Present: Fr. Hennessy N. Gorham, J. King, T. Doran, M McDonald, D. Thomas, D. Richardson, J. Smith, T. Brazier, V. Watts, J. Ablard, M. Jones, B. Pinto

1. Apologies There were no apologies. 2. Minutes of last meeting Minutes of 7th May 2009 were approved by M. McDonald, T. Doran. 3. Matters arising from the Minutes • • • • • • • • 4.(a) The Welcome Pack is still ‘work in progress’. Some replies have been received by Brian McDonald. Church Loop System – On going Memorial Garden Crucifix – on going. Memorial Garden Pieta – Fr. to organise with C O’Brien when available. Hall Floor – Advice on cleaning of hall floor is conflicting, need to contact Rep. to clear this up. Trees along driveway have been pruned. Sacristy skylights – Outside has been washed. Cannot do anymore with current Skylight other than replacement. Trees at St. Cecelia – in hand, 2 months notice required for electrical safety cover. Financial Report 2009 D. Richardson Balance of current account at the end of May was £2,802.00. Current balance is Now £4,800. A payment of £3,000 is due to CAFOD at the end of June. Cash in hand low. Next major expenditure will be drainage work at corner of presbytery. The insurance D. Richardson excess is £5,000. Three builders have been asked for quotes. They need to carry out investigations before they can quote. One builder had reports from previous investigations. 4.(b) Financial Report 2008 A. Deveney Unavailable at present. W. Ablard B. McDonald M. Jones Fr. Hennessy Fr. Hennessy T. Doran

B. Pinto

5. Finance Committee The new Finance Committee will be D. Richardson, Fr. Hennessy, T. Doran and N. Gorham 6. Parish Mission Statement and Parish Prayer Parish Misson Statement • W. Ablard suggested we use ‘A loving Catholic Community. • M. Jones suggested we add ‘The Catholic Parish of St. Felix etc) • J. King proposed we approve of the above changes/Mission Statement this was Seconded by W. Ablard, T., Doran, D. Thomas, M. McDonald. Parish Prayer • Fr. Hennessy said ‘listen to your Word’ should be capitalized. • W. Ablard suggested we use something other than ‘Proclaim’ as this was not a contemporary expression. Fr. Hennessy suggested we us ‘Live the Good News’.

It was agreed that we would need to produce various copy sizes i.e. Credit card, book mark and missal size to suit all tastes. M. Jones said he still had the boat artwork and would produce some designs for the next meeting. 7. Memorial Garden • Laurel needs cutting back, flagstones removing and lawn laying. • Stone needs cleaning – M. Jones to clean with power washer. • Wooden benches need removing. • Water feature – needs removing and making into flower bed. • Plan of how garden would look needs to be created. • Consideration needs to be given to scattering of ashes. • CWL wish to have a bench in memory of Fr. John McNally outside Church. 8. Any Other Business • D. Richardson pointed out we need an accurate record of keyholders for insurance purposes. Fr. to put notice in the newsletter. • Fr. mentioned young polish man wishing to come to England to improve English. • Fr. informed us that there were not enough members of the confirmation group willing to go to the Holy Land. Another option would be for members to attend the next World Youth Day in Barcelona • Eucharistic Ministers – M. McDonald pointed out that more are needed as we currently only have 16. • Readers – W. Ablard suggested coaching was needed for new readers. • M. Jones suggested we produce a 6 monthly summary of PAC achievements N. Gorham to complete a rough guide, M. Jones to complete.

M. Jones

M Jones W. Ablard T. Brazier

Fr. Hennessy

N. Gorham/ M. Jones

9. Date of Next Meeting. Tuesday 21st July at 7.30 p.m.

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