said he gets 90 Avery (who is playing AAA
the county had at least one ers live by two sayings cre- percent participation every baseball now), Jonathan
County of champions player sign a scholarship. ated in the 1980s by long- year and the workouts help Palmer and Marcus Mc-
At least one DeKalb Southwest DeKalb has set time coach Buck Godfrey. builds team chemistry. Neil have returned to the
County team has won a state the standard, with 26 players “More Than Victories” school to talk to the players
football championship ev- signing scholarships from and “Just Plain Hard” are Walks to remember and some have even donated
ery decade since the 1940s. the 1994 team. mantras on and off the field Corey Jarvis is begin- money to the program and
Decatur won the first of its for Panther players. “More ning a new tradition at ML the school.

Continued From Page 22A

quarterback Ronald Hern- erick Fluker led the defense Girls Cross Country
don scored on a 2-yard run in with 12 tackles. Marist: Sophie Harkins
the fourth quarter. Decatur 46, Druid Hills won the Mercy Invite on Sat-
Lakeside 21, Columbia 0: The Bulldogs ran for 311 urday, Aug. 29, in Fairburn
7: The Vikings broke a 14- yards. Quendarius Hall with a time of 19:21 and led
game losing streak. Quarter- rushed for 137 yards and the War Eagles to the team
back Don Cox scored on a two touchdowns (20 and 60 title. Three other Marist run-
7-yard run, Jonathan Gib- yards) on 14 carries. Quar- ners placed in the top 10
son scored on a 47-yard run terback Trumon Jefferson – Megan Mavity (second,
and Angelo Cauley returned scored on a 4-yard run, threw 19:39.69), Kate Northrop
an interception 22 yards for a touchdown pass to Mikey (ninth, 21:00.27) and Tori
a score. Defensively, Lake- Patrick and a two-point con- Andrews (10th, 21:01.05).
The Champion will choose a male and female high side’s Marc Kanada and version pass. Also, Brandon Lakeside: Annie Kelly
school Athlete of the Week each week throughout the Philip Koch each had seven Tucker scored on an 80- placed seventh Saturday,
school year. The choices will be based on performance tackles. yard run, Rakim Jefferson, Aug. 29, in the Early Bird
and nominations by coaches. Please e-mail nomina- Avondale 24, Lithonia scored on a 4-yard run and Invitational in Douglasville
tions to by Monday at 7: The Blue Devils scored Eddie Berberick returned a with a time of 19:05.50.
noon. 24 straight points after trail- fumble 25 yards for a score. St. Pius: Kathleen
MALE ATHLETE FEMALE ATHLETE ing 7-0. Avondale’s Antonio Defensively, Rakim Jeffer- LaPorte placed 10th in
OF THE WEEK: OF THE WEEK: Thomas ran for 74 yards and son had 13 tackles and Dar- the Early Bird Invitational
touchdown, Max Thompson nell Tigner made 12 tackles. (19:07.90) and Devan Dab-
Trey White Sophie Harkins ran for 56 yards and a touch- Stephenson 42, McNair ney was 11th (19:10.70) as
St. Pius, Football. Marist, Cross country. down, and Jonquil Dawson 0: Raymond Sanders car- the Golden Lions placed
scored on a quarterback ried six times for 104 yards fourth overall.
The quarterback Harkins won the Mercy sneak. Kendall Roberson and two touchdowns (63 and
accounted for 217 total Invite on Saturday at Our led the Avondale defense 25 yards) for the Jaguars. Boys Cross Country
yards and two touchdowns Lady of Mercy in Fairburn with six tackles, an intercep- Quarterback Jordan Tarver Marist: Ty Nelson paced
as the Golden Lions beat with a time of 19:21.00. tion, a sack and two fumble threw two touchdown passes the War Eagles to the team
Marist 28-3. White ran for She outran the second-place recoveries. and averaged 40 yards on title at the Mercy Invite
121 yards on 13 carries finisher, Marist’s Megan Miller Grove 28, Redan three punts. Denzel Hartley with a ninth-place finish in
and threw two touchdown Mavity, by more than 18 12: Brandon Jackson-Bell and Willie Davis also ran for 17:27.31. Andrew Silva was
passes. seconds and helped Marist rushed for more than 100 scores. Franchot West led 10th in 17:28.22.
win the team title. yards and three touchdowns. the defense with 14 tackles Lakeside: John Ewing
Celento Harrison caught and Tyrone Cornelius had placed 10th in the Early Bird
a 12-yard touchdown pass 10 tackles. Invitational with a time of
from Roma Fulton. Fred- 16:39.10.
A-68067 (A_SM) 09/03/09

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